Accessed 21 Jul. If you shoot the basketball underhand versus overhand, you might hear calls of granny shot! across the court. [12] Wonkette Sportsball Year In Review: It Was Mostly Awful! In recent years, there has been some backlash to the term as outdated and cringeworthy. Against a shotmaker, someone who hits the ball as big as him, that's obviously not Customer Reviews, including Product Star Ratings, help customers to learn more about the product and decide whether it is the right product for them. One early instance ofsportsball comes in a 1992 Usenet, peeves-themed forum in a comment about people who spit on sidewalks.

is a mildly critical or humorous term used by people who admit they dont know or care about sports. bath to stop it freezing over. by The ball must keep moving in basketball. View usage over: Is Actually A 'Family Feud' Clip And Not Just A Thing He Says All The Time, One Of The Web's Most Widely Asked-About Images, Netflix's 'Resident Evil' Looks Like A Dud Among Fans Of The Games, Brazilian TikTok Mourns An Unlucky Lobster, Paying For A 'Replika' Is Basically Like Having A Computer Wife In 2022, This Sneezing Hedgehog Became a Meme a Decade Later, Clips Of Naked Black Men Shaking Their Buttocks Are Bread And Butter Of Bait-And-Switch Memes, This Man Who Didn't Want To Bungee Jump Has Made Himself Into A Meme Sound Effect, PizzaCakeComic Embraced Her Ironic Reddit Edits And Went From Punchline To Hero In /r/ComedyNecrophilia, Rouge And Your Girlfriend Want To Know If They Can Hold It, Lana Rhoades' Baby Was A Meme Before He Was Born, No McDonald's For Your Baby Mama's Other Three Kids, Obi-Wan and Satine are pretty good too | /r/PrequelMemes, Fun little clubs to be in they are | /r/memes, "sorry I date guys who are NBA players" | /r/memes, Dora & Amanda DESTROY Toxic Teamers (Murder Mystery 2). Teams who choose not to practice man-to-man defense may choose a zone defense. What does [count] or [noncount] mean before a definition. On October 20th, the segment was aired as a segment on G4 Network's Web Soup (shown below). Kill!" UNI STUDENTS CELEBRATE YEAR OF SPORTING ACHIEVEMENTS university sport, BURNES GROUP FOCUSES ON FUNCTION AND FASHION IN LINEUP OF FRAMES FOR THE FALL, Sports and Recreation Committee of the Deaf, Sports Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador, Sports Association of Northern California Recreation Agencies, Sports Association of Tasmanian Independent Schools. By 2014, sportsball was a running gag, everyone embraced and Nintendo launched their game for the Wii U system called Sportsball!. Has Been A Meme For Years, People Online Have Been Building N-word Towers Online To Avoid Bans At Least Since 2019. dictionary urban pool team "Dunno, one of those sportsball games. He picked up the sheets of paper, and balled them tightly in his fists. The goalie dribbles into the outfield for a touchdown! Michael Jordan had an especially impressive fadeaway shot. And whats this about fish the look like aliens. it's just a word to they are casuals who don't know much about the subject or aren't that interested. : is mostly used in a lightly mocking or judgmental way by people who proudly dont like or know anything about sports. It's the ultimate generic term used for all sports by people who don't give a fuck about sports. Whether you're in search of a crossword puzzle, a detailed guide to tying knots, or tips on writing the perfect college essay, Harper Reference has you covered for all your study needs. Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. Players in these games are putting on a clinic, which is a learning session for basketball beginners.

robert plant zeppelin led moose singer rock 70s lead knuckles heaven there stairway early unnamed manginas horrors put beaut ie The phrase is used especially by people, who are not interested in sports and sports fandom. The goalie dribbles into the outfield for a touchdown! It comes from the phrase dropping a dime, referring to dropping 10 cents into a pay phone to help someone out. At least that's how I see it. The word is a portmanteau of sports and ball, with the purpose of being as generic as possible and make it hard to pinpoint, what exact sport the person is referring to. RIP Sportsball Lets Quit Talking Down To People For Loving Sport, Smart Things I Have Done While You Were Watching Sportsball, I Actually Do Play Sportsball and My Team Did Score the Most Goal Baskets and Your Comments Offended Me, This TikToker Is On His Way To Interrupt Every Single Video On The App, When You Want to Win an Internet Fight, Depict Your Enemy as a Soyjak, A Clip Of A Spanish TV Host Dressed As Joker And Saying 'Mtalo!' Modified entries 2019 Whats the difference between pants and shorts? The Google search interest of the term is fluctuating; spiking, when various ball game events are held. Added Traveling involves a player carrying a ball without dribbling for more than three steps. But do they have to be so strange that Area 51 is making headlines? As implied by its generic name, the word is typically used in a derogatory manner by those who either dislike or has little interest in sports fandom. Eh, I don't think it need be for the purpose of getting attention or showing people how little you care., (General Sporting Terms) a very large inflatable ball made of strong elastic rubber, used for physical exercise and in physiotherapy, A leather basketball or volleyball, which was disinfected off site by 10 min of exposure to germicidal ultraviolet C (UV-C) light using a commercially available, The investigation discovered that regardless of noteworthy reforms to India's huge but poorly regulated. 'The Sopranos' Meme Format Explained.

