Based): 4 Semester Hours When pharmacists are involved in patient care, outcomes improve and costs decline.

Read it, Title IX Policies Experience: All schools require familiarity with the field of medicine. *There is variation among schools for prerequisite course work, particularly for Biology and Anatomy & Physiology. Social/Behavioral Sciences and Humanities: 15 Semester Hours

AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges Section for Student Services) The application requires an initial processing fee and fees for each additional school requested. Social Sciences: 6 Semester Hours There is a test fee and fees for score reporting to additional schools. This exposed me todifferent areas of my field andgranted the opportunity to present my research at a conference with other members of the scientific community. A.T. STA 2122 Introduction to Applied Statistics: 3 Semester Hours, Medical Terminology Programs may allow additional letters which should be sent directly to the program. Letters should include academic references such as professors and from clinicians such as physicians and physician assistants. Students should check individual schools admission requirements for specific courses. * Each individual podiatric medical school has its own list of specific requirements which may include additional science coursework. BSC 2011, 2011L Biological ScienceII withLab: 4 Semester Hours, Physics Anesthesiologist Assistants are highly skilled professionals who work under the direction of licensed anesthesiologists (specialist physicians) and as part of anesthesia care team to design and implement anesthesia care plans. Physics (with lab): 8 Semester Hours Programs may require letters from specific roles or professions such as science faculty or doctors of podiatric medicine. Below is a list of schools attended by University of Tampa alumni in recent years: The Office of Career Services can also assist in internship preparation and has many helpful resources available with advice on how to get an internship, a student internship guide, and internship frequently asked questions, along with many other useful tools. CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry I: 3 Semester Hours CHM 2211L Organic Chemistry II Lab: 3 Semester Hours, BCH 4053 General Biochemistry I: 3 Semester Hours, Physics General Education: 90 Hours to B.S. Biology (with labs): 4-8 Semester Hours General Biology (with lab): 8 Semester Hours Selection Factors: Applicants are evaluated on the basis of their academic performance, standardized test score (PCAT and/or GRE scores), application essays, leadership, volunteer experiences, pharmacy related volunteer experiences or paid employment, communication skills, and co-curricular activities. BSC 2086, 2086L Anatomy and Physiology II withLab: 4 Semester Hours The biology major is housed in the Department of Biology, and the biochemistry and chemistry majors are housed in the Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Physics . Selection Factors: Applicants are evaluated on academic performance including: overall GPA, DAT, clinical experience, personal attributes and personal interview.

