World War II when President Roosevelt, encouraged by Moreover, it is a prosperity of a nation at peace, not at war. But theyre wrong. The Korean War has been ended. Under the leadership of President Eisenhower, the United States has advanced foreign policies which enable our people to enjoy the blessings of liberty and peace. Mutual security means effective mutual cooperation. Opt in to send and receive text messages from President Biden. Approval of measures for additional conservation and propagation of fish. We are an expanding nation. Recognizing economic health as an indispensable basis of military strength and world peace, we shall strive to foster abroad and to practice at home, policies to encourage productivity and profitable trade. We favor recognition, by the States, of wild-life and recreation management and conservation as a beneficial use of water. The use of isotopes already has resulted in annual savings of hundreds of millions of dollars and the nuclear age has only begun. We shall continue to root out corruption whenever and wherever it appears. The gross national product-the value of all goods and After the war, President Truman they lived in a segregated society which extended to railroads, We shall carry forward the worthy effort of the Kestnbaum Commission on Intergovernmental Affairs to clarify Federal relationships and strengthen State and local government. We pledge legislative support to the arid and semi-arid states in preserving the integrity of their water laws and customs as developed out of the necessities of these regions. We have balanced the budget. Since public schools in most states were not formally For the first time, we see positive evidence that forces of freedom and liberation will inevitably prevail if the free nations maintain their strength, unity and resolution. Record numbers of farms are owned by those who operate them. pdf george read edition We shall continue to seek the reunification of Germany in freedom, and the liberation of the satellite statesPoland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Rumania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and other, once-free countries now behind the Iron Curtain. For the first time in our history there is no segregation in veterans' hospitals and among civilians on naval bases. 230 Annie & John Glenn Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210, Visit our sister sites:A Well-Informed People. to encourage farmers to grow crops that were not in surplus. In that concept, this Republican Administration sponsored the Refugee Relief Act to provide asylum for thousands of refugees, expellees and displaced persons, and undertook in the face of Democrat opposition to correct the inequities in existing law and to bring our immigration policies in line with the dynamic needs of the country and principles of equity and justice. Administration retained all of the social and economic legislation The Republican Party stands firmly with the peoples of these countries in their just quest for freedom. Under the Republican Administration, as our country has prospered, so have its people. We pledge our continued efforts to eliminate the obstacles to a lasting peace in this area. We believe and will continue to prove that thrift, prudence and a sensible respect for living within income applies as surely to the management of our Government's budget as it does to the family budget. We favor a comprehensive study of the effect upon wildlife of the drainage of our wetlands.

Before Eisenhowers 1952 presidential victory, Republicans were frequently battered in national elections by their association with the Great Depression. Barriers which impede international trade and the flow of capital should be reduced on a gradual, selective and reciprocal basis, with full recognition of the necessity to safeguard domestic enterprises, agriculture and labor against unfair import competition. Beginning with our creation of the very successful Small Business Administration, and continuing through the recently completed studies and recommendations of the Cabinet Committee on Small Business, which we strongly endorse, we have focused our attention on positive measures to help small businesses get started and grow. quizlet fallow, to plant trees, or to adopt other conservation measures. separate schools for black and white children were In all those things which deal with people's money, or their economy, or their form of government, be conservative.". We firmly believe in the right of peoples everywhere to determine their form of government, their leaders, their destiny, in peace. President Eisenhower led the way at Geneva. We recommend an extension at the earliest opportunity of the Small Business Administration which is now scheduled to expire in mid 1957. The Government and private enterprise are working together on a number of large-scale projects designed to develop substantial quantities of electric power from atomic sources. In his early Army career, he excelled in staff assignments, serving under Generals John J. Pershing, Douglas MacArthur, and Walter Krueger. Government must have a heart as well as a head. We support the enactment of the civil rights program already presented by the President to the Second Session of the 84th Congress. The protection of the right of workers to organize into unions and to bargain collectively is the firm and permanent policy of the Eisenhower Administration. A first fruit of the Caracas Doctrine was the expulsion of the Communist regime ruling Guatemala. In 1955, the two largest trade-union federations (the To all this we give our wholehearted support. We shall continue to seek extension and perfection of a sound social security system. In November he was elected for his second term. The American Republics have taken effective steps against the cancer of Communism. Eisenhower approved the transformation of the Federal Security We regard the preservation of Israel as an important tenet of American foreign policy. We have eliminated a host of needless controls. college, voted in elections, owned their own homes and automobiles, Health, educational and employment opportunities for Indians have been greatly expanded beyond any previous level, and we favor still further extensions of these programs. We shall continue to work unceasingly for a just and enduring peace in a world freed of tyranny. