It prevents you from making costly mistakes that could have been avoided and take steps that result in massive profits. It involves reaching out to your target market, asking them questions, collecting data, and analyzing the information gathered.

In a qualitative focus group setting include open ended questions and allow for flexibility for respondents to freely speak on a topic that might not have been covered in the questionnaire. A loving owner of two huskies, too. The purpose of your marketing report is to understand whether the marketing strategies you currently use are going in the right direction and to further improve them.

To illustrate the benefits of market research reports, we talked to a variety of professionals who use these reports in their day-to-day work. For example: Around half of businesses with employees dont survive past the fifth year, according to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. hbspt.cta._relativeUrls=true;hbspt.cta.load(209482, '64e604e4-4640-432c-b4f6-119669521539', {"useNewLoader":"true","region":"na1"}); About the Author:Sarah Schmidt is a Managing Editor at, a leading provider of global market intelligence products and services. All Rights Reserved, Whatagraph B.V. . Identifying the age range of your customers can tell you the type of language youll be using in your promotional materials.

Examine the macro environment also (such as language, cultural, economic, political situations) to validate the findings. The scope of the report can vary depending on the subject matter and the number of platforms you are collecting your data from. When research findings are determined, make sure to not take these in isolation. Its a document that includes data from different platforms that shows the performance results of your marketing strategy. With regular research, you can not only learn to anticipate their next move but be in a better position to avert any possible damage from their end. There are enough examples out there of product and business failures simply because enough market research was not done from the outset. Ensure the questionnaire is neutral and is not leading. The future of market research is bright. All of this insight will lead to actionable ideas and better decision-making.

In 2005, when YouTube initially launched, it was for a very different purpose: dating. A daily marketing report can help you to make an action plan each morning, focusing on the things youve accomplished the previous day and the things you can do to improve them. Market Research can significantly help your marketing strategy as it helps to provide key insights and information to the business.

Having good market intelligence helps to minimise risks when making key business decisions. It is a qualitative method of research and allows you to bring together a group of individuals that can take part in a guided form of discussion. Some of the most common types of market research activities include: Primary Research this can often be referred to as field research and involves gathering new data, first-hand, that has not been collected before. You should check the performance of your campaign on a regular basis to make sure youre on the right track. Where before you had to rely on face-to-face interviews, telephone surveys, or lengthy online questionnaires, now its all about short online surveys, instant case studies aided by technologies, and focused groups that are already available on your social media channels. The purpose of your marketing report is to understand whether the marketing strategies you currently use are going in the right direction and to further improve them. Dont be intimidated by the task ahead. How would you know if this goal is feasible if you dont know whether the size of your target market is more than twice the size of your current customer base? The goal of marketing reports is to optimize your marketing strategies, but you wont be able to do that if you dont measure your results. You can also use market research to learn ways you can reduce expenses without hurting the business, find out how to amplify your digital marketing or introduce a new employee incentive program. Risk-taking is an important component of the business.

As long as you end up with a thorough list of your target markets demographics, needs, and frustrations, youll be able to reap the above benefits as you grow your business.

We use market research for a variety of reasons, it helps us make educated decisions for example determining the feasibility of launching a new product before dedicating time and budget into the new venture. MarketResearch.com6116 Executive BlvdSuite 550Rockville, MD 20852800.298.5699 (U.S.)+1.240.747.3093 (International), Armed with information produced by sound research methods, you will have a more accurate understanding of the market landscape, issues that will affect the industry in the future, and how to best position specific brands to drive, Download's free white paper. And as time passes, youll see more and more market surveys being optimized for mobile. For example, if you plan on starting a digital marketing agency, youd know that theres more need for social media in your area, than for PPC services. When done correctly it can help to enlighten your marketing activities such as understanding the requirements of your target audience, helping to understand what key messages you should convey and how to convey them. a leading provider of global market intelligence products and services. Subscribe below and well send you a weekly email summary of all new Business tutorials. where to spend your advertising or marketing budget, whether theres a demand for a new product you want to make, if you should open a storefront in a new location, which products to discontinue and which ones to merely improve. Below we talk about 4 popular instruments of market research that are frequently used by companies worldwide with excellent results. Regular market research will be your way to check in with your current customers and potential customers to ensure that youre still meeting their needs.

