He doesnt confront these thoughts and is rarely forced to, save for people mentioning him looking like his father or making a short reference of how they lived. Just one thing to fix; Umbridges first name is Dolores, with an O at the beginning, and not Delores. (Yes, Sirius Black would be the logical choice, and I support that as well. The whole idea of dementors is to deflect the depression and pull out positivity, real positivity from real highlights of your life. Want to write about Literature or other art forms? Whatever a dementor is or does, he never wants to encounter one again. But the triumph doesnt lie in Harry and friends escape from a werewolf, their use of time travel to save an innocent magical animal, or even their daring rescue of Sirius. Vernon and Petunia Dursley never become anything else. This, coupled with the painful isolation Harry has endured, causes him great emotional pain, which increases as he remembers he was nearly sorted into Slytherin. Hagrid is nearly fired after one of her surprise class inspections, and she actually fires Trelawney in front of an entire group of students and professors. The only reason I didnt spend time with her is she doesnt get nearly as much page time as Umbridge, who gives us a lot to despise. Their goal is to safely navigate the maze while defeating the frightening obstacles within. He never wins against them, not fully; he only gets to escape. There is nothing more compelling in choosing sides (whether it is a movie or a book) than an antagonist. I find him fascinating. There, Harry and Dumbledore end up in a cave near a lake filled with Inferi, or dead bodies Voldemort bewitches to do his bidding. His relatives are horribly abusive and tell him nothing about his parents, making them seem worse completely worthless, just like Harry feels. Harry faces Voldemort for the final time when Hogwarts is apparently deserted and nothing more than a shell of its former self. 6.

One thing I noted about the series is that for the first books at least I was always uncomfortable with the way the Dursleys are represented. Your insight into the villains and how they shaped Harry was really interesting. More than any other Harry Potter novel, Prisoner of Azkaban deals with the antagonism of the mind.. And as we grow out of school, there are still people in positions of power who act like her. And as in all the greatest mystery stories, he is under your nose the whole time, but the last person you would suspect. This is extremely well-written. (Wow, when you put it that way, Snapes favoritism toward Slytherin is practically negligible). Thus, the thought that hes an undercover Death Eater raises the stakes for Harry and everyone at Hogwarts. The only one who did, Cedric Diggory, is deceased. Good vs. This is very thought-provoking for Harry Potter fans. What scares Harry most though, is one of those adults is right under Hogwarts roof. Harry gets some final answers when Snape allows Harry to see his memories. Amazing article about Harry Potter. The rules of the maze also state champions may not help each other, but Harry, fond of bending rules anyway, breaks this one when he realizes Cedric is in danger. In this article well take a look at who each of these villains are, and what makes them and their role unique. Riddles forte is upping Harrys mental stakes.

Bellatrix only had two sisters Narcissa (Malfoy), and Andromeda (Tonks). More importantly, readers have the opportunity to grow, learn and mature with him. vale welcome night potter harry artifice reasons listen well-done. Like Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape returns to the forefront in Half-Blood Prince.

Sirius doesnt need to kill Harry; readers eventually learn that was never his objective in the first place. In Half-Blood Prince, Draco Malfoy finally gets his chance to shine as an antagonist. Once Harry returns, he learns a few key things about this new threat. This begins with the dementor. Fear of death is also what caused Voldemort to become the evil person he is, which is why Harry must overcome it to avoid becoming Voldemort.

Rowling builds our dislike for Draco by making him snobbish, cruel and mean. I really like how you broke down the antagonists by books in the series. He was at most a spoiled brat, but when working for Voldemort became a reality for him, you could tell that it wasnt what he believed in. More importantly, readers have the opportunity to grow, learn and mature with him.. He-hes spiteful, hes a bullyall of these things are still true of Snape, even at the end of this book. J.K. Rowling isnt JK when she says this. @maticusarts: I didnt plan it, but youre right. @Roni: Agreed. They dont have to be teachers, either.

