Have a question about this project? Default is 6 seconds. I just wish Microsoft would get their libraries in order so that the journey didn't need to be so utterly painful. We will contact you shortly upon receiving the information. Hope this comes out sooner, angular 9 is already almost here and even though there is support for latest versions using rxjs-compat, encountering below issues while performing a simple "ng update @angular/cli". What is MsalComponent? MSAL Angular allows you to add an Http interceptor (MsalInterceptor) in your app.module.ts as follows. Other errors will throw out user back to the login screen. Import MsalModule into app.module.ts. to your account. Firstly, well make a fresh MSAL UserAgentApplication just for resetting passwords. your app and the login authority), which results in a broken experience when returning from the login page. msal-app.module.ts. @Dedme Thanks for the .patch file. Please note that during the preview we may make changes to the API, internal cache format, and other mechanisms of this library, which you will be required to take along with bug fixes or feature improvements. "@angular/http": "^6.1.6", For an explanation on clientID, consentScopes and authority, read the docs. @rajarameshvarma I'm using "@angular/core": "~7.0.0" and it works in Edge and Chrome. This is because our msal iframe app must be bare-bones. IE does not allow to access cookies in Iframe for localhost. The problem occurs when IE changes the popUpWindow.location.href, this causes the popUpWindow to become an empty object (or something strange in IE i can't debug properly). Although my app compiles and login works after adding rxjs-compat, I'm seeing "Observable.fromPromise is not a function" errors coming from msal.interceptor.js when making api requests. We recommend using redirect flows by setting.

@Taats @ShinRai1090 @OlivierTD Please follow the upgrade here to try out the new beta for MSAL Angular: https://github.com/AzureAD/microsoft-authentication-library-for-js/blob/dev-angular-1.0-protectedresources/lib/msal-angular/docs/0.x-1.x-upgrade-guide.md. Thanks, @anth-git. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers.

What's weirder still is that when I run npm ls rxjs, the peer dependency error shows up, but the app compiles and runs. We don't have support for angular 6 yet but that's in our backlog and we will work on it in future. only consent it and no access token will be acquired till the time client actually calls the API. popup : Show login popup or redirect. as @davidgg notes, using rxj-compat). @souvikbasu it still works with Angular 7 and 8, but with Ivy renderer disabled. Either way, this project doesn't go live for a little while still, so hopefully version 1.0 will be ready before it becomes a production issue? Is this still work in progress? @anth-git @BenBullock1992 We are planning to give support for angular 6 in future.

https://www.npmjs.com/package/@azure/msal-angular. Just to confirm. Successfully merging a pull request may close this issue. i am using patch-package to change the dist files for the time being. In the mean time, we have heard that you can use @azure/msal-angular with the newer versions of Angular with some changes in your application (e.g. export const AppMsalConfig: MsalConfig = {.

The interceptor works for me till this gets fixed. It took us a lot of time to diagnose it, and we eventually circled back to this very issue. but not in others. By default, MSAL does not capture or log any PII. node_modules/@azure/msal-angular/dist/broadcast.service.d.ts(1,10): error TS2305: Module '"../../../rxjs/Subscription"' has no exported member 'Subscription'. For instance, a change to the cache format may impact your users, such as requiring them to sign in again. @jasonnutter I saw a merge of a beta version that happened today.

Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. Passed in options object as the second argument to Logger. In Azure B2C, it is of the form https:///tfp///, For CORS API calls, the Iframe needs to access the cookies for the same domain that you did the initial sign in on. The project has been on Angular 7.3 until now, and I just upgraded it to Angular 8. Default is set to false. Defaults to 'null'. "@angular/core": "^6.1.6", Please let me know, we do not have stated support for angular 7 yet, we hope to have that by the end of the year. https://gist.github.com/Dedme/919d85c0390c7a82dfdacfa4d29881f9, https://www.npmjs.com/package/patch-package. Besides the required clientID, you can optionally pass the following config options to MSAL module during initialization. Now, as I said, a password reset is actually an authentication failure. "core-js": "^2.5.4", For now I resolved it by implementing my own interceptor based on MsalInterceptor.