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that government had an important role to play in American life. Peace, so hardly won in 1945, had again been lost. New records of assistance to farm and ranch families in soil and water conservation were attained in every year of this Republican Administration. Where needed, we shall help friendly countries maintain such local forces and economic strength as provide a first bulwark against Communist aggression or subversion. Under his leadership, the Republican Administration has carried out foreign policies which have enabled our people to enjoy in peace the blessings of liberty. Meanwhile, both Russia and the United States had developed hydrogen bombs. We have strengthened and extended survivors' benefits, thus affording greater security for all veterans in the interest of equity and justice. On its Centennial, the Republican Party again calls to the minds of all Americans the great truth first spoken by Abraham Lincoln: "The legitimate object of Government is to do for a community of people whatever they need to have done but cannot do at all, or cannot so well do, for themselves in their separate and individual capacities. While meeting the essential development needs of the people, this Administration has conserved and safeguarded our natural resources for the greatest good of all, now and in the future. We have supported measures that have made more housing available than ever before in history, reduced urban slums in local-federal partnership, stimulated record home ownership, and authorized additional low-rent public housing. We favor most sympathetic and constructive execution of the Federal trusteeship over Indian affairs, always in full consultation with Indians in the management of their interests and the expansion of their rights of self-government in local and tribal affairs. In Indochina, the Republics of Vietnam and Cambodia and Laos are now free and independent nations. We will continue efforts with friends and allies to assist the underdeveloped areas of the free world in their efforts to attain greater freedom, independence and self-determination, and to raise their standards of living. On our initiative, the political aspects of NATO are being developed. persistent although moderate unemployment. America does not prosper unless all Americans prosper. We favor freedom of mineral producers from unnecessary governmental regulation; expansion of government minerals exploration and research, and establishment of minerals stockpile objectives which will reduce, and, where possible, eliminate foreseeable wartime shortages. Our goal is to support and sponsor air services and to make available to our citizens the safest and most comprehensive air transportation. We recognize that no single nation can alone defend the liberty of all nations threatened by Communist aggression or subversion. Our Administration also proposed for the first time in history, a thorough nation-wide analysis of rapidly growing problems in education beyond the high schools. held professional or supervisory jobs, and occupied high posts In no other way can the nation meet the huge and accelerated demands for increasing generating capacity and uses of water, both by urban and agricultural areas. Toward such areas the Supreme The Federal minimum wage has been raised for more than 2 million workers. We shall continue vigorously to support the United Nations. Copyright 2006 by the White House Historical Association. The United States has made a Collective Defense Treaty with the Republic of Korea which will exclude, for the future, the Communist miscalculation as to announced American interests and intentions which led to the original aggression. guaranteeing farmers fixed prices with a flexible scale intended In Costa Rica, for the first time in history, international aerial inspection was employed to maintain peace. The Republican Party is pledged to work for improved farm prices and farm income. The best hope for peace in the Middle East lies in the United Nations. But prospects of peace have now been reinforced by the mission to Palestine of the United Nations Secretary General upon the initiative of the United States. After Pearl Harbor, General George C. Marshall called him to Washington for a war plans assignment. This new Doctrine, first proposed by the United States, extends into modern times the principles of the Monroe Doctrine. country's total population. For this they already have earned $225 million. This is an unqualified right, regardless of race, creed or color. Congress, meanwhile, passed a law We shall maintain it ready, balanced and technologically advanced for these objectives only. ended their long rivalry by merger. One of the brightest areas of achievement and progress under the Eisenhower Administration has been in resource conservation and development and in sound, long-range public works programming. Obtained passage of the so-called "Week-end Miner Bill." We pledge to continue and to complete this vitally needed program of modernization of buildings, equipment, methods and service, so that the American people will receive the kind of mail delivery they deservethe speediest and best that American ingenuity, technology and modern business management can provide. We concur in the conclusion of the Supreme Court that its decision directing school desegregation should be accomplished with "all deliberate speed" locally through Federal District Courts. The emotion-charged dispute between Italy and Yugoslavia about Trieste was settled with the active participation of the United States. He also We should proceed with the prompt