Here are a few commonly asked questions by our readers about pop-up campers and their amenities: If the bed is located on the pop-out portion of the camper, the bed will usually hold between 1,000 and 1,200 pounds. Forest River Flagstaff 205 Folding Pop-Up Camper, A-liner might not look like your typical Tent style, Forest River affiliate the Rockwood Tent 1640LTD, popup campers sometimes have built-in toilets, 5 Great Jeep Gladiator Camper Options for your Favorite Mid-Size Truck, 6 Best bunkhouse travel trailer under 5000 lbs in 2022, Top 10 Best Motorcycle Camper Trailers for your biking road trips, 8 Perfect Travel Trailer Floor Plans With Twin Beds. To that point the Coachmen Clipper Sport is available in up to 15 different floor plans. At the same time, a lot of the best lightweight pop up campers are also on par with the same level of amenities and appliances are hard-sided travel trailers of the same relative size. Lightweight pop up campers are very popular with families who enjoy the RV lifestyle but dont want to stay in a tent or invest in a large, gas-guzzling tow vehicle. The company has dealers all across Canada and the US. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For the purposes of this article, we tried to keep an eye out for lightweight popup campers that can be towed by a mid-size SUV with a tow package installed. Best for: Families Highlight: Sleep capacity Retail price: $8,995 - $11,000 + (depending on unit and standard/options), According to Roaming Times, Livin' Lite Recreational Vehicles "are lightweight tent campers that don't need to be towed by heavy weight pickups, therefore making camping an every family's activity!" This sleek tent trailer can get you there. The GO features an insulated bed platform containing four custom self-inflating air mattresses that, together, are the size of king-and-a-half size bed. Jenn has her Level 1 Kayak certification with Paddle Canada and is a former lifeguard. All rights reserved. When fully opened, including making the dinette seats into extra beds, this pop up can sleep six adults. Theres no other tent camper in the world that can do what GO can do. The 26-gallon fresh water storage tank is also a nice touch, for times when you might want to camp off the grid on a little boondocking adventure. Customers can fully customize the unit to fit their specific needs, whether that includes optimization for carrying sports equipment or going with the most basic unit. Though you still should slide the fridge and kitchen sections inside f you are going to be away from the camper for more than an hour or two and theres any rain in the forecast. I need a super light-weight camper with fridge and microwave to save as much money as possible to put towards our gas costs that are so insanely expensive now. Also, remember that most trailers will have water, propane, dishes, clothes, and other supplies tucked in them, adding at least 100 to 150 pounds to the base weight. The Rockwood Tent is a pop-up camper with two beds, one double and one twin. Disclaimer:SylvanSport recommends that all GO owners follow the guidelines set forth by their tow vehicle manufacturer. The new 2016 Quicksilver 10.0 is a 20-foot unit (14 while being towed) that extends to 8 feet in height and 7 feet across, offering comfortable sleeping accommodations for a family of six. Most do not have showers, although a few have outdoor shower options you can easily add on. The 2021 Opus Pop Up Camper really does pop up and pop out impressively. If you want the freedom to take all your toys and gear, but want to do it in a fuel efficient vehicle, GO is for you. Jayco Jay Sport Pop-Up Camping Trailer, 3. Some models even include a slide-out section to increase floor space in the centre of the unit. Try questionnaire to find the trip that's right for you. If you think youd like to go off-grid or just off-road, make sure your pop-up camping is rated for that or you might find yourself off-road and without a place to sleep! Miller RV Sales boasts, "The ultra lightweight 10.0 Quicksilver automotive camper is the only camper in its class able to sleep six