This behaviour must last continuously for six months or more and significantly interfere with daily functioning. Rockway is a Mennonite school, and approximately half our students have personal connections to that faith tradition. Read The Our Kids Review of St. John's-Kilmarnock School, RMC Canadian Application Form [editable PDF], Experienced, passionate, professional teachers, Project-based, design-thinking experiential learning, Extensive co-curricular programmes in athletics, arts, leadership and community service, 2020 First Robotics Competition Winner - Durham College Event. Rockway offers a challenging and supportive environment that embraces academics, the arts, and athletics to help students to become the best of who they are. Gr 11 is a semestered lifestyle activity course while gr 12 is a science based kinesiology course with a significant fitness component. SJK is committed to enrolling students who value community, are well-rounded, naturally curious and are committed to personal growth in all facets of school life. 12). Rockway also attracts students from Germany, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Russia and the United States, with roughly 15% of its student body coming from outside of Canada. SJK students build confidence through risk-taking, overcoming challenges, and stepping outside their comfort zones. While the physical plan is still quite new, the current development is around community and instruction (rather than buildings and infrastructure) including an ongoing dedication to experiential learning, values-based instruction, and community connections. It can range from complete hearing loss (or deafness) to partial hearing loss (meaning the ears can pick up some sounds). Families of Rockway students commit themselves to collaborative relationships between home and school that foster the best possible learning outcomes. They also sometimes fixate on certain subjects and engage in repetitive behaviour.

These may include growth deficits, facial anomalies, and damage to the central nervous system, which can lead to cognitive, behavioural, and other problems. Once every year, the Visual Arts committee hosts a public art show, featuring pieces submitted by the students. The school has grown over the years, and is also in the midst of a 5-year development plan, to complete in 2020. Classes began in September 1945, with twenty-seven grade 9 and eleven grade 10 students. A Small School for a Big World!

Courses are structured to support interschool athletics with active movement units preparing students to tryout for school teams. It can lead to a number of physical challenges, including paralysis or weakness in the legs, bowel and bladder incontinence, hydrocephalus (too much fluid in the brain), and deformities of the spine. Rockway offers a full slate of academic and applied course options as set out by the ministry of education for Ontario. On February 15, 1945, delegates from Mennonite Conference of Eastern Canada made the decision to open a new Mennonite high school. The curriculum might still be enriched in various ways: covering topics more in-depth and with more vigor than the provincial one, or covering a broader selection of topics. We offer an enriched program in small classes, designed to reach students of diverse learning styles, taught by a remarkable team of dedicated and gifted teachers. This is accomplished with a balance of inquiry-based investigations and teacher-led activities to build a solid foundation in scientific theory. Ours is a religious tradition concerned with putting its values into action through service and peacemaking, with an awareness of our obligations to one another in community, and to discerning together what makes for a just and compassionate world. In the 2017-2018 year the senior boys volleyball team made it to OFSAA and the senior boys basketball team won CWOSSA and went to OFSAA. These programs provide for a balanced development of skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing within the framework of the audio-lingual and communicative styles of language instruction. Dyspraxia (Developmental Coordination Disorder). We begin with mental wellness as a core and examine how it relates to fitness, nutrition, safety, sexuality, growth and development, substance use and abuse, sleep and community. Much of our English curriculum is literature based, meaning that our teaching and exploration of the skills of the English discipline are centred around and spring from the study of carefully selected classic and modern complete works of literature, including Canadian, Canadian Indigenous, American, British and international authors. We immerse students in our rich and diverse range of academic and extracurricular activities which facilitates them making positive contributions in the classroom, sports, chapel and the arts. A few of the main ones are impaired phonological awareness and decoding, problems with orthographic coding, and auditory short-term memory impairment. A school can have a rigorous academic culture and still provide excellent individual support. 11), Society, Challenge and Change (Gr. Rockway is, first and foremost, an outstanding school with a rigorous academic program. As you will see throughout this website, our small size is a huge asset, and it offers us great flexibility in developing and delivering a rich, creative program that addresses the academic, social, athletic, artistic and spiritual needs of our student body in an affirming learning environment. SJK is proud to be the only accredited IB World Continuum School in Southwestern Ontario. It can result in missing subtle differences in shapes or printed letters, losing place frequently, struggles with cutting, holding pencil too tightly, or poor eye/hand coordination. This is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Through these courses, students also refine their reading, writing and critical-thinking skills in preparation for life and the next level of education.

