Go through the Edgeville dungeon, past the Black Demons, and climb the ladder. We now have 3 numbers filled in that row which means we can proceed with Search the crates near the furnace in North-West. This guide is copyrighted by RuneHQ, and its use on other sites is expressly forbidden.

need for the required items. Dig by my fire and make a wish. Lucky items affect the rewards from Clue scrolls adding a +1% chance for rarer clue specific rewards and a +1% chance drop bonus. For the coordinate clue from the picture above the clue was started at the Karamja lodestone. Moving pieces around lots of times often helps. Wave along the South fence of the Lumber Yard. RuneScape is a trademark of Jagex and 1999 - 2022 Jagex Ltd. Beware of double agents! Search the drawers upstairs of houses in the Eastern part of Falador. 12 degrees 26 minutes East Search the crates in yard of Citharde Abbey. Sometimes this is necessary so that you can place the blue and pink sections correctly. Clue level not known please submit level and picture of clue using the form at the end of the guide. Equip a holy symbol, leather vambraces, and an iron warhammer. These clues will require you to perform one or two of the many emotes at a specific location, This scroll will work on The Islands That Once Were Turtles. Therefore, you need to move them both in together. Equip bronze platelegs, a steel pickaxe, and a steel helmet. So the first thing you do is check the sextant and it gives the coordinates: Miscellania. Bow or curtsy outside the entrance to the Legend's Guild. Equip a studded leather coif, steel plateskirt and a sapphire necklace. Equip a fire cape, a Toktz-ket-xil and a spork. a 5 next to the 1's. Inside the Digsite Exam Centre and the Western wall. You have to dig exactly in the middle of the 4 large, white rocks. If you talk to Zaida she offers to downgrade a clue for you. Watch a certain rune on the red track, and use the arrows to move the red track in a full rotation. First read the clue, so that you know what type of clue it is. do the emote clue without the needed items. You should only have to move a couple of pieces to give yourself room to maneuver. When you kill monsters, you have a chance of getting a clue. You will be attacked by a, In the Kharazi Jungle. Enter the 'Cave Entrance', in the South-West corner of the, Hut on the East side of the banana plantation, at, Fairy hospital (North of the bank), at the. It shall be mine. you move to 13 paces away it will appear. Rumours of a great shark continue to spread. Stand and dig right next to the standards behind the altar. There is a check box option to invert the keyboard controls. NOTE: You must have started. Search through chests found in the upstairs of houses in Eastern Falador. Being open to Chaos can raise your defences. He must really dig the view. It's precious to see what people pay for. Try to dig below it with a. By clicking Sign up for GitHub, you agree to our terms of service and You will be attacked by a. Keep moving and you are now in the middle of the Karamja Jungle. We check the sextant to make sure and they match. Equip an enhanced yaktwee stick, a Dagon-hai hat and an amulet of ranging.

Pick up crossbow and dig under it. This scroll will work in the Brimhaven Dungeon. and if a loot beam will appear upon a clue scroll being dropped by a monster. Inside the entrance of Tai Bwo Wannai village, Inside the Barbarian Outpost agility training area, Halfway up the tree in the Gnome Stronghold agility course, On the top floor of the Kandarin Observatory, Outside Hickton's Archery Emporium in Catherby. Search the crate in the left-hand tower of Lumbridge castle. There is a check button that will show which pieces are places correctly/incorrectly. Navigating to this crate will be a trial.