people comfortably.". Why isnt there a basic no-frills model available anymore. We do not recommend doing anything that would either void a warranty, or create an unsafe oruncomfortable situation. As a Forest River affiliate the Rockwood Tent 1640LTD is infused with a lot of quality for a lightweight popup camper that tips the scales at only 1,465-pounds. Its streamlined, aerodynamic shape minimizes drag. Though there are some that come with heating and AC installed in the standard package. Dont miss out on our newsletter, featuring all the latest stories and products we love. The new 2015 Excel unit is based on the company's original design, consistently reworked to include more width (it now has a double bed capacity). When open, it is just over 17-feet long; when closed, it is only 12-feet, one-inch long. Especially if you are intending to use a car or a small SUV to tow the mini popup camper. However, there is a 6-gallon hot water heater to supply the sink for doing dishes or washing hands. You used to have two choices. Many pop-up campers have canvas sides, making them lack decent insulation most of the time. Unlike a large camper or RV, GO can be towed by virtually any car or truck, large or small. Includes facilities for kitchen, dining and sleeping. If you are looking for a lightweight popup camper that has a toilet and can handle the elements, then the 2020 2017 Aliner Expedition is probably the best lightweight popup camper for your family. The GO comes with a Kelty Tent System, but you can upgrade to the GO Big or GO All Out for even more amenities, like an awning, privacy curtain, solar kit, and more. ft). Though there are some popup campers that either has too much hitch weight or dry weight to be safely towed by all but the most robust mid-size SUVs. Even Smart cars have been spotted towing a GO tent trailer! to 7.0 Explore the Yukon with Ashley Callingbull, Powder Highway Trip with the Lady Alliance. If you will primarily be camping in the backwoods, far from others, you may not need to take up much-desired space in your camper with a toilet. There are several different series available for each of these trailers, including the basic, sports, high wall and mac series (for Flagstaff) and the freedom, extreme, premier and high wall series (for Rockwood). Learn how your comment data is processed. All rights reserved. Lees-ure Lite was started by cyclists in 1972 to create something they could tow with their bikes. A tent off the ground! Livin Lite also offers several new 2016 models for truck campers. If you want a truly lightweight pop up trailer to pull behind a sedan, check out Easy Caravannings TakeOff trailer. We cherish the grandeur of nature and we work to protect our wild open spaces. Some models have optional electric brakes, an air conditioner, an outdoor shower, hot/cold faucet, hot water heater, or awnings. On each end, you get popout double beds and the C shaped convertible dinette lounge area also provides a bed that is truly large enough to sleep, two people. So, Id want it to be small, simple, and preferably multi-use. Its versatile and can be used to move boats and bikes, as well as sleep the whole family when needed. Thank you for your understanding. Just basically a tent on a raised base. There are one or two minor complaints about the Jayco Jay Sport. Outside, theres a 7-foot awning and a carryout range for a barbeque. Welcome to Trail and Summit! If backcountry deserts or Jeep roads often call your name, make sure your pop-up camper can take the beating too. Lite Tent Camper, LLC says the camper offers "simplicity without compromise" and this model is consistently lauded for its easy set-up. But, most of the campers on our list have cargo space to bring a tent along or an outside awning for more to tuck in. With so many amazing places to visit, why limit yourself? There also isnt any sort of formal bathroom or toilet. The lighter 'soft top' tent design means more fuel economy while not sacrificing any of the key Quicksilver features, like the 12" aluminum rims, 30AMP power converter, 12V charging station, spare tire and mount and LED tail lights.

