The cost of this exam is $25.00. endobj THE SON | Is Christ eternal? Romans 6 | You are dead to sin but alive in Christ, do not let sin reign, but offer yourselves as instruments of righteousness. But unlikely to be any difference.

Where I am not sure, I submit to the godly men and women who have gone before me and studied this one. This exam is required for anyone who is applying to serve as an official licensed worker with the Christian and Missionary Alliance. stream

Use Scripture and discipleship. Click the red Launch Application button. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> ALLIANCE GOVERNMENT | What procedure should be followed in seeking an opportunity to candidate in another church? 1 Corinthians 12 | Gift of healing is not given to everyone HEALING | How would you counsel a believer who has followed the instructions of James 5 and is still seeking a miraculous healing? THE SON | What are some of the names of Christ given in Scripture? Galatians 5 | Let us follow the Spirit's leading in every part of our lives. Be sure to check the box, Ive read and agree to the Terms of Use, and then click Create Account.. SANCTIFICATION | What are scriptural evidences of a sanctified life? John 16 | Convicts of sin and righteousness. THE HOLY SPIRIT | How is the personal nature of the Holy Spirit demonstrated in the Old and New Testaments? Titus 1 | This saying is true. PASTORAL MINISTRY | How will you deal with controversial theological issues within the evangelical community in your church? For spouses joining the conference, it would cost a total of $419 ($320 for the private room plus $99 for spouse fee). The BKE is available in English and Spanish. 6/20/2022, Organizational Dynamics: Change, Power, and Conflict in the Church (SOM 305). SANCTIFICATION | What is the relationship between justification and sanctification? <>

endobj THE FATHER | Explain the terms theism, deism, atheism, humanism, and agnosticism? stream 399 Jp_v;_0vN>2upjBa0^KfWnk09v^kz8 The creator of this deck did not yet add a description for what is included in this deck. %%EOF I am a part of the local church - the C&MA is a group of local churches and therefore, I desire to join in with that work in any way I can. THE RETURN | What are the differences between the doctrines of premillennialism, post-millennialism, and amillennialism? You will work your way through each meeting, connecting monthly with a mentor who will guide you in both the process and in your walk with Christ. Be nothing. SCRIPTURE | What criteria was used for determining which books were included/excluded in the canon of Scripture? 2 Timothy 3 | All Scripture is God breathed. The theme for this years conference is A Family United.. The cost of this course is $210.00. Satan is released for one last fight - followed by defeat and the Great White Throne Judgement and Beama Seat (2 Corinthians 5 - we must appear before the judgement seat of Christ).

Revelation 22 | If anyone adds to this book SCRIPTURE | Explain how Scripture is relevant to the average person in your church. Outlines Pentateuch, Outlines Other Ot, Outlines Gospels Acts, And more. Below are also courses that may be taken in order to be certified in various areas of ministry. PASTORAL MINISTRY | How would you deal with a conflict between you and a member of the governance authority? You will need to enter the User ID and Validation Key provided in the email, then click Proceed. Sign into your new account with the same e-mail address and password you created. He can pray with you and direct you in which direction you should take and how to begin. School of Ministry graduates will have satisfied all educational requirements for licensing within the Christian and Missionary Alliance. Galatians 2:20 | I have been crucified with Christ SANCTIFICATION | What is the practical significance of sanctification to the Christ-follower's lifestyle? MISSION & VISION OF C&MA | In what way is the task of Alliance missions also your personal responsibility? 8 0 obj These courses are available here through the Alliance Center for Leadership Development.

THE HOLY SPIRIT | How would you differentiate between the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit? 1 Peter 1 | Chosen according to the foreknowledge TRINITY | Distinguish between Jesus as "begotten not made" and the Holy Spirit as proceeding from the Father and Son. Graduation information is shared with the local District for each student. I land in pre-millennialism because it's adoption by the earth church - but because I am such a huge fan of Calvin and Augistine - I am very intrigued by the ammillenialism. Graduation information is shared with the local District for each student. endobj endobj Either request "Edit" access from the author, or make a copy of the class to edit as your own. Visit their profile to learn more about the creator. %PDF-1.5 %

MISSION & VISION OF C&MA | What is the responsibility of the local church to the global vision of The Christian and Missionary Alliance?

