Those with charges could not spawn with full charges, and they have to be recharged through the Horadric Cube. Also, they may have sockets as well, if the weapon type supports sockets. A proc is an effect that has a chance to trigger when you attack or use a skill. The lower the number of weapon speed, the faster the weapon. The bytes shown are those that contain the 32 bits used store an item's code (which starts at bit offset 76; every 8 bits contains an ASCII character). Loot in Diablo Immortal is instanced and tailored to the class youre playing, so you shouldnt have to fight over gear, nor should you face the utter disappointment of a legendary dropping for a class you dont regularly play. Item level and rarity are the two greatest determiners of quality, and while some stats and bonuses are randomized, this will largely only be an issue late game, where fussing over relatively trivial stat bonuses and modifiers becomes the last nitpick as you slowly replace your stock of rare equipment with legendaries. The merchants who hawk their wares in town can repair damaged items for a price. And finally, if you wear all the set items, there is a large bonus plus a magical reward, like a change in the appearance of your character. Dual weapons generally have faster attack speeds, which can afford you quicker resource generation than two-handed weapons. Each set item is of various use on its own, but their real value comes when you wear the whole set at once, since additional bonuses then accrue. Rare/crafted affixes. It is a quantity that reduces in value when a character performs physical attacks. These are not the same as the runewords, though.

Adds 20-50 Poison Damage Over 4 seconds [33], Paladin Shields: All Resistances +5-10 [1] Legendary items are always socketed and possess one magical modifier. An items current and maximum durability ratings can be checked by selecting the item in your inventory (they're shown, for example, like this: Durability: 52/60). You can, of course, add sockets to them manually. Weapons like swords, bows, and wands affect your damage how deadly your attacks against opponents are. The higher the number of weapon speed, the slower the weapon. They are the reason why the loot hunt of Diablo II is exciting. Runeword weapons are god-tier level, as they enhance your character to a point not possible before. Only exists when the item is personalized, Only exists if the item is a tome (of identify or town portal), Only exists if the item is an armor (i.e. Finding more and better magic items is critical to overcoming challenges and defeating enemies in Diablo III, particularly on higher difficulties. They have a dark gray name, similar to socketed items, They appear translucent when placed in the inventory and when equipped, When equipped on your hireling, the weapon does not lose durability, When a Zod rune is applied to the weapon, it becomes indestructible, Larzuk's quest reward - he will put a socket on your weapon, but one-time use only, Horadric cube recipe - weapon + perfect amethyst + Ral rune + Amn rune. The higher the number is, the more likely you are to gravely injure your enemies. In addition to your equipment, which stays in your inventory until you sell or discard it, youll also come across consumable items that will help you survive. Youll often receive more statistical bonuses (and have more space to socket gems) while dual-wielding. Rare gear occupies that sweet spot between quality and rarity that ensure itll be your workhorse gear throughout much of the game. Every monster you slay has a chance to drop equipment; every container or corpse might conceal it. If `hasAffix` is 1, then an 11-bit-wide field containing the ID of the affix follows. Each piece of equipment also has a durability rating: a measure of how much damage it can take before it breaks and is no longer useful. When a monster drops an item, Diablo III randomly determines the items quality from a chart that includes item quality and the number of affixes present. As weapons directly correlate to the fantasy of becoming a powerful game character, knowing their mechanics is a must for an ardent weapon hunter.

The game randomly "rolls" on each property in the chart to determine which affixes your item will get. +11-20 Mana [23] They follow these game mechanics: There are two reasons why Ethereal weapons are valuable for players: Socketed weapons spawn having sockets by default. What Does Vitality Do In Diablo Immortal? These types of multi-hit or area of effect skills tend to have lower proc coefficients to ensure that other skills remain potent and fun to use. Even wearing just two or more items in a set will often deliver a hidden set bonus. +31-40 Mana [45] In C, the following macro can be used to read an arbitrary bit field as described above (code is originally from here): And here's the adapted version that d2itemreader uses, which includes data as an argument and reads a uint64_t: To test a bit field reader implementation, the following checks can be performed while using this file as the test data: From here on out, bit offsets begin to vary depending on the values of the fields, so they will no longer be shown. When choosing skills to complement your equipment (or gear to complement your skills), youll often find yourself faced with a fundamental choice: should you use a two-handed weapon, a weapon and off-hand item, or (if youre a Barbarian, Monk, or Demon Hunter) wield two weapons? Crafted weapons are those created using the Horadric Cube using the various cube recipes. Amazon Weapons: +1-3 Javelin and Spear skills or +1-3 Bow and Crossbow skills, Assassin Katars: +1-3 to each of up to three different Assassin skills, Barbarian Helms: +1-3 to each of up to three different Barbarian skills, Druid Pelts: +1-3 to each of up to three different Druid skills, Necro Heads: +1-3 to each of up to three different Necromancer skills

