Total Blocking = (blocking * (dex - 15)) / (cLvl * 2). Edit: google for max block calc and you can easy calculate it for your char. Edit: What is your gear btw? Ones that fall short of hitting (determined by your defense, the monster's attack rating, and possible magical effects) are in effect "blocked" by your armor. JavaScript is disabled. Go for this calculator and youll see. Some wouldnt go above 65% due to diminishing returns. In some cases the equipped weapon influences the blocking speed. Holy shield at lvl 17 should be ~34% blocking so your total blocking will be 104% which sounds silly, but that's D2Math. Hover the pointer over the character window to display your character's blocking percentage. As one frame is a mere .04 seconds, it may not even seem worthwhile, however in practice, even single frames can make a noticeable difference. Dexterity = ((150 * Character Level) / Displayed blocking on shield) + 15. Running, however, reduces the chance to 1/3rd of the original value, with a cap of 25% chance to block. Keep in mind that shields with "+x% Increased Chance of Blocking" have already added their bonus to the shield's blocking percentage that you see when hovering over it. In my case, im fine with less hp, cause most the things wont hit you anyway (especially when youre walking instead of running and use teleport more often). :flip: :lol: Not only do I know algebra - and calculus. Edit: dont get me wrong, you can do cs without max block with ease while using blizzard. This is a variable, there is no set number of points needed. blocking = A total of the blocking on all of your items. Just keep adding one point at a time until it says 75%. Some items and skills also increase blocking%. hammerdin zork planetdiablo Go all in vit. You can think about max block when doing cs runs or baal porting and even then, im not sure if max block is working with the low + skills (overall) from tal set in mind of being effective (im not sure of that in mind, hope it makes sense and you get my point).

there isn't a calculator, but the formula is: Chance to Block: Total Blocking = [(Blocking * (Dexterity - 15)) / (Character Level * 2)], i know i saw a calculator link somewhere, but oh well, how do you convert that formulae to show how much dex you need to have 75% block? Get a more efficient shield like Stormshield It depends on your character level aswell. You dont want to go max block when you have to sacrifice 2 skills from spiritmonarch while you have ~0 dmg output. After that you need like 1-2 dex per every level up, just add until it's 75 again. Lvl 95: 228 Dex, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. The calculation to find the block frames is: Block Frames = {256 x Block Base / [Animation Speed x (50 + EFBR) / 100 (rounded down)]} (rounded up) - 1. What if your to old to do algebra? I got ~1400hp with CTA-BO and max block, nearly 0 heartattack-situations. In equation form: The result, Total Blocking, is then capped at 75%, meaning that the chance to block cannot be increased above this by any means. When the character makes a successful block, they must perform a full blocking animation before they can do anything else, Faster Block Rate will reduce the length of this delay. Press J to jump to the feed. BlockFactor = a factor that is different in different classes.

Chance to Block (CTB) with a shield is calculated via a straightforward equation based upon only three variables: Your character's level, your dexterity level, and the shield's base blocking percent for your character's class (plus modifers).

Edit: If you dont want to sacrifice your spirit monarch, go 0 dex and all in vit instead.

If you hover your mouse over Defense in the character screen it will tell you your chance to block. This page was last edited on 14 October 2016, at 09:05. To give you an idea of why people are saying dont use Spirit, Ive compared the amount of dex for a Spirit Monarch and Stormshield at lvls 85, 90 & 95. Thanks! You dont want to go max block when you have to sacrifice 2 skills from spiritmonarch while you have ~0 dmg output., enough to give you max block chance. What is your gear btw? Lvl 90: 336 Dex For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Hirelings cannot block, not even a shield-equipped Iron Wolf. When defense "blocks" an attack it has no animation and it will not interrupt your attack (or casting). The character can do nothing else during the blocking animation. Because equipment plays a crucial role in how much dexterity is required to reach the maximum 75% chance to block, many players calculate their required endgame dexterity based upon their planned endgame gear, not what they are currently wearing (which would usually require more dexterity for a given endgame cLvl).

