All Rights Reserved. I put a sweater on him when it is cool and a light weight sweater on him when the weather is warm so he doesnt sun burn. My Pom was bald on both sides of his stomach, tail back legs, neck, and upper back. I was looking for advice on treating Alopecia X for my pomeranian, Opi, when I found your article. I kept massaging it into his skin the whole timemostly so he wouldnt try to escape from the sink. All Rights Reserved. They stated they have not seen this in alopecia X patients. Answers to everything related to one of the cutest breeds of dogs in the world. I was looking online for a source for a soft, preferably round, collar when I found this site. Sharon. Treat underlying causes. Loss of hair on the tail, neck and back of the thighs. Varied sizes of firm, solid nodules. Do you have any suggestions? Crossing my fingers that he gets even just a little fuzz back. It may occur on tails, thighs and necks of Portuguese Water Dogs and American Water Spaniels. Use an Elizabethan collar to stop him licking. Believed to be due to an enzyme deficiency. Identify the problem organism in either the blood or via a biopsy. CBC, chemistry panel, urinalysis and tests for adrenal gland functionality. Greasy scales, hair loss, redness and itchiness. In my childhood, my mother actually got Alopecia Areata, and it broke my heart seeing her coping with it. Our rescue Pom, Cooper had the beginning of Alopecia X when we adopted him 6 years ago. His fur started thinning again this year (not as badly)which indicates, to me, that it is a seasonal thing. A couple of weeks ago, an old pitiful little blind Pom was apparently dumped near our house. It occurs if the amount in the dogs body is increased naturally or due to prolonged use or high doses. Varies widely and can include: redness, ulcers, hair loss, draining wounds, itchiness and swelling papules. The number one hormonal disease that affects dogs skin. Her brother has a full body of hair and both came from the same parents.

Three types: 1. Nothing was found so he concluded it was alopecia X. Loss of hair, nodules and numerous draining tracts. If caused by glandular tumours, removing the tumour through surgical means. Skin is dry and top coat along back has gone he was a gorgeous show pom, and his incredible coat looks like puppy uglies. I was told to take him off of chicken. Rare hereditary disease in dogs with hair of multiple colours; more common in Bearded Collies, Basset Hounds, Salukis, Beagles, Dachshunds, and Pointers, Loss of dark or black hair only; symptoms appear between 3 and 6 weeks of age; sometimes scaling. I spent hours cutting out the mats and bathing him with medicated shampoo. Keep the affected area(s) clean and prevent urine contact. He has stopped losing hair, has some fuzzy hair on his sides, and most of his black skin is showing pink underneath! Maybe caused by cancer or numerous other diseases. Eventually I began to see large amounts of fur fall out during brushing while darker wiry hair grew in it place. None. Other methods include: biotin, immunotherapy, shampoos, fatty acid supplements, antihistamines and steroids. Begins as hairless red areas and soon after that it becomes draining ulcers, which can get infected. . Test blood to determine hormone levels. Treat the underlying cause. It caught my eye because I had a pomeranian for 14 years who was also named Peach! Might not be caused by low levels of vitamin A but can respond if the amount used is increased. (Levothyroxin). Hair will eventually return. 2. Pustules in the follicles break open to create: annular, target and bulls-eye lesions with centres that are crusty. Use sunblock or steroids. Was anybody elses dogs itchy?? Every 3-4 weeks I would scrub him down with the sponge (lightly) and week by week its been getting better and better. We only got a limited blood test for Kong more specific ones are not available in HatYai we have to go to BAngkok , I will try all your tips and I know I have to get Kong fixed ! I have been reading many sites and some advise using mild dish washing liquid during baths and it is supposed to help.

Hot spots or infections may develop. Symmetrical Hair loss and it can be pulled out easily. We started melatonin for about two months. Her usually glossy lion-like coat was becoming dull, lifeless, and thin. The one month meds were almost fatal kong trew up again but liver was functioning was almost back to normal but Kong got ARF acute renal failure ! About 6 months ago Chewy started losing weight, down to 8 pounds and his ribs were showing. Being away from his family traumatized the dog and he lost all his hair.

