The Yellowstone Gateway Museum documents regional history from one of the oldest North American archaeological sites to Wild West and Yellowstone history. The foundation hosts classes and other workshops that teach visitors the basics of fly fishing. With all the adventure ahead of you, an empty stomach just wont do.

Its not the best for vegetarians, but you fancy carnivores will love it. With the goal of promoting fly fishing education, Federation of Fly Fishers offers visitors a museum, library, and gift shop to explore.

MT Katabatic Brewing Company is right in downtown Livingston. Family friendly until 8 pm and live music many nights. This led to the construction of this complex, which was completed in 1902. Here Livingston has a little bit of everything when it comes to the types of homes for sale in the area. Enjoy your fajitas, burritos, enchiladas, taquitos and quesadillas the Mexican way. The hotel is strategically near some quality restaurants and bars, such as Neptunes Eatery and Gils Good Caf. Located in downtown Livingston is this wonderful historic building you might want to check out. After the itinerary, youll find all the information for following my path or creating your own itinerary. 109 South Main Street, I spend way too much time at Coffee Crossing. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Receive the latest from our blog and be the first to know when we publish new articles!

Click here to see their current lineup. The building housed the Livingston Post and later the Park County News before becoming home to the theater. The space also serves as a community center for events such as film conferences, movies on the lawn, music, and more. The trailhead is at the back of the campground. When a spur line from Livingston to Yellowstone was completed, Livingston became the gateway to Yellowstone National Park. A community park in the Livingston area, Sacajawea Park provides numerous activities for everyone to enjoy.

The combination makes Livingston the perfect get-out-of-town destination. They also had some great hands on kid activities where the kids could dress up in the period clothes or firefighter outfits. Follow the well mapped out Lewis and Clark expedition, as well as other expeditions that led to the discovery of Yellowstone National Park. Visitors can expect to catch trout and whitefish while taking in views of the surrounding mountains, creeks, and rivers.

They have a great selection of greeting cards, funny and thoughtful gifts, Montana items, kids books, and toys. A fun Bar and Grill restaurant with pennies lining the floor, old memorabilia on the walls, a phone booth and just an overall fun and unique vibe. Discovering Montana is a resource for those living and visiting the Treasure State. A jalapeno pineapple margarita sounds awfully refreshing after a day on the river.

The 10 Gallery showcases pieces from local talents.

You will then spend the next few hours fly fishing from your boat. 113 East Callender Street, The Dulcie Theater in the Shane Lalani Center for the Arts also stages community theater productions.

William Clark and some of the Corps of Discovery camped here on their way to meet Meriwether Lewis at the headwaters of the Missouri River. Fly fishing, of course.

Elk River Books shares space with Wheatgrass Gifts and the Green Door Gallery. Whether youre a vegan or gluten-free, there is everything for everyone. Youll find Historic Register plaques, refurbished and new murals, beautiful brick buildings, and Western fronts. Painters including Russell Chatham and Parks Reece opened galleries, as did other artists of various styles and techniques. Try out one of Neptunes beer varieties and drink like a god. The original gateway to Yellowstone National Park, Livingston has a rich and complex history dating back more than a century.

Keep your distance from other parties on the trail when possible. The hot springs are a man made pool in the middle of the resort. We spend our summers floating down the river on a raft.

Either way, youre in for some scenic views and water fun! This is the perfect way to top off a day in Livingston.

Whether you want a condo downtown, a little house in a cute neighborhood, or a huge spread in the Paradise Valley, youll find something. The Murray Hotel is a local landmark. There is so much on the menu to pick from, featuring sandwiches, quesadillas, chicken wings, tacos, salads and so much more. Two buildings preceded this enormous complex. This writerly hamlet has drawn folks putting pen to papers for decades. 201 West Park Street, Fine dining from Brian, the owner/chef at Gils Goods and the Murray Bar. There is a game room that is large enough to hold many players and bumpers are available on every lane. Theyve preserved much of the original building while updating the space making it a perfect music venue.

Catch the Depot Center Festival of the Arts here on the fourth of July every year. Dont miss these other local hiking trails: A river runs through Livingston (and many scenes from the movie A River Runs Through It were filmed here). Required fields are marked *. It is right on the river, the sites are large, and the facilities are really nice.

