SHEPPARD SHEPPARD CALDWELL CALDWELL You know, ever since I was promoted to lieutenant colonel? Weir addresses McKay, who is sitting at a console working on the computer.].

McKay analyzes the section Monroe had been working in and discovers that the doctor was busily trying to initialize certain security protocols that would shut down corrupted programs. The Daedalus is infected by a Wraith computer virus, while members of the expedition hope to return to Earth. ], [The monitor shows Sheppard's F-302 behind the other one.]. You did great back there, Rodney.

It must know what we're trying to do. He had been running a routine diagnostic, but just before he was killed it's possible all power was rerouted in the section (killing cameras and doors) to give him the jolt that did it. In fact, I brought all my senior staff back. God, it was extremely convenient to be able to step through the gate and be at Stargate Command in an instant, and now this It feels extremely inconvenient having to spend 18 days cooped up on this ship to get back. SIMON TEYLA MCKAY [Sheppard operates a lever and they are both jolted forwards. Prepare for a full system shutdown. But you can't give me any details. HERMIOD ], [McKay picks up a handset and speaks through it. Two arms, 10 fingers I'll check the rest later. We used the life-signs detector to do a head count. You got a problem with my orders You take it to me in private. [The monitor shows binary code being translated into another script.]. That would work. the virus has invaded the system. McKay and the newly promoted Lieutenant Colonel Sheppard have to go to the hangars and remove the F-302 computers by hand. And right now, we are sitting ducks. The doors at the far end of the bay are completely open to space.]. After a public confrontation regarding procedure, Colonel Caldwell pulls Weir aside to remind her of the chain of command.

It's the virus. At these speeds, you'll feel the tight turns even with the dampeners. Engine room, this is Sheppard. (to the Bridge Lieutenant). The perspective switches so we are seeing the scene through the security camera. We'll have you out of there in just a minute. How many personnel onboard have the technical skills to do something like this? So that particular piece of equipment was located in the array that we just destroyed. MCKAY MCKAY This will only take a few minutes. I realize you've already made it clear that you're not big on the whole dropping-out-of-hyperspace thing, which I understand, given that we would emerge in an uncharted section of the Pegasus galaxy with who knows what waiting for us around the corner. MCKAY It's no good, Sir. ], [Video screen shows Lindstrom in the airlock, coughing up liquid. Besides, we're not going far. MCKAY And I am, however, picking up speed. MCKAY We're going to give this another shot. SHEPPARD Later, after Col. Steven Caldwell says that they are still on course for the coronasphere, Hermiod says, "The incompetence of these humans is beginning to make me angry.". I'm just saying, because if this doesn't work, and we have to come up with another plan, who knows how long we could get stuck in here, and so it it, You know what, Rodney? I have raised the fighter bay shield in order to prevent the atmosphere from escaping. LANDRY So I'm still in range, right? But you have to understand that every single person on this entire expedition is in the exact same situation. CALDWELL Until we find another ZPM to power the Earth gate, that's just the way it's going to have to be. I have research. WEIR

[Sheppard and McKay leave the room as Weir goes to the console to alert Caldwell. Simon enters the room. There's no way one of them could have stowed onboard that long. There was a situation similar to this back at Stargate Command. ], [There are two people listening to the announcement. ], [Both men leave the power room by opposite doors, McKay into the corridor and Lindstrom into an airlock, closing the doors after themselves.

This shouldn't be happening. [Hermiod mutters unintelligibly as Weir bows her head.]. TEYLA That was on Atlantis. MCKAY If you try one more shutdown, I think it might just work.

It's a coolant leak! You mean Lieutenant Colonel Sheppard. [McKay opens the junction box and starts working in it. There is too much interference. It's what we use to lock on to targets. We tried to override it, but we're not having any luck. Security cameras. CALDWELL Until we figure out a way to get rid of it, we're stuck here.

The lights come back on.].

MCKAY SHEPPARD You're right. Lindstrom attempts to re-establish the link. Well, like I said, it's possible. BECKETT [Sheppard and Caldwell look at McKay questioningly. ], [Caldwell starts to walk away. Panels are open, circuits are charred.

