Pharaoh Alternatively, you would want to ascribe the characteristics of the medical field to your son, including caring, intelligence, a scientific mind, and empathy. This ruler was pharaoh during a time of great prosperity in Egypt, which could influence great characteristics in your son. 39. This is the masculine version of the name Hameeda, which both have similar meanings of being thankful. Tarik (Egyptian origin) means "name of a warrior". Baby names that are based on Egyptian Mythology are a wonderful way to honor the culture and legacy of pharaohs if the land of pyramids. While these are not common, they can be a good name choice if you want a regal name for your little prince. However, in the Egyptian context, the name means flight or stranger. 78.

The name Radames has its roots in Egyptian and it means hero.

This is a solid choice if you want a religious name for your son.

62. Lateef (Egyptian origin) means a person who has a mild and kind nature. This makes it a lovely name for your first-born twin while associating him with colorful and bright flowers that mark the start of spring. Little boys are bound to get into adventures and there will be times when you have to deal with cuts and scrapes as a result. This name is likely to be derived from Hagar, which is a biblical boys name. He was noted for his massive building projects and administrative genius, along with his benevolence to the people under his sovereignty. 36.

82. 99. Gyasi (Egyptian origin) means "wonderful". This name means fighter. Teremun (Egyptian origin) means "loved by his father". So, if you want a strong name that transcends religion, Abanoub could be a good choice. Osahar (Egyptian origin) means "God hears me". 60. Being a hero is something we can all aspire to and if you want your son to aim to be a hero, you could set him off to a good start with his name. Abubakar translates as noble and could provide the first step on the path for his life, carrying a bearing that shows his strength and other nobility traits.

An alternate meaning for the name is protector, which is a superb name if this is not your first child and you want to ensure that your children look out for each other in the years to come. Not to be mistaken for the shortened form of Joseph, Sef is an Egyptian name that means yesterday. 83. He is often called the Child Martyr, as he was killed for refusing to leave Christianity. Whether youre a Beatles fan or have fond memories of the past, the name Sef could allow you to connect your son to this meaning.

Horus is a key figure in Egyptian mythology. This can also be a good name choice if your little one is an unexpected blessing.

Babu Jafari (Egyptian origin) means "creek". Abasi (Egyptian origin) means stern. This name simply translates as lion, which will help your boy to have a fearless spirit and superb self-confidence. 66.

The name Mido features in different cultures with different meanings.

You can give your son a head start on the road to success with the name Zuberi. However, the name also has roots in Christianity. Types of Annual Flu Vaccination: Why & When Should Your Child , . The meaning for the name is loved by all, and giving your child this name could be a splendid gift that will encourage love all his life. Naming your son Waaiz could inspire him to become a learned man later in life. This is another spiritual name if you want your son to be connected to your religious beliefs and lead a spiritual life. We are trying to reduce your anxiousness by suggesting 50 names that will surely help you find the name of your choice. The name also has another meaning of just, which is a fantastic attribute to strive for in any child or adult. The name comes from Egyptian mythology meaning the great archon from mythology. Wamukota (Egyptian origin) means "left-handed".

The name originates from the Persian language and is gaining popularity in Egypt.

Looking for more baby boy names?

Idogbe (Egyptian origin) means "brother of twins". In ancient Egypt, Ammon is a place near the Dead Sea.

She aims to utilise her learnings to deliver quality content which will in turn help drive sales and customer engagement. 3. We all will agree that naming a baby is the hardest thing to do. Bravery is an essential attribute for modern men, and this name will inspire your son to stand up for himself and others with the moral strength to face any challenges that come his way.

50 Popular Native American Baby Names for Girls, 50 Baby Names For Boys And Girls That Mean Hunter, These Habits Are What Helped Me Keep My Breastmilk Supply Constant, How to Deal With Unsolicited Advice as a New Mom, 100 Strong and Powerful Last Names or Surnames, 5 Things About Breastfeeding No One Told Me About, Dancer Hand Breastfeeding Benefits and How to Do It, The Best Pixar Movies You Must Watch First, The Art of Balancing Parental Beliefs with Grandparental Affection. Egyptian boy names can bring you just that as Egyptian civilization can be traced back over 5,000 years. Thoth (Egyptian origin) means "God of the moon".

The 149 Most Popular Celtic Baby Boy Names Strength is a crucial masculine trait and successful men can be emotionally, mentally, or physically strong. The first of the names in this list to be given to an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, Darius is popular across the world today and means he who does good.. 23.

The basic translation of the Egyptian name Bes is brings joy. This is the perfect way to demonstrate how your new son brings you joy. 51. It is a name that is steeped in faith and tradition, with a variety of different spellings. Gyasi is a beautiful name that means wonderful.

