Energy use increased in 2002, but remained lower than previous levels. Attendance at the four target fairs is projected at 4 million people. The efforts have reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 1.3 billion pounds. 165 0 obj <>stream Honorable Mentions: Brondell Inc., HydroPoint Data Systems Inc., and Lucid Design Group The whole thrust was to build momentum. Walter McGuire To find more details on how cost rewards are calculated and applied to your bill, and additional program details, visit your local utility providers Power Saver Rewards website. In 2004 ACEEE Summer Study on Buildings. Pigram, John. We got them to commit that they would do bag-stuffers. * Del Monte Foods Plant #1 Modesto This case study was written in 2007 by Jay Kassirer,based on a Tools of Change webinar presented by Walter McGuire in March 2006. no longer supports Internet Explorer. Phase 2 started as we entered the summer and the tag line was, "Together we can do this." Email: * Pleasanton Unified School District clothes washing, dish washing, cooking, cleaning) was noticeable. California Department of Food and Agriculture.

Local newspaper advertising included the names of participating retailers. | Here's how it worked. We printed about 13 million reminder flyers that they stuffed in every shopper's bag over a ten-day period going into the Labor Day weekend. Energy policies and risks on energy markets; a cost-benefit analysis, Business Blackout The insurance implications of a cyber attack on the US power grid, Compact Fluorescent Lighting in America: Lessons Learned on the Way to Market. * Cisco Systems Inc. 2183 Union Street In California, that was about a half a billion a year.

* Agilent Technologies Accessibility Statement, Privacy As discussed above, the ongoing funding came from the Public Goods Charge (the small percentage of every electricity and gas bill). mh1}l`9 KnN[sw=p XEf That was good news; once they thought it was an important issue, understood that it was important to switch doing their laundry to after 7:00 PM, we could move a lot of power very, very quickly. For example, our earned media during 2001 told people that we were taking action, we were drawing down energy, and we were not having rolling blackouts. 2002. * Furnace Creek Inn & Ranch Resort We then allowed the agency to develop the creative, but used our many years of social marketing experience to edit and review it. The evaluation had three components: consumer focus groups, advertising reach and frequency verification, and quantitative savings. * Macy's West Check out these tips to see what actions we can all take to save energy during a Flex Alert. The Summary Study stated, although it was not possible to quantify Flex Your Power's individual contribution to this overall reduction in demand, we acknowledge the program's unquestioned role as a prime catalyst and contributor to the state's successful peak demand reduction in 2001. * Fetzer Vineyards