Whatagraph lets marketing agencies and in-house marketers create and send beautiful marketing reports in minutes instead of hours. Since target customers have already expressed all their wants, needs, and frustrations with you, youll know exactly what to address and how to address it when you start creating your marketing materials.

2022 Envato Pty Ltd. You'll write differently when addressing retired Baby Boomers than you would when addressing young professionals. the first page that includes a project overview, highlighting the most important metrics in a clear and concise manner. A monthly report can provide more insights than any other report, although its important to consider all of them. When the potato chip maker wanted to introduce a new brand, it launched online market research conducted through Facebook to ask its customer-base which flavor they would like the best.

Analyzing the data, they discovered that there is no app or platform in the market for video sharing. Although we have a research team in place, we understand that there is a wealth of information out there that is relevant to our needs and has already been collected by another entity, he explains. New businesses need sales and customers as soon as possible, and market research can ensure that those sales and customers dont stop coming. sharing blog traffic and leads data each month for optimal blog performance. The purpose of using case studies in business market research is usually to test theories of what went wrong in a particular situation or what went right. You might say that you want to double sales by the end of the next quarter. Identify your target audience and market size.

Research that is already conducted, organized, and published is often used by small businesses to gauge market trends, current economies, and to devise plans. In addition, I also find research reports can help me to validate information I may be gathering through primary sources. They can be really helpful because creating a marketing performance report from scratch can take hours, and sometimes even days. Using case studies, you focus on a single individual or single entity to research them thoroughly. While tasks like surveys and focus groups can help, they aren't absolutely necessary, and they arent the only things you can do to research your target market. It includes reports, government funded studies, textbooks, historical records and statistical databases. It also helps you discover and understand your customers needs so you can innovate better, expand when the time is right, and work with more focus. For example, do you want to grow your customers via a new untapped market segment? Will it be clear to them that your business can meet their needs? A collection of useful resources to help power up your performance monitoring and reporting flow. Tracking specific metrics and goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis can prevent you from wasting your valuable time and money. Build in questions that validate other parts of the questionnaire. Knowing what you are good at and what youre not, help you take profitable risks in life. Instead of coming up with blog topics or headlines in a vacuum, she uses the results of this survey to brainstorm compelling topics. Celine Roque started freelancing in 2004, as a college sophomore, and they never figured out how to stop. Here are some tasks that can be part of your market research: The above activities are just a handful of tasks that could be part of your market research. He is also an avid blogger and a comic book fanatic.

", Nick Braun, Founder & CEO of, also uses market research reports to double check his data. Focus groups are great to use when youre creating a new product, researching a particular market segment, or want to know what your customers are thinking about you or your market. Your business doesnt have to commit tens of thousands of dollars on focus groups and extensive surveys to conduct market research. Enter your email and get curated content straight to your inbox! Set out clear objectives and goals before beginning the research. Remain impartial throughout the process. With the help of focused market research, you can set achievable business goals and not follow some vague notions of instant success. These are some of the budgetary tasks that your market research can help with: The business that knows their customers more tendsto win more. Your client should get an idea about the position of marketing that month. Additionally, you can also go online and conduct Google searches looking for specific phrases relevant to your research purpose to find valuable data. This is certainly what Starbucks does. Our goal is to help you better understand your customer, market, and competition in order to help drive your business growth. These scores pertain to specific answers and dont leave much room for multiple interpretations. Now that you see the importance of marketing research, its time to get started on the process. In this article, I'll explain some basic marketing research concepts. Make sure your sample size is representative of the audience you are targeting. Today, even the average Internet user has access to a massive amount of information that can help them make the right decision when it comes to choosing products, brands, or offers. Following what your customers are talking about, listening to them, and then delivering on their needs is an important task that you can fulfill with timely customer-centered market research. If you want to stay up to date, you should also read the in-depth guide to the latest marketing trends over on the Envato Blog. Similar to case studies, focus groups give you a comprehensive view of a situation and allow you to conduct an in-depth analysis of different business elements. Market research reports not only save you hours of time, they also add credibility to the work you do, whether you are refining your business plan, preparing a presentation for an important client, or making recommendations to an executive. Goals give you directions, help you remain in sight of the bigger picture, and set you on the path of continued success. It provides decision-makers with important information to decide the course of the company, launch a new product, or to keep a tab on what competitors are doing. Learn everything you need to know about your market by conducting thorough market research before you launch your business.

