What is your reefer production capacity and who are your major customers? Ltd., Pune, shares his observations about the domain. For the latter, we dont see this happening in India in short-term. Your comments on reefer semi-trailers for long haul and International logistics trends? We use steel body PUF insulated reefers with SS lined inner chamber to transport the milk pouches. This solution will also bring revolution to last mile distribution and in coming days will be one of the popular which support to various needs of customer. There are many growth drivers for the growth of Refrigerated transport in India specially with growing awareness of processed food wastage due to lack of streamlined cold chain systems. Move all your perishable commodities, life saving drugs, butter, ice creams and other products requiring extra care safely. He adds: We have installed GPS and data loggers in a few of our vehicles on a trial basis. Bengaluru, Karnataka, 2nd Eastern Express Highway End, Majiwada, Majiwada, Bengaluru - 400601, Dist. When not in use, chutes collapse flush to walls preventing forklift damage when moving cargo. The Container exterior is without any rivets being visible outside and offers an excellent transmit medium. 42, Anna Nagar, Tairitteri Road, Near Kannappa Nagar, Railway Cross, Rathinapuri. We are seeing an increased demand for pick up models 8 boxes for transportation within cities. The routes of truck as designed in carefully to pass through major towns and cities till destination, wherein a breakdown occurs where the material can be transferred to nearest truck in any city or cold room facility immediately till spare options are available. After understanding the Customer requirements and demands, the products and transport methodology were aligned to ensure that, the customer gets the best quality product in factory fresh state, thanks to the reefer route totally followed for both primary and secondary distribution. Non existence of moving parts during operation ensures quiet, green and cost effective transport that adds to your carbon credit.Refrigerated Trucks, Tell us your Buy Requirement to Get Instant Response, At Rinac we create an environment that is conducive for innovative thinking. Bengaluru, Karnataka, 16, Elegance Royalle, 4th Floor, Behind VISL House, 2nd Cross,, Off J.C Road, Bengaluru - 560002, Dist. The immediate requirement seems to be around 30000 vehicles. Government initiatives and fillip given to establishment of cold chain projects in India. To penetrate the interior markets, even if the towns are located 500 to 600 km away from our factory, we deploy our own reefer. As stated above, We have now developed technology for manufacture of All Aluminium Reefer containers as well as Aluminium GRP Composite Reefer containers ( mostly for Small and Light Commercial Vehicles) which are corrosion and maintenance free. Temperatures are monitored by them and they are trained well in handling the products. Operations started in the year 2010. There has been lot of talks on potential of cold chain in India but on ground nothing much has been done. Not really. With many of the traditional trucking segments getting saturated and margins squeezed, cold chain transport definitely has arrived on the business canvas as a breath of fresh air. DIAB had the initial success with NSRR body builders based in Chennai. I cannot comment on the types of vehicles as this is for our customers to say. Your observations on cold chain logistics services market size, volume and growth please. At Rinac we create an environment that is conducive for innovative thinking. Mr. V.P. There seems to be a trend towards light weight delivery vans on city levels too. Please outline your product program details, salient tech features and specs. F7, 1st Floor, Alsa Mall, No. Energy (fuel) saving due to light weight of FRP/GRP. Macro issues are being addressed by the various state govts, central govt and nodal agencies like NCCD. Sustained temperature control all thro the supply chain ensures the product reaches the consumer in fresh factory produced condition., Mr. Sudarshan S. Ananth, Territory Vice President and Business Head, Thermo King refrigeration unit firm, comments: There is increasing demand in reefer semi-trailers for long haul as transporters want to carry more load per kilometre. Some of the products manufactured include fresh Paneer, various grades of cheese including Mozzarella & Cheddar, Fresh Cream, Butter, Ghee, Curd and Yoghurt. This provides us on a real time basis the movement of vehicles between two locations and as well the product temperatures en route on a dynamic basis; yes, the feedback can be given to the driver to take corrective actions if we detect anomalies. Hwasung Thermo offers complete range of Refrigerator for primary and secondary distribution. Plot No.