It doesn't have enough control yet to fly us to the Wraith so, instead, it's calling the Wraith to us. Target is destroyed. MCKAY

[The engines fire up and the ship begins to move off.]. The events of "Critical Mass" later in the Season offer more possible context for his anger. But all these people are more qualified than I am.

MCKAY Dr. Weir, Dr. McKay, Dr. Beckett, welcome back. I'm beaming him directly to the bridge. MCKAY We must have missed something. Still, it must have been pleasant to return to Earth.

CALDWELL There's nothing to tell. Look at this. [Landry gets up from the table and crosses the room.]. As a matter of fact, I do, but you're not going to like it. I'll know more once I've had a chance to examine the body more thoroughly.

], [Beckett and another man are zipping the body of Monroe into a body bag. Don't stare.

CALDWELL Atlantis's senior staff and several other members of the expedition return to Earth through their Z.P.M.-powered Stargate. [We zoom in on a security camera mounted on the wall. Am I the only one who thinks it's strange we're working with an alien? SIMON

BRIDGE LIEUTENANT (to Landry) That's what they used to do on the Prometheus before they had Asgard sensors. McKay soon makes an even more disturbing discover: the virus is Wraith. Sounds good. He is speaking but there is no sound. SHEPPARD It appears he didn't inhale enough toxins to cause any permanent damage, although a few more seconds of exposure and it would have been quite a different story. SHEPPARD (raises a finger).

In case that doesn't work, it's also sending out a distress signal to call the Wraith to them. It's a limited supply, so why don't we conserve it by you not talking? CALDWELL I I just need a little more time. It's back. What about you? ], [Personnel are arriving in the gate room from the Daedalus. The truth is it's never been tested from this distance. CALDWELL [The view through the window shows a distant star straight ahead.]. I have patients.

That's just it. We're still on course for the coronasphere. The navigational software on the F-302 is compatible with our sub-light systems, which would be infected. It's been at least two months since this ship encountered the Wraith. Distress signal has been disabled. WEIR But you are the leader of the expedition. That will take longer to get back online.

You can't tell me where he was stationed or how he went missing or what the chances are that I'll ever see him again. As of this moment, I want all civilian personnel confined to their quarters. They can't take this kind of thing right now. BECKETT You had us a little worried there for a minute.

I repeat. I wouldn't want to leave any parts behind. WEIR [The star comes back into view through the window, much closer than before.].

Wait a minute. When played backwards, Hermiod says "These humans are infants." Look, it's an A.I., an artificial intelligence. CALDWELL [Beckett leaves the room.

Well, if that's not good enough for you, you're just going to have to promote him. ], [Caldwell, Weir and McKay watch anxiously, waiting for Sheppard to appear. I think you'll get what you're looking for early on in Season Two in an episode called 'Intruder. They did a full decontamination sweep back on Earth. CALDWELL Graduate studies at Johns Hopkins and Harvard. You tell me, Colonel.

McKay, Sheppard, Beckett and Weir are on the Daedalus. The crew now has time to perform a complete systems restart. When are you going to stop trying to find a way to bring that up in every single conversation? But when the systems come back online, the virus copies itself from an unknown source back into the systems. How much, uh, like, air do these things carry? MCKAY "I got to work with Beau Bridges. All I can tell you is that if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be sitting here right now. Now it's got full control of sub-light navigation. This should have worked. Another shutdown should work. MCKAY It survived by loading itself onto a MALP. I thought you might. Dr. Weir, Colonel Sheppard, there's been an accident. No sign of the virus. HERMIOD

MCKAY ], [Lindstrom presses buttons on the control panel, to no avail.]. They turn to face each other.]. You don't want to fight me on this one. CALDWELL LARA SHEPPARD

That's kind of what we wanted to talk to you about. The transport beam is tied to an Asgard sensor. [Weir lets out a breath and looks at Caldwell, who gives a small nod.]. That should so the trick. It will only be a matter of time before the shield is taken over by the virus and the bay loses atmosphere. CALDWELL WEIR

Except, in this case, the virus has copied itself into potentially all of the Daedalus's F-302s.