construction of the Atomic Powered Peace Ship in order that we may demonstrate to the world, in this as in other fields, the peaceful uses of the atom. 2019 Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective Shortly after he took The advance of Communism has been checked, and, at key points, thrown back. ACHIEVEMENTS: Accelerated research and administrative action to rehabilitate our long-neglected fishing industry. International Communism which, in 1945, ruled the 200 million people in the Soviet Union and Baltic States, was conquering so that, by 1952, it dominated more than 700 million people in 15 once-independent nations. Bringing to the Presidency his prestige as commanding general of the victorious forces in Europe during World War II, Dwight D. Eisenhower obtained a truce in Korea and worked incessantly during his two terms to ease the tensions of the Cold War. Dispatch of federal troops to Little Rock, The White House

Columbia and some border states but met strong opposition in the affairs of states and in private business. Nevertheless, the Arkansas, in 1957, after violence had broken out over the issue, Despite an We recognize the existence of a major threat to international peace in the Near East. Our country's defense posture is today a visible and powerful deterrent against attack by any enemy, from any quarter, at any time. We must continue to provide them. We are proud to have fulfilled our 1952 pledge to halt the skyrocketing cost of living that in the previous 13 years had cut the value of the dollar by half, and robbed millions of the full value of their wages, savings, insurance, pensions and social security. Benefits of Social Security have been extended to farm families. Republicans would be better off looking for a model more relevant to our times. which ruled that state or local laws requiring to improve the lot of America's largest minority, blacks in the This Administration has impartially enforced Federal civil rights statutes, and we pledge that we will continue to do so. Segregation in the active Armed Forces of the United States has been ended. We hold that the strict division of powers and the primary responsibility of State and local governments must be maintained, and that the centralization of powers in the national Government leads to expansion of the mastery of our lives. He excelled in sports in high school, and received an appointment to West Point. street cars, parks, hotels, schools, hospitals, even cemeteries. In ordered an end to discrimination in production under war They are the basis of our great progress in 180 years of freedom and of our nation's military and economic might. Under laws sponsored by the Republican Administration, almost $7 billion in price-depressing surplus farm products have been moved into use, and the rate of movement is being accelerated. The security of Southeast Asia has now been bolstered by the collective-defense system of SEATO, and its peoples encouraged by the declarations in the Pacific Charter of the principles of equal rights and self-determination of peoples. During the 1950s more blacks than ever before went to Technical and economic assistance programs are effective countermeasures to Soviet economic offensives and propaganda. We shall support the independence of Israel against armed aggression. Nearly four years ago when the people of this Nation entrusted their Government to President Eisenhower and the Republican Party, we were locked in a costly and stalemated war. That men are created equal needs no affirmation, but they must have equality of opportunity and protection of their civil rights under the law. To seat a Communist China which defies, by word and deed, the principles of the United Nations Charter would be to betray the letter, violate the spirit and subvert the purposes of that charter.

We believe that active duty in the Armed Forces during a state of war or national emergency is the highest call of citizenship constituting a special service to our nation and entitles those who have served to positive assistance to alleviate the injuries, hardships and handicaps imposed by their service. It is committed to a program for agriculture which creates the widest possible markets and highest attainable income for our farm and ranch families. The Republican Party is wholeheartedly committed to maintaining a Federal Government that is clean, honorable and increasingly efficient. for six of the eight years Eisenhower served as President. We recommend to Congress the submission of a constitutional amendment providing equal rights for men and women. He commanded the Allied Forces landing in North Africa in November 1942; on D-Day, 1944, he was Supreme Commander of the troops invading France. The first power reactor will be completed next year. The Republic of Vietnam, with the United States assistance, has denied the Communists the gains which they expected from the withdrawal of French forces. For our guidance in fulfilling this responsibility, President Eisenhower has given us a statement of principles that is neither partisan nor prejudiced, but warmly American: The spirit of our people is the strength of our nation. We have extended city carrier service to millions of new homes in thousands of urban and suburban communities which have grown and spread under the favorable economic conditions brought about by the Eisenhower Administration. authorities to "make a prompt and reasonable start toward full important professional basketball league Added more than 400,000 acres to our National Park system, and 90,000 acres to wildlife refuges. Many gains in this field, notably pay increases and a host of new benefits, have been achieved in their behalf in less than four years. We subscribe to the general objectives of groups seeking to guard the beauty of our land and to promote clean, attractive surroundings throughout America. rights during this period was the unanimous The Republican Party believes that sound money, which retains its buying power, is an essential