-5, Saraswathi Nivas, Main Channel Road, Ulsoor. They are in touch with our customers as their vendors to supply them the reefer bodies. Alternatively we have our other passing vehicles in the route or nearby locations and the products can also be shifted. From the chilling centres the milk at 2-4 deg C is transported by insulated SS tankers to the mother dairy in Erode. Hence, there is opportunity to synchronize between controls and telematics but it is still in evolving stage. To respond to these scenarios, we have a dedicated call centre at our dairy that takes of the orders from dealers on a dynamic basis to scale-up or down the production. How do you see the future for reefer semi-trailers in India? For well over 50 years our POLYDET brand has been the synonym for quality, reliability and innovation worldwide. Bengaluru, Karnataka, 4, Second Floor, Vayudoot Chambers, 15-16, M.G. Reefer market is constantly growing and has evolved over past years aligned to changing demographic, socio economic and urbanisation pattern in India. To connect with seller, enter this PIN when asked. Eutectic plates provide necessary cooling hence nullifying use of fan cooling type evaporator unit, Use of roll container system and side service doors, Rigid Polyurethene Foam used as insulation for body, Economical transport with savings on fuel, energy and labour, No moving parts while refrigeration system is in operation, Easy unloading of products from roll containers through side service doors, RPUF ensures good thermal insulation properties with conductivity as low as 0.022 W/M-K. GRP sheets ensure lowered weight hence higher payload capacity and effective area for merchandising. Isi Yogev is the only authorized supplier to the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces). Drivers have the route map for deliveries and hence the loading/unloading sequence is accordingly carried out. 47, IVTH Main Road,Third Phase, Peenya, Bengaluru - 560058, Dist. Our efforts are to make light weight reefers without compromising on strength. Reefers is a generic term, derived from of word refrigerated and referring to products stored/transported in enclosed refrigerated space, viz., in temperature controlled ambience, be it on a truck, marine / intermodal container, van or any carrier vehicle. No : 150/1B, Nanthavana Thottam, Kannampalayam, Sulur. Business operation started in 2009 with addressing all relevant truck body builders to share advantages of FRP/GRP innovative composites solutions for reefer tuck bodies. The trouble-free performance of over 5000 reefer/insulated vehicles supplied by us and running on Indian roads stand testimony to our product quality and its performance. No 44, 1 street, tatabad, Sivananda Colony. All the reefers are owned by us and we deliver the dairy products to our dealers through the reefers. 1487, 7th Block, Vishweshwaiah Layout, Annapurneshwari Nagar, Bengaluru - 560091, Dist. Please select your Buyer/Seller preference above. A temperature rise of 8 to 10 deg C in an hour for an empty load container from deep freeze temperatures ( -) 25 deg C. at ambients of 38 deg C is well within the acceptable range. This culture of innovation has helped foster advancements in refrigerated transport technology leading to the development of Rinac's latest product, the, Experience the power of stored cooling logistics, Ask for more details & Latest Price from seller. We also check our boxes for any leakages, particularly the doors. Bengaluru, Karnataka, #16, Elegance Royalle, 4th Floor, Behind VISL House, 2nd Cross,, Off J.C Road, Bengaluru - 560002, Dist. Cold chain transport started initially with insulated containers with/without ice and is prevalent even today in the transport of milk products, fish and meat. This helps to reduce the transportation cost and same is also due to better National highways which makes big vehicle to operate smoothly; and these are majorly used for transport between one cold storage to other. Arvind Store Furniture, B- Block A2(929 Trading Code), Bengaluru - 560001, Dist. Bengaluru, Karnataka, Temperature Range: -20 Degree C to +4 Degree C, Payload: 700 kg to 10, 000 KG, 700 kg to 10, 000 KG, Usage/Application: Dairy , Pharma, Perishable Food , Marine, Jogupalya, Bengaluru We are into perishable product business and if the product does not transported through the cold chain route, quality deterioration is swift. Impressed by the performance, we will be implementing the above in all our reefer fleet. How does Sub Zero go about with its reefer building/integration program? Milk and milk products demand keeps changing and also we have seasonal demands due to marriages and other functions. sign-up