Thats it. While many people like the feel of a heater and many of the listed pop-ups have heaters always make sure to bring a multiple spare blankets along too. They are often bought as a first trailer, are lightweight enough to be towed by virtually any car and can be found in many lengths with options such as hot water, refrigerator, air conditioning and washrooms. Deciding which pop-up camper is right for you depends on many things. You can get the A-Liner with either a sofa or a dinette that converts into a bed. Christian Campfire Songs: Bonding Through Musical Worship, A Guide to Southern California Beach Camping: Tips and Locations, 9 Yosemite Day Hikes Fit for Beginner or Expert Hikers, 40+ Outdoor Cooking Recipes That Make Camping Delicious, 10 Camping and Hiking Tips for Beginner Success, Ultimate CampingList: Printable Sheets forAll the Essentials, Camping Food Shopping List: Printable to Take On the Go, 90 Camping Captions for Your Outdoor Adventure Posts, 22 Fun Camping Activities for Families to MakeMemories, What Boat Camping Is All About, According to an Expert, Tips for Keeping Your RV Fresh Water Holding Tank Clean as a Whistle, A Quick Intro to Delaware Beach Camping: Places to Start, RV Resorts in Rio Grande TX: Beautiful Parks in the Valley, 6 San Diego RV Parks That Will Surpass Your Expectations, RV Campgrounds Near Yellowstone: Enjoying the National Park. This may seem obvious, but youll want to get a pop-up camper large enough for anyone that might want to tag along. Although it weighs only 840 pounds, GO can carry up to a dozen bikes or kayaks (or any combination) as well as canoes, motorcycles and ATVs. Anyone who purchases one of their trailers is considered part of the herd and is able to join gatherings and be part of the community. At first glance, the AC BTU rating might seem a little low compared to other popup campers that tend to have 8,000 BTU AC systems. Best for: Camping enthusiast families with specific desires Highlight: Customizability Retail price: $16,900 - $18,000, Forest River's Rockwood and Flagstaff models are good lightweight RVs to consider. On paper, the Livin Lite Quicksilver 8.0 can sleep up to 6 people, but five would be more comfortable in the real world. This trailer is so small and lightweight; it can be pulled by almost any car that can tow. Just a tent, but not on the ground, so that I dont have to crawl on my knees (knees dont work anymore). The smallest and most affordable unit included in this list, the Tiny Tent Trailer is a good option for singles or couples who are happy with a bare-bones, dependable unit. Not only can it sleep up to 6 people n the real world, but this popup camper also maximizes the external space with a slide-out kitchen and refrigerator. While there isnt an air conditioner installed in the 205s standard package, it does come with air conditioner prewiring, which makes for an easy aftermarket install.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Decor includes interior dome lights, vinyl floor over inter-locking aluminum floor, zippered windows with day/night shades and a removable dinette set. This little camper can handle the most challenging terrain and loves to carry all your gear there for you. This pop-up camper trailer is incredibly durable and made to get you out to the backcountry without sacrificing any of your cooking or sleeping needs. We will prioritize appointments and in doing so, you will avoid a possible wait due to customer traffic in our showroom. lets take a look at the 8 best small and lightweight pop up campers weigh less than 3,000 lbs. Aliner has been around since the 1970s when Raph Tait made the first A-frame pop-up camper. There are not many lightweight pop-up campers on the market, but Ive pulled together the seven best for you to check out. Some models come with the prewriting to accommodate solar panels for times when you want to boondock and camp off the grid. Any recommendations? teardrop weight trailers travel light weights manufacturers caravans tents accommodation krios camping Engineered to make maximum use of every cubic inch of space, this modern pop up camper is compact and efficient, but its a HUGE when it comes to possibilities in the great outdoors. Turtleback Trailers are built in Phoenix, Arizona, by a group of outdoorsy folks who want to provide their customers with a dependable and rugged way to get outside. Best for: Single or couples camping Highlight: The price tag and easy set up Retail price: $5,450. While there are a lot of small pop up campers can be towed by an average mid-size SUV or a sedan with a robust tow package equipped, but there are few that dont skimp on the comfort or amenities. Check out your owners manual and make sure your vehicle can actually tow the trailer you have your eyes on. A very affordable choice, the camping trailer or pop-up trailer can be stored in most garages and embodies the needs of the true camper. For example, one owner said, "I'm on my second Forest River camper. Whatever your needs and interests are, chances are good that the best lightweight pop up camper for you is somewhere on this list. Join over 10,000 VIP members to get practical, entertaining, and inspiring resources and step by step articles about RV travel Destinations, RV Gear, and full-time RV living to live