Based):4 Semester Hours (includes lab) Physical Therapy Programs in Florida: 10 (Adventist University of Health Sciences, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University Florida, Gulf Coast University, Florida International University, Nova Southeastern University (Fort Lauderdale & Tampa locations), University of Central Florida, University of Florida, University of Miami ,University of North Florida, University of South Florida. BCH 4053 General Biochemistry I: 3 Semester Hours Ensure you are not searching under "Current Organizations.". Not all schools are part of PharmCas, so check the application requirements of each school you are interested. BCH 4053 General Biochemistry I: 3 Semester Hours For academic advising questions regarding your major, please speak with your faculty advisor or academic advisor. PHY 2054C College Physics B (Trig. Experiences: Prior counseling or advocacy experience is required by most programs. Students need to sustain a high level of academic performance while enrolled in a competitive course load (13 -15 hrs/semester). Organic Chemistry (with lab): 8 Semester Hours For more information please contact us in the Pre-Health Advising Office at 850-644-7678. P.A. Review specific programs for their requirements. Oral Communications: 3 Semester Hours Statistics: 3 Semester Hours PHY 2054C College Physics B (Trig. Biology *As of 2018, the average score for matriculants to U.S. medical schools is a 509 as reported by the Association of American Medical Colleges. MCB 2004L Microbiology for Health Services Lab: 1 Semester Hour, Chemistry OR Statistics: 3 Semester Hours PHY 2054C College Physics B (Trig. Degree/Major: Any major is acceptable as long as the student meets the minimum entrance requirements. You can try to dialing this number: (352) 273-6400 - or find more information on their website:, 1. CHM 2200, 2200L Survey of Organic ChemistrywithLab: 4 Semester Hours English *This listing is based on requirements for the University of Florida's College of Dentistry. Experience: Physician Assistant programs require substantial clinical experience in evaluating applicants. Selection Factors: Applicants are evaluated on the basis of their academic performance record, the MCAT, clinical exposure/experience, extracurricular activities and a personal interview. STA 2122 Introduction to Applied Statistics: 3 Semester Hours, Psychology/ Social Science VMCAS allows a maximum of six letters. Most programs will require completion of a bachelor's degree and a combination of science and non-science coursework. ANS 3006C Introduction to Animal Science: 3 Semester Hours Fall, Spring, Summer Health Professions AdvisorDepartment of ChemistryBush Room 112T. Veterinary Schools in (U.S.): 30 75% have been accepted to one or more U.S. medical programs. CHM 2211 Organic Chemistry II: 3 Semester Hours *This listing is based on the requirements for admission to the University of Florida College of Pharmacy. *Most programs require 66 semester hours in general education and 24 semester hours in Life and Physical Sciences, half of which must contain a lab component. All letters must be submitted electronically through the PharmCas application. STA 2122 Introduction to Applied Statistics: 3 Semester Hours The AAVMC site has the Profile of Admitted Students showing data on students admitted to veterinary schools including GPA, GRE scores, and geography. English: 2 Semesters With small laboratory and class sizes, students learn directly from faculty who are experts in their respective fields. Admission Test: MCAT (Medical College Admission Test) OR Marissa Cobuzio '19 - DVM Candidate at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine - was recently featured in a Rollins 360 article about her path to vet school. Biology BSC 2011, 2011L Biological Science II withLab: 4 Semester Hours Based): 5 Semester Hours (includes lab) Most schools require at least 3 letters, 2 from science faculty and 1 from a dentist with whom you have volunteered. ANT 2410 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology: 3 Semester Hours. Minimal Requirementsfor Entrance (most schools require a baccalaureate degree): Community practice - chain, independent, compounding, and Veterinary Pharmacies. There are two types of degrees a dentist can attain, depending on the dental school attended: DDS or DMD General Biology (for Science Majors with labs): 8 Semester Hours There are professional masters (MOT) and doctorate (OTD) degree programs for occupational therapy with some variability in prerequisite course work among the various programs. Physician Assistants are medical providers who are licensed to diagnose and treat illness and disease; they prescribe medication for patients, working in a variety of settings. PET 3322 Functional Anatomy and Physiology I: 3 Semester Hours Consultant - long term care and home health, Other - government, managed care, mail services, Make sure the nation's food supply is safe, Conduct research that helps both animals and humans, Are at the forefront of protecting the public's health and welfare. GRE scores should be sent directly by the applicants to the schools to which they are applying. The DAT is required by all students applying to dental school. Well qualified applicants appear equally likely to be successful when they apply to 4-6 schools as when they apply to more than 6 schools. Letters of Evaluation: Most schools require 2 letters of evaluation: One from faculty (or Pre-Health Advisor) and one from an optometrist with whom you have volunteered. More information on allied health internships can be found through the Department of Health Sciences and Human Performance. Psychology: 3 Semester Hours BSC 2010, 2010L Biological Science I withLab: 4 Semester Hours Applications to EAP are done through LECOM and are separate from UT's application. Selection Factors: Most programs prefer applicants with at least a 3.0 GPA. CHM 1046, 1046L General Chemistry II withLab: 4 Semester Hours BSC 2011, 2011L Biological ScienceII withLab: 4 Semester Hours, Chemistry Biology The allied health majors are housed in the Department of Health Sciences and Human Performance. A practitioner completes a four-year doctoral degree to become Doctor of Chiropractic (DC) (Adopted from NAAHP, 2019). Individual programs have specific requirements. Psychology: 3 semester Hours Selection Factors: Applications are evaluated on the basis of their academic performance, OAT score, clinical exposure/experience, extra-curricular activities and personal interview. MCB 2004 Microbiology for Health Services: 3 Semester Hours Check the individual school websites for specific application information. BSC 2010, 2010L Biological Science I with Lab: 4 Semester Hours Such applicants are viewed favorably. The application cycle begins in September with most program deadlines in December. Degree/Major: Any major is acceptable as long as the student meets the minimal entrance requirements listed above. Privacy Policy Biology The most common undergraduate majors among for students admitted to genetic counseling programs are biology, genetics, and psychology. Additional hours are strongly recommended. ANT 2000 Introduction to Anthropology: 3 Semester Hours You must have a 4-year baccalaureate degree and undergraduate coursework in biology, chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, genetics, statistics and psychology to be eligible to apply. Admission Test: Most AA programs require applicants to take the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) or the GraduateRecord Exam (GRE)There are fees associated with these exams. BSC 2085 Anatomy & Physiology I: 3 Semester Hours. Admission decisions may be rolling throughout the application cycle or occur on March 15, the required notification deadline for US veterinary schools. BCH 4053 Biochemistry I: 3 Semester Hours, Physics Applicants should have a good understanding of the genetic counseling profession. Practitioners complete a three-year doctoral program to earn the Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) degree (adopted from NAAHP, 2019). PHY 2053C College Physics A (Trig. Students are expected to have obtained clinical exposure/experience in several different settings prior to applying. Other degrees can also prepare students for health professions; thus, students are encouraged to major in the field where they excel and should consult the pre-health professions advisor about course work. *This information is based on requirement for the Doctoral degree program at the University of Florida. Programs (U.S.): 238 Interviews: Some veterinary schools require an in person interview however some schools do not interview candidates for admission. ", Jessica Fernandez 13, B.S. CHM 2211 Organic Chemistry II: 3 Semester Hours Please note the PHPC does not typically write letters for students with BCPM GPAs below 3.2. However, successful applicants come from a broad variety of majors and degrees. CHM 3218 One Semester Biochemistry: 4 Semester Hours OR dodd Podiatry Schools in the U.S.: 9 BCH 4053 General Biochemistry I: 3 Semester Hours Letters are submitted by the evaluators themselves; they cannot be completed by another party, therefore FSU students cannot use our "Letter Packet" service. Doctors of Optometry complete a four-year doctoral program to earn the Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) Allied Health majors intern with public and private corporate and health organizations. The evaluation is based on individual evaluations from faculty members, transcripts, information provided by the student, and any letters provided by health care professionals or others with knowledge of the applicants credentials. STA 2122 Introduction to Applied Statistics: 4 Semester Hours, Mathematics ENC 2135 Research, Genre, and Context: 3 Semester Hours, Biology

