This is for all 5 elements (fire, cold, lightning, poison and magic), except physical.

The first one is your damage reduction against a particular element; the second is most your other damage reductions lumped together. We may use cookies to personalize content, ads, and analyze our site traffic.

See BELOW for a more information about hit recovery. If it is high enough, it can completely prevent any physical damage. reducing enemy numbers or hit chance/rate (either by being a much higher level or directly reducing it by debuffs/auras/curses or crowd control or slowly killing them, area damage spells/attack), reducing specific lockdowns Note that some enemies have resistances stacked well over 100%, but they are very rare, and are usually found in uberquests, mostly as bosses. Increases the item's defense before any other bonuses (except Ethereal). As you stack more and more damage reduction, your effective toughness rises faster than it would in a no-block build, and eventually reaches infinity. Same procs with different levels trigger separately, but the chances stack and trigger just once if they are the same level. Damage Reduced by %) reduces the life that crushing blow takes, and at 100% it gives immunity to Crushing Blow. And that's exactly the case; Armor and Resistances are the same, except there's only 1 Armor and 6 Resistances. Therefore, a character can never become completely immune to elemental attacks with resistances alone. Final damage or attack rating is always rounded down. It provides DR equal to your current Resource Cost Reduction (RCR) value. Reduces enemy resistance from that element (fire, cold, lightning or poison), allowing you (not your minions or hirelings) to do more damage with it. See ABOVE for more information about slow. For example, the Paladin Vessel of Judgement spell creates missiles that do physical damage, but it does not depend on the damage of the equipped weapon, so it is not a WDM skill and does not have a chance to hit roll.On the other hand, Barbarian's Stormblast melee skill creates missiles that do 1/2 damage that a normal melee attack does (so it's a WDM skill). RankedBoost is not affiliated with the game companies, publisher and its licensors. This is useful to prevent monsters from using corpses or to prevent reanimates because of lag or them attracting unwanted attention. Reduces chill and freeze duration by half. higher defense (not spells), avoid, block (not spells), moving, hit recovery speed (check frames), do not run (running reduces defense to 0 and chance to block to 1/3). Some skills call Faster Run/Walk as Velocity. It has been heavily nerfed many times to balance the game. It is possible to stack Block Chance all the way to 100%, the in-game tooltip claiming that it's capped at 75% is wrong. This is actually a chance to avoid attacks (melee and ranged) and spells, not just damage meaning that the associated procs won't trigger if the avoid was successful. This is esentially extra Total Character Defense Plus %. Player resists, absorb and damage/duration reduction. One of the most powerful modifiers in the game because it allows you, by superior maneuverability, to avoid getting hit or simply a slower enemy attack rate and movement speed (these are capped at minimum of 15% and 25%, respectively). 30 minutes: Rare, Honorific, Crafted, Set and Unique items. Cancelled by any other faster r/w? After blocking, that gets reduced to 25k and our effective toughness is now 400%(3x increase). # is a number from the files, a majority of weapons usually have 51 or 76 some less impressive weapon item types have 25, and more impressive 102. Is it affected by Enhanced Weapon Damage +%? Velocity) is more effective than the same percentage of Faster Run/Walk from items they may be capped at different values for each skill, though. Equipping Yang's Recurve or activating Laws of Valor Unstoppable Force will always double your toughness, regardless of all other DR or RCR that you may have. When dual-wielding, only the attacking weapon adds towards the total chance. Though players' resistances cannot surpass 100%, monsters' can. Some bosses have 100% Chance to Avoid Damage and can only be killed by sources of burn damage. See chill and freeze above for details. A powerful but reckless attack that increases damage and attack rating but decreases defense rating. These 5 resistances are capped between -100% and 75% (100% for monsters). More than one proc can be triggered by the same event. Cold Resist also reduces chill and freeze duration. Any formula for the distribution of speeds? Block Amount only comes from your Shield and only depends on its level and Ancient status. It can be stacked above the cap to counter any negative effects to it, like -% to Enemy Poison Resistance (reduces it by subtraction) or -40% penalty in Terror and -100% penalty in Destruction difficulty. It's really hard to see monsters on the edge of the screen if you have a very low Light Radius. Adds Strength Damage Bonus: (#/256 per Strength)%. The above rule about