100 Cool Australian Girl Names (With Meanings), 100 Powerful Biblical Boy Names (and Meanings), 100 Cool English Girl Names (For Your Little Lady), 100 Traditional Celtic Male Names (For Your Baby Boy), 100 Beautiful Celtic Female Names (for Little Goddesses), 100 Strong Chinese Male Names (For Your Son), 100 Pretty Chinese Girl Names (And Their Meanings), 100 Pretty Danish Female Names Danish Girl Names (Nordic & Scandinavian Names), 100 Beautiful Dutch Girl Names (With Their Meanings), 100 Unique European Boy Names (With Meanings), 100 Cool European Girl Names (With Meanings), 100 Best Finnish Male Names (for Handsome Little Men), 100 Cool Finnish Female Names (Popular, Traditional, & Cute Names), 100 Unique French Boy Names (With Meanings), 100 Cool French Names for Girls (You Will Love), 100 Best Gaelic Boy Names With Meanings (Popular, Unique & Medieval), 100 Unique Gaelic Names for Girls (For Your New Arrival), 100 Powerful German Boy Names (And Meanings), 100 Cool Female German Names (Traditional, Popular & Unique Names), 100 Cool Greek Male Names (Inspired by Spartans & Greek Mythology). 88. The name meaning is a little more in-depth, meaning established and beautiful. 141 English Names for Boys Osaze (Egyptian origin) means "loved by God". This makes it an excellent name choice if you want a name with a lovely meaning and a solid history. However, across a number of African countries, including Egypt, it has similar meanings of the eldest of twins.

Bahadur (Egyptian origin) means fighter. A child can bring laughter into your home and there is no sweeter sound than a child laughing. This is a wonderful and cool name that has a simple meaning of a handsome boy. Taking this name as inspiration for your child, you could be encouraging them to draw others to them for a fulfilled and loved life. This is one of the most popular Egyptian boys names around the world, including Egypt. An Egyptian name for your son who is powerful and magnificent like the lion. Mahmoud

If your new son has already exhibited a fighting spirit, perhaps with challenges during your pregnancy or vigorous movement that makes you all too aware he is a strong little boy, Aly could be an excellent name choice.

37. It is one of the most common names used in Egypt. If you havent quite made up your mind, here is a list of 97 Egyptian male names: For more ideas on the best baby names for your little one, why not ask the mamas of Peanut?

67. This is another traditional Egyptian name that has a wonderful meaning.

Bast can be used for boys and girls, imbuing a sense of passion and well-being. It is taken from the Egyptian for beautiful city. The name Aharon has its roots in Hebrew and The Bible in its variant Aaron.

It is derived from Ancient Egyptian, but it also has Ancient Greek roots.

The name means third born, which will secure your sons place in your growing family.

Salem translates to safe or safety, which could allow you to think that someone is watching out for him as he gets older. Abubakar (Egyptian origin) means "another unique Egyptian baby name, this one means noble.

Imhotep was the chief minister and architect of Pharoah Djoser who designed the pyramid at Saqqara. If you liked our suggestions for Egyptian Boys Names then why not take a look at Aztec Names, or for something different take a look at Best Sibling Names In Sets. Jabari is a fantastic name for strong, powerful warriors. Ammon or Amon was the chief deity in Ancient Egypt and it is a place in Egypt near the Dead Sea. Shakir (Egyptian origin) means grateful. Osaze means loved by God, which is an amazing inspiration for a name for your new little one.

This is the perfect name choice if you want your son to exemplify good fortune.

It means food and intelligence or wisdom. The name Darwish is a variant of the word dervish. You could inspire your son to be a learned man with the name Thutmose, which means born of the god Thoth. These are fantastic qualities you may aspire to attribute to your son, which would make this a perfect name choice. Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. However, not all old Egyptian names relate to ancient Egyptian mythology.

This is a name of Arabic origin, this name means someone with good fortune and luck. Abanoub is a name with an ancient Egyptian origin meaning father of gold or kings of gold. It is derived from the Egyptian God Amon who is the God of sun and air.

Hager (Egyptian origin) means "flight or stranger". Akl (Egyptian origin) means "it means food and intelligence or wisdom. This name in Egyptian means given by God.

91. You also acknowledge that owing to the limited nature of communication possible on interactive elements on the site, any assistance, or response you receive is provided by the author alone.

The lion is a common symbol in many cultures representing courage, majesty, and confidence. Every parent imagines their little one as perfect, but this can also be an inspiration for a name for your son.

The name originates from Arabic but has gained popularity in Egypt as well. This is a beautiful name for a little boy, as it translates to a feeling of happiness and elation. A name of Arabic origin, the name Braheem means father of multitudes. 97. Osiris (Egyptian origin) means "God of the dead".

This is a sweet name that can be used for boys or girls and is popular in Egypt and other countries in Africa.

Mahmoud means one who is praised by people, which is a fantastic goal to aspire to. 32.