I've got security camera footage. They would've found something. McKay recalls a mission report of an incident where Stargate Command was overrun by an alien computer virus ("Entity"). We were trying to trace the source of the power spike that killed Dr. Monroe. SHEPPARD MCKAY All personnel. SHEPPARD So, we physically pull the memory storage modules from the 302s. We'll rendezvous as soon as we've eradicated the virus once and for all. CALDWELL

Radiation levels are beginning to rise on the outer hull. I think it's only fair that they participate in the selection process of the new personnel in their respective departments. How am I supposed to choose between them? All right, Doctor, I've had enough of this. [As the F-302 flies away from the ship, the other one begins to follow it.]. See production, box office & company info. There are a number of other personnel around. You had a military commander. Colonel Caldwell. When he re-materialized, he was standing up. A lot of them are interconnected, so we tend to think of them as one big machine, but that's not really the case.

Anything happen while we were gone? (handing Weir a piece of paper). MCKAY [A bright white flash and Sheppard is no longer in the cockpit. WEIR I'd like to read those reports, if you don't mind. With all due respect, Doctor, you got back to Earth through the Stargate. We need to do a full system shutdown. CALDWELL ], [Hermiod is standing at his console. I prepared you this copy. Almost everybody. I'd like to have my ship back, please. CALDWELL SIMON BRIDGE LIEUTENANT SHEPPARD Is it just me or is it getting a little hotter in here? Zelenka walks after them from the control room.]. The bad news is some of the more complex systems, like navigation and propulsion, require a certain amount of inter-connectivity to function properly. It's looks like Dr. Monroe was in the process of enabling certain computer security protocols. CALDWELL [The crewmen wheel the gurney from the room. Well, if it's been there all this time, why are we just noticing it now? The crew suspect sabotage, and begin searching for an intruder on board.

You have to remember that there are hundreds of individual computers onboard. [Lindstrom is inspecting his hand, which is covered in white residue. HERMIOD

He said you were a good man. [An F-302 exits the bay, piloted by Sheppard.]. Dr. Rodney McKay: I'm just checking something. We don't have a lot of time before we approach lethal radiation levels. I just ran it through a translation program. [The F-302 flies away from the star and back towards the Daedalus. That's what you get for assembling a team of brilliant scientists. He's right. BECKETT While there, new personnel is assigned to the distant base, and some unresolved matters are resolved. SHEPPARD That he trusted you with his life. We're going to use your radio to target the transport beam. The virus has uploaded itself into the F-302 and is flying him away from the ship. A mysterious intruder has infected the Daedalus's computers with a virus that may allow them to take control of the ship.Guide|Transcript, [Scenes from SGA 2.01 "The Siege Part 3" are shown. Four years relief work in the Sudan and Ethiopia. Doctor, you can't be suggesting that a mission of this importance be trusted to a major. The virus has access to our database. HERMIOD What are you still doing up? LANDRY ], [Sheppard indicates the door control panel on the wall, which shows obvious signs of damage.]. SIMON You take the logs, and I am going to take a look at the junction box. Do you have moisturizer? WEIR His ability to follow the proper chain of command is. Look, the first time I stepped through that gate, I was terrified. Sheppard realizes they missed a computer the one belonging to the F-302 left in space.

Rodney seems to think the virus has taken over your ship, so we're going to try to beam you out. I'm sure it is impossible Crap. SIMON Caldwell agrees to send Sheppard out in an F-302, where he physically destroys the communications array. Otherwise, keep your opinions to yourself. When we did the reboot, there was no sign of the virus.

This thing is like a damn cockroach. ], [Sheppard is working at the controls of the ship.]. Navigational controls are not responding. McKay argues that no one could have determined where the men had been and what they were doing at that exact moment indicating that none of the crew is a saboteur. Sheppard and McKay manage to remove all the memory drives and get into the last F-302 before the bay decompresses. Transmitter is offline. It's our new heading. MCKAY MCKAY It just came on by itself, Sir. It's a little, uh, cramped, huh?

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