Equip demon slayer gloves, a boater and the cape of legends. Proceed by moving for a while heading South and slightly more East due to the way Karamja is set up we end up at the agility stepping to ensure we only ever see 2 towers. Sometimes it is worthwhile, to move pieces that you have already placed correctly according to the basic technique. My name is like a tree, yet it is spelt with a 'g'. Make sure all of the lowest are 2's at this point. This scroll will work within the Haunted Woods. (just like Sudoku solves a portion of the puzzle). Equip green dragonhide chaps, a ring of dueling and a mithril helmet. That being said, Equip a sapphire ring, yellow flowers and leather chaps. You will be attacked by a. Wave on Mudskipper Point. The rock cakes to the South are definitely more edible than the two rocks I buried the treasure between. You have all of the elements available to solve this clue. Join us for game discussions, tips and tricks, and all things OSRS! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Throat mage seeks companionship. Equip a cowl, strength amulet and iron scimitar. Zaida runs the Treasure Trail Rewards Shop which allows you to The Double agent level for clues leading to the wilderness will be 77 and for clues that lead to all other areas, it will be 98. Aggie I see. How many houses have a cross on the door? CTRL + F to search and find is the fastest way to search for them.". Clue Scroll : Buried beneath the ground, who knows where it's found. Here is an example. Search the crates near a cart in Varrock. OSRS is the official legacy version of RuneScape, the largest free-to-play MMORPG. Print this page with images - Equip a blue dragonhide body, blue dragonhide vambraces, and no jewelry. Crates to the East of the door to the Northern bank in. It has 6 sections: The left-click option allows you to check your Treasure trail stats and gives information on Hidey-hole locations. Search the chests found in the upstairs of shops in Port Sarim. This crate holds a better reward than a broken arrow. Down the rope into the cave beneath the Karamja volcano - pick up red spider eggs Mine North-East of Rimmington West of Port Sarim. If you've ever played Sudoku, this idea will be very familiar! which is also intuitive because we only ever want to be able to see two towers Dig 1 step North of the Southern-most red spider egg spawn. Repository owner This scroll will work in the dark and damp caves below Lumbridge Swamp. A clue is completed when the reward casket is granted not when the reward casket is opened. Being this far North has meant that these crates have escaped being battled over. Equip a ruby amulet, a mithril scimitar, and an iron square shield. Beware of double agents! Jump for joy at the beehives. West of the Red Dragon island. Using a Totem of treasure on Anachronia decreases the number of steps but requires weekly setup. Go into the winch at the Dig site just North of the Archaeology Guild. When you get the answer, just talk to them again to give them the answer. Dig in the North-West corner of the most Eastern ruined house in the middle row of buildings found in West Ardougne. When I encountered this individual, she had more rings than any I had seen before. Inside the shed in the center of Lumbridge Swamp. North East corner of the Observatory office building. "Min" stands for minutes and each minute is represented in RuneScape by one walkable square. From that point, go directly North until you see some chaos dwarves How many windows look out into the Citharede Abbey courtyard? Search the chest in the Duke of Lumbridge's bedroom. How many fisherman are on the fishing platform? For more information about staff roles and responsibilities see this area. A view of the city from high above. Equip an emerald ring, wood camo top and an unenchanted tiara. Speak to the keeper of my trail. She gave me a dazzling smile but she had something in her teeth. Getting as much information before you start, can save you a lot of time. There is a wheely handy barrow to the East. Equip bronze plate legs, an iron platebody, and blue dragonhide vambraces. Think in the middle of wheat field by the Lumbridge mill. Search the drawers upstairs in Falador's shield shop. North of the Lumbridge windmill, next to the bridge South of the Champions' guild. you will be able to see towers 1, 2, 3, and 5, which would be 4 so this can't be the answer. Wave in front of the Grand Library of Menaphos. King Lathas' Combat Training Camp, to the North of. I can hear their prayers below. How many ore rocks are there in the nearby copper and tin mine? To enter the shipyard you will have started, On the Arandar Pass to Tirannwn where you kill the mourner in the Mourning's Ends Part I Quest. In front of the entrance to the Grand Library of Menaphos. Panic on the pier where you catch the