@Jose: I totally get that. Throughout Half-Blood Prince, this army makes advances toward Hogwarts and the central showdown, by wreaking havoc in the Wizarding World. Harry spends much of Prisoner of Azkabans first half trying to work through that first dementor confrontation and figure out why the creature went after him in particular. It extends to the other villains as well, these are just some examples that really stood out to me. Loved this article! I love how in depth this is and the analysis of what each antagonist represents. That moment when she fired Professor Trelawney was the most evil act Hogwarts have witnessed. Yes, Voldemort is a formidable villain. Slytherin House in particular faces a grave moral dilemma, as many students find friends and family members are, so to speak, fighting for the other team. One of the centaurs actively helps Harry, but the other two try to obstruct that help, and have clear hostility towards Harry. The central question is, who is a Death Eater and hiding it? The biggest antagonist in Harry Potter isnt Voldemort, its Dumbledore. She instead points to the one thing we all need to defeat any enemy love. Dudley knows his parents would never side with Harry over him, so he feels comfortable teasing his cousin and rubbing Harrys disadvantages in his face. He thinks about how they died and how he lived, and perhaps is even dealing with a little survivors guilt because of it being abused your whole life can make you feel like you are not worth it. Except Dumbledore, no one believes him when he claims Voldemort is back, because no one else took the Portkey and ended up in the Death Eaters lair. Vernon Dursley was a cruel, narrow minded narcissist. The quest for the external and internal is present throughout Half-Blood Prince, right up until the climax. Thats a lot for anyone to take in, especially an 11-year-old. Evil is just one of those conflicts that will always have its place in storytelling. Indeed, he must be especially creative with the Dursleys this year since its possible he wont go back to Hogwarts at all. Harrys real victory lies in the choice to believe in Sirius innocence, but moreover the choice to rise above trauma. Dolores Umbridge is the perfect combination of evil, ruthless tactics and tyrannical leadership under her sweet attitude. A very thorough article and a joy to read! Even through all this, the focus remains on Harry and his final confrontations, internal and external. Tell them! This inspires the other students to rally around Harry, and sets off an epic duel between Snape and McGonagall. These bullies wounds hurt at the time, and some of them left lasting outer and inner scars. Dumbledore, McGonagall, Sirius, and others are firmly on his side; they can and do step in to put Vernon, Petunia, and Dudley in check when needed, and the effects of their punishments last. It operates independently with the writers collaboratively building and maintaining the platform. This leads Harry to weigh both views and then make his own decision. Harry and his compatriots dont know for sure what this means, but Harry is too eager to get his fourth year started to give it much thought. At times, this leads to pride and the tendency to show off, not listen to wiser people, or neglect his friends. Draco grew on me. The Harry Potter series had some pretty amazing villains. More importantly, Umbridge is defeated. Without conflict there is no drama and without drama there is no entertainment. Like Harry though, we find and embrace those nuances as we mature. He lives in very tight confines, Alan Rickman said. Most importantly though, this antagonist is not content with simply eliminating Harry. Its a rare reader who can say he or she has never felt depressed or hopeless, or as if all the memories they had were their worst ones. Inferi are a physical enemy Harry must defeat, but they are also the embodiment of his worst fear emotional death. You cannot have Superman without Lex Luthor; the same could be said about Harry Potter; he would not be who he is without the obstacles he had to face throughout the Harry Potter series. I want to be J.K. Rowling when I grow up as in, create the kind of memorable characters and worlds she does. Harrys expulsion hearing introduces readers to perhaps the most hated villain of the series, Ms. Delores Umbridge. I just want to point out here that Sirius was not her brother, but her cousin. As the novel opens, Harry has a good grasp on magic expected for his age. Harry is suddenly looked on with suspicion and fear. We want and need to know these people can solve problems and overcome obstacles because if they can, so can we. Harry and his friends know an entire house could turn against their school. Hes learned to navigate and accept the Wizarding World, even if some things in it remain mysterious. Nailed it. There is always more to a characteror indeed a personthan meets the eye, and its important to look for it. Talking about his family, especially after he was born, brings up painful thoughts on how shortlived his time with his family was. Harry meets up with Ron and Hermione at Hogwarts, only for the three of them to learn their school is no longer home, or safe. If anyone breaks this routine, he or she pays for it. Snape in disguise. If ego and physical challenges were Harrys only problems in Goblet of Fire, we could probably skip it and move straight to the intensity of Order of the Phoenix. Hes seventeen now and should be a senior at Hogwarts, but cannot return to school for his last year.Several decoys fail to protect Harry, and he loses Hedwig, the last symbolic vestige of his innocence. I think what also makes the complexities of antagonism so successful in HP is that many of them do sway in a grey area, and even Harry as a hero is not without his faults. It will take much more than chocolate for him to conquer this adversary and the terror it inspires. He reminds me of industrial corporate leaders before and during WWII. When the two face off, Tom explains he used magic to preserve his sixteen-year-old self inside the diary and return to Hogwarts later to finish his evil work. I loved this line : That is, the people we love and hate are morally grey; Snape was not inherently evil and Dumbledore was not a saint. Antagonists are so useful for illuminating facets of the protagonist! Wow, I couldnt agree more!