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Love podcasts or audiobooks? return this.msalService.loginRedirect(environment.ADB2C.Scopes); private isResetPasswordRequired(error: any) {, export const MsalPasswordChangeApplicationToken = new InjectionToken('[MSAL] Password Change Application', {. @baltie That is indeed the package that I've installed, yes. You can use the '--force' option to ignore incompatible peer dependencies and instead address these warnings later. Or perhaps have one of the several open pull requests (e.g. The logger definition has the following properties. Is it a matter of weeks or months?

ERROR in node_modules/rxjs/Subscription.d.ts(1,15): error TS2307: Cannot find module 'rxjs-compat/Subscription'. it is throwing some sort of error. Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. We enthusiastically welcome contributions and feedback. The wrapper exposes APIs for login, logout, acquiring access token and more. Passing scope here will at MergeMapSubscriber.project (http.js:974) [MSAL for Angular] --prod --aot build fails. Azure AD authentication in angular using MSAL angular v2 library. This guide also assumes you know a bit of Angular.

We use semantic versioning so you can control the risk associated with updating your app. This solved my issue. PR 543) merged, even as a temporary Preview? Defaults to window.location.href. Default storage option is sessionStorage, which keeps the tokens per session. Sign up for a free GitHub account to open an issue and contact its maintainers and the community. angular 7 is out. An estimate would be greatly appreciated! logger : Callback instance that can be provided by the developer to consume and publish logs in a custom manner. I will take a look as soon as I can. @Taats We're a little behind but we'll have something soon (this month), apologies for the delay! But that's the total opposite of what I'm seeing. For all callbacks, you need to inject BroadcastService as a dependency in your component/service. So I don't know what changed, but our app suddenly stopped working with B2C, and would redirect back to the login screen after authentication was completed. I will update this guide in the future if anything drastic changes.

storeAuthStateInCookie : Stores auth state in a browser cookie instead of local storage. Tokens are accessible from Javascript since MSAL is using HTML5 storage. "@angular/forms": "^6.1.6", at MsalInterceptor.intercept (msal.interceptor.js:38) What I'm completely sure is that version 0.1.2 of the @azure/msal-angular package does not work with RxJS 6.5.2 without rxjs-compat. at MergeMapSubscriber.push../node_modules/rxjs/_esm5/internal/operators/mergeMap.js.MergeMapSubscriber._tryNext (mergeMap.js:60) import { environment } from 'src/environments/environment'; const isIE = window.navigator.userAgent.indexOf("MSIE ") > -1 || window. First navigate to the root directory of the library(msal-angular) and install the dependencies: Then use the following command to build the library and run all the unit tests: This library controls how users sign-in and access services. For your last statement, you should remove rxjs-compat when your code has been upgraded to use RxJS 6. Msal will not attach a token to outgoing requests that have these uri. This is used only for redirect flows. I leave validateAuthority as false as I always have hell with it. Its a super simple component that takes the place that our usual entry component would be. @souvikbasu thx, the install of rxjs-compat is works for me. at HttpInterceptorHandler.push../node_modules/@angular/common/fesm5/http.js.HttpInterceptorHandler.handle (http.js:1137) Default is true. As far as I can tell BroadcastService is supposed to come from msal itself, not sure why it's missing. This may impact your application. "@angular/common": "^6.1.6", I will not be covering the Policy side of things just yet maybe another day. @jasonnutter That is good news, thanks for the update! We will open a feedback PR for Angular once we have our planning locked. Now heres where we already deviate from the recommended guide.. Defaults is false. Defaults is 'redirectUri'. How can I use parentheses when there are math parentheses inside? validateAuthority : Validate the issuer of tokens. Why is the US residential model untouchable and unquestionable? @dotnetcanuck I removed the rxjs-compat library and the compiler can't compile my project. Package "@azure/msal-angular" has an incompatible peer dependency to "rxjs" (requires "^5.0.1", would install "6.5.3").