multiplicative stacking of damage reduction is only broken by effects that provide a stacking damage reduction buff, such as Zoey's Secret, Binding of the Lost and Aegis of Valor (4) Bonus. There are 4 types of elemental resistances a player can acquire. bla bla see bla for monster/minion/hireling/reanimate/totem resists. Is it affected by Enhanced Weapon Damage +%? Whenever you take damage from anything except damage over time (poison or life drain), including spells. It can be raised to 95% with +% Maximum [Element] Resist. Using the above example, if you were to be hit by an attack that does 100 damage, it will be reduced to 50 by Aquila Cuirass and to 25 if you also activate Vengeance. Divide that by 1.25, you get 200%. Again, everything is exactly the same as Armor, there's Flat Resistance that can come from: And then there's Resistance Bonuses that provide +X% to Resistance and stack additively with each other: For whatever reason, All Resistance bonuses are very rare, compared to Armor. Note that a melee skill still always hits with a normal melee attack (some rare skills modify it) if it creates missiles. 100% resistance to an element gives immunity to it. Diablo 2 Resurrected Natural Resistance is a Barbarian Magic Skill and requires level 30 to use. Picking an item onto your cursor and dropping it again resets the timer. That combined with massive Armor bonuses provided by Stand Alone and Stone Gauntlets produces an extremely durable build, capable of facetanking absolutely everything. Improves the maximum Mana, Life and Stamina of you and your party. It is the single most powerful modifier in the game. Provoke Hit Me provides 50% multiplicative increase to your Block Chance. Chance to hit a running player is 100%. Players cannot become immune to an element, except with shrines. or the target is frozen. (which only happens when choosing between Int or Str augments) In general case you need to see which option provides bigger relative increase to your (Armor + 3500) or (All Res + 350) respectively. Each source of damage reduction does exactly what it says on the tin: reduces damage that you take by stated amount. There is no way to resist it after it has been applied and any subsequent hits just reset the duration the life drain does not stack and the amount of life drain stays the same as was from the first attack. This adds defense after all the other item's defense modifiers are calculated. Can freeze normal and minion monsters, thus incapacitating them, and it chills all other units (if they can be chilled).

Cold Immunity and Cannot Be Frozen give immunity to it. It helps just the player who applied it and his/her minions and hirelings. Stormblast, again. Comparing these two numbers we can instantly say that Grim Scythe Necro is at least 10 times tankier than a Rat. There is a penalty to 4 elemental resistances (fire, cold, lightning and poison) for players/hirelings/minions on higher difficulties: -50% for Terror and -100% for Destruction. There's number of ways to gain Block Chance: Block Chance from all these sources stacks additively. Porkchop isn't a Morph - it's a debuff? When you hit a monster with an WDM attack (melee or missile), this modifier indicates the chance to reduce the target's current life by: This life reduction is done before the hit damage is applied. It's calculated after all other damage modifiers, but before any damage conversion (physical to other element) takes place so it doubles the converted element damage as well, when it happens. There's two ways to increase your armor: you can get some flat armor or you can get a percentage Armor Bonus. The Paladin's Conviction Aura and Necromancer's Lower Resist Curse can also lower resistances by a set amount. Note that -% to Enemy Cold Resistance affects the duration of chill and freeze effects by reducing resistance to cold. Increases Natural Resistances to elemental and poison damage. Adds # minimum fire, lightning, cold or magic damage to the attack. Is it affected by Enhanced Weapon Damage +%? Base attack rating is: Adds # minimum and ## maximum physical damage to the attack damage after the weapon's % Enhanced Damage, but before Enhanced Weapon Damage +% from items and skills. See chill and freeze above for details. A character's default maximum resistance value is 75%, although certain Unique items and skills can raise that number as high as 95%. any kind of minions to tank hits, distract or kill enemies. the damage you take will not be changed, you will just receive mana. But as long as you don't care about this "somewhere else"(e.g. Only the chance from the attacking weapon is added when dual-wielding. This confusion might arise with some skill that only list the modifiers for the missiles created with the attack and don't list any modifiers for the original melee attack - eg. The maximum Light Radius you can have is 18. If the target's life doesn't change (after a hit or by regeneration), it will not get Open Wounds, unless the target is a player character. Unlike cLod, it does not reduce with difficulty. Bosses and most Superuniques can't be knocked back. the original melee attack is the trigger for creating the missiles. Anything with a resistance of above 100% in any of the elemental damage types becomes immune to it. Increases the weapon's minimum and maximum damage by % of the base minimum and maximum damages. Treewarden Morph, It refers to attacks/skills (melee and missile) whose damage depends on the damage of the equipped weapon (even if the damage is converted to another element). 