Do , bn nn lu v bo mt n tht k, c th vit ra giy cho chc chn! n v tin t bng USD. ARS y l giao din trn web v tin ch (nh nh gc phi trn). (Kinh nghim l bn c th click 4,5 click bn di khong trng, ch "Tip theo" s hin ra), Bn c th xem video hoc click "Tip theo". Khng phn no trong ni dung m chng ti cung cp c coi l t vn ti chnh, t vn php l hoc bt k dng t vn no khc bn da vo cho bt k mc ch g. Nhng c hng s u i gim ph ny th ngi dng cng nh cc nh pht trin Dapp s cn phi hold mt lng token HT vi cc hn mc nh sau: iu ny kh ging vi cch vn hnh ca cc sn giao dch tp trung hin ti nh Binance, Okex hay chnh sn Huobi khng t nhin n c ca h u. The FD Module has been launched on Fibit Pro #Exchange. Tham gia cc knh mng x hi bn di cp nht nhng thng tin mi nht v th trng nh! ), HECO To Help Developers Evolvement at Every Stage, How to Simplify Complex Business Processes with Cloud Computing Tools, Elixir Development with Visual Studio Code. How is it possible to send to the wrong address? Bc 1: Ti ng dng Metamask v in thoi. Everything you need to know about your 12-word secret recovery phrase, Using the secret 12-word secret recovery phrase. Users are advised to carefully read the tips in the deposit/withdrawal page for this token before effecting any balance transfers. Please note: You'll need some Huobi Tokens (HT) in the wallet before you can move your funds out of MetaMask. This is similar to Ether in Ethereum. * @dev Store & retrieve value in a variable Lu tn ca ti, email, v trang web trong trnh duyt ny cho ln bnh lun k tip ca ti.

Why is AlphaWallet the best wallet for Heco (Huobi Eco Chain)? JPY

Xin chc mng! By gi mnh s demo vic deploy mt contract ln mng testnet ca Heco. Vi s khc bit hin thi l c ch ng thun v c trin khai layer 2 nh cc nn tng Matic, Loom, BSC,. Heco chain th h tr chc nng meta-transaction, n s gip gim chi ph giao dch ca ngi dng v Heco s thanh ton khon gim ph ny. Trn y l hng dn to v trn Huobi Eco Chain ca Metamask, bn nh lu s dng Seed Phrase (12 k t) import cho tt c cc v app ca mnh nh, khng cn phi to mi v.

Hng dn cch to v s dng v Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) vo Metamask. Native token ca Heco chain l HT v n s dng c ch ng thun HPoS. Heco is using POS consensus with a maximum of 21 Validators. To interact with the HECO network, HT tokens are required to pay as gas fees. The token page shows information such as price, total supply, holders, transfers and social links. Earn up to $50 000 in Bug Bounty Program! The Huobi ECO Chain is a decentralized public chain designed to enable faster transactions with more cost-effective network fees. What this means is that it's possible to withdraw Ethereum (ETH) or another Ethereum-based asset to your Exodus wallet using theHuobi ECO Chain. Bc 1: Chn vo mc ti khon gc trn bn phi v chn Settings. Covalents responses automatically returns gas_* fields in the HT units. Bn c th mua HT trn cc sn giao dch Huobi v chuyn HT vo Metamask s dng. Huobi ECO Chain l mt public blockchain c hiu sut lm vic cao v kh nng tng thch vi cc smart contract. Bn xem chi tit Txhas s c Contract USDT Trn Huobi Eco Chain v bn Add Contract ny trong v Metamask nha. Metamask s a cho bn 12 t kha gi l Secret Backup Phrase (1). Sau , nhn vo Connect Wallet. Bn c th t truy cp vo App store/CH Play v g t kha nh bn di. Huobis 7 years of risk control experience is also leveraged to ensure the security and reliability of the exchange. Chng ti khng a ra bt k loi bo m no lin quan n ni dung ca chng ti, bao gm nhng khng ch gii hn trong chnh xc v tnh cp nht. Bn c th nhn biu tng "Ghim" biu tng v lun hin th sn. Tt c ch v mc ch thng tin v khng c xem l li khuyn u t, bn nn t tm hiu k trc khi a ra quyt nh tham gia u t. Bi vit trn mnh hng dn cch ci t v Metamask v thm mng Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) vo v Metamask bng 02 cch n gin v hiu qu nht. Home / Hng dn / [Hng dn] Thm mng Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) vo v Metamask. Thm mng li HECO Chain trn in thoi v my tnh c khc nhau khng? Cc sn phm do cng ng xy dng hin kh him hoi. Bi vit caBlog Ti Chnhti y l kt thc. - #1 Ethereum Crypto Casino & Sportsbook. Bn t chu ri ro khi s dng trang ny!

