READ MORE: Hiking Trolltunga: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Best Experience. If youre travelling during the summer, that means 24-hour sunlight. Would any of the great hikes you describe make sense given our time frame? The standouts here are not places to stop at rather, what you see from the ferries. From the Videseter Hotel you can also walk to the. It is possible to reach both Pulpit Rock and Kjeragbolten using public transportation but having a car will give you more flexibility in your schedule. Our kids called it oblivion.. Well, were going to have to sort that out! This viewpoint is located along the Romsdalseggen trail and overlooks ndalsnes and the valley. Well worth having, whether you are hanging it from a tree whilst camping, or a hook in a wall, it helps to have quick access to all your stuff. Day 4: Loen to Geirangerfjord (1.75 hours). In the afternoon, fly to Oslo, completing your tour of Norway. You can drive directly to Pulpit Rock from Stavanger and if you do not have a rental car you can get to Pulpit Rock by bus. Because its USB chargeable I never have to buy earth polluting batteries. For recommendations on where to stay near the Trolltunga hike, read our article Where to Stay Near Trolltunga. All other times of the year you should hike with a guide. The earliest you can hike Trolltunga without a guide is June 1, according to the Visit Norway website. The hike to Kjeragbolten is epic, with some of the best views of the fjords in Norway along with that chance to step out onto the boulderif you so dare! If you do not plan on hiking, some roads on this Norway itinerary can be closed from November through May. The hike starts off with a strenuous climb, taking hikers to the spine of the mountain. and if we want to avoid having to drive? Were here to help you! No matter what time of day it is, drivers must have them on.

The coastal city is famed for its Art Nouveau architecture. Cheers, Julie, Your email address will not be published. Leave Leka on the Gutvik Ferry. More information. Well, this is Norway, one of the most expensive destinations in the world. Tribal Bali: The Best Coworking Hostel in the World Has Opened Its Doors. FIRST TIME IN EUROPE: If this is your first time in Europe, dont miss our article 7 Things to Know when Planning Your First Trip to Europe. In fact, they described it as epic.. Then pop your email address in below and well send you a FREE copy of How to Travel the World on $10 a Day! make travel your LIFE. Our third and final road trip is a lot shorter, so itll suit travellers who dont have as much time in Norway. If there is no auxiliary port in your car, buy a radio transceiver or use a portable speaker. Cheers, Julie.

Cars must also be equipped with at least one high-visibility vest and a warning triangle in case of an accident. 10 Days in Norway: The Fjords and the Lofoten Islands, 14 Best Hikes in Norway to Put on Your Bucket List. A decent head torch could save your life. But dont worry, itll pass by quickly as you skirt along fjords on the smooth and well maintained FV17 road. Julie, thank you very much for your reply. Continue on from Vossevangen to Granvin at the northeast side of Hardangerfjord. From Bergen, it takes about three hours to drive to these towns. There are some waterfalls to look out for too! But is the scenery as nice as what you have described? You should also refrain from using your mobile phone; the penalties for doing that while driving are pretty serious too! Have lunch at the fish market, wander the cobblestoned streets, take the funicular up the hillside for the best views over Bergen, and explore Bryggen, the location of the Hanseatic houses along the harbor. Drinking and driving is a big no here. Our website uses cookies. We were hoping to take public transportation (trains and buses) and avoid renting a car if possible. And it wont be all in the car: youll be taking three ferries! The first thing to remember is to switch on your lights. 2. Your email address will not be published. Stop here for the evening or continue to Jondal by ferry. Hikers will be pleased to know that there are seven hills surrounding the city you can hike on! If you have any questions about this Norway itinerary, let us know in the comment section below. we are planning the same itinerary (10 day Norway) in mid-August 2022. Where We Stayed in Oslo: The Clarion Royal Christiana. There is plenty of time in the day to explore Geirangerfjord before moving on again. Youd be brave to swim in them, though! There are places to fish and BBQ, and you can enjoy views of both Hardangerfjord and the Folgefonna Glacier. Thank you for your support . However, this only covers damage caused by fire and/or theft. nordic walking norway holidays attractions winter northern lights trips package tours baltictravelcompany elin sandal travel norwegian Pick up something to read when youre a passenger, or for the evening. Beware of the low cloud coverthis hike goes right along the edge of a mountain and one false step could send you off over the side. Its a crazy thing to do but one of our favorite traveling memories, for sure! Unfortunately, during our stay in Geiranger, it was wet and foggy and at times we could barely see the fjord from the hotel. The hike to Trolltunga takes 8 to 10 hours to complete, going 28 km total. Once in Bergen, rent another car. If you are planning a trip to Norway before June with the intent to go hiking, here are some things to consider: Pulpit Rock: You can hike Pulpit Rock from April to October. For four people this was more economical and more convenient. Be sure to keep an eye on your temperature gauge whenever youre driving the engine can overheat going uphill! We slept in cabin #3 and it was adorable. First Aid Kit: Even if you dont plan on doing anything extreme on your trip, like hiking, climbing, or other extreme sports, you never know what could happen.