10 minutes: Basic items. Adds # minimum physical damage to the attack before Enhanced Weapon Damage +% from items and skills. Adding yet another 50% DR item, will increase the toughness to 400%, but now block reduces the damage of an attack to 0, and our effective toughness is infinite. You can find the Base_walk_speed and Base_run_speed values for the 7 character classes from MXL 2012 v005 here (they've been increased in Ultimative): Orb Effects Applied to this Item are Doubled, % Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Magic Find). Increases the attack rating beyond the base value, before the percentage bonus is applied. Items disappear when on ground for:

hit recovery caused by: high damage or a hit while having the stun swirlies above the head (but not being necessarily stunned). This is quite a convoluted way to display your damage reduction, and it also ignores some of the effects for no reason, but that's what we have to deal with. It is only applied if the life has changed, either due to damage taken or regenerated. Spells are not WDM because their damage does not depend on the equipped weapon damage (they do not trigger a chance to hit roll). Stuns targets on melee hit for a specific amount of time, different duration for each item or skill (or skill level). When you have multiple sources of damage reduction, they always stack multiplicatively, meaning if you have DR1 provided by say Armor and DR2 provided by some item, then you total damage reduction will be: Or, for the arbitrary number of DR sources: Lets say for example you have Aquila Cuirass providing you 50% damage reduction and use Vengeance Dark Heart, which also gives 50% DR. Attack speeds also vary with different characters (morphs), weapons and attacks/skills. 20% slow on hit (10% for players, since slow is 1/2 effective on them) that usually accompanies items/skills with cold damage. Keep in mind that different characters have different base running/walking speed, so they benefit from this bonus in different amounts. Often you have to choose between flat bonus to Armor or All Resistance: choosing primary affix on gear, Diamonds vs Rubies in armor, Strength vs Intelligence augments.

There's only 5 sources of flat armor: After that you can gain different percentile Armor Bonuses from skills, passives, and items. Reduces the duration of poison, rounded down the nearest frame, but not under 1 frame. freeze: half freeze duration, cannot be frozen, cold resistance/immunity, having a higher level than the attacker. When two weapons are equipped attacks two targets if possible, or one target twice. Sorceresses, Druids and Necromancers have an increased cast rate with staves (the number of frames for the casting animation is reduced). Cannot reduce defense under 0, and the actual defense stays the same, this is only used to calculate the chance to hit. Warns of impending danger and improves the defense rating of you and your party. A character's base resistance varies with each difficulty: For Diablo II: Lord of Destruction, the penalty was increased: Having a negative resistance value increases the amount of damage a character or creature receives. It can come in many shapes and sizes: it can be general catch-all DR, it can be only Physical or Non-Physical, it can only work vs melee or ranged attacks, or only vs elite enemies. This modifier works in a similar way as Enhanced Weapon Damage +% (they're additive), but the % damage increase scales with Strength, as Strength * #/256. First, there's no magical Armor to All Resist ratio! If a character has this modifier (can be applied only by players), bodies of monsters he/she killed cannot be reanimated or used in any other way (resurrect, corpse explosion, etc.). That doesn't change regardless of what other damage reduction you may have. The toughness obviously becomes 200%(2x increase) and the same attack now hits us for 50k. 5% on melee hit: Grants 100% damage avoidance for 1.6 seconds. Similar as above, but Faster Cast Rate on a weapon doesn't have any different power than on any other item. This is short for all the 5 modifiers below all at once. Block Chance is pretty straightforward and represents a chance for each attack that hits you to be blocked. Decreases the time it takes to recover once you're put in hit recovery. Remember that -% to Enemy [Element] Resistance only from items cannot pierce enemy element immunity. They are numerical values that can resist a percentage of damage from the four elemental attacks: Fire, Cold, Lightning, and Poison.