Bc 2: Trong mc Settings, chn mcNetworks Add a network. Khi lng giao dch trong 24 gi ca Huobi l $7.454.673. You can find the Huobi ECO Chain RPC details here: Huobi ECO Chain RPC, HT token is the native token of the HECO network. Sau khi c contract gi ta s cn complier, y ta cn chn ng version solidity c th complier m khng b li nha, Ok gi n phn connect wallet vi metamask nh change netwrork sang testnet , qun ta cn thiu HT c th lm fee gas deploy. Chi tit game NFT Zombie World Z v ZWZ token. * @dev Return value Huobi Eco Chain l g? Khng phn no trn Trang ca chng ti c coi l li thnh nguyn hoc ngh. * @title Storage Anonymous play on awesome games - sign up now for 25 free jackpot spins - worth $100s! Huobi t mc thp k lc $0,908620 vo Jan 30, 2019 (hn 3 nm). Mnh qun chuyn USDT trn Huobi Sang HT.

Hoc c th do h ngh xy ging gn nh y ht mt bn no ri th ch cn docs chi tit lm g, nu cn th sang docs ca bn kia m c chc mi ngi cng hiu l ging bn no ri y. Vy ci no ng? Hin ti c rt nhiu v c th h tr Huobi ECO Chain, ngi dng c th lu tr, nhn v chuyn HT token trn c Mobile App v Extension Wallet. Hi gt nhng cng nhn thng bn trn hi ngu =)), Bn i cho mnh hi mnh rt USDT t sn v v huobi eco chain thng qua mng huobi eco lun nhng tin ko v m rt HT v v th vn c?? Finally, send your HRC20 tokens back to the address where you originally sent them from. MYR You can query either network via the unified API by changing the chainId. There was a problem submitting your feedback. Nhp li 12 t kha trc theo ng th t chnh xc.

INR Houbi th cng ha hn s tip tc ci tin n bng cch trin khai layer 2 nhm h tr cc nh trin ang Ethereum c th chuyn sang layer 2 trn Houbi. bn gip mnh vi . mnh cm n. To retrieve your HRC20 assets will require the use of a desktop computer and MetaMask, but it only takes a few minutes! Giao dch l hot ng c tnh ri ro cao c th dn n thua l, do vui lng tham kho c vn ti chnh ca bn trc khi a ra bt k quyt nh no. HECO has built a developed Defi ecosystem, with wallets, assets, and applications rankings. How do I recover my Huobi ECO Chain asset sent to my Exodus address? Hng dn chi game Metamon thuc Radio Caca, Elemon l g? Bc 3: Nhp thng s mng Huobi Eco Chain (HECO)di y: Hon thnh xong bc ny l bn thm thnh cng HECO vo Metamask thnh cng. When buying and selling crypto is easier than shopping on Amazon. Buy NMX token and stake with 115% APY on Nomiswap DEX. Tm bit! Bn c chc chn mun xa tin o ny khng? Tuy nhin, nu l qun, bn c th dng 12 t kha b mt khi phc li v v to mt khu mi. Cn v kha cnh khoe kin thc th sc khoe vi bn, ni dung c g sai th ngi c gp . Cn bn th khi cn, v bn ch bit g. Bi vit s c ch vi ai chu c v lm theo hng dn. BRL Sau khi c cc iu khon hin ra, bn nhn "Ti ng " to mt khu.

