Public/municipal building Drinking Water Treatment Plant Virtual Tour, Construction and Demolition Debris Management Plans, simple rate calculator (Excel spreadsheet template inside zip file), Installation and Removal of Fire Hydrant Meter. Bakery Grocery w/ bakery, butcher, or Sewer charges for residential utility accounts, including single-family residences and multi-family residences, are billed according to the winter average/sewer cap. Hotel/motel w/o restaurant Frequently asked questions regarding the rate restructure. Auto repair facilities Capitol Preservation Charge (monthly)$ 6.00, Monthly Base Charge billed per meter, based on meter size, Up to 3/4" meter$ 31.24 Auto service stations Be Equitable - you pay for what it costs us to provide you service without subsidizing other customers. This type of hard-surface improvement reduces natural infiltration and increases the amount of stormwater that flows off your property and into the drainage systems, creeks and rivers of our city. A decrease in usage during December, January and February will lower the winter average/sewer cap for the following year. If the water usage during a billing period is ever less than the winter average/sewer cap, the sewer charges will be based on consumption, not the winter average/sewer cap. | Sitemap, City Council Committees, Assignments and Appointments, Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee, City of Rohnert Park | All Rights Reserved | Powered by, Reach Rohnert Park Request to Code Compliance.

Typical Winter Average/Sewer Cap amounts: City of Rohnert Park | All Rights Reserved | Powered by CivicLive | 2022 Intrado Corporation. For example, the winter average/sewer cap calculation: Total consumption: 8,000 + 9,000 + 7,000 = 24,000, Total number ofreading periods(months)2021-22 winter average/sewer cap = 3, Total consumption 24,000 / Total number ofperiods(months) 3 = 8,000 gallons, Winter average/sewer cap =8,000 x 2= 16,000. Residential customers receive seasonal sewer billing/sprinkler adjustments during the months of April through November. Therefore, based on this winter average/sewer cap, the maximum the City would bill this resident for sewer usage would be 16,000 gallons. Impervious surfaces are those disturbed or hardened surface areas that either prevent or limit the natural entry of water into the soil. 2" meter$ 137.09 The structure includes multi-year rate increases from 2020 - 2024 to secure funding for critical water and sewer projects. For more information about this benefit, visit Assistance Programs. Water and Sewer rates were restructured in 2019 following an in-depth cost of service study based on industry standards and bes practices. Retail stores As required by state law, a 9.25% sales tax is assessed to all water sales. restaurants food waste grinder This simple rate calculator (Excel spreadsheet template inside zip file) will help you determine how increased water use will affect your bill. The winter average/sewer cap is the most equitable form of billing for our residential and multi-family customers. Office building Beauty Salon Sewer charges for commercial accounts and accounts that meter domestic and irrigation usage separately are billed according to actual consumption for the billing period. sewer averaging corinth Bar without food

Retail with food services, High Strength The sewer portion of this resident's utility bill would appear as follows: The winter average/sewer cap is re-evaluated every year; the new winter average/sewer cap is applied to residents' accounts starting each April. 6" meter$ 500.00 1.5" meter$88.20 The City of Rohnert Park bills commercial sewer customers based on the amount of wastewater they generate. offers mobile apps for the App Store and Google Play. You must have JavaScript enabled to use this form. 8" meter$ 800.00, Flow Charge (per thousand gallons) based on wastewater "strength", Multi-Family Residential$11.77 Hotel/motel w/ restaurant Items marked with an asterisk (*) are specified in Municipal Code, Monthly charges for stormwater are based on the amount of impervious square footage (see definition of impervious surfaces below). Health club/spa Dry cleaners 4" meter$ 250.00 Mixed use, incl. 1.5" meter$ 50.00 3" meter$ 251.25 These are typically wet months when it can be reasonably assumed that residents are using all water indoors, and therefore virtually all water is also being released into the sewer system as wastewater. Manufacturing w/o process disch. Encourage wise water use - excessive water use is charged at a higher rate to encourage customers to conserve water. 4" meter$ 414.31 Up to 3/4" meter$ 15.00 3" meter$150.00 Laundromat

Rates effective on bills rendered after 1/1/2022, Monthly Base Charge$10.31 Convalescent home Flow Charge (per thousand gallons)$11.77 1" meter$ 25.00 Be Affordable- water needed for life is still provided at a low rate. Mortuary Monthly Capital Preservation Charges (based on meter size) 6" meter$ 821.55 Commercial - High Strength$25.54, Categorization of Business Type to Strength Classification, Low Strength Schools, Medium Strength New accounts are assigned a winter average/sewer rate according to the number of residents living at the property. Car wash Restaurant w/o grease interceptor. This form should ONLY be used to provide feedback about the website. The rates listed below pertain to all net bills for water and sewer billed after January 1, 2022. Reduce water use and lower your bill with these tips. 8" meter$ 1310.46 Hospital The Water and Sewer Infrastructure Replacement fees create dedicated funding for replacing old infrastructure. Roof tops, buildings, streets, parking lots, sidewalks, asphalt, concrete, other paving, driveways, compacted gravel, patios, and artificial turf are all examples of impervious surfaces. Bar with food Residential and commercial rates increased 3% on January 1, 2022. Starting in 2025, customers will see a small increase in water and sewer rates each year to ensure future funding. Monthly charges for water service and sewer service include a fixed charge, a volumetric rate based on metered consumption, and an Infrastructure Replacement fee. Church If you need customer service from any Metro department, please submit a hubNashville request. The City of Rohnert Park determines the winter average/sewer cap by averaging the meter reads from December, January, and February. 2022 Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee. Restaurant w/ grease interceptor 1" meter$ 47.63 Commercial - Med Strength$16.75 2" meter$ 80.00 Commercial - Low Strength$12.33 Commercial laundry

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