Distinctives include deeper Christian life through crisis experience, the fourfold Gospel - Christ as healer, sanctifier, savior, and coming King. BELIEVER: Luke 23 | We go to be "with" Jesus in paradise. You may choose to share a double room for $149 or have a private room to yourself at $320. THE HOLY SPIRIT | Give us a brief explanation of the Scriptural teaching on the gifts of the Spirit. John 14 | In my Father's house there are many rooms LOSTNESS OF MAN | According to Scripture, what is the inevitable result of lostness? Why? SANCTIFICATION | What is the relationship between regeneration and sanctification? Matthew 28 | Fulfill the Great Commission. endobj Ministry leaders must be prepared to navigate these issues well in order to stay on mission. But you were cleansed; you were made holy SANCTIFICATION | What is meant by the phrase "the indwelling Christ?". 274 0 obj <> endobj The Alliance hosts the RESONATE conference for newly licensed workers from the United States and Puerto Rico to connect workers with each other and with our national leadership.

Graduation information is shared with the local District for each student. x[[o~7R.I Pa;vMRAP}e&"$K (^v|;U~3UQUMgwkm|OmVj9xjU;!D4$"JM2N_`|HF.o'"$F\HIr]EBnK=5Ro/zv8j5HT(apx |~5W$jibA)]9}rR<1&r !?O>#]_+iB(i(|s >}xepm|b}8)*@)=CI_MNTiJjri"$!5?_M ?dZ?t7

Learn more about the C&MA by visiting our website: www.cmalliance.org. PASTORAL MINISTRY | What is your attitude about stewardship and the personal use of money? THE SON | Give examples of the person of Christ in the Old Testament? 7|?L7xx@h This course is a 6-week cohort-based course with courses being offered on a regular basis. Understanding the Alliance: Alliance History and Polity (SOM 304). Missions Course Upcoming Start Dates: endobj [u'{ 5c}D2V:}1qmI \aX:4=c_F':|)}!fBuLBUh qH n `sqMn(3L1d5 ?W:+uil3~,"P~}#TYFYjG>X{:h5`oz!0`wb5Q[@;4 Genesis 39 | The Lord was with Joseph in the prison HEALING | In the anointing and prayer ministry for the sick by the elders, what does "the prayer of faith" mean? The process is challenging, but valuable as you will be shaped by men and women of God as well as the Word of God for the work God has prepared for you (Ephesians 2). Building Blocks of the Local Church: Evangelism and Leadership Development (SOM 303). Matthew 28 | Go and make disciples of all nations CHURCH | What is the purpose and function of the local church assembly? THE RETURN | Which of the views do you hold? THE RETURN | Describe the basic tribulation positions and what is your position? The Bible Knowledge Exam (BKE) is an assessment of your biblical awareness and understanding. CHURCH | What is the Scriptural procedure for church discipline? Sanctification, then, is that sovereign act of God whereby He sets apart a person, a place, or an object for Himself in order that He might accomplish His purpose in the world by means of that person, place, or object. MISSION & VISION OF C&MA | How have you included the missionary emphasis in your regular preaching and church programming? MISSION & VISION OF C&MA | How have you implemented in your congregation intercession for international workers? CHURCH | What is the Scriptural mission of the Church? Leviticus 16 | Atonement day is a day of complete rest when we are cleansed from all our sins. PASTORAL MINISTRY | What is your attitude about your personal convictions that may conflict with the church you serve? Romans 6 | For sin shall no longer be your master JUSTIFICATION & REGENERATION | What is the continuing purpose of regeneration in one's personal life? Q ALLIANCE GOVERNMENT | What is the role and function of the district superintendent as it relates to you and your church? Fill out the Release of Records and Mediation Agreement and then continue with the rest of the application. NG=ubGRQ3j,{9:3BV)~c'xce/+9<1I^ Yes, we can! Additionally, ministry professionals within the Christian and Missionary Alliance may need certain certifications for their ministry. <> If you are considering serving in your church, please speak with your pastor first. Sin as a state or condition (Romans 7, Romans 8, Galatians 5). Inspiration is God inspiring the Scriptures to the authors, Illumination is the process of the Holy Spirit reveling the truth to us as we read Scripture, Revelation is God revealing Himself and attributes through creation or Christ personally and / or corporately. <> Brainscape's adaptive web mobile flashcards system will drill you on your weaknesses, using a pattern guaranteed to help you learn more in less time. This is the Level 1 Training from Alliance Peacemaking, and is required of all in the consecration and ordination programs. Further, the trainings give you the opportunity to build relationship with your fellow ordinands/consecrants as you fight the good fight of ordination or consecration. This program is designed to be completed within two years. THE HOLY SPIRIT | What does Scripture teach concerning the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the filling with the Holy Spirit? what did jesus promise would be prepared for us in heaven? 20. Have a look at our program in detail as well as the scope and sequence of the program. % This exam is a 50 question timed exam which can be taken up to 3 times with the highest grade being recorded. For more details on what is required, please review The Ordination/Consecration Manual in the Resources section below. We desire to know Jesus Christ; exalt Him as Savior, Sanctifier, Healer, and Coming King; and complete His Great Commission. SCRIPTURE | Explain the relationship between the Word of God and Scripture. Eisenhouer | Do nothing.