Hope shes having fun with the centaurs, Great read. Tom Riddle embodied some of that, but here, much of the major conflict takes place in Harrys own head. If you recall, he went on sabbatical to learn more about Lord Voldemort and ended up becoming his servant. I like the running argument that the antagonists across the series arent just the villains of the story, but it is also what they are trying to achieve that becomes an antagonistic force for Harry in the story. To be counted the winner, the aspiring champion must come out of the maze holding the Triwizard Cup, found at its center. Of course, compared to the other antagonists Harry will face, Dudley is pretty tame. For example, Harry finds an odd Ravenclaw student named Luna Lovegood is one of his strongest supporters. She knows where everybodys button is, where to push, and how hard. Ron and Hermione feel these effects, but Harry is the only one who faints from the encounter right after hearing a woman screaming in his mind. The mysterious diary hes been using to study his adversary belongs to Tom Riddle, a young man who attended Hogwarts fifty years prior.

Voldemort isnt capable of emotion so therefore it is more understandable that he can commit these crimes.

Meanwhile, Muggle-born Hermione faces the immense pain of wiping her parents memories. Harrys confrontation with Snape symbolizes all our inner duels, some of which we will lose. He or she will use other students and teachers to get to Harry, effectively terrorizing the only true home he possesses. However, Rowling turns the tables and reveals Snape to have been trying to save Harry all along, lifting Snape from being the most obvious to the most surprising character. I also thought your discussion of how his confrontations with evil shaped Harry psychologically and spiritually for the next fight. Therefore, Sirius Black and all associated with him, including the dementors, have the potential to render Harry ineffective. Death will always be with him, although the epilogue to the series states All was well and gives surviving characters happy endings. I dont agree with it; in my mind, there is no excuse for leaving a child in an abusive situation for eleven years when it is within your power to do something about it. However, its soon clear no one is safe from this woman. These last pieces are not readily seen, nor are the antagonists behind them as obvious as before. Its why so many of those prisoners die without any interference from the environment or Wizarding authorities. Delores Umbridge works for the Ministry of Magic, and thus has direct connections to one of the most powerful agencies in the Wizarding World. Harry could have easily chosen to follow her example, as many times before he had pulled away from his friends during arguments. Her lust for power extends beyond the need to control the classroom. But underneath it all, Snape was primarily a broken, desperate soul. His friends and mentors are gone, and his head is spinning with knowledge regarding the lies he always believed and what was true all along. Searching for answers, Harry turns to the one adult hes always felt was trustworthy Dumbledore. Like Harry, readers can defeat their Dudleys when they find support systems that work for them. Like all bullies hes also a coward, only confronting Harry when he has his meaty cronies to back him up. Later, when the two get back to Hogwarts, Death Eaters break into the school. Furthermore, his fellow students no longer trust each other or themselves. He spends most of the books end absorbing the fact that Voldemort has returned, will be stronger this time, and will defeat the good witches and wizards of the Wizarding World unless everyone sticks together. Each person or group of people represents an enemy Harry Potter must face and defeat on his epic journey to take down Voldemort, the harbinger of death who stole everything from him as a baby. When the caretakers pet cat Mrs. Norris and a few Hogwarts students are petrified, Harry has no alibi. Sometimes we must duel with the consequences, internally if not externally. After a year of physical, mental, and emotional nourishment, he is ready to face and cope with the Dursleys abuse using new