Fishing Trawler. In a town where the guards are armed with maces, search the upstairs room of the Public House. King Arthur and Merlin sit at the round table with 8 knights. a rope, Dig right before the dead tree on the edge of the waterfall. Inside McGrubor's wood, which is West of Seer's village. Search the crates in the Port Sarim Fishing shop. Invention Prosper Perk (ignores soft cap) (Easy 5%, Med 10%, Hard 50%, Elite 34.65%, Master 0.35%). Headbang in the mine North of Al Kharid. Beware of double agents! while also equipping specific items. Dig near my purple smoke! Search the drawers in a house in Catherby. In the shack on the Fishing Platform that you go to during the. North of the Deserted Keep in level 55 Wilderness. is a 5 placed next to each of the hints of 1. Outside the building South of the Burthorpe agility course, next to the East banner. Dance at the crossroads North of Draynor. Read 'How to breed scorpions.' Equip a sapphire necklace, a polar camo legs and an oak shortbow. Look for three small houses in the South-West corner of. Click the above image to enlarge! To view the runes on the underlying tracks use the 'Invert Paths' button. Dance at the cat-doored pyramid in Sophanem. Then, do exactly what you did before with the red track until all of the circles on the intersections of the red and gray tracks turn green. Once you are ready (and signed into the forums), you can find open applications on the navigation bar at the top of the forums. reward casket is granted not when opened. The right-click option on the log brings up the reward collection long. It will then give a set of letters in random order Blow a raspberry in the Fishing Guild bank. In Lumbridge swamp, at the Lost City quest start. Search the drawers in Ivy's house in Taverly. Yawn in Draynor Marketplace. Kharidian Desert: all dig locations are East of the River Elid. Panic in the heart of the Haunted Woods. Twirl on the bridge by the Barbarian Village. Search the drawers above the shops in Varrock. Near the entrance to the Ice Caves. Equip a steel plate body, maple shortbow, and bronze boots. Do a good deed to spread some happiness. Wave before you speak to me. you will need to fight a look-alike of, The Heart of Gielinor (God Wars Dungeon 2). Talk to the Squire in the White Knights' castle in Falador. This cupboard has treasure, pirate pots and corsair cutlery. This crate is mine, all mine, even if it is in the middle of the desert. Note: Meerkat pouches and Fetch casket scrolls can be used to avoid spawning wizards. You will be attacked by a. Search the crates in a house in Yanille that has a piano. Using the left-click option will change the value by 1 increment each click. Equip a diamond ring, amulet of power, and nothing on your chest and legs. You still have to go to the required location and do the required emote but it removes the You will be attacked by a, North side of the pond in Bedabin Camp. South of Yanille, North-East of the Crystal tree on the West side of three bushes in a triangle. Blow a Raspberry at the celestrial dragons on Dragontooth Isle. South of the Church located South of Rimmington, West of Port Sarim - I look upon her face and barely know who she is. Just South of the Zamorak Altar in the level 38 wilderness. It may also bring you closer to death. If only we could keep that feeling in his absence. Have a question about this project? You'll feel like a star if you dig here, though. Draynor Fishing Spot Map - South from Draynor's Bank. Click the above image to enlarge! The boxes lie between the plate body shop and the silk stall in the. Dance in the centre of Canifis. Come to the evil ledge, Yew know yew want to. Think of each hint provided as the NUMBER of towers you can view by looking to the hint on the exact opposite end of the table. Headbang inside the Slayer Tower. Search the drawers in one of Gertrude's bedrooms. Click the above image to enlarge! You will be attacked by a, In the Kharazi Jungle, dig near a corpse on the small peninsula in the South-Western corner. Those things I once held dear continue to fade. Stronghold - dig between the 2 most Eastern lakes. South of the Legends entrance, North-East of Ardougne. In a town where wizards are known to gather search upstairs of the large house to the North. Just start by undoing one piece at a time to help you. Another prime position for a limiter is (3,0) we only want to see 3 positions in this row, The Northern are silly and jump and wail. Position (4,0) is a ripe candidate for limiting, since it is next to a 2 two towers will be seen Crossroads South of Sinclair Mansion, North-East of. The gnomes' nearby cart must have collapsed under the weight of all the treasure in these boxes! We have already used a five in (4,1) and if we There is no way you will get 4 and 5 in place unless you do them together,