Experience the difference, discover the possibilities and go beyond at SJK School. It is a structured approach that involves the teacher delivering a unified curriculum through direct instruction. Some private schools offer International Baccalaureate (IB) programming. At the present time we do not offer the college technology math courses. This involves persistent thoughts about ending one's life. Rockway is a member of the eight team District 8 Athletic Association. It involves problems with handwriting, spelling, and organizing ideas. Ancient lit English lit World (non-Western) lit European (continental) lit American lit Canadian lit. 2201 Shantz Station Road, Waterloo Region (Breslau), Ontario, N0B 1M0, Canada, 110 Doon Road, Kitchener, Ontario, N2G 3C8, Canada, JK, SK, K, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, SJK presents as a very traditional school, an impression granted by the name, the uniforms, the size of the campus. It can have a variety of traits. High expectations and standards and a challenging yet rewarding curriculum are the common themes here. They may also have problems with math-related concepts such as time and money. Academic instruction is balanced with a robust after school co-curricular program, which begins in Junior Kindergarten and results in the nurturing and development of the whole child. Thank you for considering Rockway Mennonite Collegiate ~ I believe that we offer one of the best overall middle and secondary school experiences available in our region, with opportunities for personal growth and learning that are unique to our school community. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is an umbrella term used to describe the range of effects that can occur in an individual whose mother consumed alcohol during pregnancy.

Students at Rockway have opportunity to study two principal second-languages: French in grades 7-12 and German in grades 10-12. 11), Introduction to Social Science (Gr. The School is located on a beautiful 36-acre natural campus offering enriched educational programming for students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12 through its International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum.

SJK is the only school in our region to be authorized by the International Baccalaureate to offer the continuum of three IB programs: the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP) and the university preparatory Diploma Programme. To meet the needs of a diverse student body, our courses are balanced between business applications, communication technology and computer programming. By using this website, creating or logging into an Our Kids account, you agree to Our Kids' Terms and Conditions. We welcome students from diverse backgrounds and appreciate the richness that this diversity brings to our classrooms and our school. SJK presents as a very traditional school, an impression granted by the name, the uniforms, the size of the campus. Either: Mail or deliver the application, report card and deposit to. Grade 10\'s have the opportunity to take physical education all year on an alternating daily basis (175 min/week). This can lead to behavioural and emotional issues, such as drug and alcohol abuse, criminal behaviour, eating disorders, depression, and anxiety. Symptoms can include fatigue, loss of motor control, memory loss, depression, and cognitive difficulties. This allows the student to move at a pace that is appropriate to their individual needs. Visual impairment is a decreased ability or inability to see that can't be fixed in usual ways, such as with glasses. This is a sound differentiation disorder involving problems with reading, comprehension, and language. Students who successfully complete an academic program of studies in Mathematics at Rockway are well prepared for the expectations of university and college mathematics programs. 11), Media Studies (Gr. his refers to a group of permanent movement disorders that appear in early childhood. If you visit Rockway, interact with our students, meet our teachers, talk with our alumni and read our materials, I am confident you will reach the same conclusion. This pace is steady and set by the teachers and school. Founded in 1972, it has taken all of the more modern educational concepts to heart: small class sizes, student-directed instruction, before- and after-school care from JK to Grade 6, an extensive busing program. We are one of only five schools in Ontario to achieve this distinction. These programs feature an equal blend of the audio-lingual and communicative styles of language instruction. [6] Although the school is Mennonite in heritage and beliefs, Rockway accepts students from all types of religions and beliefs. We know that an integrated approach and a love of learning are the best ways to meet the needs and expectations of our students. Teachers provide materials, experiences, tools and resources to help students investigate a topic or issue. The approach commonly features interactive group work, games, authentic texts, and opportunities to learn about the cultural background of the language. These behaviors can interfere with school and home life. Students from grades 7 - 12 are challenged to work across multiple platforms and languages, with a range of current computer applications. From Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, students engage with modern facilities and the School's beautiful 36-acre campus, which sets the stage for stimulating learning environments where knowledge, innovation, and internationalism are expressed and valued. HebrewESLSpanish Russian Latin Japanese Italian Greek GermanFrenchChinese-Mandarin Chinese-Cantonese, HebrewESL Spanish Russian Latin Japanese Italian GreekGermanFrench Chinese-Mandarin Chinese-Cantonese. They include: World Religions (Gr. They can also have excessive and persistent worry about everyday situations, and repeated episodes of intense anxiety or terror. Founded in 1972, it has taken all of the more modern educational concepts to heart: small class sizes, student-directed instruction, before- and after-school care from JK to grade 6, and an extensive busing program. Rockway has collaborated with local universities to expose students to post-secondary opportunities in science. The communicative method of language acquisition emphasizes the use of the target language in authentic contexts.