today! What according to you are the major constraints and challenges in this domain? All Aluminium Reefer containers developed by us is almost 30% lighter in weight compared to the corresponding MS outer Reefer containers, which obviously has the advantage of more pay load, less tyre wear, better mileage, etc.. Clinisafe Courier and Logistics, Bangalore, is one of the fast growing logistics company providing dedicated services to the biopharmaceutical industry, fulfilling a key role in the line of supply chain management for research and drug development. While volumes are slowly picking up, we do an average production of 80 to 100 vehicles for the OEMs in a year. Trucking Services is a leading carrier in refrigerated transportation, More Manufacturers and Suppliers of Refrigerated Trucks in Bengaluru, Arvind Store Furniture, B- Block A2(929 Trading Code), Bengaluru - 560001, Dist. We have now successfully developed All Aluminium and Aluminium-GRP Composite Reefer Containers indigenously and these light weight Containers are well accepted in the market. Bengaluru, Karnataka, Off J.C Road, Bengaluru Bengaluru, Karnataka, Tell us what you need, and well help you get quotes, View Other Commercial Vehicles & Three Wheelers in Bengaluru. I believe OEMs will start to offer complete solutions for reefers sooner rather than later. The Litmus test for a Reefer Containers is its ability to hold the temperature in the empty condition. We are in discussion with a leading vehicle OEM to develop a light weight, high quality reefer box on their pick up chassis. Enable JavaScript for full functionality of this site. incentives and steps do you think are needed to improve cold chain transport in the country? Thermo king and Carrier machines are mostly used for OEM built vehicles and the market acceptance is encouraging. Quality must come first if we want to establish ourselves as No.1 in the market. The organised sector can manufacture reefer containers as the process involves customisation, product design, product testing and standardisation. Tell us about your dealer network and secondary distribution approach. We are committedto provide innovativequality products andexpertise to enhanceour customer'sefficiency andprofitability. temperature, etc. It is the ideal solution for transporting frozen, refrigerated, and/or dry products.Learn More, The Track-Mounted, Lifting Bulkhead system allows loaders and unloaders to move the bulkheads up and down our track system, and also lift bulkheadsflush to the ceiling out of the way. At Insulated Transport Products, we are committed to providing smart solutions and serving the customer throughcontinuous improvement of our products. The Ministry of Food Processing Industry, NHB and National Centre for Cold Chain Development (NCCD) are providing elaborate subsidies for reefer transportation with 35%. Hwasung Thermo Co. Ltd., established in 1977 as Koreas first truck refrigeration system maker, is devoted to the technical innovation of refrigeration for truck transportation.

We have a production capacity of 500+ boxes in a year and can easily scale up if required. Even a cursory glance at the well documented data would reveal the bottlenecks in the cold chain and the need for reefers and other cold chain transport vehicles. Bengaluru, Karnataka, Annapurneshwari Nagar, Bengaluru Growth seen in 1st mile pick up of fresh perishable produce and last mile distribution of fresh and processed foods is key growth driver in this segment. We are the first company in the organised sector in India to commence manufacture of fully built Reefer vehicles for the vehicle OEMs. But today the market scenario has changed and the industry is slowly looking at growth potential with many financial institutions coming forward to finance ready built reefer trucks as per client needs as complete package. Bengaluru, Karnataka, Shivaji Nagar, Shivaji Nagar, Bengaluru - 560051, Dist. It has a milk processing capacity of 2 lakh litres per day; and typically around 1.5 lakh litres are despatched every day to the consumers. At the moment we are still very young, our target is customer satisfaction through quality and timely deliveries. The range is with versatile capacity that caters to customer requirement. We started the activity in 2012 with M/s Ashok Leyland ltd and later on such activities are being planned with other OEMs as well. Once it becomes operational, we will look at the pan-India scene. Secondly thro mobile apps, effective two-way communication can be established between dealers and the factory. Reefer body building is highly customised, we understand our clients requirements thoroughly and accordingly design boxes. One square meter of steel weighs 7.8 kg while one square meter of FRP weighs app 2 kg.