Have more questions or need more information?

SANCTIFICATION | In what way is progression connected with experiential sanctification? The comprehensive nature of the learning process can seem daunting. Israel will be Kingdom of priests (Zechariah 8), Jesus will rule in Jerusalem. endobj THE ATONEMENT | What assurance do we have that the offering was acceptable to God? The Christian and Missionary Alliance is an Acts 1:8 movement seeking to bring the whole Gospel to the whole world. *@3^x#/}wjL}UNDgdl XvirhS"9_$qIDHM~#S{B3S9>b*`%oY~YrZVdy,v%yz}7lTlVz:;a?c' ~WUtld]*Z+2MX|Rg'mUa:n{Xk\`qjSF4{kkO *A[nhWz;qarPv-!e8M PASTORAL MINISTRY | How do you cope with criticism? CONSTITUTED ALLIANCE AUTHORITY | Why is it important for the pastor to attend General Council and District Conference? For the Kingdom to advance, the lost must be reached and leaders must be developed. What resources are needed for this program? PASTORAL MINISTRY | What does the Scripture mean when it says to "avoid all appearance of evil? Lost people drive everything we doeven discipleship. <> Vertebral Column And Spinal Cord, Sdl Muscles Of The Back, Lower Limb 1 The Gluteal Region And Hip, And more! Positions | Pre-Trib, Mid-Trip, Post-Trib.

Final destiny redirected. This course provides Level 1 Peacemaking Certification which is a requirement for the Ordination/Consecration process.

<>/Metadata 2373 0 R/ViewerPreferences 2374 0 R>> This program will prepare you to serve as a qualified interim pastor within the Alliance Transitional Ministers Network. SANCTIFICATION | In what way is the believer "dead to sin and alive to God?". endobj Contact us if you have any questions! The Mission of God and the Alliance Family (SOM 105). Relationships affected: separation from each other and "hiding" from God (Genesis 3). It is also designed to help students understand how to biblically navigate conflict. LOSTNESS OF MAN | Is there any possibility of salvation after death? RESURRECTION | Do you believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ? ALLIANCE GOVERNMENT | What is the proper procedure for submitting a pastoral resignation? In order to successfully complete your work through ACLD you will need access to a computer, a solid internet connection and access to course texts (all available for purchase through Amazon). We are here to help. We use an adaptive study algorithm that is proven to help you learn faster and remember longer. This course is designed to help students understand how to lead through the change process.