12), World History: 1500-Present (Gr. Drills and quizzes may still be used, but less frequently than with the audio-lingual method. These programs have an equal emphasis on receptive and creative learning.

The journey begins here. Some people are completely blind, while others have what's called "legal blindness.". In 2017, The Wizard of Oz was presented. Through the study of French, students gain an understanding of and appreciation for a pan-Canadian scope - a mutual understanding among both language groups in our officially bilingual country. The school has grown over the years, and is also in the midst of a 5-year development plan, to complete in 2020. Rockway Mennonite Collegiate forms faith and builds character in an academic environment for students who will work hard, respect the values of the community, and be open to the guidance and instruction that will enable them to become responsible, globally minded, compassionate and reflective citizens of our community and world. Second-language learning at Rockway is a unique discipline in that it naturally integrates the development of academic skills, attitudes of openness and respect, and marketable career skills.

These courses include livefit, powerfit, and regular classes. [8], The school's drama department stages an annual grade 7/8 Drama and a Senior Drama, although every three years, an all-school musical is staged instead. It affects young children and adults. This helps prepare them to engage our contemporary world.

Children with ADHD may be hyperactive and unable control their impulses. ", Balanced"Equal emphasis is placed on a balance of priorities: intellectual, emotional, social and physical cultivation. All students must take Grade 9 Geography (Canadian) and Grade 10 History (20th Century Canadian). While the physical plan is still quite newit was completed in 1990the current development is around community and instruction (rather than buildings and infrastructure) including an ongoing dedication to experiential learning, values-based instruction, and 20th century literacies. Class discussions are also used to create critical dialogue around the content of the curriculum. The school arranges host families for students to live with, has an international students club, and offers English as a second language classes. This is a kind of specific learning disability in math. Stations often contain an indirect lesson or developmental goal. It offers academic programs for grade 712 students, various cross-cultural exchanges, as well as arts, athletics and tech programs. Students who thrive at Rockway immerse themselves in our rich and diverse range of academic and extracurricular opportunities, and make positive contributions to the classroom, sports, chapel, and the arts. [11] Between 2005 and 2008, Rockway medaled four times at "A" OFSAA Basketball. The SJK community is grounded in a sense of respect for oneself, each other and our environment as local and global citizens. Please also see our Privacy Policy. We encourage families to apply early as we typically receive more applications than we have available places. We invite you and your family to come and experience SJK. Our International Baccalaureate Programmes provide a solid academic foundation for our students right from Junior Kindergarten through to the end of Grade 12. The best way to get to know more about our vibrant learning community is to come for a visit. Our Kids 2022 All right reserved. Ballet and Classical BalletYogaYearbookStudent Council Scouting Science ClubSchool newspaper Round SquareRobotics club Radio club Poetry/Literature clubPhotography PaintballOutdoor Education Outdoor Club Online Magazine Musical theatre/Opera Math ClubJazz Ensemble Habitat for Humanity Foreign Language ClubEnvironmental ClubDrama Club Debate ClubDance Club Computer ClubCommunity ServiceChoir Chess ClubBand Audiovisual Club Astronomy Club Art Club Animation, Ballet and Classical Ballet YogaYearbookStudent Council Scouting Science ClubSchool newspaper Round SquareRobotics club Radio club Poetry/Literature club Photography Paintball Outdoor EducationOutdoor Club Online Magazine Musical theatre/Opera Math Club Jazz Ensemble Habitat for Humanity Foreign Language ClubEnvironmental ClubDrama Club Debate Club Dance Club Computer Club Community ServiceChoir Chess ClubBandAudiovisual Club Astronomy Club Art Club Animation. Its a unique school, to be sure, which is exactly why families, both within and without the Mennonite community, enroll their children here. The dining hall menu is built around locally sourced, non-GMO food. This involves the excessive use of drug and/or alcohol, which interferes with daily functioning. Grades 7&8 have 210 minutes per week of physical education, while grade 9s have 215 minutes per week. For instance, there are persons with both low- and high-functioning autism (some claim the latter is identical to Asperger's syndrome). This is a condition of the central nervous system. Rockway averages over 30,000 food items per year. In the senior years, there is a wide variety of courses from which they may choose. Largely open-ended and minimally structured, play-based programs aim to develop social skills and a love of attending school.