Hence it should come as no surprise if the cost optimisation approach has been accorded highest priority and importance in the cold chain terrain to bring down the enormous wastage of fruits & veg and allied products, poultry, fish, meat, milk & dairy products, etc., due to lack of cold chain infrastructure and/or transport facilities. JavaScript is disabled in your browser. We provide all commonly acknowledged certificates along with our products. Can you share your views on reefer fleet maintenance, driver issues and going pan-India? The reefer market size is 2000 to 2500 units per annum, which means hardly 1.5% of total truck population is refrigerated. The structural and thermal properties depend on the design of the laminate which requires selection of right reinforcements as well as process to derive the optimum results. Be the first to find out about promotions, instructional videos & manuals, and the latest tech news. Mr. Sudarshan S. Ananth, Territory Vice President and Business Head HVAC & Transport, India Climate Business Unit, Ingersoll Rand, Bangalore, provides his domain insights.

We have started following 2 drivers per trip in long haul so that they get the desired rest during the trip. We have been in the manufacture of Refrigerated containers since 2003 and initially we commenced the activities with manufacture of MS outer body Reefer containers and the interior with food grade stainless steel finish. It is important to note that there is no standard solution and every product (read reefer container) can be customised to meet the performance criteria as desired by a particular manufacturer which includes container weight target, structural strength or impact resistance (in case of an accident), min. Thermo King is working closely with logistics operator to deliver on Telematics. Today in the developed countries, majority of the cold chain products are transported through reefer vehicles (reefers) and in India the tech was showcased around late 1980s; and since then the growth has been slow and not matching up to the international trends. The efforts have paid off and a dealer doing about Rs.6 lakhs per moth saw his sales zoom to Rs.60 lakhs in the same period; and we now insist that all our dealers must have reefers for deliveries to stores. Fleet comprises right from 4 ton to 25 ton GVW vehicles of all makes; vehicles in the mid-segment, viz., 4 ton to 9 ton are more as compared to 25 ton multi-axle type. Bengaluru, Karnataka, Site No. Usage/Application: - Ice Cream/Candy - Fruits-Vegetables - Frozen Foods - Dairy Products, Nelamangala Taluk, Bengaluru

Today we have designs for manufacture of MS, Aluminium & GRP Reefer containers on the smallest commercial vehicles like TATA ACE to the largest Multi axle rigid trucks, which can accommodate Reefer containers of size up to 34ft long (Maximum). All Aluminium Containers manufactured by us also possess the advantage of very high Resale and Salvage value. Due to the amount of losses made through cargo getting damaged, people have become a lot more concious towards temperature monitoring. At Rinac we create an environment that is conducive for innovative thinking. All rights reserved. 7A, Ponniamman Nagar, J J Street, Ayanambakkam. A rupee saved is a rupee earned an oft referred statement of wisdom practically applicable in every facet of life due to its direct and immediate impact, indeed has far-reaching implications to the industrial segments. What Govt. No.25, Pallavan Nagar, Main Road, Maduravoyal. The curtains block the opening of the doors assisting in the maintaining of the temperature and therefore saving fuel!Learn More, Designed to keep Bulkheads conveniently stored out of the way, without ever leaving the trailer. 