tools. Very interesting and enjoyable read. As he works to master the patronus charm, Harry learns the screams he heard in his encounter with the dementor were his dead mother Lilys. Great article! Harry finds this out fairly quickly when he goes to Hogwarts. For instance, Harry will never get over the death of Cedric Diggory, and the death of Sirius Black stripped him of his only loving family member. However, under the obvious external conflict, a high-stakes internal one throbs. As this article says, Harry essentially has to confront his emotions in dealing with his parents deaths. Well done! The article was very lovely, but it couldve used less summarizing of the books and more focus on how each antagonist affects Harry and the setting. This certainly doesnt excuse his actions, but does explain them. He was obsessed with attacking children and wanted the world to be filled with werewolves. The Artifice is an online magazine that covers a wide spectrum of art forms. I think Sirius represents the holes in the justice system. Harry is prepared for this, doing his best to research his tests, find opponents weaknesses, and stay alive long enough to win the tournament. The reveal of professor Snapes truth is one of my favourite scenes in both the novel and the movies. In the course of seven books and sixteen more years, Harry faces several other antagonists and harrowing situations. Stephanies article revives old emotions in my heart as I reflect upon my most hated characters in the Harry Potter series Dudley and his parents along with Umbridge; Voldemort doesnt come close to the dislike felt for the others. Yet Snape lost Lily to James Potter, whose friend Sirius Black actually tried to have Snape murdered when they were all fifteen. This allows the real betrayer to continually be present but unnoticed. In Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone (the Sorcerers Stone to you Americans), JK Rowling has more than half a dozen antagonists over ten if you count them very broadly. As Dumbledore told Harry long ago, It is our choices who shape who we are. Seeing the choices his two mentors one obvious and one highly unlikely have made, prepares Harry to make his own final choice. Professor Quirrell. 10. During his first detention with Umbridge, Harry is forced to write I must not tell lies over and over again with an enchanted quill that carves the words into his skin with his own blood. After former Muggle Studies professor Charity Burbridge is killed, the class becomes a hub of propaganda where students are taught that Muggles are basically filthy animals to be exterminated. However, he does not have nearly as much power or control over Harrys life as his parents do. I love thinking about the villains, big and small. I felt that my happiness reached the top when Molly Weasley destroyed her in the last part of the series. Lets go over this guy, as many people generally dont give this man the credit he deserves as a true antagonist even if he ultimately prioritises his familys safety first. But if he can decimate his godson emotionally, Harry wont be able to fulfill his destiny. Ron and Hermione return to Hogwarts, but Harry must stay in hiding, as he is a wanted man. Although there is much to learn from the actions of our protagonists, the same can be said of our antagonists. Once in the basilisks lair though, Harry discovers this battle is far more mental than physical. She was arrogant and discriminating and unpleasant, but she was never an official death eater, she participated in nothing, and everything shed ever done was for her family. The most intriguing of these were her villains and antagonists. Do you think all stories need as many as this? I really enjoyed reading this piece! Susan Bones loses her Aunt Amelia. Prisoner of Azkaban encourages us not only to identify, but to take what we learn and become stronger, better people for it. I am So impressed by her! She never cared who she worked under or what she stood for as long as she was on top. Hes intensely focused. Now, in Half-Blood Prince, its up to Harry to find out what the epicenter of that focus is. I was very happy when Hermione and Harry tricked her and took her to the Forbidden Forest.