South side of the scarecrow in the Wheat field next to the entrance to Taverley Dungeon. Equip a polar camo top, leather gloves, and leather boots. (if you do not get the client chatbox info check your chat box settings and change the settings). How many gnomes on the Gnome ball field have red patches on their uniforms? Equip a steel kiteshield, ring of forging and green dragonhide chaps. My name's a tirade, fishing is my trade, by the docks is where my fortune is made. Here is an example: The Treasure Trail information board is similar to the Treasure Trail collection log and shares many of the same options. Salute before you talk to me. The number to the right of (4,4) is 3, at this point it can see unlocked this conversation. The Chaos Dwarf area in the level 36 wilderness - Go to the Big Bone In Mort Myre swamp, South-West of the entrance gate, one pond South of the two fishing spots. I left the crimson sack, yet life had not begun.

The Treasure trail collection log is an ingame log of the rewards received from completed clue scrolls. On top of the seaweed spawn, near Tiadeche, East of the harpie bug swarms across the river with the log in it. Search in the basement of the Artisan Dwarves' workshop in Falador. ', he asked his balding brothers. Back to the Minigame Guide Index Page - Back to Top, Copyright Notice: The (0,1) column needs to be limited to 2 towers. The spell struck me in the chest. when each specific hidey-hole has been built and filled. Equip a lab coat top, lab coat legs and a staff of light.

The coordinates for this location are: A town with a different sort of night life is your destination. You will need to under cook to solve this one. one tower a maxed height will prevent all other towers from being seen. side of the Lonely Willow Tree. Search the drawers in the South-East room of. At the Dig Site, use a rope with the North-East winch. The Hidey-hole locations option brings up a list of all hidey-hole locations seperated by clue level. Often found with rod on mushroom. Farther away than twice the range of scan location. All submitted content becomes the property of RuneHQ. Talk to the bartender of the Rusty Anchor in Port Sarim. I feel all confused, like one of those cakes Sophind yourself some treasure by searching these boxes. You will be attacked by a. Search the crates in the Barbarian Village Helmet Shop. Kill him and then dig again to get the casket. You will be attacked by a. North-East of Relekka by the rock crabs. Beware of double agents! Search a barrel East of Challenge Mistress Fara, in Burthorpe. In any of the clues that tell of a Double Agent, Beware of double agents! You have Red 1, 2, 3, and 4 in position. The below table shows the number of steps each level requires, the type of clues each level has, and the percent chance of getting each type clue. as 1 minute and get to the final location: Feel free to quarrel and wind me up and dig while you shoot their heads.

South of Ardougne, North of the Necromancer - Dig by the NorthEast side Between two small ponds on Musa Point, just West of the General Store. You take the West path when you enter the main city and follow it, past the battlements and the broken bridge, across 1 final bridge. Our hint below (4,2) wants a limit of three towers, which means (3,2) must be a 4. Equip an elemental shield, blue dragonhide chaps and rune warhammer. Headbang before you talk to me. Upon completing a clue you will receive a message regarding the points earned, total points, and total clue completed for that tier of clue. My best tip for starting to solve this puzzle is to begin by placing 5's by hints of 1. Bow or curtsy before you talk to me. Right-clicking will give the option to select between incrementing the value as before or to directly select any number between 1-5. talk to the NPC who gave you the puzzle and you will receive another clue. It may be a puzzle or a challenge clue. Thanks. Think under the lens in the Observatory. Northern most room of Varrock Palace located in the South-East corner of the room. The puzzle can be reset by pressing the X in the top right corner or by logging out. One step West of the backdoor of the Axe Hut, North-East of the Mage Arena, in level 56. Note: We are not Jagex! At the Greater Demon ruins in the level 47 wilderness - You In the middle of the Moss Giant Island at its highest point, West of Just South-East of Draynor Lodestone. Equip a ruby amulet, blue flowers, and leather gloves. Laugh at the crossroads South of Sinclair Mansion. Second floor of the house on the Island, East of. Falador Useless Rock Area Map - Fenced area East-NorthEast of Falador's North entrance, full of useless rocks. Search the boxes of Falador's General Store. In the building attached to the North wall of. There are a few options that are available to help with completion of the puzzle: The following basic technique will help you solve any of the puzzle challenges given to you. Covered in shadows, the centre of the circle is where you will find the answer. Search the drawers in Catherby's Archery Shop. Dig 3 steps East of the ladder. Het's Oasis. Search the crate near a cart in Port Khazard. You will be attacked by a, East opposite the Observatory, West of Tree Gnome Village - Dig on the SouthWest The spot is located just North of a tree. Anar? Lucky for you, A man called Jorral may have a clue. I'm sure they will let ya buy some things here, as long as you are in good 'ealth.". Additional quests may be required to complete the above quests.See each quest guide for specific requirements. Think in the Hefin district of Prifddinas. The first stop is just East of the Gleaming Divination spot: Equip an iron chain body, a sapphire ring and a shieldbow. Rotate the blue track around until all of the track intersections in the puzzle have turned green. 2 steps West of the swaying tree in the forest East of Rellekka. East of the Bridge on the East edge of Barbarian Villiage. Search the drawers in the ground floor of a shop in Yanille. The answer is found in the area where the challenger is located. some of you may find this type of puzzle difficult to solve. needs a little adjustment. To help make this easier to locate after you right click the and click scan a pulse will Kill the level 2 Man downstairs to get a key. North of.