1487, 7th Block, Vishweshwaiah Layout, Annapurneshwari Nagar, Bengaluru - 560091, Dist. We are discussing with one of the largest agri businesses in the country to develop a reefer semi trailer for them. Our floor is competely sealed, we never screw anything in to the floor. We also work closely with cooling unit suppliers to ensure that the required temperature is maintained well and the product reaches from A to B location without any problems. It has grown since then to become one of the leading suppliers of milk and dairy products in T.N., Pondicherry and parts of Kerala. DIAB started operations in India from 2007. With current Indian market size, the investment to set up manufacturing does not justify. We have been able to address the expanding refrigeration truck reach of our customers with service along the route concept with a dedicated back office application engineering team and 24*7 customer call center support team at Bangalore. We spoke to Mr. Dattaraj Nachnolkar, Technical Sales & Development Manager, DIAB Core Materials Pvt. Mr. Sathish Kumar.T, Managing Director, shares his viewpoints about various developments. Sorry! Therefore diesel is saved due to light weight construction. Thermo King offers both vehicle powered, self-powered and electric powered products which are designed to cater to every need of Indian customers. No. While the road conditions are improving, driver retention becomes critical as many opportunities are opening for them with colleges and schools taking them readily with better remunerations it is a supply and demand situation. Our major customers are Chitale Dairy, Swift Cold Chain, Schedulers Logistics, Monginis, Mapro Foods, Venkys, Protrans Supply Chain and many more. We have marketing done through our professional team, and we have branding as our major showcase to get clients via web enquires and since the industry is very small and budding, we get reference through our quality work and word to mouth advertising. Varghese Managing Director talks to MOTORINDIA with his insights. 5, Saraswathi Nivas, Main Channel Road, Ulsoor, Jogupalya, Bengaluru - 560008, Dist. We offer high quality (truck body building) refrigerated van. Bengaluru, Karnataka, 9/18, Gulab Bhawan , No.9, 2nd Cross, New Extension, Kala, Makali, Bengaluru - 562123, Dist. As a logistics company, the challenging task goes in designing the routes of travel for each truck leaving the facility from pick-up to destination, in eventuality of any break down the puff containers hold good the required temperature up to 4-6 hours, this lead time is what communicated between our trained drivers and the ground handling staff to place an spare truck for transfer and shifting of material/product immediately. Reefer trucks for short/ mid haul are also in increasing demand; it is mainly coming from Fish and Milk/Milk made products which require to travel faster within the cities or in two cities; and due to its perishable nature and growing demand for these products, there is good growth seen and expected in coming years., Reefer LCV/SCV/Vans have the increasing demand as there is growth seen in food service industry and food process sector, increasing demand of ready to eat/cook, Dairy products and pharma items are increasing day by day, Easy finance options are also available to small & big transporter, where they offer finance on fully built vehicle, Also there is increased focus of OEM/NCCD that has added to growth., Mr. V.P. The logistics market for cold chain industry is of approx 600 crores and expanding, the business volume is much in terms of ratio: Food 60% pharmaceutical: 40%. No. No.2 Dr. M.H. Easy to install! 415, 4th Floor, Shree Complex, No.