"@azure/msal-angular": "^0.1.1", When user visits these routes, the library prompts the user to authenticate. At time of writing, the @azure/msal-angular version on NPM is currently 0.1.4. Passed in options object as the second argument to Logger. Sets with both additive and multiplicative gaps. For the past 5 months Ive been having fun times with Microsoft Azures ADB2C. So make sure you include a wildcard or set all redirectUris to the root of your app. MSAL wrapper provides below callbacks for various operations. Sign in You shouldn't remove the rxjs-compat libary until MSAL for Angular version 1.0 is ready. See here. "@angular/platform-browser": "^6.1.6", Your URL needs to be fully qualified domain i.e. To load this new barebones module when your app is loaded in an iFrame, change your main.ts as follows. Youll note that this is a different approach than what the wiki suggests. MsalInterceptor will obtain tokens and add them to all your Http requests in API calls except the API endpoints listed as unprotectedResources. I'm using it with Angular 8. #786 is locked for traction, easier to have all issues bunched up. Theres no reasons for other devs to suffer. It can be added at the parent or child routes. Find centralized, trusted content and collaborate around the technologies you use most. So if it is working without you explicitly installing rxjs-compat, something else you're using is installing it for you.

"@angular/animations": "^6.1.6", All rights reserved. As noted, we are working now to provide out of the box support for the newer versions of Angular (planning to have this available by the end of the year). Works better if you add the MsalModule to the imports .. that's my bad, sorry. If you leave this blank, it will resolve to whatever view you came from. To initialize MSAL module you are required to pass the clientId of your application which you can get from the application registration. By turning on PII, the app takes responsibility for safely handling highly-sensitive data and complying with any regulatory requirements. Using MsalInterceptor is optional and you can write your own interceptor if you choose to. You should be able to see if it has been added by some other package. What followed was 5 months of what felt like endless suffering. I have raised a PR for angular 7 support. @pandres95 its unnecessarily large but attached is my package for patching the current npm file: How should we do boxplots with small samples? To do this, we make another app module.

The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: @anth-git - I managed to get this working with Angular 6.1.6 by simply installing the rxjs-compat npm module.

cc @jasonnutter. at HttpInterceptingHandler.push../node_modules/@angular/common/fesm5/http.js.HttpInterceptingHandler.handle (http.js:1788) Dont get me wrong, now that its working, I quite like it. When we provide the General Availability release we will require you to update to the General Availability version within six months, as applications written using a preview version of library may no longer work. This is the MSAL package you're using? storeAuthStateInCookie is enabled if the user is on IE. "rxjs": "^6.3.2",

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it seems that the object reference is getting lost in IE. In Azure AD, it is of the form https:///, where is the directory host (e.g. Why do the displayed ticks from a Plot of a function not match the ones extracted through Charting`FindTicks in this case? warning " > @azure/msal-angular@0.1.1" has incorrect peer dependency "rxjs@^5.0.1". Learn on the go with our new app. protectedResourceMap is required by the interceptor to attach the auth tokens from MSAL for your API. Design patterns for asynchronous API communication. @rsuk @anth-git I'm having the exact same issue. By clicking Accept all cookies, you agree Stack Exchange can store cookies on your device and disclose information in accordance with our Cookie Policy. To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy and paste this URL into your RSS reader. Can climbing up a tree prevent a creature from being targeted with Magic Missile? And yeah, I get the warnings too. Looks like the code to silently refresh the token is failing due to the changes in rxjs (removal of observable.fromPromise). at HttpInterceptorHandler.push../node_modules/@angular/common/fesm5/http.js.HttpInterceptorHandler.handle (http.js:1137) We're just starting a new project. Site design / logo 2022 Stack Exchange Inc; user contributions licensed under CC BY-SA.

