SR: The food descriptions in Lemon Cake are so delectable and enticing. What is going on? The inexplicable mind.

She laughed. Malaysian tigers splitting at the stripes that only a seamstress with supernatural focus can mend. AB: So many!

she asked. So this had to be a new one? I liked it. You can ruin anything if you focus at it. Whether youre a teacher or a learner, When Hannah came home, I showed her. Aimee Bender is the author of four books, including The Girl in the Flammable Skirt and The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake. Are you okay, Lisa? The gain actually triggers a sense of loss, and as the unwanted gifts pile up, the characters struggle with growing, claustrophobic dread. AB: I actually have quite a few stories without quotes, too, and my other novel doesnt have quotes either. I thought it was the one on my head except then I realized that that one was already on my head.

From the book "The Color Master" by Aimee Bender Copyright (c) 2013 by Aimee Bender. I don't like curry, I said out loud, although I'd never tried it. (LogOut/ He bobbed around and almost went down but didn't. I knew it was for me. In your work, does magic work as a tool to expose greater human flaws and create a new understanding; if so, how? Which, compared to a closet, feels gigantically spacious and nice. I didn't need to tell them, plus they were talking a lot, plus Dad was at work, plus Hannah was out kissing. I brought it out of my bedroom, and she stared at the curling white paper and then looked at me, in the way she rarely did, eye-to-eye.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I know for myself, and people Ive dated, and people I know, there can be a real clash between an internal list and the actual person in front of you and its hard to give up that list but of course the list can really get in the way. And, theres not the same pressure to get ratings, to uplift. Child narrators often see what adults dont see, or have blocked, but children may not have the words to say it in an adult way which means it can be fresher to read. One guy, Chris, said it made him think about not wanting to have me see him disappointing himself. Even as they were talking, I saw it happen on the dining room table. Saw it as they were talking, but it wasn't like an invisible hand. We stared at the knick-knacks that represented our personalities. Hannah paused, placing spoons on napkins. The wrong chickens! They were both exactly the same, but I kept saying right hand, right hand, in my head, so Id remember which one Id bought, because that was the one I wanted. It was too big. With writing, the stakes are higher and I care more. Is there anything specific another writer has said to you that has really benefited you or changed the way you look at writing? I think. Who? Sometimes the extra hair look of quotes on the page looks off to me! Well, it had never been in the toilet. Somehow it made me feel so sad, to have two. AB: I actually wrote it many years ago and kept meaning to send it around; finally, I thought O might be a good fit and found it a place there.

My mother put it away in the top of the coat closet. It was nice, but it felt, she said, like charity. She went to the bathroom and splashed her face and spent a minute in there with her crushiness, and then opened up.

I had two now. Hang on, she said. All I know is when Im using magic its to try to get to something that I cant quite get to without that tool. They wonder where these items originate from, and what to do with them as they begin trying them out and adjusting to this series of odd occurrences. Would you like to go to the mall? Bags and bags came pouring in. So everything in that book could happen in the physical known world, odd as it mayve been. Janet thought of all the chicken dishes she had not sent back even though they were either half-raw or not what she had ordered. How is our reality refracted in this reality? Was this a conscious progression in your work or did this mirror a change in your life? Actually, I hadn't broken it; Hannah had. Strange things happen in these stories. Neither did I, called Dad from the other room. I had two now. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ). Mom is wayward and worn out, Dad is between jobs, Grandma is senile and probably dying. Thats a long list! There are no discussion topics on this book yet. SR: Your website is beautifully decorated with your own artwork. SR: In the O Magazine article, you discuss creating a contract with your friend to ensure that she writes on a daily basis. (updated November 9, 2013). The Los Angeles Review of Books is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and disseminating rigorous, incisive, and engaging writing on every aspect of literature, culture, and the arts. Chang-rae Lee once said dont treat language like youre in church. Amen. Hannah got a boyfriend. Aimee Bender is the author of "The Girl in the Flammable Skirt and Other Stories." Hannah found a third pewter candlestick that matched the previous two, standing tall in the bookshelf. If so, what was it?