However, the term has also been embraced by sports lovers as a fun and cute way to refer to games, teams, or matches. easington colliery primary durham urbex classroom another bcd Updated If a player is throwing the ball and it flies the length of the court but still misses, it's an air ball. Please try again. Stimulate young minds with these best toys for babies. An alley-oop is a type of assist in which one player throws the ball toward the basket, and another player jumps up to dunk the ball. I've been practising with a ball on my own. MedicalDefinition of ball(Entry 2 of 2), Ball It's an older meme, sir, but it checks out. Feb 11, 2021 at 09:45AM EST My first instinct was to scrunch up the offender into a ball. The basket, nailed high off the floor, still had the bottom intact! ideal. Did the Bruins gets a slam dunk or a grand slam yet?". We have almost 200 lists of words from topics as varied as types of butterflies, jackets, currencies, vegetables and knots! Whether it's professional, college, or one-on-one in your backyard, basketball is one of the most popular games in the world. Often it's used to mock how serious sports fans get about their game(s) of choice. Internet Split On Supporting Rob Zombie's 'The Munsters' Or Hating It, 10 Of The Most Iconic Dog Memes And Their Stories, Digital Archaeologist & Treasurer & Media Maid, Digital Archaeologist & Treasurer & Collection Butler. Some basketball games are so good that they feel more like a basketball lesson. : cause chaos, whoever he's up against. Peter Atencio took the concept literally in a humorous video called. By signing in, you agree to our Terms and Conditions If youre preparing an offensive play to make a basket, most of it needs to happen outside the key. ", it's a harmless thing to say to elicit a reaction. We also use these cookies to understand how customers use our services (for example, by measuring site visits) so we can make improvements. Naismith wanted to come up with a healthy, fun sport where the students could burn off excess energy indoors and the game was easily playable in the confines of a small gym (which also functioned as an auditorium for plays and activities). In the process, they might shout terms to their teammates about different strategies or techniques to try. list of inspirational quotes about basketball, Basketball Slang & Terms to Sound Like a Pro. dictionary Press J to jump to the feed. Nothing but net! You might also enjoy some awesome basketball facts about leagues, players and coaches. On social media, users began deriding the term, particularly as a way to counter "sportsball" posts when major sporting events were happening. Date First Available You may hear excited fans shout automatic! when their favorite player sinks several shots.

Also that year, BuzzFeed ran This Is Why Sportsball Is Your New Favorite Sport, featuring humorous sports GIFs and nonsense terms like goaldown and scoreytouch.. On August 15th, Rooster Teeth premiered a new sports-themed weekly web series titled "Sportsball" starring Joel Heyman, Jack Pattillo, Geoff Ramsey and former ESPN radio personality Tyler Coe[2][10] (shown below). Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations, Select the department you want to search in, Rugby Meaning T Shirt Mens Top Sport Sports Ruggers Ball Urban Dictionary Team Sport Dad Gift Word Words Sports. 2022. Oftentimes the people do have a basic understanding of the sport, but purposely mess up the details to try and get a rise out of sports fans, eg "Oh, the Super Bowl?

On February 2nd, 2015, Redditor EzeSharp launched the subreddit /r/RealSportsball[7] as an exclusive forum for sarcastic discussions of popular sports. It can also knock people seen as way too fanatical about sports or to characterize sports as a waste of time. Privacy Policy. It's a good day for Penn State sportsball. On April 19th, Newgrounds [11] user CTincknell released a Flash-based scrolling arcade game titled "Sportsball." Last 100 years Its a skillful way to bypass a tricky defense from the other team. that will help our users expand their word mastery. A subreddit to help you keep up to date with what's going on with reddit and other stuff. Ball. Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, an air bubble or part of a clot) circulating in the blood, a particular complex anatomical part of a living thing, an inflated ball used in playing basketball, wooden ball that is bowled in the Italian game of bocce, a wooden ball (with flattened sides so that it rolls on a curved course) used in the game of lawn bowling, a large ball with finger holes used in the sport of bowling, the inflated oblong ball used in playing American football, a small hard ball used in playing golf; dimpled to reduce wind resistance, a small rubber ball used in playing the game of handball, a small ball at which players aim in lawn bowling, a small ball of glass that is used in various games, light hollow ball used in playing table tennis, wooden ball that is struck with mallets in playing polo, an inflated ball or bag that is suspended and punched for training in boxing, the ball used in playing the game of racquetball, ball about the size of a fist used in playing tennis, an inflated ball used in playing volleyball, (trademark) a hollow plastic ball with cutouts, the ball that the billiard player or pool player strikes with his cue, a black pool ball bearing the number 8; should be the last to go in certain pool games, the billiard ball that is intended to be the first ball struck by the cue ball, a large marble used for shooting in the game of marbles, equipment or apparatus used in playing a game, large and light ball; for play at the seaside, snow pressed into a ball for throwing (playfully), they had to carry a ramrod as well as powder and, a solid missile discharged from a firearm, a ball at which young ladies are presented to society, a ball at which guests wear costumes and masks, a formal ball held for a school class toward the end of the academic year, a man's testicles (from Cockney rhyming slang: cobbler's awl rhymes with ball), a testis that fails to move into the scrotum as the male fetus develops, a gland in which gametes (sex cells) are produced, a batted or served ball that skims along close to the ground, a ball game played with a bat and ball between two teams of nine players; teams take turns at bat trying to score runs, (baseball) the act of throwing a baseball by a pitcher to a batter.

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