N th cho php lp trnh smart contract v h tr cc giao dch vi hiu sut cao. bit chi tit giao dch thnh cng hay cha bn vui lng check TxHash ca v bit nha. Wallet th Heco h tr Metamask nn mnh hng dn config mng trn. Huobi t mc nh k lc $39,66 vo May 12, 2021 (khong 1 nm). Hng dn ti v ci t Metamask trn my tnh, Hng dn ti v ci t Metamask trn in thoi, Cch 1: Kt ni Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) trn Chainlist, Cch 2: Kt ni Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) th cng,, Thm mng Binance Smart Chain (BSC) vo v Metamask, Thm mng Polygon (Matic) vo v Metamask, Thm mng KuCoin Chain (KCC) vo v Metamask, Thm mng Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) vo v Metamask, Thm mng Avalanche (AVAX) vo v Metamask, Thm mng CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) vo v Metamask, Radio Caca (RACA) l g? EUR Th c cch no ly li c khng .

Th in t ca bn s khng c hin th cng khai. Hin ti th thng Heco chain n c h tr cross-chain, ti sn nh BTC, ETH hay cc stable coins th c th c mapped sang Heco chain bng cch s dng mt cy cu - asset bridge. HT is the Huobi token.

Hng dn nh vy c ng ko?

Hn gp li cc bn trong cc bi chia s, hng dn tip theo. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); >>> Xem thm Top 10 sn giao dch coin ln nht th gii hin nay. Get up to 30 ETH Bonus and 10 free spins. Vic pht trin Dapp trn Heco ging ht nh vic pht trin trn Ethereum v Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Huobi ECO Chain ng c vin tip theo t mu cho DeFi trong thi gian ti. We're Blockchain Research Team of R&D Lab @Sun Asterisk .Inc. 12 t kha ny khng thay i hay ly li c nu b mt.

Token qun tr ca Huobi ECO Chain (HECO) cng lHT token, s dng c ch ng thunHPoS, gip ngi dng cung cp thanh khon v s dng m thng bo nh mt phn ca h sinh thiHuobi. We are investigating an issue affecting the API services and the team is working to resolve this. C th bng u s dng v Metamask kt ni HECO kt ni vo cc ng dng phi tp trung (DApp) v s dng mt m. Please note: This process is not recommended unless you do not have a trusted desktop computer, as it exposes your Exodus 12-word secret recovery phrase. V th m 12 t kha ny cc k quan trng l vy. Khi giao dch np, rt t Heco Chain th chn mng li no? Bc 4:Nhp voCreatev sau vit ra giy cm t sao lu ca bn. Mi bn tham gia nhm trao i thng tin, kin thc, kinh nghim, hng dn mi nht v th trng Crypto & DeFi cng hn 5000+ anh em v cng i ng Review Invest. Bn s nhn c email hng dn thit lp li mt khu trong vi pht na. RM Mnh mong l thi gian ti Huobi c th cp nht thm nhng tnh nng khc bit so vi cc nn tng hin c, ch hin ti th c th to c mt trend nh BSC hay Etherum th mnh ngh l chc l s cha th xy ra vi Heco chain. Trang web ny s dng cookie cho mc ch hot ng, phn tch v qung co nh m t trong, Bt u xy dng ngay danh mc u t ca bn, Gi cho ti hng dn ci t li mt khu. TUYN B MIN TR TRCH NHIM QUAN TRNG. By gi, bn c th chn Huobi Eco Chain Connect cc d n tham gia Farm, Stake, Swap,. u tin ta cn chun b 1 file code bng solidity Storage.sol. Vy l xong do dng HPoS (PoS) nn confirm giao dch kh nhanh tm 3s bng vi BSC.

Let's register a Viblo Account to get more interesting posts. Nhp thng tin nh bn di v Save l xong: Hon thnh xong bc ny l bn thm thnh cng HECO v Metamask thnh cng. CryptoSlots - 25 Free Spins at CryptoSlots. SGD If you do not have access to a trusted computer, you can retrieve your mainnet HECO tokens with your 12-word secret recovery phrase and the MetaMask mobile app. Nu ng b nn gii thch v sao? Hm nay HT Holdings s cng cc bn ti v ci t v Meta mask nh. Huobi ECO Chain (HECO)l nn tng blockchain duy nht ca Huobi. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Stake with CEX.IO for up to 23% staking rewards.