122 North Main Street, Named for a type of wind that comes off the mountains, this brewery serves up a mean IPA, and a variety of tasty brews. In Park County, not far from Livingston, Clovis (one of the New Worlds earliest hunter-gatherer cultures ) skeletal remains were found with mammoth fossils. She uses rocks to create ephemeral works that can be found along the Yellowstone River, near Myers River View Trail and other places in and around Livingston. Visiting Livingston for a couple of days? Pack it in, pack it out.

This includes a playground and picnic area for families, along with both baseball and soccer fields for youth.

Most people flock to a few very popular trailheads.

This would be one of the more relaxing things to do in Montana. The Katabatic Brewery Company is the more recent of the two and it represents Montanas refined beer culture. The Yellowstone Gateway Museum of Park County contains interpretive exhibits about the county's native cultures and expeditions such as Lewis and Clark's discoveries. For backpacking items, maps, and items to aid in your trail, pass by Timber Trails in downtown Livingston and get your supplies.

It was built in 1902 as the Northern Pacific Railroads launching point to Yellowstone National Park. Whether its people getting priced out of Bozeman's real estate market or those looking for a smaller town, Livingston is a great option. They make everything in-house with a focus on local, organic ingredients. to the newer designed art galleries and one of Anthony Bourdains favorites the historic Murray Hotel. There are also numerous pieces from past and present talented artists that are showcased in their exhibits. Their milkshakes are the best, as are the onion rings and fries, and wellpretty much everything. Visit them for the best seafood, sushi, burgers, rolls, tacos, and sandwiches served with salads, soups, and desserts of your choice. Like everywhere else, there are vacation rentals popping up in Livingston every day it seems. TravelingMel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,, Taking a stroll along the river will also do you some good. It was also great since they provided all of the fishing gear and knew right where to take us so they could catch fish! 5237 US Highway 89 South, Suite 11, In summer, the train depot transforms into a museum featuring displays related to Livingstons train past and present, film in Montana, and rotating exhibits. Turn left on Pine Creek Road, then turn right on East River Road.

113 Callender Street. Please read my disclosure for more info. And the Yellowstone Gateway Museum in Livingston did an awesome job of walking you through the history of the area from the beginning until now. And a train ticket where they could stamp out each of the stops they visited in the museum. There are so many great things to do in Livingston, MT from history to fun indoor and outdoor activities.

Cant wait to explore this area early next month. Three-Day Itinerary for Gardiner, Paradise Valley, and Livingston, Montana, Epic Things to Do Near Zion National Park, Play by Day and Stargaze by Night in Montanas Yellowstone Country. 118 West Chinook Street, The rich history of the International Federation of Fly Fishers is well documented in the collection of angling artifacts, literature and art on display. Kathryn does a good job of finding and displaying mid century western decor. The Corps of Discovery, otherwise known as the Lewis and Clark Expedition, entered the Yellowstone River, which flows freely through Livingston, in 1806. There are also several trout fisheries that the company organizes trips to. Many buildings found here were built in the 19th century and in the early 20th century. They provide guided tours especially for groups such as schools as part of their education and outreach program. If youre not comfortable doing this on your own, there are guided floats available. Learn about the history of travel into and around Yellowstone National Park. Since there were 6 of us not all of us could fit in the boat at the same time so we had half on a fishing boat and half on a float boat! It was fun to play disc golf as a family and the views were just icing on the cake! Bring cash, credit cards are not accepted.

They also offer beef, chicken and pork steaks, and salads.

Most of Livingstons history revolves around this depot. There is art, culture, cowboys and ranchers, and the outdoors.

The business also offers fly tying services and a fishing shop. (Read about my stay here.). It also organizes events al around the year, such as the Blues as the Depot Festival.

View photographs, paintings, art, videos, and maps at the museum. Their Native Culture Room is rich in Native American Culture. Here are some suggestions on some of the best places to stop by for food and drinks.