I had to read this article because it was Harry Potter. For instance, Ron believes Harry has betrayed him by being romantically involved with Hermione. If this is going to be a problem for you, dont read this article. I think part of why its so popular is because its really human.

He even shared his body with Voldemort.

They fulfil the role of ensuring Harry is up against it from the very first page, before the real villains turn up, but their exaggerated quality means their presence feels quite light-hearted, allowing the darkness and pressure to build over the course of the book. I was honestly surprised by her disclusion from this article. Just as importantly if not more so, at Hogwarts, Harry encounters adults he can trust for the first time. Our hero and villain fire mortal spells at each other, wands locked in a deadly stalemate, until Harry finally wrests control of the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand in the world, from Voldemort. As Harry faces increasingly high stakes and complex adversaries, he grows and matures. Sure, he had to face big evil super villains. Its an interesting take on the antagonists of the series I enjoyed reading. The Squad is rewarded for informing on any student or teacher who doesnt conform to Umbridges agenda. Note as an analysis, this article necessarily contains multiple spoilers for Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone. With his final safety net obliterated, Harry must use everything he has learned so far to prepare himself for battle. Of course, other villains like Snape do that, too. Emotional and spiritual death threaten to cripple him again, especially after Snape defeats him in a vengeful duel. It is implied in the fifth book that Sirius never liked Bellatrix, nor Narcissa much, and only enjoyed spending time with Andromeda. Their victims, such as Azkabans prisoners, are deprived of positive emotions and left to relive their worst memories, without a shred of hope that things will ever improve.

very interesting piece. There are the more obvious antagonists in the likes of Aunt Petunia, Uncle Vernon, and their son Dudley. And theres a lot of truth in that. A lot of the villains in Harry Potter are people we see in our lives. But this latest battle and antagonist gird Harrys heart with renewed faith in himself and the people who love him. Yet, Snape allows himself to be expelled from Hogwarts and fatally bitten by Nagini, apparently for the sake of protecting Harry. Lily Evans, who would eventually become Harrys mother, was Severus Snapes only true friend, whom he grew to love. Lupin steps in to perform the ridikkulus charm and banish the boggart himself, but agrees to teach Harry how to defeat fear of fear itself. In acknowledging this fear, Harry moves one step closer to triumphing over what he fears Sirius Black may do to him. In Chamber of Secrets, Harry levels up to his next year at Hogwarts and his next antagonist. Instead of bringing forth a new enemy, Rowling takes us back to one Harry has had since day one at Hogwarts. The best way to put this knowledge to use is to defeat his last enemy, the harbinger of physical and emotional death who has taken so much from him. A traumatized person cannot protect themselves or others. Hes never forced to fully examine his grief. The triumph occurs when Harry confronts Sirius with what he thinks he knows, demands the truth of what happened to his parents and why, and stands strong in the face of difficult truths. The article is also very clean with only a few editing slips. One of the Death Eaters and the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. On the other hand, he has lost his mentor, the last adult he had a close relationship with. However, each antagonist Harry faces, and the trials they put him through, are meant to grow his abilities and confidence in unique ways. Thanks for sharing. It is implied Umbridge uses other grueling physical and psychological punishments on students who wont comply with the way she operates. Others become determined to shut up, keep their heads down, and ignore what they know is right. An enjoyable essay. Readers around the world still mourn the death of Fred Weasley, Georges twin brother and partner in crime. The Baby-Sitters Club: Classic, Problematic, or Both?

To counter this, Snape also isnt the evil person he assumed; he too is just a man. Umbridge was a paranoid control freak, lost in her twisted morals and isolated from her colleagues and community. Dudley is the spoiled and cossetted only child of Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, who have raised Harry reluctantly from babyhood. I think, death is more of a relief for Bellatrix its almost written a little like putting someone down. Many readers have gone through one trauma or another, struggled with who to trust, or tried to reconcile who they were in the past with who they are and who they will be. Quirrell is the true baddie of the Philosophers Stone, as a vessel for the nemesis, Voldemort. Umbridge turns students against each other.