Please complete this form to have your transcripts sent to you. The first step to becoming a licensed worker is to visitwww.called2serve.organd complete the initial questionnaire. This course satisfies the Ordination/Consecration requirement for a course of study in Evangelism. xXn8}7TENS/`t71bW4q[wHT:

%PDF-1.7 The purpose of discipleship is to follow Jesus and be more like him: relentlessly in pursuit of the one lost sheep. 4 0 obj ALLIANCE GOVERNMENT | In what way is the local church subordinate to General Council and District Conference? timed you have 25 minutes to complete the 50 questions, closed-book you cannot use your Bible or other materials as a reference, graded ministry candidates need to achieve 80% correct prior to their approval for licensed ministry in the C&MA, repeatable you have up to three attempts to pass the exam. TRINITY | What contemporary theological positions raise serious questions for the traditional doctrine of the Trinity? 301 0 obj <>stream Students may begin this course at any time and have 6 months to complete their work. Totally depraved personhood. SCRIPTURE | How is inspiration, illumination, and revelation different? Graduation information is shared with the local District for each student. This course is a study of the principles necessary to recruit, equip, maintain, and motivate people in spiritual leadership in organizations and churches in a team setting. 2022 Alliance Center for Leadership Development. This application includes a Doctrinal Questionnaire, Character References, Biographical Inventory, a Bible Knowledge Exam, and several other forms. %PDF-1.7 RESURRECTION | What is the biblical doctrine of heaven? All enrolled student will have access to training in how to learn online.

<> hbbd```b``Y"CA$CduL`"Z*Adr"my$ z9#Bin0 Y + Lori Turner, Coordinator of Ordination and Consecration 330.336.2911, Central District of the C&MA (West Virginia & Eastern Ohio), 1231 High Street | Wadsworth, OH 44281 | 330.336.2911, Central District Christian and Missionary Alliance, Lori Turner, Coordinator of Ordination and Consecration. <> If you have questions about the course, contact Karen Formica (kformica@alliancese.org). endobj

mlSK:Rpn~byo(J74M[b'S*U\tt(,9 )Cm 5q'Q$dt"a$Kd$3kp{MF ALLIANCE GOVERNMENT | What would your attitude and anticipated action be if your superintendent suggested that you make a change in your place of ministry?

Can't please God). What is the official daily prayer of the church. ALLIANCE GOVERNMENT | If the majority of your governing board desired your resignation and you felt otherwise, what would you do?

Without the bodily resurrection, we hope in a man - not Son of God. We have divided the reading, writing, and study into 18 monthly meetings, providing a step-by-step process to simplify the work and keep you on track. The cost of this course is $210.00. THE FATHER | What is the basis for the Christian belief that God is a person? Throughout history, God has had one, all-encompassing mission. Titus 3 | Washing of regeneration and renewal through Holy Spirit JUSTIFICATION & REGENERATION | What is the nature of the change brought about by regeneration? THE RETURN | How will the second coming of Christ differ from His first coming? THE RETURN | What does the term "the imminent return of Christ" mean to you and what Scriptural foundation do you have for your understanding? HEALING | How is the problem of sin related to the problem of sickness? Click here, to register for the conference. Go towww.cmalliance.org/serve/and click My Application in the blue navigation bar. LOSTNESS OF MAN | What is the destiny of those who die outside of Christ having never heard the gospel? Began under AB Simpson - a Presbyterian minister from Canada. POSITIONALLY: 1 Corinthians 6:11 | Some of you were once like that. Isaiah 53 | Lord has laid on him the iniquities JUSTIFICATION & REGENERATION | Define and contrast justification and regeneration, and give a brief explanation of the teaching of Scripture on the two.

Apologetically | Females being the first to discover the tomb - if there were edits to Scripture - that would have been it.

To the unbeliever? <> <>/ExtGState<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Click here for the official invite and more information. MISSION & VISION OF C&MA | What is the mission of The Christian and Missionary Alliance? Have a look at our Events Page for detailed information and registration.