The railroad arrived in 1882 and put Livingston on the map. Have your brunch at the Mint Bar and Grill and enjoy their diverse cuisines. Livingstons newest hotel is clean, modern, and freeway adjacent. The food is always good at Pinkys and I recommend taking advantage of the breakfast all day policy. Carry bear spray and know how to use it. A friendly staff makes Treasure Lanes a fine bowling alley for family fun. The two museums in town offer travelers to the area a comprehensive look at local heritage, milestone events, and the legendary people who helped shape this special place. This post is sponsored by Explore Livingston. 2nd Street Bistro is a delightful restaurant that makes everything from scratch. 5 Best Things to do in Big Timber, Montana, A Complete Guide to Stargazing in Yellowstone National Park. This was the perfect hotel for spending a night and exploring the city. 22 Amazing Things To Do In Red Lodge, Montana, 9 Awesome Things To Do In West Yellowstone, 23 Exciting and Fun Things To Do In Bozeman, MT, 12 Amazing Things To Do In Gardiner, Montana [Plus Where To Stay], 8 Breathtaking Places To Visit Near Yellowstone National Park. Usually with several other families on their rafts. If its too crowded you can grab a table in the Murray or just start there if youre looking for an old Montana bar vibe. Sometimes the only outing of our day is to walk to Coffee Crossing and get hot chocolate for the kids.

Its the perfect place to spend your days as you plan your tours around Livingston. Read on to find out the best things to do in Livingston, Montana. Here is our list of things to do in the Paradise Valley area and a map to show you were Paradise Valley is (the red circled area is all considered Paradise Valley). There are fireworks each night and it is quite a show.

Enjoy meals prepared to your liking, with the specifications of your choice. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc. or its affiliates. Yellowstone Gateway Museum of Park County. You can also go fishing in the river. Four trains arrived each day with tourists from the east hoping to see geysers, hot pots, waterfalls and the Wild West.

I love the breakfast sandwich with a ginger cookie.

This will be the 94th year and it takes place on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of July. Their arrival and discovery of this region was commemorated right here in this park. It worked out well since then on the float boat we could watch them fishing and still got a chance to go down the river. Have more than enough water and food. The Yellowstone River with its creeks and springs, have put this fishing town on the map.

It also shouldnt be overlooked by Bozeman residents as a day trip adventure. Paddle a boat in the river and have fun cruising through Paradise Valley.

Or sit by the fire and chow down on breakfast or lunch. All Rights Reserved, Things You Should Know Before Moving to Livingston. If you are visiting Livingston from out of town, then you have to stay at the Murray. Everyone from Buffalo Bill to the Queen of Denmark has spent time at the Murray Hotel! DISCLOSURE: This post may contain affiliate links, meaning I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. This is especially fun with kids as there are interactive exhibits and activities. If you are sold on visiting Livingston and want to get straight to the things to do, scroll down past the history section. Sleeping Giant Tours and Montana Expedition Trading Company are both awesome companies to book your fishing trip through.

It has been so fascinating learning more about the history of Yellowstone and the surrounding area. Danforth Museum of Art showcases historical pieces by famous 20th-century sculptor, Meta Vaux Warrick Fuller. The space in this historic Livingston building is so cool. 117 West Park Street, You have to get a few blocks out of downtown to find Neptunes, but you will be glad you did. They serve small plates of French-inspired foods, along with a little Italian food and Montana influenced bites.

If youre looking to have a more vigorous and activity-filled time, then the park is your go-to.

Most of them are located in Gardiner and I dont have a preference, so I suggest you Google that. It is such a beautiful area and there are so many things to do.

This elegant yet simple space not only provides amazing meals but also views of amazing art pieces put up on its walls. Your email address will not be published. If you need gear, advice, or a guide, stop by Dan Baileys Outdoor Company (209 West Park Street) or Sweetwater Fly Shop (5082 US-89). This is the perfect way to do it with a family! HAVE SUGGESTIONS FOR COOL AND INTERESTING THINGS TO DO IN THE Livingston AREA? The have a large outdoor seating area, or sidle up to the bar and watch the fish in the aquarium with a delicious beer in your hand.

If you want boots or even waders to stand in the water to fly fish you can rent those at the Yellowstone Angler as well. Bring bear spray and know how to use it. We will come back to stay here! Anthony Bourdain, the former host of the Travel Channels No Reservations and CNNs Parts Unknown, called it one of his top 10 favorite hotels.

This historical park is part of the larger Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. See prices for the Livingston Fairfield Inn and Suites and make reservations.