If you are following our Norway itinerary and/or have your own transportation, then it is not necessary to book the organized tour. Spend the morning exploring the hiking trails or taking the Via Ferrata. Most of the day is available for exploring Bergen, a coastal town that was once a German settlement. Weve found the best routes so you can see the most gorgeous fjords and islands, stop off at the best places to eat and stay comfy and warm at night. 5. Where We Stayed in Balestrand: We stayed in the Balestrand Hotel, a nothing fancy, family-run hotel. You could cut yourself while cooking, smash a finger in a car door, or burn yourself on a hot radiator. For advice on where to stay, read our Lofoten Islands Hotel Guide. This giant monolith is also known as Preikestolen. The coffee roasting factory is right by the ferry just lookout for a sign saying Kaffebrenneriet. In summer, youll be able to enjoy everything from birdwatching to white water rafting, while winter visitors can make the most of skiing and snowboarding. Get lots of travel planning advice in our Lofoten Islands Itinerary. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This is a four star hotel located in downtown Oslo within walking distance of the train station and the Oslo Opera House. You will have this car until you reach lesund on day 10. Your blog is very helpful detailed for us to follow and plan. Hello Lay. Dear Julie What a very informative blog! 6. Day 5: Geirangerfjord to ndalsnes (2 hours). Thanks to flat roads, its a lovely place for cycling. Pass through the Jostedalsbreen National Park and ride on two of the best-known roads in the country The Eagle Road to Eidsdal, the Troll Ladder (Trollstigen) and the Atlantic Ocean Road one of the most impressive feats of engineering in the country. The hike is five miles round trip, the shortest on this Norway itinerary. We were not so lucky, but even so, the views were still amazing. HOW TO VISIT SVALBARD: Learn more about how to plan a trip to Svalbard in our Svalbard Travel Guide. 4. If you are a hiker, we also have a hiking guide with 14 epic day hikes to do in Norway. A vehicle can mysteriously fail, break, run into a ditch; all that and then some. The views are spectacular! document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); If youre not already seduced by Norways spectacular natural beauty, we might have to twist your arm a bit to plan your road trip. Once the tour is over it is time to drive to Balestrand. Best Road Trips in Norway (Our Top Pick for 2022), I consent to my personal information being processed in accordance with The Broke Backpackers. Weve been keeping the driving to a minimum so you can make the most of your surroundings so far, and thats no different as you come to the end of your trip. Roadside Emergency Kit: Just like you never know what could happen to yourself, one never knows what can happen to their car. Another short journey today its not a good idea to just skip Geirangerfjord. LOFOTEN ISLANDS: For an overview of the best things to do, read our Lofoten Islands Top Ten List. And then, of course, you get to step out onto Trolltunga. The road that connects Vevang and Krvg is said to be Norway Engineerings feat of the century. In this guide, learn how to plan a trip around the world.