Home It required the utilities, as a rebuttable presumption, to spend their money on energy efficiency first, then demand response, then renewable and then clean fossils. * City Of South Gate To browse and the wider internet faster and more securely, please take a few seconds toupgrade your browser. The ISO is a nonprofit public benefit corporation that also operates a competitive wholesale energy market, and conducts transmission planning to identify grid expansion needs. This case study is based on a Tools of Change webinar presented by Walter McGuire in March 2006. * The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Please contact me. We think our fairs are excellent vehicles for that. 2004. CEO pledge: This was one of the most successful efforts. With climate change, people generally thought you could adjust; you could either take your coat off or put it on. We believe that the menus for special events should be just Special. In addition, droughts had reduced the volume of water available for hydroelectric power and had caused farmers to consume more energy pumping water for irrigation. The broadcast and print campaigns had complementary roles with the broadcast campaigns, primarily raising awareness and interest, and the print advertising providing details on rebates and savings from the purchase of a specific product promoted. | 3,500 cable channel advertisements in a partnership at no cost to the program; Electronic newsletter (biweekly) to 4,300 people, Broadcast advertising reaches of 95% of the primary targeted market for an average frequency of 29.4 across the three flights for appliances, ceiling fans, and lighting (with a reach of 90% and frequency of 10.3 in each). It was more important to some than others, but at some level it was important to everybody. Other areas of the country and the world, New Zealand, for instance - have gone in and out of several energy crises. A third party computerized program was used to calculate reach and frequency statistics. Further, a great number of people just felt the situation was hopeless. The Flex Your Power mass media advertising effort used the majority of this. Quantum Consulting Inc., 2004. Off-campus SJSU users: To download campus access theses, please use the following link to log into our proxy server with your SJSU library user name and PIN. Financial savings were also very motivating. The funding enabled us to lock in statewide marketing and outreach. We used a variety of tools, tailored to each of the target segments. Honorable Mentions: California State University (23 campuses), Constellation Wines U.S. and Powerit Solutions, Contra Costa County/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, EnerNOC Inc. and Target Corp. Arnold Schwarzeneggers chief of staff, a Lifetime Achievement Award for her work on energy conservation. * Eneron Inc. In the diagram below, the blue line indicates forecast demand on one day, while the red line indicates actual demand. The Flex Your Power mass media campaign cost $11.4 million in 2003. The response included cultural and social impacts that continue to resonate. And each time, it was much harder to start it when the next crisis came along. Peak energy demand was a particular problem. Three months into the initial 2001 FYP campaign, the number of consumers that thought conservation could solve the energy crisis had risen from 53% to 62% and there was a positive correlation between conservation behavior and campaign awareness. -30- Ernest Bormann's Fantasy Theme Analysis forms the basis of a structure to compare cultural and social artifacts (slogans, bumper stickers, ads, web content, light bulbs, etc.) That's how the campaign got its name, "Flex Your Power." * Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne, Inc. Moving Beyond "Business-As-Usual" Energy Efficiency. We had a network of hundreds of partner organizations as part of our Flex Alert network. Haase, Karl P., ""Flex Your Power:" A Rhetorical Analysis of California's Energy Crisis" (2011). According to the group, this years winners saved more than $227 million in energy costs and 1.5 billion kilowatt hours. Copyright, Sponsored by San Jos State University Library, San Jos State University Corps members are handing out conservation brochures and demonstrating a special Flex Your Power Web site, while employees of The Home Depot are demonstrating a line of energy efficient products and responding to consumer questions. Once again, neither fear nor blame motivated people. If every business did them, those two measures alone would have accounted for 5,000 megawatts. The third phase of our campaign was trying to lock in conservation as a way of life (Building Motivation Over Time). Risk Quantification Associated with Wind Energy Intermittency in California, Scanning the Technology Energy Infrastructure Defense Systems, Changes in the institutional environment and the institutions of governance: extending the contributions of transaction cost economics within the management control literature, Sustainable Urban Energy Planning: A Roadmap for Research and Funding, Risk-Based Power System Planning Integrating Social and Economic Direct and Indirect Costs, The Country and the Grassroots: Rural action for local control of energy policy and development, The California Electric Power Crisis: Lessons for Other States, The impact of electricity crises on the consumption behaviour of small and medium enterprises, What organizations did (and didn't) do: Three factors that shaped conservation responses to California's 2001 'crisis, Price, environment and security: Exploring multi-modal motivation in voluntary residential peak demand response, Increasing the Reliability of Electricity Production; A Cost Benefit Analysis, Adaptation of Californias electricity sector to climate change, Price, environment and security: Multi-modal motivation in residential demand response, Time to Sweep the Dust from under the Rug? > Water use: We supported farmers in reducing irrigation. For example, we worked with our university co-ops and got people to irrigate using surface water during peak periods and to pump the remaining 50% of the water during off-peak periods. San Jose, CA 95192-0028. Honorable Mentions include City of El Segundo, Parducci Wine Cellars, Raytheon Space and Airborne Systems. T: (415) 775-7571 F: (415) 775-4159 When asked why they had stopped conserving a year after the crisis, 46% said Just easy to slip back into old ways and 46% said No need after summer / crisis 2003. Van der Vleuten, Erik, and Vincent Lagendijk. As another example, commercial buildings throughout the state could order tip cards. For some years, California has set aside a small percent of every electricity and gas bill for energy efficiency. * Glenborough, LLC Best overall winners also included the Santa Clara Valley Water District, whose efforts have saved more than 19.5 billion gallons of water, and the University of California at Irvine, which cut its electrical demand by as much as 15,000 kilowatt hours and slashed water consumption by 68 percent. Honorable Mention: BP America Inc., City of Chula Vista and Fresno Unified School District DaVinci has a lower fat content of approx. Note: To minimize site maintenance costs, all case studies on this site are written in the past tense, even if they are ongoing as is the case with this particular program. norwich Flex Your Power, which was a central part of California's response to the energy crisis of 2001/02, was the largest electricity conservation campaign ever conducted in any state in the USA.

Graduate Research SACRAMENTO, August 28, 2001-The Flex Your Power campaign, which has become Californias leading symbol for energy efficiency and conservation, is reaching out to people attending the California State Fair. To cut energy use by 14 percent or 5,000 megawatts in five months. We had a permanent, voluntary peak demand program that we called the Flex Your Power Now campaign. 15, No. It is made from fresh fruits, sugar, milk & cream. Flex Alerts notify us of preventable outages. > The results of this thesis reveal intricate connections between the construction of culture and opinion. We wanted to let them know that we were not asking for a great sacrifice. Enjoy the sun in the AM and adjust window coverings in the PM to keep your home cool. The transmission system experienced not a single power outage or blackout during the extraordinary heat. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. Once we connected saving energy to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, it suddenly elevated our messaging back up to the very or somewhat serious category, which is the urgency or saliency we felt we needed.