We love Livingston for all of that, but more than anything its the mostly beautiful, sometimes eccentric, community. The food at Gils is worth the 20-minute drive from Bozeman.

For 50 years, the Blue Slipper Theater has hosted a variety of comedic and dramatic productions. When you drive into town and see a line of people on the corner, youll know youre at the right spot. Upon crossing the bridge at the falls, find a spot just downstream or up to the left to hang out and picnic.

Dont stop exploring here though!

The Visions West Contemporary specializes in telling the story of the Wild West, its nature, and the role everything plays. Turn left on Luccock Park Road where a signed is posted for the Pine Creek Campground.

They also have a really cool downtown area with an awesome art scene and some great restaurants! In the summer when the water is warmer you can even jump off and swim along side the boat. You could easily spend an afternoon walking through the town exploring all of the shops and art galleries. I think you will love it! While it isnt an art gallery, finding some of local land artist Montana Banksys work is always a treat. Built in 1902, the Livingston Depot Center exhibits photographs depicting the rich railroad history in Montana. Continue on to Paradise Valley for more awesome things to do and beautiful scenery. Breakfasts are creative, delicious and filling. Take guided kayak tours or just float your way around the waters. They also have a list of beverages to offer. And, with Bozeman growing at an astonishing rate heading over to Livingston can give the small-town feel that we are starting to lose on this side of the hill. This historic depot was built in 1902 and is a great museum to check out in the summertime (they are open from Memorial Day to Labor Day). Especially in the summertime. 109 W Callender Street, Elk River Books sells antiquarian and used books with a focus on local authors and nature, but there is a wide variety of books available. 2022 Melynda Harrison/TravelingMel, All Rights Reserved. If you get a chance to stay at the Sage Lodge, do it! Accommodating fly fishing anglers, Montana Fly Fishing Guides, LLC. At Marks In and Out, youll have the best beef burgers, onion rings, chips, hot dogs, and their popular milkshakes. Today, Livingston boasts 14 galleries in the downtown areas.

They serve up all the coffee and tea drinks, plus have breakfast and lunch food and pastries.

It is a beautiful lodge with awesome rooms/condos to stay in.

The space itself is adorable with a modern farmhouse vibe and nice outdoor seating space. There are antiques, yes, but they arent stodgy; they are highly curated, funky, and fun. Hes been serving drinks to Livingston locals and visitors for decades. bozeman votes places york september They also have a good beer selection and drink menu.

You can fish from the shores of the river, but more preferably, venture into the deep waters on your boat. Weddings, parties, holiday concerts, historic talks, and community development programs are also hosted here. With its 25 rooms and suites that are well decorated and individually unique, youre set for a cozy night. This friendly restaurant offers everything from tacos, omelet, quesadilla, stuffed jalapenos, huckleberry bacon to cinnamon rolls, and so much more in their breakfast and lunch menus. While the Bozeman Art Walks are awesome, they can get a little overrun with tourists. As you walk around downtown popping into galleries, ogling the architecture, and pointing out murals, you can check out the eclectic mix of shops. This is the premier rodeo in the state of Montana and sells out almost every year. But first, they wanted a hot bath, food, tourist supplies, and a place to rest. Or not enough, depending on how you look at it. View artifacts from their agricultural and hunting activities, paintings, and murals illustrating their culture and history.

There are a few things to consider before visiting Livingston, Montana right now.

Take a picnic in the park with your significant other on any of the picnic tables or the green grassy areas of the park. They have live music a couple of nights a week, great beer and food, Photo courtesy of Katabatic Brewing Company. Their focus is on local and regional writers and topics. Livingston is the original Gateway to Yellowstone, but its so much more than that. That doesnt mean you cant get out and explore, but like anywhere else in the world, you have to do it a little differently these days. Bozeman Real Estate Group

You could even jump into the water in summer, when the temperatures allow, and take a swim. They were nomadic hunters and gatherers. Better yet, invest in reusable bottles and bags to minimize your trash. The area around what is now Livingston was home to Native American communities at least 11,500 years ago. livingston Be prepared.

Downhill hikers yield to uphill hikers. The Crow or Apsalooke (Absaorka) people lived in the Yellowstone Basin area. Bozeman,

I like to have a vague idea of what I want and then let Sarah go to town! Each room is fitted with air conditioning and has access to Wi-Fi.