You can invite your friends to trade on Huobi and enjoy 30% fee rebates! Tuy nhin, cha kt ni Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) vi Metamask nh th no. Powered by Help Scout. With this introduction came many assets that have an HRC20 version. However, while using the Huobi ECO Chain can help reduce network fees when moving assets, it's important to note that currently,Exodus doesn't support the Huobi network.

All Rights Reserved, One of the the first mobile wallets support Heco (Huobi Eco Chain) and the testnet, Use the same address on both Ethereum and Heco, Easily receive HT and HRC tokens with your ENS address, Access all the Heco DeFi DApps with the DApp browser, Connect with desktop DApps with WalletConnect, Control your gas fee and speed your transactions, Close relationship with Heco (Huobi Eco Chain) Team, Token Attestations: Proof of Ownership in ETH network. HK$ Lu cnh bo: Hy chc chn app c ci t l ca metamask.ioNhp vo Thm vo Brave Th l xong! VND Sau khi nhn "Thm tin ch", bn s m thanh tin ch nh nh m v. Hy truy cp cc bo co c quyn ca chuyn vin phn tch ca CoinGecko! CEX.IO - Exchange between any crypto or fiat, effortless and instant. Nu bn cha c ti khon Huobi c th ng k ti khon Huobi sn nhng d n Hiden Gem cht lng cng Huobi. Users are advised to carefully read the tips in the deposit/withdrawal page for this token before effecting any balance transfers. Welcome Bonus up to 7 BTC, Use ETHSCAN and get a 125% first deposit bonus! Thng tin chi tit v cch mua RACA V2, [1 Click] Cch kt ni Metamask vi Binance Smart Chain (BSC), [Kim tin] Upwork l g? You can read more about the risks of using your 12-word secret recovery phrase here: Using the secret 12-word secret recovery phrase.

Nh nh trn, bn s c 3 la chn nh sau: Hng dn to v Metamask mi trn in thoi. HT serves as a means of payment and exchange for all applications running in the HECO ecosystem. S dng c ch HPoS ging vi li c ch POS ca Etherum 2.0 sp ra mt, vi vic s dng c ch ny thay cho PoW th s gip tit kim chi ph vn hnh node, chi ph confirm block khng cn tiu tn qu nhiu in nng na Vi c ch ny th cc minner gi y s l cc node validator, h nh nhn c phn thng chnh l fee gas ca cc transactions, phn thng ny s c chia theo t l ti sn m validator th chp. Cc cp giao dch ph bin ca Huobi trn th trng bao gm HT/USD, HT/CAD, HT/EUR, HT/PHP, HT/INR, v HT/IDR. The deposit addresses of assets based on different chains are different. When the price hits the target price, an alert will be sent to you via browser notification. ZAR, Renaming of the Chain Name of Huobi ECO Chain (Heco) Related Assets. Vy l bn Hon tt vic To v Metamask ri ! 0x6f259637dcD74C767781E37Bc6133cd6A68aa161, 0x6f259637dcd74c767781e37bc6133cd6a68aa161, registered and logged in to your Etherscan account, verified the contract's source code using our tool. The level of decentralization is not as high as Ethereum, but Heco allows much faster and cheaper transactions. This article will show you how you can retrieve your Huobi ECO Chain assets sent to your Exodus wallet. Bit chuyn hay cha ri mnh bit ch no mnh Support cho nhanh. Vy l "Hon tt" to v Metamask trn in thoi ri nh. Users can easily experience the latest DApps.

