The full list of courses delivered is available below, along with the online pre-requsites which participants must complete before attending a course. 0000181601 00000 n If you are having an issue registering for a course, please contact [emailprotected], Level 1 Coach (formerly L200):Jul 23 Atlanta, GAJul 24 St. Bonaventure, NYJul 24 St Louis (Belleville), ILJul 30 Madison, WIJul 30 Houston, TXAug 6 Mobile, ALAug 6 New Haven, CTAug 20 Nashville, TNAug 27 Davenport, IAAug 27 Houston, TX (registration via TRU)Aug 27 Tuscon, AZAug 28 Houston, TX (registration via TRU)Sep 10 Tampa, FLSep 11 Minneapolis, MNOct 1 Phoenix, AZ, Level 1 Referee:Jul 30 Madison, WIAug 5 & 6 Waterloo, IAAug 6 Chelmsford, MAAug 6 Honolulu, HIAug 6 Mobile, ALAug 6 New Haven, CTAug 20 Nashville, TNAug 21 Ann Arbor, MIAug 27 Houston, TX (registration via TRU)Aug 28 Houston, TX (registration via TRU)Sep 10 Minneapolis, MNOct 1 Phoenix, AZOct 8 Kansas City, MO, Level 1 Strength and Conditioning:Aug 27 Houston, TX (registration via TRU), Level 1 Coach of Match Officials (CMO):Jul 17-18 Denver, CO, Level 1 Medical First Aid In Rugby (FAIR):Aug 28 Houston, TX (registration via TRU), Level 2 Coach (formerly L300):Jul 23 & 24 Atlanta, GAJul 30 & 31 Madison, WIAug 6 & 7 St. Bonaventure, NYAug 27 & 28 Houston, TX (registration via TRU), Level 2 Referee:Jul 30 & 31 Madison, WI, Level 2 Medical Immediate Care In Rugby (ICIR):TBA. 0000051159 00000 n 319 69 Note: Due to COVID symptom checking, all course participants must be registered before the course. 0000309494 00000 n 0000054168 00000 n 0000009235 00000 n 0000007161 00000 n 0000311023 00000 n 0000051774 00000 n They are trained, quality assured, and licenced by World Rugby to do so. H\n0y 0000309967 00000 n 0000006263 00000 n 0000311683 00000 n Terms and conditions of use| Privacy Policy| Cookies Policy| Confidential Reporting Policy, Advanced Conditioning for Rugby (Pre-Level 2), Training and Education Workforce Information. 0000044065 00000 n 0000007070 00000 n 0000004253 00000 n {uj{UBJ)Ev-0R:+i\%l?5N/QqXuqcZONpT}K/$8koxr;>)ajQ 0000019225 00000 n World Rugbys face-to-face courses and accreditations are delivered by our network of over 2000 Licenced Trainers and Educators. 0000311296 00000 n 0000026104 00000 n These are actually patterns (T, Box and W) which involve acceleration and deceleration as well as changing direction. 0000006291 00000 n ; 0000051387 00000 n 0000022726 00000 n \k%[0kBL~o,fYe9b,Y,fY[y~!w}-7rCwGGGGGGa/A/a G#r&7a So}Q? Completion of the relevant online modules is a pre-requisite for attendance at our face-to-face courses. This course is designed to provide coaches with a basic knowledge and understanding and a foundation of practical skills with regards to conditioning practices for the youth rugby player. United States of America Rugby Football Union, Ltd. Site designed, developed and built in-house by the. Start by logging into your USA Rugby Member Profile. World Rugby is delighted to partner with Setanta College to provide this suite of online learning and face-to-face courses, please watch the short introduction video before commencing your learning. 0000311150 00000 n This course is designed to provide coaches with a basic knowledge and understanding and a foundation of practical skills with regards to conditioning practices for the adult rugby player. 0000308169 00000 n 0000309591 00000 n 0000006844 00000 n 0000054499 00000 n If you are having issues with one of the following USA Rugby websites -- (main website only),,,,,, -- please contact David Jacobson or Aaron Ewerdt. As a result, please ensure you compete any partly completed modules prior to then. 0000032580 00000 n This network delivers our courses on behalf of, and on the approval of, both their member unions and World Rugby. 0000139413 00000 n 0000008726 00000 n 5x*!ptM\;L~d@oZ$\0Xg.&? 0000002921 00000 n : These courses are all available for registration in the USA Rugby Learning Center. 