Adds # maximum physical damage to the attack before Enhanced Weapon Damage +% from items and skills. Reduces a monster's defense on WDM melee and missile hit, and stays applied after it, stacking with further applications. monster flee), Griswold, Radament and Nihlathak gain a random unique bonus in Terror and one more in Destruction, % Life/Mana/Stamina stolen per Hit (% of applied physical damage), % CtC when you Kill an Enemy (poison only, more than 1 frame), 1/2 melee or ranged attack on any Champion, Unique, Super Unique, Boss or Evil, 50% for Players, Hirelings, Champions, (Super) Uniques & Bosses. If we instead look at these builds' damage reduction values we'll get 83.2% for Rat and 97.9% for Grim Scythe. Is it added to item or skill movement speed? Here we can see that these two options are almost equal, with All Resistance being a tiny bit better. Increased player count makes crushing blow reduce life by the same amount as if there was just one player present, but as monster's life increased, it would take a smaller fraction of life. -% to Enemy Resistances, +% to Spell Damage and Adds #-## damage can be for any element: physical, magical, fire, lightning, cold and/or poison. slow, debuffs). Blunt weapons always have at least +50% Damage to Undead. It can also come from trying to freeze monsters that cannot be frozen. One exception to the multiplicative rule is the stacking DR buffs. Skill knockback can have a different chance and different effects on different targets. Reduces the duration of curses. Lets say your starting toughness is 100%. Bleeding occurs even if life drain cannot be applied. See BELOW for more information on chill and freeze. Always increases the defense by +1 Defense. Resistance provides damage reduction against the damage of certain type. You may notice that in case of Resistances you have two numbers separated by a plus sign. If you do not have -% to Enemy [Element] Resistance from skills, you cannot affect the immunity drop, but can only reduce their resistance once it drops. See THIS PAGE for a list of items with procs. The only way to increase your Block Amount is using Hallowed Bulwark (although crusader passive Renewal provides a pseudo Block Amount via healing). Target is incapacitated and cannot move, attack/cast or block during it, and has a small swirling overlay above. % Life/Mana/Stamina stolen per Hit (Leech). See THIS PAGE for a list of Blunt weapons. Traprat Morph, Sends nearby monsters scrambling away in fear. Similar as above, but this reduces magic, fire, cold and lightning damage at the same time, but separately for each element. Increases the total character defense after most modifiers (after the items' defense has been calculated). We consider Bloodtree Stump as one of the Best Weapons to use with the Natural Resistance Skill. Keep in mind that this modifier has different power/effect if it is on a weapon, from skills or on other items (this one being the least effective). The duration can be affected in the same way as chill is (see above), and monsters with 0 chill effectiveness cannot be frozen, as well. Adds Dexterity Damage Bonus: (#/256 per Dexterity)%. And while it's still easy to see that Rat is much squishier, it's not immediately obvious how much. Regardless of all that, there's always a single unifying rule: all these sources and different kinds of DR always stack multiplicatively. Same as above, but this reduces/heals by a percentage of the damage instead, and has a cap at 40%. Then, if the monsters are not immune, or drop their immunity, you can get it down from 99% to -100%. 5 minutes: Game room stays open for 5 minutes after you've been in it for at least 5 minutes (not sure if it works like that when there's too many people in the waiting line). See THIS PAGE for more information about Assur's Bane. When you kill an enemy with a WDM carrying source (melee and missile, not spells). Reduces chill and freeze duration by half. There's no Holy Resistance, however, because no monsters deal Holy damage. Increases the upper cap on 5 element resists (fire, cold, lightning, poison and magic) to a maximum of 95% for players and hirelings. Adds # maximum fire, lightning, cold or magic damage to the attack. You can often hear that you get optimal defense, when your Armor is equal to 10 times your All Resistance. 100% on melee hit: Deals 100% normal attack damage in a radius of 5 yards. It is equivalent to increasing the Attack Rating by 100%/(100% - % Target Defense). 