Maybe I have to remove/upgrade some deprecated methodes.

at MergeMapSubscriber.push../node_modules/rxjs/_esm5/internal/operators/mergeMap.js.MergeMapSubscriber._next (mergeMap.js:50) Here's the output of npm ls for both rxjs-compat and msal-angular, exact paths/names redacted, of course. Angular Wrapper in sync with core MSAL 1.0.x, https://www.npmjs.com/package/@azure/msal-angular, https://github.com/AzureAD/microsoft-authentication-library-for-js/blob/dev-angular-1.0-protectedresources/lib/msal-angular/docs/0.x-1.x-upgrade-guide.md, pandres95/microsoft-authentication-library-for-js. Callback method must follow this signature. x.y.x) ensures you get the latest security and feature enhanements but our API surface remains the same. ie. Needs to be set to true when a user is on IE11, which may clear local storage contents when redirecting between websites in different zones. at MergeMapSubscriber.push../node_modules/rxjs/_esm5/internal/Subscriber.js.Subscriber.next (Subscriber.js:54) In your API project, you need to enable CORS API requests to receive flight requests. and get access to Microsoft Cloud OR Microsoft Graph. @jasonnutter Can we expect the update this month for the msal angular wrapper? rev2022.7.21.42639. This is optional if you are using MSAL for only login(Authentication). privacy statement. It checks if the window is closed which returns true, so cancels the pollTimer. How did this note help previous owner of this old film camera? "@angular/router": "^6.1.6", loginPopup()/loginRedirect using api or using routes. I suspect when Microsoft support MSAL for Angular 6 these warnings will go away. node_modules/@azure/msal-angular/dist/msal.interceptor.d.ts(2,10): error TS2305: Module '"../../../rxjs/Observable"' has no exported member 'Observable'. The project is still working fine, running on Angular 8, RxJS 6.5.2, and no references to rxjs-compat whatsoever. node_modules/@azure/msal-angular/dist/broadcast.service.d.ts(4,10): error TS2305: Module '"../../../rxjs/BehaviorSubject"' has no exported member 'BehaviorSubject'. So my conclusion is that either we're using functions of the MSAL library that don't seem to care about RxJS at all, or that there's some other kind of voodoo magic going on.

getScopesForEndpoint() this method is always returning null for me instead of returning scope , how it is reading scope from endpoint. You signed in with another tab or window.

any of the msal-core APIs like acquireTokenSilent(), acquireTokenPopup(), acquireTokenRedirect() etc from Angular application and use only the APIs which are exposed directly from the msal-angular wrapper itself. I will update this ticket once we release support for angular 6. at HttpXsrfInterceptor.push../node_modules/@angular/common/fesm5/http.js.HttpXsrfInterceptor.intercept (http.js:1741) How to encourage melee combat when ranged is a stronger option. FAQs for access to our frequently asked questions. authority : A URL indicating a directory that MSAL can use to obtain tokens. Populate it accordingly with the parameters described in the README.md. cacheLocation : Sets browser storage to either localStorage or sessionStorage. It takes an array where the first value is the API Url, the second argument is the scopes. It compiles fine, but when I run it I get this in the console : Any idea on what I could have forgotten? You can always see the latest version and release notes under the Releases tab of GitHub. Can you post your interceptor code for reference please? in angular 6, ERROR Error: StaticInjectorError Angular 6, Angular 7: NullInjectorError: No provider for PagerService, How to fix "Error: StaticInjectorError(AppModule)[NgbDropdown -> ChangeDetectorRef]", eChart exception (NgxEchartsDirective -> InjectionToken NGX_ECHARTS_CONFIG), JavaScript front end for Odin Project book library database, Laymen's description of "modals" to clients, Identifying a novel about floating islands, dragons, airships and a mysterious machine, Skipping a calculus topic (squeeze theorem). Disclaimer: This post assumes you have successfully set up a basic ADB2C policy. navigateToLoginRequestUrl :Ability to turn off default navigation to start page after login. The MSAL Angular package is available on NPM: npm install msal @azure/msal-angular --save. As @BenBullock1992 suggested you should be able to make it work by using rxjs-compat for now.