Stress-Free Life In Your RV. A love for nature is what inspires people to epic outdoor adventuresso, our environmental impact is important to us. Does this pop-up camper exist? After checking out this list, youll be surprised you ever considered anything heavier. Easy to tow with a mid-size family vehicle. The kitchen inside the Jayco Jay Sport includes a two-burner propane stove, as well as a single basin sink, which is supported by the large 28-gallon freshwater storage tanks this camper comes equipped with n the standard package. It can be a bed for four or a table for the family. Made in Holland, these pop-up campers have been gone over with a fine-tooth comb to ensure ease of use and ultra-light style. (7 Crowd Favorites), What is the Smallest Trailer with a Bathroom? Through brilliant design and engineering, GO transforms from a small tent trailer in Travel Mode, into a larger gear hauling utility trailer in Transport mode, into a spacious and comfortable camper in Camp Mode. With a 2,870 dry weight the 2021 Opus Pop Up Camper does arguably push back on the term Lightweight.. You can comfortably sleep five or even six people in the Rockwood Tent 1640LTD. The price for a lightweight popup camper can vary from as little as $10,000 to over $20,000, depending on the accessories and appliances. On paper, you can sleep up to four people. I spend as much time in the mountains as possible. There are also "add a room" options and floor plans available in both pop-up and A-frame units. Improvements in lightweight material build quality and engineering have allowed popup campers to get leaner and weigh less than ever before. The Gear Institute rated the unit an 89/100 with top points for versatility, towing ease and design, particularly calling out its "ingenious flexibility as a tent trailer" and saying "the GO solves issues that I didn't even know I was going to have." The A-liner might not look like your typical Tent style popup camper and thats just fine. While this camper is no longer made, they are well worth considering, even if you have to grab one used. Because this trailer is from a big company, you will get quite a bit for your budget. Why wasn't this page useful? With all that said, lets dive into some good best pop up camper which ideal for Smaller Tow Vehicles. You can unsubscribe any time. You can certainly tow it behind most mid-size SUVs. No built-ins, no seating (except on the edge of the bed), no sinks, stoves, etc. Inside they were just a utility trailer-sized empty box to stand it, with a bed either side. As a ballpark figure, you can expect to lose around 5 to 7 miles per gallon when towing a small popup camper that weighs around 1,500-pounds. All rights reserved. This mini tent camper is by no means tiny when it comes to sleeping arrangements, accommodating four or more people comfortably. This ultimately gears the Coachmen Clipper Sport 860QS to on-the-road tradesmen or a couple that likes to camp with a lot of gear. [For more information, refer to Terms, Section 4]. Beyond the sturdy peaked roof, the A-Liner also stands out from the field, in that it includes a cassette toilet as well as a 5,000 BTU air conditioner and a 1,600 BTU propane furnace. Smaller trailers are towable by your average 6-cylinder car, mid-size SUV or truck. The low profile allows you to put cargo on top if you want too. This will save you money and the upkeep and maintenance of a heater. Thats all we need. This is something thats even rare with some of its larger, more expensive competitors! While the company started in Bend, Oregon, Aliners are now made in Pennsylvania, keeping with their unique A-frame tradition. Explore this section for tips from RVing experts on all things RV related. There are a number of Forest River dealers available. The high wall style saves a lot of weight over hard-sided trailers.

Small popup campers have long enjoyed popularity thanks to their ease of towing, and reasonably low purchase price, as well as a low overall cost of ownership. The Ranger 12 weighs 1450 pounds with a dry hitch weight of 150 pounds. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ). Ensuring that your vehicle can tow both the trailer and your valuables is essential. Whatever it is, the Sylvan Sport Go Trailer is an exceptional choice for a lightweight and versatile pop-up camper. Related article:Best Overland Trailers? Use the matchmaker tool to find the RV thats right for you. Why has everything gone so fancy and expensive? Some front-wheel-drive cars dont handle very well when towing something over a 1,000-pound dry weight. One of the things that really stands out with the Livin Lite Quicksilver 8.0 is the fact that it comes with an 8,000 BTU air conditioner installed as part of the standard package. There are beefy trailers meant to take on off-road paths, but most trailers are not built to withstand that much bumping. The TakeOff includes a double bed and a roof that pops up in thirty seconds. The Clipper 9.0TD is their lightweight pop-up camper that has all the essentials tucked in. Please help us improve. This means it can support you comfortably when camping off the grid for several days at a time. The snap-in and snap-out stove allows you to cook inside or out, depending on how you feel.
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