75% physical resistance for players reduces normal physical damage by 50% (cap), but still reduces life lost from crushing blow by 75%. This guide will cover all different sources of damage reduction and similar effects, as well as rules for their stacking, and different item and skill interactions. Slows Target by % has priority over Slows Melee Target by %. Effectively, block gives you 25% damage reduction and thus your effective toughness is 133%.Now lets add another 50% Damage Reduction item to our build. Slows an enemy you hit in melee, and is not carried by WDM missiles. Does not affect the defense before the actual hit, unlike -% Target Defense. Damage Reduction (DR) in Diablo III is a stat that (big surprise here) reduces the damage that you take. 'animation' lock: block-lock, knockback, freeze, stun attack. Same as above, but for 4 elemental resistances (fire, cold, lightning and poison) at the same time. Adds 15-45 Cold Damage, 4 sec. If you do have it, then you can make them drop it more often. Monsters have a 20% chance to shatter if killed while chilled, leaving no body. Reduces the physical damage by the specified amount. Below is a list of the best builds that use the Barbarian Skill Natural Resistance in D2R. See ABOVE for a more information about reducing enemy resistances. The Barbarian has the passive skill Natural Resistance to increase his own resistances permanently. Adds # minimum and maximum physical damage to the attack before Enhanced Weapon Damage +% from items and skills. Adds # minimum and ## maximum fire, lightning, cold or magic damage to the attack damage. If Prevent Monster Heal is applied, Open Wounds cannot be applied unless the target takes damage or is a player. Home Resources Damage Reduction Explained. Superbeast Morph, Don't be fooled, these two numbers are not added together. They are cast as if you were using them as a skill at that level, meaning they get all bonuses a normal skill would get. Duration (Normal), + (0.375 Per Character Level) 0-37 % Deadly Strike (Based On Character Level), 50% Chance To Cast Level 20 Poison Nova When You Kill An Enemy, 100% Chance To Cast Level 44 Chain Lightning When You Die, 30% Chance To Cast Level 20 Bone Spirit On Striking, + (2.5 Per Character Level) 2-247 % Extra Gold From Monsters (Based On Character Level), + (1 Per Character Level) 1-99 % Better Chance of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level), + (1.25 Per Character Level) 1-123 % Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items (Based On Character Level), 15-30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items, 10% Chance To Cast Level 16 Lightning On Striking, 10-20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items, 10% Chance To Cast Level 15 Confuse When Struck, % Chance To Cast Level 20 Chain Lightning When You Kill An Enemy, 6% Chance To Cast Level 11 Fade When Struck, 25% Chance To Cast Level 9 Nova On Striking, Adds 176-397 Cold Damage, 4 sec. The knockback distance is almost always the same, but sometimes, rarely, it can be shorter or even none. Some effects instead of reducing damage that you take, redirect part of it somewhere else (Unity, Call of the Ancients Together As One). It can be stacked to -200% to gain -100% against those monster types, though. Faster Run/Walk from items is less effective than from skills. Reduces the damage from [Element] (fire, cold, lightning or magic) and then heals by the same amount. We consider Demonhorn's Edge as one of the Best Armor to use with the Natural Resistance Skill.

Armor provides damage reduction against all damage types equal to: or in other words, Armor increases your toughness by a factor of: That number, 3,500, is technically equal to 50 times the level of the attacker, but in all practical situations that level will be 70, so we just leave is as 3,500, for simplicity's sake. When you hit an enemy with a WDM carrying source (melee and missile hit, not spells). The same as above, but helps just vs. missile attacks. Reducing damage taken by 50% is the same as doubling your toughness. It can do so only if it's from skills, and you reduce the enemy resistance under 100% with it. Decreases the time it takes to do the blocking. Ie. See THIS PAGE for more information about body armor and shield slow. Minions, Totems, Hirelings, Reanimates. For arbitrary value of damage reduction that multiplier will be equal to: So for 50% DR it will be 2, for 60% - 2.5 and 5 for 80%. Players with physical resistance over 50% still get the bonus over 50% and can get the immunity at 100% eg. The formula for damage taken with damage reduction present is extremely simple. Battle Command adds a +1 to all of the Barbarian's skills, and does the same for all characters and minions in his party. For more information, see Damage Reduction. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. With the former you need to do some calculations. The 4 slows below are actually the same slow source, but triggered at different times, so they do not stack with each other. See THIS PAGE for a list of monster resistances (slightly outdated).