* AmeriCold

Each time, when the crisis is over, they dropped the campaign. But it depended on the sector. Sixty-three percent said they believed in it; only 7 percent said they didn't. 7y(/R5zW {G~Y_LXkyy!i#, n,x6e]i(aU3A|>,HR az#"[9(o\4 = 3,u7@>!n3.ckS^ m*+:Q!W!#LpFVs%+4|Bte6}"YM`/"0 5/4&Uo,m? Governor's Environmental Goals and Policy Report, Supply security in competitive electricity and natural gas markets, Energy Efficiency and Electric System Reliability: A Look at Reliability-Focused Energy Efficiency Programs Used to Help Address the Electricity Crisis of 2001, Misguided Energy: Why Recent Legislative, Regulatory, and Market Initiatives are Insufficient to Improve the US Energy Infrastructure, 1 War in the Weirdly Pervious World: Infrastructure, Demodernisation, and Geopolitics, State Electricity Regulatory Policy and Distributed Resources: Distributed Resources and Electric System Reliability, Agile sustainable communities: On-site renewable energy generation, Electricity market reform failures: UK, Norway, Alberta and California, Preparing for smart grid technologies: A behavioral decision research approach to understanding consumer expectations about smart meters, Energy Shortages and the Politics of Time: Resilience, Redistribution and Normality in Japan and East Germany, 1940s1970s, Using energy efficiency to help address electric systems reliability: an initial examination of 2001 experience, Climate, Extreme Heat, and Electricity Demand in California, 2003 Manifesto on the California Electricity Crisis, Social capitalism: an economic paradigm for the transfer and commercialisation of technology, The cycling of power between private and public sectors, Ragazzi E., Stefanini A. School challenge: A homework kit was sent home with all fourth, fifth and sixth graders in the state. We were told that virtually every family in the state visited a supermarket at least once in the ten-day period (Developing Partnerships; Prompts). FAQ This usually happens in the evening hours when solar generation is going offline and consumers are returning home and switching on air conditioners, lights, and appliances. A very high percentage thought it was a very or somewhat serious issue. The weakest messages had to do with remote effects like how the ice caps were melting, and ones related to fear and guilt, which just disempowered people (Vivid, Personalized Communication). Phase 1 started in December of 2000 and ran up to about May of 2001. unforgettable experience. We reached out through both the Grocers' Association and the major chains, including Safeways and Food 4 Less. DOI: The Flex Your Power booth is also scheduled to appear at the Los Angeles County and Fresno County Fairs. Our earned media during that period told people that by working together, we were suceeding, that we were drawing down energy, and that we were not having rolling blackouts (Feedback; Mass Media). This project examines the texts contained by and surrounding the Flex Your Power public media campaign. Take a load off your AC and set your thermostat to 78 degrees or higher. * Watkins Manufacturing North America's electricity infrastructure: Are we ready for more perfect storms? Evaluation of the 2003 Flex Your Power Statewide Marketing and Outreach Program Report. "Flex Your Power:" A Rhetorical Analysis of California's Energy Crisis, Karl P. Haase, San Jose State UniversityFollow, Conservation, Energy, Fantasy, Narrative, Persuasion, Rhetorical Analysis, Communication; Rhetoric; Mass communication. * Webcor Builders The consumer focus groups used a "hybrid" research method that included qualitative and quantitative components. * The City of Irvine ?Vm^ZpE1 C3Aqk7u,trt'6B^A7-2P5GuTK={7[j4oh;mWMHlu-+W.*>ZA * Irvine Ranch Water District | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy. At the beginning of the crisis, many people were searching for a magic bullet. Theyre triggered during heat waves when everyone is using energy to stay cool. To shave peak energy use through conservation and/or shift it to peak generally after 7:00 PM. For example, we continued our partnerships for promoting tip cards. They sure can! 6 newspaper ads in more than 40 general market papers and 105 in ethnic newspapers covering 16 ethnic communities and 14 languages. In the following chart, the dotted line represents energy use in 2001 relative to 2000, and the solid line represents use in 2002 relative to 2000. 2022 California Public Utilities Commission and California Energy Commission. Using Mass Media to Influence Energy Consumption Behavior: Californias 2001 Flex Your Power Campaign as a Case Study. Over 50 percent thought that the link between energy consumption and global warming was very strong or somewhat strong. We sent out about a million emails to businesses, business organizations, even homeowners when the ISO called an Alert.