If you have more time after reaching Bod, wed definitely suggest carrying on to the Lofoten Islands itll be quicker if you take a ferry. With only two road traffic deaths per 100,000 inhabitants, accidents are almost non-existent! Day one wont see you reaching the Hardangerfjord just yet. Join the Tribe, Home Blog Best Road Trips in Norway (Our Top Pick for 2022). And for each hike, you can stay in a hotel, no camping necessary. Because its mandatory, rental companies often charge over the odds. Sit on Trolltunga viewpoint, tackle the Great Atlantic Road, or just park up in Bergens pretty old town and enjoy a coffee. Take a morning flight from Stavanger to Bergen. This road connects the Kjeragbolten car park with the town of Lysebotn. Even if you have no plans to step out onto Kjerag, this hike is still absolutely worth it for the views along the way. It is not unusual to have rainy weather during September and October. Are there any tips, advice, changes you would add to this itinerary -things to watch out for? Carry on towards another waterfall, Steinsdalsfossen but not before you stop off at Steinstberget rest. From here, on a clear day, you can see all of the way out to the Atlantic Ocean. There are people that want you home in one piece. We also provide important planning information in our Svalbard Packing List and in our article about how much it costs to visit Svalbard. Weather can be unpredictablewe were here in August and there was a chance of snow in the forecast. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. More Information for Your Trip to Norway: Are you planning a trip to the Norway? If you're reading this, you just got 15% OFF Heymondo's tailor-made travel insurance. You can hike this trail from July 1 through September 30, when the shuttle bus is in service. UP YOUR PACKING GAME!

Its another ferry across the Vennesund before your final target of the day Brnnysund. The next best option is the main parking lot at the trailhead. Currently, Im using the Petzl Actik Core rechargeable headlamp an awesome piece of kit! Day 7: Alesund to Kristiansund (3.5 hours). The hotel is within walking distance of the town, where you can rent kayaks and go shopping. .

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For a list of possible road closures, plus their dates of opening and closing times, click here. Youll have less risk of them overheating that way. For recommendations on where to stay near the Trolltunga hike, read our article. After all, the landscape means there arent many motorways and dual carriageways; twisty mountain passes and roads built into islands can add time onto your trip. Although not the longest hike in this Norway itinerary, we found it to be the most difficult. There are lots of long downhill stretches when youre driving here. Another place to stop off in Fjrland is Bokbyen. Hiking Trolltunga: Everything You Need to Know to Have the Best Experience. Instead, start off in pretty Bergen; it is one of the biggest cities in Norway and an easy place to pick up a car. It takes roughly 3 hours round trip to hike to the viewpoint. Today is a full day of driving but if you get lucky with the weather (we did not) the scenery is amazing. Here are some other things to take into consideration: Be sure to remember insurance, too. Now that weve got all the boring (but essential) stuff out of the way, lets jump right into the three best Norway road trips! On arriving in Loen, take a walk around the town. However, there are only 30 parking spaces and you can make a reservation in advance. Toiletry Bag: I always travel with a hanging toiletry bag as its a super-efficient way to organise your bathroom stuff. Be sure to stop off at rnesvingen viewing platform, and those at Flydalsjuvet and Gudbransjuvet Gorges. Before June 1, snow can still cover the roads, so you may not even be able to drive to the start of the hike. Julie Last updated: June 18, 2022 Itinerary, Norway 225 Comments. And then let the shenanigans begin. Stop off in Fjrland for the Norwegian Glacier Museum, where you can learn about the surrounding national park. Have dinner in ndalsnes and get settled into your accommodations. If you chose to stay here, hopefully you will have better luck. From ndalsnes, there is a bus that delivers hikers to the start of the hike. It could be a good idea to bring your bike along with you. Note: This post contains affiliate links. You should also have had your license for at least one year. Spend the morning exploring town, perhaps dropping into the shops and coffee houses on the colourful wharf. There are a lot of flashy backpacks on the market but not many come with adetachable wardrobe. Most major rental car companies will allow you to drop off and pick up a rental car at 2 different locations. I recommend renting a car at the airport. This is one of the most photographed sites in Norway; while the lip which juts out above Lake Ringedalsvatnet is not the peak of the mountain, it takes a brave person to sit on the end! We ate at ND Sorensens Dampskibsexpedition Pub. The Norway in a Nutshell tour is a very popular excursion for first-time visitors to Norway. Were a big site with a big team and this job isnt always easy. Dear Julie, thank you very much for this blog. Other notable falls include the Suitor and Bridal Veil waterfalls. There is one item every traveller NEEDS. Theres one travel insurance provider The Broke Backpacker trusts for all his wildest shenanigans World Nomads! These twin waterfalls gush from a height of 150 metres, and there is a network of paths, stairs, and viewpoints from which you can enjoy the waterfalls. Snow lingers on some of these trails up until June. The last thing to check out before reaching Bod is the Saltstraumen Maelstrom the strongest whirlpool in the world from afar, obviously. You can follow the footpath behind the waterfall. This hike can take 8 to 10 hours to complete. And usually with her pooch, Ava, in tow. This drive takes you along fjords and through small towns, giving you plenty of opportunities to stop for food along the way. Enjoy the day exploring lesund and dont miss the walk up the hillside to Fjellstua for the best views of the town. All rights reserved Earth Trekkers. What is this forgotten essential of the backpacker-life? Glacier walks and mountain hikes are all on the menu before stopping at a lovely village inn for the night. Day 3: Brnnysund to Sandnessjen (3 hours). We added some sights along the way that came up in our research or were recommended to us after the trip, which are listed in this itinerary. There is now a footbridge that crosses the river, offering views of the waterfall. Dont be in too much of a hurry to leave ndalsnes, because the hiking in Romsdalen is absolutely incredible. For hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, this Norway itinerary is perfect. Kystriksveien is the ultimate Norwegian coastal drive, and its also one of 18 National Scenic Routes in the country. Romsdalseggen is an 11 km hike along the spine of a mountain. You can then choose between heading back down to Hardangerfjord if you have time, or just doing the journey all the way back to Bergen. SPOILERS! trondheim After the first major climb, whether you did on foot or by car, you are treated to amazing views. Its north again on day three of your trip. You can leave a bracing hike up Mount Skla until tomorrow morning! If you dont want to hike Romsdalseggen Ridge, or the weather is not cooperating, you have the option to hike to the Rampestreken viewpoint. After completion of the hike, drive back to your hotel. Stavanger will be your home base for the next three nights. Built in 1989, bridges connect a number of islets and islands for 8km.