All the rivers in Montana are beautiful but floating the Yellowstone through the Paradise Valley is spectacular.

They also have a series of online exhibitions that will get you to want to visit in person. The patio with its fairy lights is one of the best outdoor eating areas in town. The historic downtown area includes Sax & Fryer Bookstore, the Northern Pacific Depot, commercial buildings constructed in the 1800s, the historic city hall and firehouse, the birthing hospital, and the infamous Red Light district. If you are interested in something like this dont hesitate to ask the guides and they will work with you to put the perfect plan together for your group. It has operated as such since 1987. The downtown area in Livingston is full of history and has such a cool vibe! I am not going to list them all here, but pay special attention to The Frame Garden, Livingston Center for Arts and Culture/Parks Reece Gallery, and Visions West Contemporary. One of my favorite things about the Depot Museum is the building itself. And The Other Cafe is attached to the hotel! With its proximity to Yellowstone National Park, it's a tourist hot spot and for good reason, theres a lot to do in Livingston! This is a great way to do it. Here are a few of my favorites, but no doubt you will find many more that you love. 232 South Main Street, Glenns is known for steaks, burgers, and in Anders mind, ravioli. Theres a playground, tennis courts, and trails to wander around afterwards. Check her Instagram feed for her latest creations and GPS coordinates to find them. When the backdrop of the park is the Yellowstone River and mountains, its hard to go wrong!

If youre looking for more adventurous things to do in Livingston, this is one of them. Bring a map and/or GPS (cell phones dont work on a lot of our trails).

Her mom was one of the first shopkeepers to put in ladies Woolrich flannel shirts and sweaters, boutique-style, in a traditional mens store.The Bobs Outdoor building is on the National Historic Register. Check out these awesome Montana VRBO and Airbnb options too! The Pickle Barrel offers amazing large sandwiches you must definitely try out. I would love to come back and sit in the hot tub and look up at the stars at night. Two community theater groups, the Blue Slipper Theater and the Dulcie Theater, stage live performances year-round. Fly fishing is one, and the Yellowstone River is one of the best places to go trout fishing in the whole of Montana State. There are a lot of things to do on this river. Chef and owner, Morgan Milton, serves beef from the ranch he grew up on, local foods, and bread made by his mom. From the old buildings and stores (Check out the paper and book store Sax & Fryer and look at the old school cash register!) With the Yellowstone River flowing alongside it and the Paradise Valley as a backdrop its easy to see the appeal of Livingston, Montana.

Experienced in fly fishing, Rob Olson's Fishing With Rob offers a variety of float trips in Paradise Valley. Or if you go in the fall you can bundle up for a float down the river with the snow falling! If you didnt bring one with you, you can rent one from Rubber Ducky River Rentals (15 Mt Baldy Dr).

Here are some things to consider if Its hiking season! Enjoy all the magical views along the way. If a guided raft trip, either white water or scenic, is more your cup of tea, there are a bunch of rafting companies. The Pine Creek trail is popular in Livingston, as its well defined and relatively easy to hike. Averys Art Worx offers creative framings for your art pieces. Then half way through the kids switched so each of the kids got a turn to fish. Glenn, the owner and bartender, is the consummate bar keep. Other artsy activities take place there, including film showings, musical performances and workshops. There are a few choppy parts, but nothing crazy so it is perfect for all ages. If you want to pack a lunch call them the day before to place the order and they will have it ready in the morning.

Dive into the early lives of the Plain Indians with exhibits from different aspects of their life. Livingston is the historic train town from the late 1880's that will keep you coming back. I would eat at Neptunes every night if I could. For more than just excellent beer, visit Neptunes Taphouse and Eatery. This is such a gorgeous part of Montana you wont want to miss it. TRAVEL ALERT: Stay informed about the latest travel updates in Montana, including the reopening of some entrances to Yellowstone National Park. With a wood-fired oven, their baked goods and pizza are out of this world. The collection and library span over a century of artifacts and books that truly represent the culture and history of fly fishing. Want a taste of some of Montanas locally brewed and hand-crafted beers. townsend john chazzcreations normandy thomas harriet mrs surrey church waters

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