Email ca bn s khng c hin th cng khai. The deposit addresses of assets based on different chains are different. Ln cp nht gn y nht 07:07AM UTC. How to Install an SSL Certificate on SurgeMail? Please see our article Everything you need to know about your 12-word secret recovery phrase for tips on keeping your 12-word phrase safe. Bi vit ny, Review Invest s hng dn chi tit bn kt ni v Metamask vi Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) y & thnh cng 100%. Ton tp v nn tng Hecochain. Querying Historical Aave Borrow rate with Primer. Cc trng bt buc c nh du *.

M metamask sau khi thm tin ch thnh cng. You can use this Coinmarketcap list to find where to purchase some. Team mnh cng c mt sn phm Cross-Chain t Harmony sang ETH v s dng lng token b lock u ETH em i lending Aave sinh li thay v lock im mt ch. Sau khi nhp xong, bn nhn "Xc nhn" hon tt to v. D n HOT hay SCAM ang nh m hin nay? Bc 3: Nhn vo Approve v Switch Network hon tt kt ni mng Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) vi v Metamask. Learn more about this page in our Knowledge Base. Huobi recently released their HRC20 token standard on the Huobi ECO Chain. In doubt, please reach out to Customer Support: Token Airdrop EventCandyDrop launches POOLZ&MOVEZ on July 22, 2022, Huobi Global to Launch New Prime Membership System and Upgrade the Fee Rate System, Brand-New Event: Trade AZERO to Share 40,000 USDT Prize Pool, Brand-New Event: Trade KLV to Share 80,000 USDT Prize Pool, Token Airdrop EventCandyDrop launches KLV&ANV on July 21, 2022. Bc 6: Chn Add Tokens, sau dn a ch Contract ca Token bn mun thm ri chn Add Token thm n trn mng li HECO. Most of the time it will be the first account. A token is a representation of an on-chain or off-chain asset. 2022. Retrieving your HRC20 assets will require the use of a desktop computer and MetaMask, but it only takes a few minutes! To receive alerts, please allow web browser notification permission. Users who fail to adhere to the warnings specified within may lose the transfer amount, especially if it does not meet the minimum quantity. Xin cm n. Please try again later. AAX hin l th trng giao dch ng tin o ny si ng nht. Huobi Global has now opened the deposit and withdrawal of the above assets (based on HECO).

nh gi & Hng dn sn giao dch XT.Com, [Hng dn] ng k, Bo mt & Xc minh ti khon BingX, [Hng dn] ng k, Bo mt & Xc minh ti khon Coinsbit, [Hng dn] ng k ti khon Upwork chi tit t AZ, MEXC Launchpad #6 M bn IEO Land of Conquest (SLG) trn MEXC, Hng dn mua bn WIN bng VND nhanh chng, an ton, Mo tit kim chi ph khi chuyn USDT t Binance sang Coinlist, Nhng ch xung quanh vic t BNB ln th #15, Cch ly li tin khi chuyn nhm mng li Binance Smart Chain (BSC) & Ethereum, Binance list m thng bo chng khon COIN ca Coinbase, Cch tham gia mua Cere Network (CERE) trn Republic, [Hng dn] Thm mng Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) vo v Metamask. Farm on stablecoins with 10% APY. Nh vy l ti v ci t v Metamask thnh cng, tip theo mnh hng dn bn cch thm mng Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) vo v Metamask ch vi bc n gin. Mi vic s dng hoc da vo ni dung ca chng ti hon ton do bn chu ri ro v theo ca bn. Common issues with your Huobi ECO Chain assets (HRC20) inside of Exodus wallet and how to fix them. Xin cho cc bn, li l Blog Ti Chnhy . Qua bi vit nay th mnh mun cho nhng bn no nghe ni v Heco chain nh cha tm hiu v nn tng ny. IDR Theo di thm cc knh Channel caBlog Ti Chnh cp nht thm nhiu thng tin th v, mi nht v th trng trng ti chnh v tin in t: Telegram:, Youtube: Bn c th giao dch Huobi trn AAX, BitMart, v Huobi Global. ARS$