2 0 obj 288 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<8987B28554CB92F15AAAF386095475A0><0109C1A4129C114F89712993609D1E9D>]/Index[274 28]/Info 273 0 R/Length 87/Prev 301808/Root 275 0 R/Size 302/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream 11 0 obj THE ATONEMENT | Is there any limitation concerning who may benefit from the atonement of Christ? |yoW-Xo}* 7~b-(|LD&(I)).T1r\B/{d]oT[;u-cUtbV?E+Tk0RZ! JUSTIFICATION: Romans 4 | He credited Abraham's faith as righteousness JUSTIFICATION & REGENERATION | Who performs the work of regeneration? We provide trainings and events to facilitate your learning process and in many cases expedite it. PASTORAL MINISTRY | How do you manage your time as it relates to both personal and work? THE RETURN | What is the relationship between Israel and the Church? David Gomez, or someone he will assign you. CONSTITUTED ALLIANCE AUTHORITY | What difference is there in being led by the Spirit and being subject to recognized authority in the church? 6 0 obj (Luke 24) - Also faith! Certificate/Licensing/ Ordination Process, (LOCC Approved: Accredited Worker- Not Licensed), If Academic Requirments Not Met (3 Options). $.' All workers newly licensed in The Alliance Southeast are considered "Provisional Workers" and will begin the ordination/consecration process or the process for sustaining a previous ordination. Browse over 1 million classes created by top students, professors, publishers, and experts. THE FATHER | Explain the meaning of "holy" in reference to God and explain why it underlies all else in the character of God. For questions regarding the application process, please contact Joy Resurreccion and call (817) 561-0879 during normal office hours. RESURRECTION | What are the essential points of Paul's teaching on the resurrection in I Corinthians 15?

The cost of this course is $210.00. Many events are required for ordinands/consecrants and mentors alike,so mark your calendars accordingly. The Anti-Christ is destroyed. Unity above all: I would continue to teach until the leadership asks me to resign and then I would do so gracefully. Is God calling you to full-time service? Enemy of God (Romans 5).

<> q*/r'&wIM3QFF4N'?\ I recognize the constituted authority of the superintendent and would submit. THE FATHER | What are some of the evidences and arguments for the existence of God? PASTORAL MINISTRY | What is your procedure in counseling or working with persons of the opposite sex?

Nature no longer a propensity toward holiness (Romans 8: Controlled by sinful nature. The cost of this course is $210.00. ;n-xy2x-T*^09bSA$sIttvl?rbm6>!ahKA IY@,y?A z>uvB['[W\8-xNzddx~$rB: qit/kD3eO-j]*,h+!6lQJ-QGZ!l[N!i.s/ =0(gCtUi@=MO-mmAUzXqki)^C%m@}SuVEnT*f4% @%+KU[pGdT)L"'! endobj James 5 | The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective, elders anointing with oilin the name of the Lordconfession of sin.

MISSION & VISION OF C&MA | What is the importance of' an annual missionary conference to your local church and to The Christian and Missionary Alliance? <> CHURCH | What is the biblical basis for reproducing/growing the church? Pastoral Ministry and Personal Relationships, Doctrinal Statement of the Christian and Missionary Alliance. What can I do with my graduation certificate? 0 1 0 obj

",#(7),01444'9=82. 3 0 obj Alliance Transitional Minister Certification - Coming soon! THE SON | What is the Scriptural foundation for believing that Christ had both a divine nature and a human nature? This class was created by Brainscape user Shawn Andrews. This course is a self-directed course.

