NET Framework 3.5 SP1] or later, [Windows Installer3.1] or later. Check the past operating state of the engine. Set performance options. YAMAHA DIAGNOSTIC SYSTEM VERSION 2.00 INSTRUCTION MANUAL 2011 Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. 1st Edition, August 2011 All rights reserved. Overview This document describes Release 1.2.0 of the Cognex VisionView Maintenance Utility. Record] button in the 3rd-level menu or [OK] button, or press the [Enter] key on your keyboard. Click the [Cancel] button or press the [Esc] key on your keyboard to cancel the update A confirmation message appears. : KS-MNL-KMS Korosi Monitoring System (KMS) Software Manual Revision Date Prepared Approved Description 0 23/05/2008 ES JH Issued for approval, CANON FAX L360 SOFTWARE MANUAL Before You Begin the Installation: a Checklist 2 To ensure a smooth and successful installation, take some time before you begin to plan and prepare for the installation, How to read this guide The following shows the symbols used in this Quick start guide with descriptions and examples. Types of software installed on your computer varies depending on the method of installation, EasyMP Monitor Operation Guide Ver.4.53 2 Notations Used in This Guide The following table shows the symbols used in this manual, along with descriptions of what they mean. If you use the machine with USB connection, refer to your setup sheet. Please read the Quick Setup Guide and this Windows Vista /, SMART BOARD USER GUIDE FOR PC What is it? button Displays the ECM number of the connected device. This User s manual contains all information that helps you to operate your keyboard. Please keep the software, SA-9600 Surface Area Software Manual Version 4.0 Introduction The operation and data Presentation of the SA-9600 Surface Area analyzer is performed using a Microsoft Windows based software package. When connecting, ensure you use the included cables or harness. System Requirements 3 3. The red LED indicates it is recording. Manage oil change history. SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard available in an increasing number of classrooms at the University of Tennessee. Response: Check the harness, cables, and other connections. If you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7 and the 1111 User Account Control dialog box appears, click [Yes] to continue. BECOME ALERT! User Manual DA-70251 DA-70252 1, ActiView. button Back button49 Update50 Setting52 Engine Diagnosis Diagnosis Diagnosis Record Deleting diagnosis record in the ECM Engine Record Engine operating hours Engine Monitor Digital Display Graph Display Saving graph data Input Setting Component Test Stationary Test Ignition coil activation test Injector activation test Electric fuel pump activation test Low-pressure fuel pump activation test Oil plunger pump activation test ISC valve activation test OCV activation test Active Test81 Cylinder drop test Fully open ISC valve test Fixed ISC valve opening angle test 84, 6 Contents 4. Companies, names and data used in examples are not actual companies, names or data unless otherwise noted. YES(*1) YES YES(*1) YES YES(*1) YES Digital Display Displays ECM data numerically. 55, 62 Engine Display the 3rd-level menu. Click the [OK] button or press the [Enter] key on your keyboard. 47, 54 Common operations 222 The Select Engine window appears. button When using two or more outboard motors, you can select the outboard motor that you wish to view data for using the Diagnosis, Engine Monitor, Data Logger, or Engine oil change record function. 111 Display the Graph Display screen. If the entered values are out of the setting range, the borders of the text boxes turn red. Engine Record items Item Engine speed (max.) The cell will change to a red color and a message will be displayed for items deemed as being irregular. Communication may be cut off and YAMAHA Diagnostic System reset may be required. 49, 56 Update Update You can update the database when update information is provided. 222 Sub screen This displays confirmation of operations, designations of actions, and error messages within the Main screen area. 20, 27 Installation 1111After the installation is completed, the Installation Complete dialog box appears. 35, 42 Common operations Press the space bar to change displayed items to undisplayed items. control release lead Shift cut-off Refer to Functions by mode for detailed information. (Not needed for usual maintenance). 3 1.3 User Mode 3. 333 The Setting screen is displayed. To use this website, you must agree to our. If you need to install the device driver, the Device Driver Installation Wizard will appear. Click the [>>] button to move all undisplayed items to displayed items. YOUR SAFETY IS INVOLVED! Engine Monitor Component Test Diagnosis Record Engine Record Engine operating hours by RPM Displays a history of fault diagnosis recorded in the ECM. 6Y9 Color Gauge system a f b e g c d a Computer b Adapter c Outboard motor d Hub e 6Y9 Color Gauge f Y-COP g Digital Electronic Control 4, 11 Introduction 6Y8 Meter system a b e f e c d a Computer b Adapter c Outboard motor d Hub e 6Y8 Meter f Y-COP 5, 12 Introduction K-Line K-Line connections can use functions other than CAN Information and unit selection in the Setting.