How to Use This Map: Click the tab in the top left hand corner of the map to view the layers (points of interest, hiking trails, and cities). Dont have a car? You can skip one of the ferries, however, and take a journey along the coast to Mo i Rana also known as the Arctic Circle Town. Today is the biggest driving day five whole hours! My husband and I are flying to Oslo the very begining of August to hike for 5 days and then end up at Bergen to visit a friend who lives there. The best time to do this Norway itinerary is between June and September, especially if you plan on hiking these trails. This was our favorite day while visiting Norway. Drive two hours back to Stavanger, return the rental car, and get a good nights sleep. We bring you epic FREE content!Find out how YOU can help support us. If theres a storm, the road can seem dangerous and intimidating. It is a narrow roadwith 32 sharp bends, an average gradient of 9.4%, and an elevation difference of more than 800 meters (2600 ft) over only 5.8 km (3.6 miles). Have dinner, get some rest, andtomorrowwill be the first Norwegian hike. For those looking for something a little more chilled out, check out some of the local traditions. Take-away breakfast is available, perfect if you want to grab breakfast and get an early start hiking. Then, set your satnav for Leka Island. We love the knowledge that our content keeps you adventuring. Today is another day of epic hiking and a chance to see more of iconic Norway. Twenty minutes east of Eidfjord is Vringsfossen, a stunning waterfall that you can hike to. . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Before the second ferry ride from Forvik to Tjtta, be sure to stop off for a coffee.

You will need to get a ferry over to Leka Island, and it wont be the last ferry you take on this Norwegian road trip. Thank you for all the information. The bridges seem to hang in the air, and the roads really blend into the land. Dont spend too long here, though it can get expensive. There are more than fifty! Weve tested countlessday packs over the years, but the Tropicfeel Shell is something else. However, the more cautious driver out there may want to take out fully comprehensive insurance. Kjeragbolten is located two hours away from Stavanger (140 km) and there are two ways to get there: a bus service that only runs during the peak summer months, or by rental car.

Phone mount:Its very dangerous to be looking down at your phone while driving. Since most people use their phones as an MP3 player these days, an auxillary cord is crucial to preserving your sanity. The ideal place to park is at Mgelitopp (P3), an upper level parking lot that shaves off the first massive climb and saves you a lot of time. Before getting in your car, be sure to have a coffee and breakfast at the brightly coloured what of Bergen a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The views along the way were some of my favorites in Norway. Last of all, one of the unofficial Norwegian road rules. This is another scenic drive and just before arriving in ndalsnes you will drive the Trollstigen (Trolls Ladder), a switchback road that is one of the most popular drives in Norway.
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