Zuberi (Egyptian origin) means strong. Nakia

Regardless of the variation, it means glorified or to praise. It is the name of one of the eleven kings of the New Kingdom. If you have lofty ambitions for your little prince then there may be no more fitting name.

Masuda (Egyptian origin) means a joyful and happy boy. Despite being for different genders, the meanings of both versions of Nane are similar. In either context, the name means life, which suggests a personality full of vitality and energy. Quasshie is a sweet name if youre getting close to your due date and still struggling for name inspiration. 4.

Fadil (Egyptian origin) means "generous". 7. Dakarai signifies joy or happiness. A celebrated name that means son of God. It is rather a unique and mythological Egyptian name that means reborn sun. It can also be a good name inspiration if you are a fan of Egyptian architecture. Jumoke (Egyptian origin) means "loved by all".

If you names your baby after your pregnancy craving, what would your babys name be?

11. The word handsome is often used to describe character and substance, which are both appealing traits in any man. This Egyptian name will be a perfect boy names. Hanbal is one of the unusual Egyptian names for boys, but it is beautiful.

A great name for your baby boy. Shabaka (Egyptian origin) means "network." This is the perfect name for your new son. So, what are some Egyptian boys names? Although it is used as a girls name in French, Nane also has Egyptian roots as a boys name. Ali 44. However, there are other meanings in other cultures, including Swahili or Arabic, where the most common meaning is of today.

So, you can set your son on a solid path in life with the name Hasani. It suggests that he could be a powerful man of the people.

Both boys and girls from the country of the Nile river are said to be so beautiful and so are their names. 34. The meaning behind the name Baahir is brilliant or dazzling and it will allow your son to shine his bright presence in the many years to come. The name Menefer can make a lovely name for a boy or girl.

Zaid (Egyptian origin) means "he shall add". Being a fluent or powerful orator is an important skill whether you will be delivering a speech to a crowd or simply speaking out to others. 80.

15. Shabaka was a celebrated Egyptian king and this could be a good choice for your baby boy.

Paki (Egyptian origin) means "a witness". Mido (Egyptian origin) means "praiseworthy". This will help to express how your son will be the joy of your life and wish him happiness and contentment. This could be ideal for your special little one if you want him to have a name steeped in tradition and history. By naming your son Yafeu, you could encourage your son to stand tall and be bold throughout his life.

Egyptian civilisation flourished for more than 5000 years. 1000 Popular Baby Boy Names Top 134 Arabic Baby Boy Names Nephi was the son of a prophet who left Jerusalem for the promised land. Imhotep (Egyptian origin) means he comes in peace. If you already have two children, the name Ottah could be a lovely way to celebrate your third child. It is a variant of Moses, who was a savior of the Egyptian people.

If youre considering a name for your little prince, Ozymandias is an unusual name with ancient meaning. Most of the top Egyptian names for boys come from the Islamic faith. This is another unusual Egyptian boys name, which dates back to Ancient Egypt. If youre looking for a spiritual name for your son, Osahar is a lovely choice. Ahmed is the second most popular name in Egypt and it means a person with abundant praiseworthy traits. Dakarai (Egyptian origin) means joy or happiness. Baniti (Egyptian origin) means teacher, someone who is knowledgeable and wise.

A name of Egyptian origin, this name means stern. It means love. Whatever the meaning, Ur-Atum could be a great name. 16. The name Omar means speaker, which could help your son to have the confidence to speak clearly, giving his opinions to friends, peers, and strangers. From the Egyptian, this name means laughs, which is an ideal name if you wish for a son with a pleasant and happy demeanor. 6.

Femi (Egyptian origin) means "love" A name of African origin, Femi is also a popular name in Egypt.

Whether it is love for family and friends or caring for strangers, you can inspire this ability to express love with the name Femi. This should help him to become a strong, confident boy and man. This is a lovely name if youre expecting your firstborn child. 103 Greek Baby Boy Names And Their Meanings

The name means a man known for his bravery. It has the meaning of sublime and it can help new parents to express the wonderment of their bundle of joy. Zosar is the perfect name for your little prince as it means royalty and abundance.

This name has an Egyptian origin, and it means friend of Prophet Mohammad.

It is an attractive Egyptian name that means brings joy.

Moses led his people across the desert and parted the Red Sea.

This could be a superb way to give your child a spiritual yet unusual name that can inspire great character traits for their entire life. If youre a keen follower of Egyptian history and culture, Akhenaton is a great name choice for your son. 64. 17. Nassor (Egyptian origin) means "victor".

26. Imhotep also designed the pyramid at Saqqara.

14. A new baby is often a joyful event and you can use this as inspiration as a name for your new son with the name Abayomi. 2010-2021

It could refer to accomplishing great deeds, being a great, powerful man, or even having a great personality. male
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