The registration price includes all meals, breaks, and events. Rev. Website by Rethink Creative. THE HOLY SPIRIT | What qualities and ministries, possible only for a person, are attributed to the Holy Spirit? 12 0 obj Hebrews 13 | Have confidence in your leaders and submit to their authority, CONSTITUTED ALLIANCE AUTHORITY | If you should become personally involved in doctrines contrary to the "Statement of Faith of The Christian and Missionary Alliance," what would you do? LOSTNESS OF MAN | What does the Bible teach about hell? endobj SCRIPTURE | What does the term "scriptural inerrancy" mean to you? 20 | Satan is locked up, if you hobble together some other passages like Isaiah 11:6-9 you get this unusually peaceful state of lambs lying down with wolves. The creator of this class did not yet add a description for what is included in this class. HEALING | Explain the biblical basis for healing and its relationship to the redemptive work of Christ. What does Paul do when Festus wants to send him back to Jerusalem.

RESURRECTION | How important is the doctrine of the resurrection to the Christian faith? The Alliance Transitional Minister Certification (ATMC) is a program that certifies credentialed ministry leaders within the C&MA to serve as Transitional Pastors for churches who are going through change. It verifies your mastery of scripture and understanding of key people, places, and events in the Bible. SANCTIFICATION | What is meant by positional sanctification and progressive sanctification, and how is "crisis" connected to the two? THE ATONEMENT | Give a brief explanation of the teaching of Scripture on the atonement. 1 Timothy 3 | Relationship to God, Family, Self, and others MISSION & VISION OF C&MA | Give a brief overview of Alliance history and distinctives. ANSWER: Unlimited in extent, but conditional in application. This course satisfies the Ordination/Consecration requirement for a course of study in Alliance Missions.

HEALING | Explain the difference between the "gift of healing" and healing prayer as described in James 5. The following courses are designed to meet specific requirements for Licensure, Ordination, and Consecration within the Christian and Missionary Alliance.

Voting, fellowship, oversight of evolution. And you can always create a totally new class of your own too! '=&-HP:c:?rDprhjtV} p,L1 John 9 | Neither this man nor his parents sinnedthis happened so that the works of God HEALING | What instruction does James 5 teach in relation to healing? I really struggle with a bodily reign of Christ on earth - Rev. Graduation information is shared with the Office of Church Advancement which oversees the Alliance Transitional Ministers Network.

Who is the Alliance Center for Leadership Development? THE FATHER | What is your belief concerning God, creationism and evolution? Catholicism and Reformation. The Alliance History & Polity Course is for candidates in the first year of ordination/consecration who have not graduated from an Alliance institution or Alliance graduates who have not taken a formal course in Alliance Polity. The cost of this course is $210.00. One meeting (triage) - then recommend someone. The pastor should never incite disunity by taking sheep away from an organization of believers. THE SON | What biblical evidence is there that Christ was conscious of his divinity? Every church will experience change and conflict. The goal of ourAlliance Missions Awareness Courseis to help you learn more about Gods heart for lost people around the world and equip you and your church in specific and practical ways to join God in what He is doing through Alliance missions. endobj stream

H9TC3E]hfsVOM8!VK. This course satisfies the Ordination/Consecration requirement for a course of study in Alliance Polity. This course satisfies the Ordination/Consecration requirement for a course of study in Alliance Polity. This includes sending in a pastoral recommendation as well as your transcripts. Our desire to help prepare men and women for local church ministry by providing high-quality, low-cost education in Bible, Theology and Ministry Leadership. ", 2 Corinthians 8 | Be careful to do what is right in the "eyes"don't be reckless. Galatians 3 | Abrahams seed - spiritual descendants of Abraham RESURRECTION | What does the term resurrection mean? MISSION & VISION OF C&MA | How do you reflect this mission in the life of your congregation? % FILLING: Romans 8 | Controlled by the Spirit. RESURRECTION | What happens to the believer when he is resurrected?

This class is seven weeks long and introduces students to the topics of missiology and Alliance mission distinctives. Therefore rebuke them sharply CHURCH | What is the role of the pastor in church leadership? Free will was destroyed. 1 John 5 | This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his willHe hears.

CHURCH | What are the Scriptural qualifications and functions of elders/church leaders? THE ATONEMENT | Could anyone other than Christ have made an acceptable offering?

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