Since my wife and I do not have children, he plays the role, and he plays it well, lol. His fur grew back and his skin was no longer dark/black.

I wasnt that satisfied with the results and took him off but maybe I should have stuck with it. He is a good nature dog and has been to the vet regularly. My pomeranian was a rescue dog about a year old four years ago. My 12-year-old Brutus has had BSD for years. I bought a different kind of shampoo and conditioner that is suppose to help with dry skin. Understand that these changes dont occur over night. He got through their fence and must have fallen in. If it returns, try to determine the underlying cause. Retinoids and steroids for the more severe cases. Breed, clinical signs and biopsy of the skin. If its plant material, there may be extensive tracts that could require major surgery. Things such as allergies, seasonal weather change, dry skin, over brushing, poor diet, age (puppy uglies and elder dogs), and skin irritants (such as doggie perfumes and some shampoos) can cause hair loss! The second option is a decrease in adrenal hormones, allowing certain other hormones to amass in the body. Common in unneutered dogs and is secondary to other issues including hypothyroidism. So sad seeing my bald little guy. I dont know whether to attribute it to the shampoo and conditioner or the melatonin, but I do know that the hair came back right after I started with the medicated shampoo/conditioner. shedding excessive normal female rottweilers oklahoma Now 10 later he is much better kidneys and liver are almost to normal , but Kong has patella problems and will need surgery in the future so no more stairs ! Thank you!!! It may be acquired when a dog is much older from cancer drugs, hormonal imbalances, infections and other diseases. Remove the bedding. So for about 1 1/2 year I gave him 3 gm per day and then increased to 5 gm a day. Rare disease. A few weeks later her second massage bath resulted in even more black skin in the water. Some breeds are more susceptible than others. More typical in boxers and dachshunds as well as young dogs that have been spayed. The red boy on left is the worst. Dogs that lick themselves can cause self-trauma. Hormonal imbalance may be causing your pets fur to fall out. He was probably on it close to a year, in the winter his coat was pretty good but come spring he is lacking again. I have fed him Blue Buffalo since I got him, as a puppy, so he has had great food his entire life. Give your dog better, softer bedding and padding around the problem area. It has now grown long again with all the tips of her hair reddish. Thank you I was told potatoes are bad my baby oreo has this too going crazy trying to find a food and what to do Maybe the fur is just pressed down because he lays on it all the time? Simplified info like this is SO MUCH EASIER to understand and find than researching tons of websites. Our little Pom, Chewy Bear, started losing his hair a couple of years ago. The hair on his body is so thin it parts & skin is visible. His skin is very clear. Its possible for whiskers to be lost as well. Over a year later, the hair loss was still gradually expanding. Very soft silky hair. After his diagnosis I also changed his diet to gluten free, which seems to have helped as well. NOTE: If you find that these are a bit out of your price range try using a low milligram fish oil pill from the grocery store. More common with sulphonamides, penicillins and cephalosporins, and generally happens within the first fortnight of using the drug. Biopsy done to rule out other potential causes. Its a hereditary problem in dogs with fawn or blue (diluted black) coloured coats. If anyone is interested here is Frodos story , We were to feed him raw turkey necks for bones and teeth. Isnt well understood. My Pom, who only had hair on her head, legs and very little on her tail is almost back to her original state of full body hair. Thanks again! I didnt see any improvement so I stopped. The conditions that are underlined within this table are the most common reasons for hair loss in Pomeranian dogs. Copyright Pomeranian.Org. Heres hoping little Spartacus wont be bald from the shoulders down forever . Protect the skin as much as possible to help Stop secondary bacterial infections. Castration may be a good idea and surgery may be required to remove it. Loss of hair, sometimes only a specific colour and scaling may appear as well. He has bad cataracts, horrible teeth and missing his hair from shoulders to tail, as many of you have described. I have been using it since July and have seen quite an improvement in his hair re growth. Sharon Jones. Avoid more exposure to sunshine, particularly between 9am 3pm. This summer suddenly Cooper developed hot spots, with areas of pimples and scaly skin. Thanks for all the info! Puppies are born and have minimal or no hair. Try adding skin supplements! The coat is similar to a puppy and the hair colour could fade. for surgical procedures.). Skin can thicken. All Rights Reserved. It is full of nutrients and protein and cannot harm them. My handsome boy was just giving me the idea that the weather was hot and he was normal shedding . Hair loss originates in the flanks and genital region and move forward. Find breeders of Pomeranians. My Pom developed Alopecia X when she was 9. Its believed to be a disorder of the immune system. She was a sweetheart and I still miss her a few years after losing her. It is called Furminator deShedding Ultra Premium Shampoo and Furminator deShedding Ultra Premium Conditioner. He was put on a low dose thyroid medication and melatonin(3 mg., any brand, given with evening meal). Antibiotics for a month minimum. Please help. Most commonly found in Afghans and neutered older dogs. I think she shaved him. .