What Does Armor Penetration Do In Diablo Immortal? Rare gear is almost always socketed, and possesses one magical modifier. All Resistances +16-30 [28] While magical items can have at most one prefix and one suffix, rares can have up to three each, though they do not spawn multiple modifiers from the same family. the item code is found in Weapons.txt or Miscs.txt and the "stackable" column is 1), Only exists if the set properties bit field of the item is not zero, Only exists if the item has a runeword given to it. In addition, Legendary gear can have a Legendary modifier, which may or may not be useful, depending on your build. For example, certain ranged weapons are usable only by Demon Hunters, and massive mighty weapons can only be used by Barbarians. The workhorse of gear, youll be using Rare (yellow) equipment from around level twenty until you max out your level at sixty. Equipping two weapons means that you can receive bonuses from both items (for example, +20 Strength and +22 Strength from a pair of swords, for a total of +42 Strength). Not every weapon or piece of armor is right for every hero. Durability is a property of a weapon that reflects how strong it is. Rare quality weapons are always shown in yellow text. Weapons in the game are categorized based on their rarity and how they are obtained. What Does Willpower Do In Diablo Immortal? Magic find is a unique item property that can help you drastically improve your haul. Only exists when the item has multiple pictures, Only exists when the item is class specific, Only exists when the item's rarity is low quality, Only exists when the item's rarity is superior/high quality, Only exists when the item's rarity is magic, Only exists when the item's rarity is set, Only exists when the item's rarity is unique, Only exists when the item's rarity is rare or crafted. For example, if a monster has a 4% chance to drop a 6-affix rare item and you have +50% magic find, it now has a 6% chance to drop that item. It is important to understand and differentiate between weapon Quality Level and Tier Level.

Similarly, some equipment is restricted by character class. Ethereal weapons could not be repaired, and they come with decreased durability, They decrease the strength and dexterity requirement by 10, They always come with full durability, though it's half the normal, They lose durability slower than normal items. Adds 13-18 Poison Damage Over 4 seconds [25] Let us consider a specific weapon - a polearm. Magic quality weapons are always shown in blue text. This page was last edited on 6 November 2021, at 18:02. Your magic find score is applied as a bonus to these rolls. There are thirteen types of weapons that you can find in Diablo II. They always appear having grey text, similar to ethereal items. What Does Intelligence Do In Diablo Immortal? All Resistances +25-35 [39] These are often upgrades for your character when they drop. If you need help making up your mind, consider the following, and tailor your strategy appropriately: In general, dual-wielding aids fast attacks, resource generation, abilities that have a chance to trigger on hit, attribute bonuses, and gem socketing. Ethereal weapons were added in Diablo II during the expansion Lord of Destruction. Some weapon abilities (and passive skills) allow you to trigger proc effects. Most equipment is restricted by level. This is different from Cast rate, though, as that determines how fast a weapon can cast a spell. Information about item rarity in Diablo Immortal, including the differences between common, magic, rare and legendary items. See, This item has been fully read and the remaining bits up to the next byte boundary are padded with 0's, Check that the property list exists by verifying that the bit of the set properties bit field cooresponding to this list is set. The most common and least effective gear you can equip, its a slot-filler and nothing more, and should (and will) be discarded at the earliest opportunity.

This the default state of a weapon, as it is neither low quality nor superior. Another example: if you use the Magic Missile skill (which has a coefficient of 1) to attack just 1 enemy with your weapon, as opposed to the Energy Twister skill (which has a much lower coefficient), you might notice a difference in how frequently you trigger the knockback ability. In the above example, we used the weapon type polearm. Gear drops do seem to be based on enemy level, however, so its possible that a shiny legendary drop you get midgame may become redundant as your level increases. +5-10 Mana [12] the item code is found in Armor.txt), Only exists if the item is an armor or a weapon (i.e. Common gear only has an items base stats - Damage or Life. Once picked up, unidentified items are marked with a ? symbol in your inventory. You can see your armor rating in the Character menu (PC key: C; Xbox 360 and Xbox One: BACK; PlayStation3 and PlayStation4: SELECT). You can identify an item by right-clicking on it or using the Book of Cain icon on your minimap to identify every item in your inventory at once (PC) or by selecting it in your inventory (Console).