count, overheat count, low oil pressure count, knock control count and total time for which they occurred, and total hours of operation, is displayed as a list. Monitor item Shift cut-off command Thermoswitch R/C ECM signal Main switch signal Start/stop button Possible to start Main relay ETV relay Fuel pump relay Shift actuator relay Free throttle switch PTT switch UP PTT switch DOWN Water detection switch Oil level switch (remote tank) Oil level switch1(engine tank) Oil level switch2(engine tank) Oil level switch3(engine tank), 70 Engine Display the Engine menu. Normal Recording data If engine speed is 500 r/min or more, and communication established with the ECM. Read the manual according to your purpose for using this product. Connect the adapter to your computer using the included USB cable. While not included in this table, some names displayed on the YAMAHA Diagnostic System screen have a restriction on the numbers of characters, and are therefore abbreviated. After configuring recording properties in the adapter while the computer and engine are connected, removing the USB cable from the adapter records data in the adapter. CAN-Line K-Line a d a b c d e b c e f f a Computer d Adapter cap a Computer d Adapter cap b USB cable e CAN-Line harness b USB cable e K-Line harness c Adapter f Hub c Adapter f Outboard motor 26, 33 Connecting the computer to the outboard motor 222 When logging Connect the adapter to your computer using the included USB cable. Operating Instructions (For Setting Up) Digital Imaging Systems Installation Overview Model No. For monitoring camera images, Microsoft Internet Explorer, OralChroma OralChroma DataManager User s Guide for Windows Version 3.5 Introduction This is a user s manual for the OralChroma DataManager. Item 39 Oil pressure sensor 44 Engine shut-off switch 45 Shift cut-off switch 46 Thermoswitch 49 Overcooling 62 Fuel pressure too low 63 Intake system 68 VCT (S bank) 69 VCT (P bank) 71 Cam position sensor (S bank IN) 72 Cam position sensor (P bank IN) 73 OCV (S bank) 74 OCV (P bank) 83 PTT sensor Code No. Caution q s Indicates procedures, EPSON USB/Parallel Adapter User s Guide EPSON Stylus COLOR 440 EPSON Stylus COLOR 800 EPSON Stylus COLOR 600 EPSON Stylus COLOR 850 EPSON Stylus COLOR 640 EPSON Stylus COLOR 1520 EPSON Stylus Photo EX, Fiery E100 Color Server Welcome 2011 Electronics For Imaging, Inc. Throughout this document the following abbreviations are used in text. Some functions may not operate correctly even when used on computers using one of the compatible operating systems due to limitations applied by a computer manufacturer. When connecting via K-Line, see the corresponding service manual for information on how to connect. When not connecting an AD harness (for external input) to the adapter, then replace the adapter cap to prevent water from entering. Performs an operational test of each component with the engine running. PC: IBM PC/AT compatible PC with a Microsoft Windows Operating System. When connecting via CAN-Line, connect the adapter to the hub using a CAN-Line harness.

3. 10, 17 Introduction CAN Information CAN Information has two functions; Communication List and Bus Statistics. From left, these are Main menu 1st-level menu 2nd-level menu 3rd-level menu 4th-level menu. All other brand or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies or organizations. h a e b c f i d g j a CD-ROM (software + Instruction Manual) b Adapter c Adapter cap d USB cable(5 m) e CAN-Line harness f K-Line harness g AD harness (for external input) h Power supply harness i Trigger switch harness j Trigger switch extension harness 12, 19 Introduction 333 Hardware requirements It is recommended that the computer upon which this software will be installed meets the following conditions. 21, 28 Installation Windows XP If you are using Windows XP, click [Continue Anyway]. Overview 3. Starting a Meeting. PRINTER DRIVER GUIDE (KODAK 305 Photo Printer), BIGPOND ONLINE STORAGE USER GUIDE Issue 1.1.0-18 August 2005, fi-7160/ fi-7260/ fi-7180/ fi-7280 Getting Started Image Scanner Checking the Components P3PC-4252-01EN, PN-L702B LCD MONITOR TOUCH PANEL DRIVER OPERATION MANUAL. This explanation assumes that you are installing in a Windows 7 environment. button or the engine icon, or press the [F4] key on your keyboard. Normal Stopping data recording If engine speed is less than 500 r/min, and communication established with the ECM. 2222The installation confirmation dialog box appears. 666 The Top Menu screen is displayed. Install ActiView - Windows OS 4 4. At initialization, all items are displayed.

If Microsoft Office is installed on your computer: The program saves the data in both CSV format and Excel format. Trademark Acknowledgments IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. Click the [Delete] button or press the [F1] key on your keyboard. You can change the settings of the graph display. OFF) LED Status Red LED (OFF) (ON) (0.5 sec. 555 The engine icons with the checkboxes checked have orange outlines, and the engine icons with the checkboxes unchecked have black outlines. q s Indicates additional information, USB FLASH DRIVE User s Manual USB 2.0 Compliant Version A10-1 - Version A10 Introduction Thank you for purchasing the USB FLASH DRIVE device. You can set a different line color for each outboard motor when multiple outboard motors are used. Click [Next] to start the installation process. Item 13 Pulser coil 14 Crank position sensor 15 Thermo sensor / Engine temperature sensor 17 Knock sensor 18 TPS 19 Battery voltage 22 Atmospheric pressure sensor 23 Air temperature sensor 24 Cam position sensor (EX) 25 Fuel pressure sensor 26 Injector 27 Water in fuel fi lter 28 Shift position switch 29 Air pressure sensor 37 Intake air passage Code No. Adobe, Adobe Photoshop, BIGPOND ONLINE STORAGE USER GUIDE Issue 1.1.0-18 August 2005 PLEASE NOTE: The contents of this publication, and any associated documentation provided to you, must not be disclosed to any third party without, P3PC-4252-01EN fi-7160/ fi-7260/ fi-7180/ fi-7280 Getting Started Image Scanner Thank you for purchasing the fi-7160/fi-7260/fi-7180/fi-7280 color image scanner. 64, 71 Engine 333 The current engine condition is displayed in numerical value. See Selecting the display items Graph Display The data from the ECM of the outboard motor is displayed in a graph. 222 Click the [2) Update] button or press the [2] or [Enter] key on your keyboard A confirmation message appears. Check data saved on computer without connecting to ECM YES YES CAN Communication List Information Bus Statistics (*2) When connected via K-Line, you cannot select display units.

This FI Diagnostic Tool is to diagnose electronic fuel injection system used on Yamaha MX825V-, (Diag tool display 1 history error code, if the same error happened in the past.
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