* @return value of 'number' Gi Huobi (HT) cho hm nay l $4,82 vi khi lng giao dch trong 24 gi l $7.454.673. Review game Play To Earn Elemon v ng tin ELMON, Attlas Exchange l g? [Hng dn] ng k, Bo mt & Xc minh ti khon Probit Global, XT.Com l g? Trong bi vit ln ny th mnh s s dng Remix v thng ny kh l tin khng phi ci t g. Tt tn tt t AZ Upwork cho ngi mi bt u, Metamon l g? Theo Di Trn Cc Nn Tng Mng X Hi: Bn quyn thuc v | Tng Hp Thng Tin Th Trng Ti Chnh, [HNG DN] Cch Ci, Add Thm Mng Heco Chain Trn V Metamask. NGN English Deutsch Franais Espaol (Espaa) Espaol (Latinoamrica) Trke Ting Vit Portugus (Portugal) Portugus (Brasil) Italiano Nederlands Bahasa Malaysia English (India) Bahasa Indonesia, $ Bn nn tin hnh nghin cu ca ring mnh, nh gi, phn tch v xc thc ni dung ca chng ti trc khi da vo chng. Tt c ni dung c cung cp ti y trn trang web ca chng ti, cc trang siu lin kt, ng dng lin kt, din n, blog, ti khon mng x hi v cc nn tng khc (Trang) ch cung cp thng tin chung cho bn, c ly t cc ngun bn th ba. Users who fail to adhere to the warnings specified within may lose the transfer amount, especially if it does not meet the minimum quantity. The Huobi ECO Chain is fully compatible with Ethereum and ERC-20 smart contracts, and is currently supported at the KuCoin exchange. *Chainlist l trang web ca bn th 3. You will need the Huobi ECO Chain RPC details when adding Huobi ECO Chain as a custom network to MetaMask. By gi, bn c th chn Chain HECO Connectcc d n tham gia Farm, Stake, Swap,. Find the answers that you need in our Help Centre. Huobi ECO Chain (Heco) l mt nn tng blockchain u tin c ra mt trn Huobi Open Platform. KRW ng k, Xc minh v S dng sn Attlas Exchange, [Hng dn] Ci t v S dng v Metamask AZ cho ngi mi, Rici Elon (RICI) l g? Mi ngi c th s dng 2 cng c ph bin code contract v deploy l Remix v Truffle. tm xem hng dn l v ko bit, bn hng dn trn l HT-Mainnet, di l HEC-Main. Bn l ngi mi, mun hc u t Crypto v tm hiu thng tin mi nht?

Bn ngh sau khi c chng ti s nh gi l bn ang gip hay l ang khoe kin thc? Cc trng bt buc c nh du *. USD How to buy Crypto with Debit Card/Credit Card. R Mi ln bn tt trnh duyt web, m li v bn cn nhp li bng mt khu. Please note: These 12-words are your master key for your wallet. Email ca bn s khng c hin th cng khai. To mt khu dng ng nhp mi khi cn m v, Metamask s hin mt video hng dn s dng Phrase v cch bo mt v.

HT Holdings u t, dn dt v gip cc d n y nhanh vic pht trin cc gii php mi nhm gii quyt cc vn ct li v kh nng m rng, quyn ring t v kh nng tng tc. What this means is that it is possible to accidentally choose the wrong network when withdrawing your asset to your Exodus wallet address, even though we don't support the Huobi ECO Chain for these assets. The process of renaming does not affect the trading, deposit and withdrawal services. S$ */, /** LU : Tt c cc giao dch chuyn n hoc chuyn i, khi chn mng li th mi ngi chn l HECO nh. Top 10 sn giao dch coin ln nht th gii, [HNG DN] Cch Ci, Add Thm Mng Cube Chain Trn V Metamask, [HNG DN] Cch Ci, Add Thm Mng Arbitrum Trn V Metamask, [HNG DN] Cch Ci, Add Thm Mng TomoChain Trn V Metamask, [HNG DN] Cch Ci, Add Thm Mng xDAI Chain Trn V Metamask, [HNG DN] Cch Ci, Add Thm Mng CELO Trn V Metamask, [HNG DN] Cch Ci, Add Thm Mng FTM Trn V Metamask. Getting random records from MongoDb with Mongoose.js, Call for Entries: Eco-Retreat | International Hospitality Building Hosted by UNI.