We started a small assembly operation Chennai in 2013 to assemble some of Truck reefer and Bus air-conditioners products. Having longtime experience in many different markets around the world, we are more than aware of the challenges and can offer technical assistance and solutions for setting up panel-manufacturing facilities according to requirements and capabilities of the individual potential customer. No .127, Sompura Industrial Area, Thyamagondlu, Nelamangala Taluk, Bengaluru - 562132, Dist. Currently, controls provided by OEM are more for vehicle operation and not designed for refrigeration. What we make here is small range compared to our overall portfolio of products in Thermo King and supplement it with imports rest from our global footprint for our Indian Customers. We have our own corporate office in Bangalore and regional offices in Chennai, Hyderabad, and Mumbai, Delhi. To help small companies in the unorganised sector move up the technology ladder, DIAB works closely at the initial stage itself helping customers selecting the right core materials for a cost effective solution. According to our forecast, the average annual demand for Refrigerated vehicles will be in the range of 6000 to 8000 Nos per annum. Each material provides specific characteristics suitable in various conditions. Today the supply chain is highly fragmented and have small time transport operators working within certain areas and cold storage facilities located without proper connectivity to meet the production or consumption centres. With respect to the transport carrier moving on roads the term refers to a vehicle fitted with refrigeration unit and playing an important role in the cold chain supplies. We are making good progress and expanding our client base rapidly. What are the USPs of Surakhsha reefer containers? Gate No. Bengaluru, Karnataka, Majiwada, Bengaluru We serve our customer with dedicated sales resources working closely with wide range of sales and service dealers who are trained to deliver best in class service to Thermo King customers. TheChill Kartis Rinac's line of eutectic trucks that offer transport of goods requiring temperature maintenance between -15 deg. Bengaluru, Karnataka, Bengaluru Product branding has become important USP of our All Aluminium Reefer Containers. It seems that there are around 8000 10000 reefer vehicles presently in India. Lamilux India Private Ltd., Delhi, started its India operations during 2009 and provides light-weight GRP/FRP solutions in sandwich panel construction for truck bodies.

The manufactured containers have gone rigorous hours of testing and been proven. Surakhsha Transport Systems (India) P. Ltd., Coimbatore, started in 2000, manufactures different types of super structures on truck chassis with particular emphasis on transportation of products under controlled temperature. C. Eutectic Refrigerated Trucks are a green and economical alternative to reefer Refrigerated Trucks, especially in the secondary transport sector (last mile delivery) more so as it does not require fuel or energy to refrigerate, instead stores 'cold' in eutectic plates placed within the insulated body. Optiplan GmbH, Germany, is one of the leading manufacturers of glass fibre reinforced plastics (GRP) in sheet or coil form. All trucks are equipped with modern GPS tracking units with latest being the track facility from in house to moving truck, showing parameters like temperature, destination points, speed, fuel consumption and reach oriented target goals. Skilled personnel not required for handling system, Life of system will be as long as the life of the truck, Excellent product protection in case of breakdown of truck, Temperature maintained without use of external energy source. Transport fleet size: 15 vehicles all owned, 5 trucks leased. The traditional method of building Reefer containers on chassis was a standalone project, which normally take 2 to 3 months for completion of fabrication and the chassis is required to start the activities. We recommend GRP boxes but are not limited to this, we have the flexibility to offer steel boxes as well. What according to you are the key growth-drivers for the reefer segment?

73, St. John's Road, Bengaluru - 560042, Dist. We have 30 reefers from 3 ton pick-up to 31 ton 12 wheel trucks. Success of cold chain depends upon both infrastructure and transport functioning smoothly. The main focus on the design, materials and manufacturing process for the Reefer Containers, since the inception, has been to achieve high thermal properties for Reefer containers. Currently all the sales are handled directly. Thermo King, a brand of Ingersoll Rand, leads the world in manufacturing and innovating transport temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications, including trailers, truck bodies, buses, shipboard containers and rail cars.

We supply customers on all continents with premium quality German made products. From the service user fronts what factors could really accelerate the pace of the industry and make it effective? Milky Mist Dairy Food Pvt Ltd., Chittode, T.N manufactures & markets premium quality dairy products under the brand Milky Mist. We ensure that the reefers are maintained in top class condition and keep changing the vehicles to the upgraded version periodically. After fitment of the cooling unit, we test the box by pulling temperature down to desired value. Bengaluru, Karnataka, No. Bengaluru, Karnataka. Mr. Shatrughan Kumar, Managing Director, Trans ACNR (India Office of Hwasung Thermo), New Delhi, talks about developments at his company and in the segment. How do you engage with customers in their body-building activity? The second parameter, which is unique in our Reefer containers is its hygiene and cleanliness which is an essential pre-requisite for transport of food products, pharmaceutical products and other perishable commodities.
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