Dyes are used to change the color of your armor. If the same monster has a 10% chance to drop a 5-affix rare item and you have 50% magic find, you now have a 15% chance to get a 5-affix rare item. The quality levels of a Voulge, and any other weapon, will be as follows: Quality refers to the rarity of a weapon and is independent of its Tier. It doesnt give you a chance to get more items on a given kill instead, it increases the chance that an item you find will be magical, and more potent than it would be otherwise.

Set quality weapons are always shown in green text. You can sometimes find rares with stacking mods when a prefix and suffix that add the same property occur on the same rare. Superior weapons can spawn as ethereal. +31-40 Life [59] This broken weapon needs to be then repaired at any of the town blacksmiths. What Does Resistance Do In Diablo Immortal? When youre wielding two weapons, you alternate the weapon you swing with. +1-5 Life [1] Unique identifier. Typically interpretted as an unsigned 32 bit integer and displayed using the printf format string "%08X", Unknown (denoted as 'timestamp' in various places), List of magical properties of the item. Your damage is based off of the weapon you hit your foe with, NOT a combination of both weapons. The answer comes down to your preferred play style and build. There are only seven Legendary items per Primary Gear slot, and with six Primary Gear slots per character, thats 42 possible Legendary drops per character. The higher your armor rating, the less damage youll take from incoming attacks. Unique weapons are the best items in the game, excluding some runewords, of course. Set items have green names and are like weaker Uniques (usually). The powerful magic of potions prevents them from being consumed in rapid succession; after drinking a potion, you must wait for a cooldown period before using another one. You can complete the game without using crafted weapons, as they are not really useful in Nightmare or Hell mode. Skills with significant weapon damage values (like 200% weapon damage) will hit (and critical hit) for high damage, allowing you to down enemies with a great deal of Life in fewer swings than comparable one-handed weapons. +21-30 Life [43] Unlike previous Diablo games, in Diablo Immortal gear rarity fairly strictly correlates to quality, and theres precious little reason to use any common items once you have magical gear, nor any reason to use magicals item once youve started to accumulate rares. Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Expansion Set, Quality of Life Changes for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, Diablo III: Eternal Collection - Game Guide, Bloodborne: Complete Edition - Game Guide, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Game Guide, Child of Light: Ultimate Edition - Game Guide, Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition - Game Guide, Diablo II: Lord of Destruction - Game Guide, Diablo II: How to Increase the Stash Size, Diablo II: How to Increase the Horadric Cube Size, Diablo II: New Cube Recipe to Unsocket and Preserve Items, Diablo II: Unlimited Socketing with Larzuk, Normal - Bardiche, Voulge, Scythe, and more, Exceptional - Bill, Partizan, Grim Scythe, and more, Elite - Tresher, Cryptic Axe, Giant Tresher, and more, Around 33% lower of the normal durability, Durability - +10% to +15% Enhanced Durability, +5% to +15% Enhanced Damage (or +1 to Maximum Damage), Prefix - Vicious - 31-40% Enhanced Damage, Suffix - Flame - Adds 1 to (2-5) Fire Damage, the base weapon - whether it is normal, exceptional, or elite, and what type of weapon, the quality of the weapon - whether it is superior or not, additional attributes - whether it is ethereal or not, Missile attacks or spells do not reduce weapon durability, As long as you don't physically attack with your weapon, it will never lose durability, For example - orb, staff, or wand - just use them for spells, When your hireling equips a weapon, it does not diminish in durability, Ethereal items have a durability of (max/2) + 1. Some skills, like Energy Twister, hit multiple targets or continually hit enemies for a lengthy period of time, giving them many more opportunities to trigger procs. Once found, they can be set into equipment with sockets, providing a variety of benefits, including increased elemental damage and resistances, increased chance to find magic items, armor bonuses, and more. They are very similar to unique weapons, except that you have some control in their creation - giving you the option to choose: It gives you that satisfaction in investing more, if you want, in the creation of your best weapon. In addition to their standard attributes, they gain bonus properties that make them better than normal items. Two-handed weapons empower high weapon damage attacks, critical hits and area of effect attacks. The best and most powerful weapons in the game belong to this group. Speed is relative to other weapons of the same type. As you improve your armor, youll not only look better protected youll be able to shrug off attacks that, in the past, would have instantly killed you. As you improve your weapons, youll kill weaker foes more quickly and deal greater damage to even the most nightmarish invaders of Sanctuary. Many skills trigger a proc at precisely the rate they hit an enemy these skills have a proc coefficient of 1. When you reach the endgame, hunting for the best weapons will give you hundreds of hours more of playtime. +41-60 Life [75] (Magic orbs only) Normally you would put sockets on an item using the following two methods: Finding a socketed weapon is the third method. Name of the ear's former owner as a null-terminated string. Some of these items can be purchased, while others are rare and must be found. Itll take a bit longer to replace magic gear with rare equipment, but itll happen well before midgame rolls around. Item code as 4 8-bit-wide characters, where a space character (0x20) should be treated as a null terminator. Your base damage while dual-wielding will tend to be lower than a comparable two-handed weapon for this reason. Magic find affects the quality of items you acquire from killing enemies (but not treasure chests, vases, weapon racks, or other environmental objects). At a minimum, a good weapon should help you complete the various modes of the game, from Normal, Nightmare, and Hell. When you find a new weapon, you can get an idea of how it compares to your current gear by highlighting it in your Character menu (youll see text that says "Stat Changes if Equipped").