In Hardcore much more expensive, in softcore probably pul or less base blocking = the base blocking percentage of the shield. Note that this is an approximation since I dont remember exactly how rounding works. Incoming physical attacks check a character's defense rating to see what% chance they have to hit. Faster Block Rate (FBR) is a coefficient that increases the speed of Blocking. Blocking is only possible while engaged in melee combat, or while walking. I fumbled the blocking (104) and dex part here, appreciate you laying it all out for me. But it's a fairly accurate read out. This is not always accurate, thanks to the LCS, since some spell bonuses and other special effects are not displayed properly. resurrected purediablo okay, so at level 82 im not going to get max block without seriously sacrificing vitality/hp. Dexterity raises a character's% chance to block. Blocking is capped at 75% effectiveness. So to calculate the dex needed to hit 75% chance to block, you'd put that 104 into the 'blocking' variable above, like so: So your dex needs to be about 144 for max block. blocking bonus = Prefix and suffix that give a bonus, dex = The character's base dexterity plus all dexterity bonuses (f.ex. (Not while running.) i wanna know because i feel like im low on vit. +1 for stormshield . Blocking can also refer to the benefits of your character's defense. The calculation to find Effective Faster Block Rate (EFBR) is: EFBR = [FBR x 120 / (FBR + 120)] + 50 with Holy Shield (rounded down). Gotta remember the old timers that play too ::looks innocently AE's way:: What?? man, if you're not old enough to do Algebra, you shouldn't be playing this game. Whether you need help or you're just looking to chat - come join us! This percentage applies to standing still, melee attacking, and walking. using a spirit monarch on my sorc, how much dex to i need to have max block before its pointless to keep going into dex? For Druid, Necromancer and Sorceress it is 20%, for Amazon, Barbarian and Assasin it is 25% and for Paladin it is 30%. Blocking Formula in Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction,

Me, no never said a thing. im using full tal rashas plus two 10% faster cast rate rings, frostburn gloves and treads of cthon boots, running pure blizz for farming cows right now. I use to know how to use an abacas! Let's see if i still remember how to do this: Edit: FF did it a bunch better than I did. Forget max block with spirit . A character goes into block animation if its opponent succeeds in the hit check and the character succeeds in a blocking check. I can use a slide, and I can use a rule does that count? It involves a Paladin using a MAxed Holy Shield and a HoZ. You can also go for mosers or whitstans guide. Make sure holy shield is active while doing this. You will not see any change in Faster Block Rate until you pass the next breakpoint. There are 25 frames per second, so as the Faster Block Rate increases, the frames decrease. Slide rules. leveling maxroll This subreddit is for people who want to discuss Diablo 2 and Diablo II Resurrected. Quite literally pointless to go max block on spirit monarch as it requires too much dex. I just put in DEX until it his 75 block, with holy shield up, with my normal buffs up. Each character has a base block value, this is not a base block rate, rather is used to calculate the block rate. See the blocking article for more details. This is different from the Shield block animation or the amazon D/A/E (which will interrupt your attacks even if you don't get the animation). Sorry for the bump, but I need to check something to see if I'm right. Looks good to me, dude :thumbsup: All the numbers check out, and though initially i wasn't sure of HS's block bonus is added like that, checking the 1.10 Paladin FAQ in the Strat Compendium confirms that you got it correct.

For high block is used stormshield, gerkes sanctuary or mosser. Improvements to faster blocking are difficult to achieve since the bonuses to it are found almost exclusively on shields.

I read somewhere that the actual number differed from that, but I'm just gonna go with this. Does anyone have experience calculating this thing? I'm thinking of just throwing in 135 dex but I don't want to waste another reroll. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Lvl 90: 217 Dex While running cows, forget about max block, u dont need it. Since frames of animation cannot be further divided into fractions, this creates "breakpoints". (*) 1-handed swinging weapons include 1-handed axes, clubs, 1-handed maces, orbs, scepters, 1-handed swords, 2-handed swords wielded in one hand, throwing axes, and wands.

Blocking usually refers to the action of blocking an attack with a shield. Great thank you! My level is 89, I'll get 50% blocking from Protector Shield spirit, 20% from Guardian Angel templar coat and I'll have a level 17 holy shield. charms, equipment). im too tired to figure it out right now =\, DEX = (Total Block * clvl * 2 / Chance to Block) + 15. Hey I've been trying to calculate dex for max block on my hammerdin but I must be missing something (or I suck at math, probably this) because I'm not getting an answer that makes sense. Any% above 75% is irrelevant. Listen to him. This means that an Amazon with 22 FBR is effectively equal to one with only 15. doesnt require much investment to reach max block, i have some fal, some lum, and some pul runes, i dont have anything higher. In addition to algebra, remember D2 is an integers-only computer game. Act 3 mercenaries do not block even though they are capable of using a shield. Lvl 85: 319 Dex

75% is the highest you can go, so once you reach 75 with your items you can stop putting points into dex.

The block base of the characters are as follows: The standard animation speed is 256 except in the case of the Amazon wielding one handed swinging weapons* (88) and the Druid in Werebear form (200).

Lvl 95: 354 Dex, Lvl 85: 205 Dex You must log in or register to reply here. For an example: my sorc is lvl 94, stormshield socketed with eld and needs ~205 dex for max block.

All physical attacks and some magical ones can be blocked, and a shield is an essential item for many character builds in Diablo II. *One handed swinging = Axes, Clubs, Maces, Hammers, Scepters, Swords, Throwing axes.

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