*/. Official WebsiteMedia AuthenticatorInvitation RebatesOfficial Telegram, Fast and safe digital assets transactions, Token-to-token exchange, zero fees, no slippage, Leading platform for OTC block trades and lending services, Intraday settlement, supported by our strong risk control framework, Lock your tokens easily and enjoy free airdrops, Appreciate your assets amid volatile markets. V Chain HECO nn mi hot ng ph giao dch s l Huobi Token (HT). Link ti v: for MetaMask. Huobi ECO Network HECO is a decentralized and cost efficient public chain that Ethereum developers can easily get started with and smart contracts are seamlessly compatible. TRY Trong cuc chy ua blockchain khng b b li pha sau, cc d n khng ngng thay i v thch nghi. To submit a token information's update request, please confirm beforehand that you have: We are investigating an issue affecting the API services and the team is working to resolve this. Trong bi vit ny, Blog Ti Chnh s hng dn cc bn cch ci, add thm mng Heco Chain (Houbi Eco Chain) trn v Metamask n gin, chnh xc nht. Khu Th Vincom Mega Mall Royal City, Thanh Xun, H Ni, Vit Nam. HKD Xem chi tit:, Bc 1: Thm tin ch Metamask trn trnh duyt, Bn vo ci Metamask, thm vo Chrome hoc truy cp trc tip link sau ci tin ch Metamask trn Chrome: Please note: In the Select an Account screen, please select the ETH address you sent your HRC20 tokens to. Huobi ECO Chainhot ng hng n cng ng, em li hiu qu cao, cho php lp trnh smart contract v tit kim ph giao dch. Sending an Ethereum-based asset using theHuobi ECO Chainwill get the asset to the destination address, but it won't be visible in your Exodus wallet because theHuobi ECO Chainisn't supported. Mt khu phi c t nht 8 k t bao gm 1 k t vit hoa, 1 k t vit thng, 1 s v 1 k t c bit. In order to optimize the operating experience of our users, Huobi Global has now updated the "chain name" of Huobi ECO Chain (Heco) related assets on deposit and withdrawal pages: "HRC20" was renamed "HECO". URL trnh khm ph khi (Block Explorer URL) . * @param num value to store Bc 1:i n thit lp v chnCustom RPC. Khng nhn c hng dn xc nhn ti khon? Vy c th hnh dung n gin Heco chnh l mt s k tha vi nhng nt tng ng ca ngi anh i trc Ethereum. Bn ci t thnh cng tin ch m rng MetaMask trong Brave! Lu 12 t kha, cm mt khu ny v cng cn thn. Join Binance, the world's largest crypto exchange. nh gi v hng dn chi game Rici Elon, Zombie World Z l g? Binance has it all. 2022. In doubt, please reach out to Customer Support: [emailprotected]. Thanks for supporting Huobi. Th in t ca bn s khng c hin th cng khai. Borrow Stablecoins against your Bitcoin, control the collateral, no middle party and no collateral rehypothecation. Read beginner-friendly guides & articles. Huobi Group is a digital asset exchange with global competence and influence. Exodus Huobi Eco Chain (Heco) is an EVM-based blockchain that uses HT as the native currency. V vy meta-transaction s gip ti thiu chi ph vn hnh ca cc developers DApp , cng nh ca ngi dng Dapp. Lend at Hodl Hodl - Non-custodial P2P Lending, Borrow Crypto Instantly & Anonymously! Bn s nhn c email hng dn xc nhn ti khon trong vi pht na. Mi giao dch lin quan n tin o ny cng s b xa. After importing your private key,a) click on Ethereum Mainnetat the top of the MetaMask wallet screen and b) selectAdd Network. Spot, futures, options, NFTs, savings, staking, and Binance Card. Desktop methods only use the private key of one asset, which is far more secure. AlphaWallet. Invite your friends and get 20% from their Stake every day. TWD It is incredibly important for you to keep your 12-word phrase safe as it is the only way to recover your funds should something happen to your wallet. Heco Discord (Welcome all developers to join! Etherscan is a Block Explorer and Analytics Platform for Ethereum, a decentralized smart contracts platform. V chnNext(hy gi cm t bo mt ny tht k v chc chn sau ny bn s cn dng n n). | Tng Hp Thng Tin Th Trng Ti Chnh.