Magic gear typically has higher base states (Damage/Life) than common gear, and it usually has a bonus to one attribute (Strength, Fortitude, Vitality, Willpower) or another. Bytes are saved as little-endian (least significant byte first). Remove ads and unlock special features. For example, a level 3 Barbarian cannot wield an axe that requires level 8. Uniques are usually very good items, but are seldom the best possible item of that type. Why would any skill trigger procs less frequently? +6-10 Life [11] Rare gear may be the workhorse of Diablo Immortals loot system, Legendary (Gold) gear is top tier and truly scarce. Let's continue with quality level using a specific kind of a polearm, say a Voulge. The following is a diagram attempting to illustrate how the item code bits should be interpretted. All Resistances +8-15 [18] However, when reading bit fields, bits should be interpretted from 'left-to-right', or least-significant-bit to most-significant-bit (i.e. But as shared above, it will be a waste. When it reaches 0, the weapon becomes unusable. Every item in Diablo III has a quality level, indicated by the color of its name and accompanying text. Just as skills are restricted by classes (the Witch Doctor will never master the Barbarians leaps, and the Barbarian will never learn to animate the dead like gruesome puppets), so too is equipment. +81-100 Attack Rating, +41-50% Enhanced Damage [42] Only exists when the item has a runeword given to it. the reverse of how bytes are typically represented) while also acounting for the fact that bits can span across byte boundaries. +1-5 Mana [3] You won't get two or three prefixes that add cold resistance on the same item, for instance. Cruel and Kings both add% damage, for instance.

Beyond straightforward attribute bonuses, there are other properties available on equipment: weapons that leech the life of monsters, boots that increase your movement speed, armor that improves your rate of health regeneration, and many more mysterious abilities. Not a whole lot, in the grand scheme of things. +41-60 Mana [56]