When you get hit with a physical attack (melee and missile, not spells). It makes the area around you lighter or darker. Same as above, but only for the 4 maximum elemental resistances (fire, cold, lightning and poison) at the same time. WDM is short for 'Weapon Damage Modifier'. Chance to avoid any damage, except from burn attacks. The latter always provides you a toughness multiplier of 2. Champions, Unique and Super Unique monsters have only 10% chance to be stunned. A chance to apply a life drain and bleeding to an enemy for 8 seconds (200 frames) on hitting (WDM melee and missile). This is only true when you can exchange Armor for All Resistance at 10:1 rate! Reduces your total character defense to zero. One exception to this exception is Roland's Legacy (6) Bonus, which gives a buff with 5 stacks, 15% DR on each, but they stack multiplicatively and only provide 55.6% DR instead of 75%. There is also a base starting Light Radius that is 13 for cLoD, but I'm not sure if it's different for MedianXL: Ultimative. In comparison we can take a look at LoD Skeletal Mage Necromancer "Rat", they have: for a total multiplier of 5.95. Increases your attacking speed. increases physical spell damage AND magical spell damage, ie. Hovering over Armor and individual Resistances in defense section of details sheet will show you damage reduction provided by these stats. Learn more at. For example, let's say you are a Witch Doctor with 2,000 All Resistance and 9,000 Armor, choosing between +516 Armor or +130 All Resistance on a Shoulder piece. Gives immunity to chill and freeze. 25% on melee hit: Reduces target physical resistance by -25% for 2 seconds. Click/Tap to view other Class Guides below. We consider Myth as one of the Best Runewords to use with the Natural Resistance Skill. The effective value for items is calculated as follows (rounded down, 150% cap): This value can now be compared/added to % Faster Run/Walk values from skills. You have to re-equip the items with runes after entering a game or after dying to get the bonus. Is it affected by Enhanced Weapon Damage +%? This modifier works in a similar way as Enhanced Weapon Damage +% (they're additive), but is applied only when an Undead is hit. Monster 100% resistance to an element gives immunity to it. If a ranged skill has stun, it will work too. A whirling dange of death that cuts a path through the legions of your enemies. Negative resistances are capped at -100. Some monsters deal burn damage as well. Same as above, but for all 4 elements (fire, cold, lightning and poison) at the same time. Total run and walk speeds can be calculated as follows: Neither can go below Base_walk_speed/4, so the bottom caps are reached for: Total_Speed_Modifier is the sum of Effective item %FR/W (see above), body armor/shield %FR/W penalty, skill %FR/W and any other modifier (eg. Still it works exactly the same and stacks multiplicatively with other debuffs and DR buffs. best defense against most of these is to not get hit, or get hit less often or reduce the effect/duration: Cold Resist % (countered by -% to Enemy Cold Resistance) and Half Freeze Duration reduce the chill duration (multiplicative). Some uberquest bosses have a Heroic Shield which renders them immune to all elements, except when it randomly drops one or more resistances under 100%. Stops monster natural life regeneration for 120000 frames (80 minutes) on melee and ranged WDM hit by a player (can't be applied by other units). Diablo Morph?, Sometimes instead of being a toughness buff damage reduction comes in a form of debuff that you need to apply to enemies (Resolve, Threatening Shout, Numbing Traps). Enhanced Weapon Damage +% from items comes in the formulas at the same place as % Enhanced Damage from skills (additive), so they can be regarded as equivalent. While you can just plug the exact values into the above formula for Armor's Damage Reduction, it can be quite bothersome and instead the following approximate calculation can be used: To illustrate, lets consider a rather common problem of choosing between Stone Gauntlets and some other item with 50% Damage Reduction. When you successfully block an attack it's damage is reduced by a flat value. See ABOVE for more information about chill and freeze. If their resist from that element is under 0%, you actually do MORE damage than normal. It is possible to stack resistances above the upper cap, in case it gets reduced. Resurrected, Converted and Charmed monsters, max res, immunity, level, what stats does it inherit. Another, more simple way to think of damage reduction, is to treat each source of it as a toughness multiplier.

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