. Passed in options object as the second argument to Logger. Defaults to sessionStorage. Even our CI builds in DevOps haven't thrown any errors, and when I deploy the site to our Azure dev environment, everything works! It would be great if we could just use this new version right off the bat. Before using MSAL.js, register an application in Azure AD to get your clientId. Default:Redirect. To fix, set, There are known issues with popups in IE. Writing about Angular/C# .NET Core/Node.js. Some have found ways to make this work for angular 7+ (and yes, I used incognito mode, so no caching), I have searched the node_modules folder, and rxjs-compat doesn't appear anywhere. Implement ngOnDestroy() in your component and unsubscribe. Why i will get StaticInjectorError in angular 6. what it means, NullInjectorError: No provider for String! [MSAL for Angular] Support for Angular 6/7/8. I am currently using ADAL for authenticating with AD. Adding rxjs-compat fixed the problem, for the moment at least. Subsequent calls are handled correctly. Password changes for example. node_modules/rxjs/Observable.d.ts(1,15): error TS2307: Cannot find module 'rxjs-compat/Observable'. You should protect your site for XSS. @kissferenc @baltie I don't really understand how. Have you tried npm ls rxjs-compat in your project directory? An API change may require you to update your code. For more information see the Code of Conduct FAQ or contact opencode@microsoft.com with any additional questions or comments. This flag is to enable/disable logging of PII data. Announcing the Stacks Editor Beta release! "bootstrap": "^4.1.3", Licensed under the MIT License (the "License"); This project has adopted the Microsoft Open Source Code of Conduct.

this patch has the compiled codebase to fix IE compatibility and also the above fix resolving the observable. Why did the gate before Minas Tirith break so very easily? You can then use it wherever you like as such.

Used internally by the MSAL for automatically attaching tokens in webApi calls. We recommend you always take the latest version of our library in your app when possible. Peer dependency warnings when installing dependencies means that those dependencies might not work correctly together. Thats the hacky stuff done. @BenBullock1992 Thanks a lot, it indeed works now, although I still have peer dependency warnings: warning " > @azure/msal-angular@0.1.1" has incorrect peer dependency "@angular/common@^4.3.0". If you want to build the library and run all the unit tests, you can do the following. GitHub Issues for reporting a bug or feature requests, User Voice page to provide recommendations and/or feedback. Defaults to RFC4122 version 4 guid (128 bits).

This version will support Angular 6+ and rxjs 6. consentScopes : Allows the client to express the desired scopes that should be consented. MSAL will get access tokens using a hidden Iframe for given CORS API endpoints in the config. at Observable._subscribe (scalar.js:5), @rsuk I have the same error, but strangely enough only after first API call. redirectUri must be listed on your applications allowed URLs list. Everything I am reading says that rxjs-compat should be removed once you're on RxJS 6, so why is it that my project is working fine, yet, multiple people in this thread are seeing/saying the opposite? warning " > @azure/msal-angular@0.1.1" has incorrect peer dependency "@angular/core@^4.3.0". To make CORS API call, you need to specify your CORS API endpoints as a map in the config.

It is extremely important to unsubscribe. :). It is needed by the current version 0.1.2. Just adding this as a comment as it was one of the first search results that popped up: Obviously the name changed from BroadcastService to MsalBroadcastService in the latest version. How to load Spotify song progress inside an Angular application? it returns window.closed as true, and also returns another 'blank' object for window.location.. more specifically the issue is located in the Msal UserAgentApplication.openWindow. protectedResourceMap : Mapping of resources to scopes {"https://graph.microsoft.com/v1.0/me", ["user.read", "mail.send"]}.

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