What is the Prodigy's Path in Diablo Immortal? The Zod rune makes an item indestructible by removing the durability counter. If this is a simple item (bit offset 37), then this item has been fully read and the remaining bits up to the next byte boundary are padded with 0's. Here are a few examples of these limited-use items: Potions are mystical draughts that provide you with quick healing, restoring a portion of your Life. The higher quality a gem is, the more powerful its effects: chipped gems provide minor benefits, while the damage bonus of a flawless gem can rival the damage of the weapon it is set in. Each hero has unique, class-specific equipment. When an item runs out of durability, it no longer provides you with any bonuses, even if you still have it equipped. This bonus increases your damage per second. Itll glow brightly to signify that it deserves your attention, and its name will be visible, so you know what youre grabbing. You can see your damage rating in the Attributes section of the Character menu (PC key: C; Xbox 360 and Xbox One: BACK; PlayStation3 and PlayStation4: SELECT). Superior quality weapons have a prefix that says Superior. Move your mouse over an item for detailed information about it. +31-60 Attack Rating, +21-30% Enhanced Damage [18] Each character is 7 bits wide, up to a maximum of 15 characters. Such items have improved Damage and Durability. What Are Hidden Lairs in Diablo Immortal? What Are Treasure Goblins in Diablo Immortal? Item is new (picked up since the last time the game was saved), Item is a starting item (was given to the player at the time of character creation), Item is simple (only contains 111 bits of data), If the item is an ear (bit offset 32), then see "Ear", otherwise skip to "Non-Ear". Low quality weapons have a prefix that says: If you find a weapon like that, then it's better not to use it. By the time all your gear is rare (probably around level thirty) the rotation of equipped gear will have slowed down, but is still frequent enough to keep you engaged. Rares are essentially magical items with more possible modifiers. In other words, these are the best candidate as base weapons for runewords. Rare gear has higher base stats (Damage/Life) than magical or common items and includes two attributes (Strength, Fortitude, Vitality, Willpower) per piece of gear. As you use a piece of equipment, its durability decreases slightly; when you take damage, the durability of your equipment decreases more noticeably, and, when you die, the durability of all of your equipped items drops significantly. You can often get them from slaying the bosses. Note: Item codes, The number of items socketed within this item. the item code is found in Armor.txt or Weapons.txt), Only exists if the item's max durability is greater than zero, Only exists if the item is stackable (i.e. As an example, bows are typically best used by the Amazon class, while staves are best matched for the Sorceress class. Rare gear is, of course, rarer than magic gear, but its not vanishingly rare - you can expect one to several rare drops per Dungeon, Rift, or equivalent bit of content. +15-30 Attack Rating, +10-20% Enhanced Damage [10] You will typically need to farm act bosses to get these really rare items. Weapon speed is a property that determines how fast a weapon can perform a physical attack. The number of bonus properties increases the more items you wear from the same set. Whats a proc? +61-80 Mana [67] (Magic orbs only), Scepters: +1-3 to each of up to three different Paladin skills, Staffs: +1-3 to each of up to three different Sorceress skills, Wands: +1-3 to each of up to three different Necromancer skills,,, A given item might spawn with somewhere between +100-150% damage, for instance. Magical gear is regularly socketed. +61-80 Attack Rating, +31-40% Enhanced Damage [30] +11-20 Life [27] It is easier to explain it by example rather than by concept. More powerful versions of healing potions, able to provide you with additional boons, are also rumored to exist. Two-handed weapons have higher damage values per hit than comparable one-handed weapons. They are similar to Magic items, but they have more bonus properties. Low-quality weapons can't be ethereal, and they can't drop with sockets by default. Some of these weapons are best used when matched to the proper class they were designed for. Newly discovered set and legendary items must be identified to reveal their properties. World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Item quality is checked in the following order: Using the above example, when your roll misses a higher-level item quality, the item generator proceeds to the next lowest item quality in the chain (in this case, checking to see if you got a 6-affix rare, then checking for a 5-affix rare, and so on). Item Rarity Differences in Diablo Immortal, List of Barbarian Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal, List of Wizard Legendary Items in Diablo Immortal, List of Necromancer Legendary Equipment in Diablo Immortal, List of Monk Legendary Equipment in Diablo Immortal, List of Demon Hunter Legendary Equipment in Diablo Immortal, List of Crusader Legendary Equipment in Diablo Immortal, How to Awaken Legendaries in Diablo Immortal, Tips and Tricks for Getting Started in Diablo Immortal, List of Barbarian Skills in Diablo Immortal, List of Necromancer Skills in Diablo Immortal, List of Demon Hunter Skills in Diablo Immortal, List of Crusader Skills in Diablo Immortal, How to Solve the Lamp Puzzle in the Library of Zoltan Kulle. Some extremely potent gems, like Marquise gems, cannot be traded. While Secondary Gear (amulets, rings, belts, boots and gloves) appear and subsequently increase in quality slower than Primary Gear (Helmet, Chest Armor, Shoulders, Legs, and a Main Hand), you should be done with the latter by the time your level is in the double digits.

Gems are valuable and rare stones that litter the world. Weapons are among the most treasured loot in a collection game like Diablo II.

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