If you look closely enough, it seems that the archers have lost more than their needles. Falador Party Room Southern wall East of the Door. There is a 5 in (3,3) so to get 4 visible towers

Now is your chance, we are currently hiring volunteers! Ali heartily recommends it. After a hard day of spraying back the vegetation, you mite want to pop to the nearby forge and search the crates. It will provide you with your current coordinates as a pop-up window and as text in your client chatbox appear during Master clues. Reward caskets stack in a player's inventory or bank based on level and can be opened at any point in any quantity desired. This scroll will work in Taverley Dungeon. Just outside the castle entrance. (Note: Meerkat pouches and Fetch casket scrolls can be used to avoid spawning wizards). Search the boxes just outside the Armour Shop in East Ardougne. If the two runes are the same, the circle will be green. Dig on the fern just South-East of the Musician, South of the bridge to Rellekka. Salute in the Max Guild Garden. Twirl at the crossroads North of Rimmington and just South of the Clan Camp. Cry in the Catherby Archery shop. Next to the bridge on the Wizards' Tower island. Near the Lady of the Lake, South-West of the gate leading to Taverley. My body is the colour of burnt orange and crawls among those with eight. Use the Ardougne lever to teleport to deep Wilderness, go North and slash the web. Do not stick to moving only the pieces you need to place, move every unplaced piece. Often sought out by scholars of histories past, find me where words of wisdom speak volumes. Completing a Treasure Trail and Reward Caskets. You will be attacked by a. This is similar to how the puzzle will look when you start. For any aspiring mage, I'm sure searching this bookcase will be a rewarding experience. Dig at the South-West corner of the building. If not go back and add Just South-West of Jokul's tent enclosure. When you have found the point where all of these circles turn green, stop moving both tracks and leave them as they are. Search through some drawers found in Taverley's houses. Between two swamps North-West of the Grand Tree. Beware of double agents! Equip a dragon mask, a Dragon Rider amulet and a dragon defender. If the Guthix wizard appears in the Wilderness it will be a level 110. stating that no items can be equipped. In a town where everyone has perfect vision, seek some locked drawers in a house that sits opposite a workshop. Search a barrel outside the mill, in Taverley. The ticket will allow you to leave all items equipped. I once met a man returning from market. Crossing the desert I met a crocodile. When working in the blue and pink areas, think of putting the pieces in the correct order by rotating clockwise or counterclockwise. Equip a rune full helmet, blue dragonhide chaps and a fire battlestaff. and rocks. But her eyesthey are still so radiant. The Chaos Altar North of the Observatory. Inside the Zamorak temple in the Eastern Wilderness. Our puzzle should now look like this: Located in the house South of gem trader in the most South West crate. If you are brave, come search my roof; it is there my blades are louder. Two of the options are the Treasure trail stats and hidey-hole locations, these are the same as those offered in the collection log. Choose one track (f.e. You must have at started the. Equip an asylum surgeon's ring and the Scabaras mask. The crystals tempt most however, there are other riches to gain for the quick-fingered. So (4,3) must Just outside the door to the Grand Library in Menaphos. Click the above image to enlarge! The answer would be Jagex so My eye is red, I can fit like a glove. All Rights Reserved. If it states "None" all that is required is to speak to the person. In the same way, Treasure Trail points are awarded when the If we add a 2 in (4,3) Look in the house South/South-East of the. You will need to wash the old ash off your spade when you dig here, but the only water nearby is stagnant. The. This means that you need to go around 4 degrees South and 2 degrees West. How many cannons does Lumbridge castle have? where 5 is meant to go, you cannot get 5 in without moving 4. Have you ever wanted to make a difference on RuneHQ? Look for a locked chest in the towns chapel, Search the chest in the chapel in North-East. you can always purchase them from other players or at the Grand Exchange. cryptic clues crossbow handholds rages osrs cryptic

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