Change). Am doing two contracts now with two different graduate students, and it IS a fascinating process. One, two. So what if the punchline pressure was removed? A lot of people feel they have writing inside them that hasnt yet come out. can put you or your class We all watched him closely for choking or poisoning but he smiled after each spoonful and said it was darned good and very unusual. she said. What effect did it have on your writing although it was mainly for her benefit? Hannah went to college nearby but she lived at home because of the price of rent. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Create a free website or blog at I ate the lobster soup. That is nice. AB: Nice pointI think of it as his exiting there but also he is reading after all! the act of occurring together or simultaneously, not representing or imitating external reality, This incident wouldve been filed away in non-memory and we would just have had clean teeth for longer, except that in the morning there was a new knick-knack on the living room side table, a slim, a woman emperor or the wife of an emperor, a morbid fear of being closed in a confined space, Although getting robbed would be bad, there was nothing appealing about getting more items every day, and I felt a vague sense of, cloudy, dirty, and difficult to see through, We never stuck to the system, and so generally I just used my towel as long as I possibly could, until the, rescuing a ship or its crew from a shipwreck or a fire, And aside from candy, I brought in an extra bag of stuff for the poor children, full of soup cans and knick-knacks Id, We liked how her guilt looked in this form of, of or associated with the great masses of people, When I was about to graduate high school, I did notice a packet of yellow curry in the pantry while I was, a facility designed to provide a service such as heat, I took it with me to my first apartment that I shared with the, I took it with me to my first apartment that I shared with the utilities-shirker, and my second apartment with the, Created on November 9, 2013

It was a mouse, made of glass, and Hannah had borrowed it without asking and dropped it in the toilet by accident -- so she said -- and broken off the red ball nose. she asked, hands on hips, as I packed up the bag. It is about change; how we adjust as we reject and covet what has been gained and lost. Was Rose and her ability always the central aspect of the novel? I sat next to her on the edge of the bathtub, and dropped in the new guy. Nice, Hannah said. Answer a few questions on each word. In the earlier book, he had a younger sister as well, and so I think that was my better angle. Why the postman? SR: As we learn more about Rose in Lemon Cake, a larger mystery arises around her brother Joseph. AB: Thank you. Superstition Review: I love the title of your second collection, Willful Creatures. She stared at the mug. I immediately will consider something if it is called crispy. AB: Hers only went on for a few months, and I think we did do another. Mom came home from taking a class called Learning How to Focus Your Mind, and she seemed kind of focused, more than usual at least, and she sat with Grandma on the sofa and talked about childhood. When I looked in the mirror, I sneered my upper lip and said, Benedict Arnold, Benedict Arnold, your head is on the block.. But then it did end up playing an active role in the storybut I had no plan about it in advance. I ate the lobster soup. How did this shift happen? You buy it, at first glance, simply because its so well written. Like Southwestern Thai, he said, wiping his mouth. Bender, a writers writer, makes us feel the profundity of such ordinary sentiments, even while she makes us feel the ordinariness of the most astonishing occurrences. Did you write that story with the intention to have it synthesize the days events or did the bowl have an alternative purpose? SR: I loved how The Meeting took the standard boy-meets-girl storyline and exposed the reality of the story that movies never portray. Is there a direct correlation between the way you view magic and the way it works in your stories? Of the process she said, I was eager to read Aimees books after I found them at a local bookstore. Tons of them. Her older sister has a boyfriend, her mom is taking a class called Learning to Focus Your Mind, Dad is always interjecting from the other room. Well-put, I thought. Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Is it a present? I asked her about it, when she came home for dinner and looked all pretty with her cheeks bright like that. I mean, I felt like I would die of claustrophobia and I had become paranoid about all things new coming into the house including the bath water exiting the faucet tap, and I had made a checklist for market items, shopping items, and all school items, but when I opened the refrigerator and saw all the same old stuff, I wanted to cry sometimes. Lisa, she said, you didn't go to the market, did you? Read the definition, listen to the word and try spelling it! Only 6 virtual pages long. We didn't get any more items for a few weeks. And older sister, Hannah, is boy-crazed and distracted. What are the advantages of using a child narrator to explore the world of emotions and our sensitivities to particular experiences?

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