This approach spells long-term disaster. Here are a few words about each type of report based on the time required to gather the relevant data: They give you tools to make better decisions at a faster pace.

The famous KFC case, where their company slogan Finger Lickin Good translated as Eat Your Fingers Off in Chinese is a great example of this. Your market research can help ensure that youre reaching your intended audience in the channels where theyre most likely to see your message. We still do our internal analyses, but secondary reports guide our changes, and we look for ways to justify what third parties say so we arent myopic and caught up in our own data.. Now that we know what market research is and what different kinds it has, its time to learn why it is important, and why you should invest in it if you want to become a successful entrepreneur. Read on to learn how these individuals use market research reports to their advantage. Take the example of Frito-Lay. Others such as Samsung, Sony and Apple iPhone moved in and quickly became some of the leading electronics brands in the world.

In this article below, we will share a few pointers with you about why market research is important for every business big and small. Based on that report, will this decision lead to more customers? Today, even the average Internet user has access to a massive amount of information that can help them make the right decision when it comes to choosing products, brands, or offers. The results showed that beer-battered onion-ring flavor is a hit in California and Ohio, while New Yorkers preferred the Churros flavor idea. If you have got your pulse on what your customer is thinking, youd create products that solve their issues, reach out to them when they are most ready to listen, and help them become your loyal ambassadors. A monthly report can provide more insights than any other report, although its important to consider all of them. Seasons Greetings From The IMS Marketing Team! They were late to the market with new innovations, while their competitors, customer preferences and technology were advancing so fast. The environment is constantly changing so its important to make sure you are researching it and understand what factors are changing that could impact on your marketing plans.

In addition to conducting market research, you can pair it up with regularly monitoring their social media, blog posts, and seeing what is trending in your market. Planning to launch a new product, or export to a new market without adequate research is a recipe for disaster. *All Individual plans include a 7-day free trial for new customers; then chosen plan price applies. From Dropboxs Drew Houston who refused Steve Jobs to Googles buying of YouTube when it was a fledgling startup, the history of business success and innovating is packed full of stories of ambitious but informed risk-taking. She uses these reports to research best practices, prepare RFPs, get ready for client meetings, and create content. The research helped the company come up with different flavors and market them strategically to different states. Knowing whether customers see your products and services as a necessity or as a luxury can help you design your product labels, brochures, and website that fits their perception. Conducting market research helps you identify those areas. Primary research is undoubtedly important, but in a fast-paced industry, we often need information quickly, and secondary market research is the best way to gather that information., Using market research reports takes much of the guesswork out of the process, saving Robinson huge amounts of time.". These are primary research and secondary research. Few weeks into the launch, they realized through internal discussions and reevaluation of the market, that Burbn is cluttered and their target market is more into Foursquare and they wont be able to budge them. It is clear that market research is vital when developing your marketing strategy. For example, author Tiffany Sun surveyed her readersto find out which problems theyre trying to solve. These reports give us a holistic view of the market and allow us to benchmark all the companies in the industry, not just the ones we focus on, he explains. The platform helps them remain informed on all important aspects of business investment and propels them towards ventures and venues that hold the most potential.

It provides great insights to your business and on the wider marketplace. Similarly understanding the wider market environment can help identify new opportunities for your business.
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