Hell need that knowledge in his third year, when he finds out an escapee from the wizard prison of Azkaban is after him. He too was just a man. Frankly, I kind of want to take Snape, Lupin, Tonks, and a lot of the other characters away, wrap them in warm blankets, give them tea, and tell J.K., You can have these back when you learn to play nicely! . A great discussion. Furthermore, I 100% agree with your analysis of Umbridge- she in some ways is even worse than Voldemort and there is definitely a reason that she is quite often more hated than Voldemort in the fandom.

You just never knew what that agenda was going to turn out to be. Indeed, Snapes agenda has always been one of the only things readers knew about him. Wow! As Harry faces increasingly high stakes and complex adversaries, he grows and matures. Harrys first enemy is important for readers, too. Dumbledore must eventually leave Hogwarts under accusations of mental instability, and Umbridge installs herself as Headmistress. Given the choice between the two professors, Id take my chances with Snape. Professor Remus Lupin, who was sleeping on the other side of the compartment, helps Harry come to and revives him with chocolate. To make matters worse, he finds that the supposed killer was not only his fathers best friend, but his godfather. He was never allowed to grieve properly and he has never allowed himself to grieve properly. Failing that, the adults on Voldemorts side could make Hogwarts a living hell. Umbridge is that teacher we all hated because she made our lives miserable and we were powerless to stop her. Fenrir Greyback.

Yet Harry is unwilling to remain a victim this time. It is the oldest story ever toldgood vs. evil, and one that comes in many different forms: person vs. person, person vs. self, and person vs. environment these conflicts in some way all speak to the same conflict of good and evil. How evil is she when she can kill her own cousin and rejoice the occasion. Dumbledore points this out when he reassures Harry the Sorting Hat didnt make a mistake. At least Voldemort has a code (despite how terrible his code is, he sticks by it). They are like cutout stereotypes. Dementors dont simply go away, just as depression does not. Slowly but methodically, Umbridge emotionally cripples some Hogwarts students. She often behaves like a kindergarten teacher, speaking to her students as if they were five or six and reprimanding them for imagined disruptions and infractions. They got in, supported Hitler, made a lot of money and established their position as leaders in the market and then went out relatively unscathed, continuing to control the western bloc via Fudge-like politicians. So thanks for the great read! J.K. Rowling admitted that they are depression personified, reliving the worst memories of your life. However, the Triwizard Tournament lends a unique element to Harrys struggles and the adversaries he faces in Rowlings fourth installment. Worse, she always has some excuse or defense, somebody protecting her. Book four marks a turning point for Harry and his young friends. When you find the nemesis you relate to most, you might find yourself taking a cue from Harry, as well as his compatriots, on how to defeat it. How could such a trusted person betray his parents, he demands of his friends. The more confident Harry grows, themore able he feels to take down tougher opponents. It would have been awesome to include her in this article. Cedrics death is painful and traumatic, and partly because of its effect on him, Harry is almost killed as well. Umbridge also recruits several students, mostly from Slytherin House, to serve as her Inquisitor Squad. Such a refreshing angle youve taken on a truly beloved series. 4.

@bable: Great point. The students and teachers of Hogwarts dont know who opened the Chamber of Secrets or what monster lurks there, but they do know what it wants. But Harry becomes confused and disillusioned when Draco switches sides and Snape tries to protect him. I hate Dolores she was in a position of power and used it to make the wizarding world an even worst place at a time where Death Eaters were running rampant. It is our choices that determine who we are more than our abilities, Dumbledore says. However, overall it was quite well done and clearly showed lots of effort put into it. Barely able to stand up to his own shadow, let alone carry out evil plans or wrangle trolls.

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