foundation for new jobs, a higher standard of living, protection of savings, a secure national defense, and the general economic growth of the country. The example of a more pragmatic leader from the past, Dwight D. Eisenhower, looks like a much better example for a Republican revival than the ideological Reagan. ", Our great President Dwight D. Eisenhower has counseled us further: "In all those things which deal with people, be liberal, be human. increase in unemployment after the 1957-58 recession, wages Eisenhower brought new energy to the GOP by presenting himself as both a conservative and a progressive. We shall continue to advocate the maintenance and expansion of a strong, efficient, privately-owned and operated and soundly financed system of transportation that will serve all of the needs of our Nation under Federal regulatory policies that will enable each carrier to realize its inherent economic advantages and its full competitive capabilities. Reagan proved successful, they argued, because he stressed bedrock conservative principles. Programs of loans and grants for farm families hit by flood and drought have been made operative. We shall continue to support the collective-security system begun in 1947 and steadily developed on a bipartisan basis. Republican Party Platforms, Republican Party Platform of 1956 Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project, The American Presidency ProjectJohn Woolley and Gerhard PetersContact, Copyright The American Presidency ProjectTerms of Service | Privacy | Accessibility, Saturday Weekly Addresses (Radio and Webcast) (1639). It has created a deterrent to war which cannot be nullified by Soviet veto. We favor adequate funds and expeditious action in improving air safety, and highest efficiency in the control of air traffic. The Korean War, with its tragic toll of more than an eighth of a million American casualties, seemed destined to go on indefinitely. We condemn illegal lobbying for any cause and improper use of money in political activities, including the use of funds collected by compulsion for political purposes contrary to the personal desires of the individual. The Federal Republic of Germany, which until 1953 was denied sovereignty and the opportunity to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, has now had full sovereignty restored by the Treaties of 1954, and has become a member of NATO despite the intense opposition of the Soviet Union. Tax laws were improved to help farmers with respect to livestock, farm equipment, and conservation practices. The Presidential biographies on are from The Presidents of the United States of America, by Frank Freidel and Hugh Sidey. Instead of being merely a military alliance, NATO will provide a means for coordinating the policies of the member states on vital matters, such as the reunification of Germany, the liberation of the satellites, and general policies in relation to the Soviet Union. The Republican Party takes pride in calling attention to the outstanding fiscal achievements of the Eisenhower Administration, several of which are mentioned in the foreword to these resolutions. APP Note: The American Presidency Project used the first day of the national nominating convention as the "date" of this platform since the original document is undated. All workers have gained and unions have grown in strength and responsibility, and have increased their membership by 2 millions. We have re-inspired the morale of our half-million employees through new programs of promotion based on ability, job training and safety, and through our sponsorship of increased pay and fringe benefits. We must help them achieve the economic growth and stability necessary to attain and preserve their independence. was slower than some would have hoped, and in addition, the In such partnership we are leading the way with great Federal developments such as the Upper Colorado Project and with partnership projects of great importance, some of which have been shelved by the Democratic 84th Congress. Good times in America have reached a breadth and depth never before known by any nation. Has undertaken well-conceived measures to protect reserved areas of all types and to provide increased staffs and operating funds for public recreation agencies. We shall continue the bipartisan development of foreign policies. Wages have increased substantially over the past 3 1/2 years; but, more important, the American wage earner today can buy more than ever before for himself and his family because his pay check has not been eaten away by rising taxes and soaring prices. We initiated the first flood insurance program in history under Government sponsorship in cooperation with private enterprise. The Panama Conference was probably the most successful in the long history of the Organization of American States in its promotion of good will, understanding and friendship. provide a form of equality. This Administration, within six months after President Eisenhower's inauguration, ended the war in Korea by concluding an honorable armistice. diverse populations, provided further evidence of progress We pledge to continue our efforts, blocked by the Democratic leadership of the 84th Congress, for a financially sound, more nearly self-sustaining postal servicewith the users of the mails paying a greater share of the costs instead of the taxpayers bearing the burden of huge postal deficits. two most important professional baseball leagues and the most Such mistakes must not be repeated. Where needed, in order to promote peace and freedom throughout the world, we shall within the prudent limits of our resources, assist friendly countries in their determined efforts to strengthen their economies. the deep south. The Republican Party has unequivocally recognized that the supreme law of the land is embodied in the Constitution, which guarantees to all people the blessings of liberty, due process and equal protection of the laws. would

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