Interpreting Transnational Infrastructure Vulnerability: 4/11 and the Historical Dynamics of Transnational Electricity Governance. Energy Policy 38, no. All Rights Reserved. Other winners include: Every week there was a press release or event. We offer Hot Coffee, Shakes & Cold Coffee. There were eight focus groups that had in-depth discussion of each communication piece and a numerical scoring (from one to five) for twelve criteria. 4 (2010): 20532062. The CEC Summer 2001 Conservation Report provides combined estimates of demand responsive and rebate incentive programs of 3,743 megawatts and voluntary conservation savings of 2,616 megawatts. And when you help unplug an outage, you get moneyback. No part of this work may be reproduced or used in any means without prior permission of the author. They didn't know, beyond turning out the lights, what to do. Join thousands of leaders atVERGE Electrify(free, online, July 26-27) to share learnings and best practices for electrifying everything rapidly and equitably. A subcontractor was employed for tracking studies, and another one for evaluation. Electricity demand had been increasing in California. Note: Efficiency was shaved at peak (conservation) and shifted (delayed until after peak). * The Boeing Company Prepared for the California Public Utilities Commission. Media Contact: So, can I help prevent aPublic Safety Power Shutoff? Flex Your Power The campaign also provided sales brochures, point-of-purchase (POP) displays in multiple languages, and sales training (including materials) to appliance and lighting retailers in exchange for their commitment to stock and promote ENERGY STAR products and lighting. Okay, so how about Flex Alerts?Can they prevent outages. And they usually have an energy conservation campaign. We then switched our television, radio and online advertising to tell people how to reduce electricity, and then asked them to do so (Prompts; Mass Media). In addition, we put out best practice guides. An important strategy was to tell people what impact they had. Peak energy use was cut by 14.1 percent during June, 2001. We were going into blackouts, and individuals thought there was virtually nothing they could do. We passionately believe that quality food can be made in every setting, and we are excited to share it with you. Phase 1 of our advertising, was basically to let people know a few things they could do. Their parents had to sign it, so it was really a way to reach the parents (School Programs that Involve the Family).

Incentives and Disincentives: The state increased efficiency funding in 2001 by hundreds of millions of dollars in rebates. Plot No. Flex Your Power. The California ISO (CalISO) is a not-for-profit, public-benefit corporation charged with managing the flow of electricity along California's open-market wholesale power grid. In July 2006, California faced record peak demand as the temperature climbed above 100 degrees F. for more than 10 days in a row in the inland regions and records were broken along the coast.

Served as an umbrella for the outreach & utility program promotion; Relied on simple messages, humor, daily life vignettes and taglines; Integrated TV, radio, outdoor, online and print; and. 2004. Run your AC cooler during the day to enjoy a cool evening. One Washington Square, Water Conservation. One example was an 89 page best practice guide for commercial buildings. VCafe has been offering high-end catering and event services for today's discriminating customer.

* California State University San Marcos You cantPSPS are plannedoutages to help prevent wildfires so we have no control over preventing them.

We also did online advertising, including keyword searches. * Mi Casa Verde 3, 206-228, Evaluating energy security in the Asia pacific: Towards a more comprehensive approach, Europe's critical infrastructure and its vulnerabilities-promises, problems, paradoxes, Resilience and Critical Infrastructure: Origins, Theories and Critiques, From us-for-us to us-for-everyone: Zanzibari history comes of age, Transdisciplinary electric power grid science, Americans Support for Renewable Energy is Disconnected from their Understanding of Powerline Infrastructure as a Mechanism to Mitigate Climate Change, Europe's electrical vulnerability geography : historical interpretations of the 2006 'European blackout, Electric System vulnerabilities: Lessons from recent blackouts and the role of ICT, Hurricane Sandy & the Emperors New Clothes: Microgrids as a Risk Mitigation Strategy for Extreme Weather Events, U.S. Electrical System Reliability: Deregulated Retail Choice States' Evidence and Market Modeling. In 1999, California's energy emergency, designated a crisis by some, created a situation that demanded a response. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. The best response was with messages like we need to deal with it before it becomes a crisis and we don't want to leave these problems to our children. Public education was primarily through the Flex Your Power campaign. * Build It Green The evaluation concluded that Flex Your Power was successful in meeting its objectives to convey energy efficiency messages and information to mass markets and motivate consumers to include energy efficiency considerations into their purchase decisions. Take a load off your lights and turn off what you dont need. Peak shifting (e.g. This site is brought to you through A building boom had taken place in areas that are very hot during the summer, and air-conditioning was putting a tremendous load on the system. In addition, almost all of the grocers in the state handed out flyers in August.
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