The average (mean) GPA of admitted students is approximately 3.5 with GRE scores in the 60-70% range (based on 2016 data). VMCAS offers a fee waiver. orD.D.S. Organic Chemistry (with lab): 4 Semester Hours Such applicants are viewed favorably. Based):4 Semester Hours (includes lab), Statistics OR A Veterinarian attends a four-year veterinary school program to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) or Veterinaiae Medicinae Doctoris (VMD) degree (adopted from NAAHP, 2019). We discusspre-requisite classes, majors, getting involved on campus and in the medical field,admission tests and the graduate school application timeline. SPC 2608 Public Speaking: 3 Semester Hours CHM 1045, 1045L General Chemistry I with Lab:4 Semester Hours BSC 2010L Biological Science I Lab: 1 Semester Hour The PharmCas application has a fee which includes application to one school. Fax: 850-644-9399, Home Chiropractic Schools in Florida: Palmer College of Chiropractic Florida (Port Orange, FL) National University of Health Sciences (Seminole, FL). Experience: All schools require extensive familiarity with the field of chiropractic medicine. OR degree (adopted from NAAHP, 2019). There is an initial application fee which includes one school. Ideally, students should complete these core courses before the start of their junior year by taking course loads of about 15-18 credit hours per semester. English: 6 Semester Hours

OR Dental schools receive applications from AADSAS beginning in June through each schools application date, typically November or December. The OAT is administered at the Prometric Testing Center (Tallahassee) and test dates should be scheduled 60-90 days in advance. epsilon alpha sciences aed

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