Secondary - treat the underlying disease. Causes arent known. The latter occur as a result of other diseases, allergies or hypothyroidism. That gland becomes bigger. This problem is most commonly found in Samoyeds, Chows, Pomeranians and Keeshonden. Young puppies dont grow. Secondary folliculitis may also develop. Blisters or bumps and red skin in parts of the dogs skin with minimal hair. This often happens because of a different problem such as: hormonal problems, parasites or allergies. His skin was flakey and thick and crusty. Her skin has turned black everywhere there is no hair. She started losing her hair about 2 year ago. Find correct Pomeranian Information and facts by a Pomeranian dog expert. Now Im just doing it once a week. The neck and genital regions have symmetrical loss of hair. (I do cat rescue and have two rescue poodles, so possibly he was dropped near me on purpose.) Vet put him on Standard Process Canine Dermal Support, Canine Whole Body Support (1/8 tsp twice a day each), Cataplex F, and Thytrophin (1 tablet each twice a day), 1/4 tsp twice a day of Eskimo brand fish oil, and a raw food diet.

Id put pajamas on him at night during the winter because of all the exposed skin. Its made worse by UV lighting and trauma. The dogs reaction to foreign matter such as plant materials, suture, material, other regular irritants or unknown reasons. Sorry for the typos its pomeranians I have. Cooper was diagnosed with Alopecia X,last year, by his Vet. I have my Pomeranians groomed every six weeks to make sure the under coat is professionally groomed out. Skin thinning out, hair loss easy bruising, hyper-pigmentation, comedones (black heads), seborrhoea, lethargy, calcinosis cutis, a potbellied look and a rise in urination and thirst. plz help n tyvm. Within a few weeks her whole body is covered in hair. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I was aware spirulina and wheat grass could help a woman stop hair loss, so I started giving him a couple of tablets in his food. Hey, by any chance did your sponge have dish washing detergent on it?? Also he licks his paws a lot. My Pom does the same thing. Red areas that sometimes have ulcers, crusts and loss of hair. He wanted to take a blood sample and skin culture to make sure though. Kong started to turn darker before I noticed the hair fall . Has anyone experienced this problem? I have a 11 month old black female pom. Coat resembles a puppy coat. Hair colour may start to fade and skin may go a darker colour. I so appreciate you sharing. The cause is a parasite of blood cells. I trimmed her hair in the summer and it just didnt grow back properly and her skin darkened. Crusty areas, scaliness, hair loss, vesicles, itchiness and pustules. changed vets and new vet did lab tests (three types) very expensive. I worked up to 4 tablets twice a day, usually giving them to him while I was preparing his other food with the supplements. Rule out other options. My story is almost the same with my little man Kaleb (4 yr old pom), only backward, we started by going to the hollistic clinic and getting bu gan tang. I first thought that this was fleas. Is your Pomeranian losing hair? I found out about a Melotonin treatment, and I wanted to see if any of yall have had good luck with that yet? (off-label use.*). Most commonly done in dogs that arent neutered. He hasnt experience hair loss and I dont over brush or over bathe him but Im curious if Peach had any of these sypmtoms?
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