The school was founded by Swiss Mennonites living in Waterloo, frustrated with the increasing military influence on wartime schools in Canada, which clashed with their pacifist beliefs. Our graduates earn 100% university admission rates and many go on to elite post-secondary programs in a range of disciplines including STEM, business, and the arts. Create an account FAST through the same paths above. The ideal student is one operating at the top of his or her peer group, and who can benefit from a vibrant, diverse educational and social environment.Read The Our Kids Review of St. John's-Kilmarnock School. On the autism spectrum, Asperger's is considered quite mild in terms of symptoms.

In 2008, the girls senior basketball team won the gold at OFSAA and coach Bernie Burnett became the first coach to receive a gold medal for both the senior girls and boys basketball team. In addition to the intensive study of literature, we include independent study of novels selected by students, with guidance and the study of poetry. ", "September 2019 Rockway Update Newsletter", "Celebrating 70 Years! Health is taught from a lifelong, inter-relational, balanced, and overall perspective. We actively pursue professional development opportunities, combining classroom experience with current education research and knowledge, for effective student support. It involves persistent feelings of sadness, loss, and anger. These involve difficulties interpreting non-verbal cues, such as facial expressions and body language.

This is a condition characterized by significant limitations in intellectual functioning (e.g., reasoning, learning, and problem solving). If all you knew about the school was its name, a closer look wouldreveal a lot of surprises. These disorders affect the area of the brain that controls language processing. This is a mental health disorder also called "major depression." This 17 day exchange greatly enhances the students cultural understanding, fluency and comprehension in the target languages. However, this is not a dominant focus. In some ways, Rockway was born out of a pacifist impulse, established by Swiss Mennonites who were concerned about the military tenor that seeped into the public school system leading up to and during WWII. The Senior Boys Volleyball and Basketball teams won CWOSSA and made it to OFSAA in the 2016-17 year. Students purchase food, or collect it door-to-door, which is then donated to the House of Friendship Christmas Hamper Program, partnering with the Food Bank of Waterloo Region and the Salvation Army. Causes, symptoms, age of onset, and prognosis vary between individuals. Students who thrive at Rockway immerse themselves in our rich and diverse range of academic and extracurricular opportunities, and make positive contributions to the classroom, sports, chapel and the arts. Pre-academic skills are taught, but in a more indirect way than at, say, an Academic program: through children playing in different stations set up around the classroom, which children choose on their own volition. This is a learning disability that can limit a child's ability to read and learn. In fact, the school is both younger and more progressive than it might initially seem. roubled teens tend to have problems that are intense, persistent, and can lead to quite unpredictable behaviour. It may also affect speech. Signing in allows us to save your selections and customize your experience. At Rockway, we help shape students through a rigorous academic environment and strong community atmosphere that creates responsible, globally minded, compassionate and reflective citizens for our community and the world. We want our students to find both their place and themselves here. The intention is to address the whole child, providing strong academic and social support. In Rockways Learning Resource Centre, students learn to develop the strategies they need for academic progress through high school and beyond. NEW USER? According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms are usually severe enough to cause noticeable problems in relationships with others or in daily activities, such as school, work, or one's social life. Effort is made to integrate the development of digital literacy through the curriculum. Science programs that balance expository and inquiry learning equally will likely have an equal blend of tests and experiments; direct, textbook-based instruction and student-centred projects. Academically, the program is intended to challenge learners who need to be challenged, and includes IB programs from JK through Grade 12. Rockway offers its students a wide array of leadership development opportunities, and our experience is clear: Rockway students graduate ready to pursue their dreams, eager to make a difference, and prepared for lifes challenges. Dyslexia (Language-Based Learning Disability). Or they may have trouble paying attention. They raised $50,000 and purchased a farmhouse and barn on Doon Road near the Rockery (now Rockway Gardens) to convert into their first school building. Rockway has a variety of sports and competitive teams. Our goal is to ensure your child can be happy and successful during their educational journey at SJK. Rockway hosts two concerts every year, at Christmas and in the spring, which feature the school's various vocal and instrumental ensembles.

By logging in or creating an account, you agree to Our Kids' Terms and Conditions. Accommodating a wide range of physical conditions and disabilities. ", IntellectualThe goal is to cultivate "academically strong, creative and critical thinkers, capable of exercising rationality, apprehending truth, and making aesthetic distinctions.".

Our qualified and talented faculty ensure that learning and teaching focuses on the development of well-rounded and confident individuals; IB represents an enriched framework for personal and social development as well as skills for life, but also a competitive academic and professional qualification alongside the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD).

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