Bn i ! Kt ni v Metamask ln Huobi Eco Chain (HECO), S tr li ca huyn thoi Huobi Prime vo ngy 20/5, Ton tp v h sinh thi Huobi ECO Chain (HECO). Bn c th xem ht v nhn "Tip theo". V Mnh chuyn thng USDT v v Metamask thng qua mng Eco Chain lnh HECO. Cc bi vit ca Blog Ti Chnh ch c tnh cht tham kho thng tin, hng dn k thut, khng phi l li khuyn u t. With CEX.IO, you earn crypto when you sleep. Bn to ti khon MetaMask ca mnh! Your coins could be earning you (extra) rewards. Check, Binance - Buy over 350 tokens in seconds with fees as low as 0%. * @dev Store value in variable Copyright 2018 2021, HT Holdings Cryptocurrency. Sau , bn nhn vo "Bt u" sang bc tip theo -To/ng nhp v. Hin nay c rt nhiu ng dng gi mo vy nn bn cn cn thn ti ng app nh. Check here for updates. V nhn l Metamask th hon ton c th ly li c. Hi vng nhng thng tin ny hu ch vi cc bn! Hoc nhn vo ng link trc tip mnh km theo sau : Sau khi ti v Metamask thnh cng, bn m ng dng v nhn "Bt u". Tip theo bn s cn nhp li 12 t kha trc theo th t chnh xc. Crowd1 l g? Lu khng chia s Seed Phrase cho bt k ai. Bc 5:Chn tng cm t m bo n l chnh xc, sau nhp voConfirm. Bc 1: Truy cp vo v tm HECO. Ok c 0.5 HT deploy thoi mi lun, By gi cn chuyn mi trng ca Remix t my o ca remix sang connect vo web3 ca metamask. NT$ Please do not worry though! Hng dn cch ci t mng li HECO Chain (Houbi Eco Chain) trn v Metamask: Bc 2: Click vo du 3 gch ngang gc tri pha trn mn hnh ri chnCi t (Settings), Bc 3:ChnMng (Networks)ri chnThm mng (Add Network), Bc 5: Sau chnAdd l hon tt quy trnh thm mng Houbi Eco Chain (HECO) trn v Metamask. RUB UAH Price spread is less than 0.1, trade futures to win $10 rewards. Huobi ECO Chain (Heco) now supports 10 assets of HT, HUSD, BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, LTC, XTZ, DOT and FIL. c c HT ta s i faucet ti y here. Khi bn s dng chain Huobi Eco Chain (HECO) Swap, Farm, Stake, Lending hay tham gia IDO v cn dng v Metamask. Nhn tin tc, cp nht v bo co mi nht v tin m ha bng cch ng k bn tin min ph ca chng ti. */, /** Ni chung th docs ca Heco theo quan im c nhn mnh th cn rt s si.

Sau khi lu li bng cch vit ra hoc chp nh ct gi, bn nhn "Tip theo" (2). This website uses cookies to improve your experience and has an updated Privacy Policy. Gi tng 1.9% trong 24 gi qua.N c ngun cung lu hnh l 150 Triu ng v ngun cung ti a l 500 Triu ng. Hin cc tokens top bn ETH c mt trn Heco chain nh Uni, Usdt, Link, Cn cc Dapps trn heco hin vn cha c a dng cho lm, a phn vn ang l cc sn phm do Huobi xy dng. Nn tng ny c gii thiu l mt nn tng public chain decentralized, c hiu qu cao v tit kim ph giao dch. All Class A endpoints are supported for the HECO mainnet and the HECO testnet. R$ Not to worry, as the guides below will help you retrieve HRC20-pegged tokens sent to your Exodus and Trezor ETH wallets! GBP Rp V tuyt i khng a Secret Backup Phrase cho bt k ai.

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