0000015938 00000 n |, Additional game-related conditioning drills, Summary of guidelines for multi-sprint activity and conditioned games. Courses will be listed here as they become available. The USA Rugby Learning Center will use a single sign-on process through USA Rugby Member profiles in SportLomo, meaning users wont require another username or password, they will use their existing USA Rugby Member profile login to access the RLC. .H2!bu\3*21en1Nfex%Uo p]e8i 101mE$8b8yS&2av, o0 endstream endobj 320 0 obj <>>> endobj 321 0 obj >/PageWidthList<0 841.89>>>>>>/Resources<>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/Pattern<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]/Properties<>/Shading<>>>/Rotate 0/TrimBox[0.0 0.0 841.89 595.276]/Type/Page>> endobj 322 0 obj <> endobj 323 0 obj <> endobj 324 0 obj <> endobj 325 0 obj <> endobj 326 0 obj [/ICCBased 349 0 R] endobj 327 0 obj [/Pattern] endobj 328 0 obj <>stream This course aims to build on the content of the Level 1 courses (Children, Youth and Adult) and provide key training concepts and strategies to physically prepare players for the demands of the game. 0000001676 00000 n :*;*:*nJOSTx*=JOSTxY%. This new Learning Management System is provided by Docebo, an industry leader in online learning management and will provide a central repository to manage face-to-face offerings from USA Rugby, completion of World Rugbys own online courses, and new online courses specifically developed this year. 0000311780 00000 n 0000097185 00000 n 0000029284 00000 n 0000308208 00000 n 'LN;W'O_4I\'8t1pq'p 0000181562 00000 n ;

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0000051897 00000 n 0000097224 00000 n 0000309107 00000 n We have chosen to describe three basic patterns of drills. Passport is due to transfer to a new working platform on the 3rd of May 2021. This course is designed to provide coaches with a basic knowledge and understanding and a foundation of practical skills with regards to conditioning practices for rugby playing children. 0000007613 00000 n This section describes a number of agility drills. 319 0 obj <> endobj xref 0000308438 00000 n 0000055035 00000 n

0000265938 00000 n /E?"EHZhy8 ~|r4Hn?lNCys!dee?-iaG?bhm>f6?ox/}>7L7:m8)kmZg>]weSpsQ[J~M\%W 0000005812 00000 n 0000039525 00000 n %PDF-1.5 % 0000223789 00000 n We are constantly adding courses as we react to demand from local areas. 0000006226 00000 n 0000265977 00000 n In November 2021, USA Rugby launched the USA Rugby Learning Center. 0000012436 00000 n Courses no longer accept walk-ins. 0000223750 00000 n 0000005291 00000 n 0000004787 00000 n 0000310354 00000 n 0000048510 00000 n 0000309737 00000 n 0000003035 00000 n ; 0000054921 00000 n 0000139374 00000 n 0000009654 00000 n For more information, see these help guides on YouTube and PDF: You can request to host a face-to-face course at your venue by completing the form here for either in-person or online courses. Our aim is to enable our member unions to become self-sustainable in the delivery of the entry/mid-level courses, whilst our higher level courses are delivered on a regional basis. Some of our larger member unions choose to deliver their own suite of Training and Education courses, so please check with your union to find out what training courses are available in the first instance. 0000008125 00000 n Further programmes of study are delivered by Setanta College, please visit for details. Welcome to the Conditioning for Rugby strand. 0000035822 00000 n Currently we offer: In-person: Level 1 Coach (formerly L200) / Level 1 Referee / Level 1 CMO / Level 1 Strength and Conditioning / Level 2 Coach (formerly L300, held over 2 days) / Level 2 RefereeOnline via Zoom: Intro to Coaching / Intro to Refereeing / Level 2 Coach (formerly L300, held over 4 x 2hr Zoom sessions) / Level 1 Strength and Conditioning. 0000052043 00000 n 0000310482 00000 n 8Oi} WRG;M4;thC.>lqeiXtDEIs9g-+K8u C3fn0#6|]/M-a-Na*?&\l*&\ ". trailer <]/Prev 1081496>> startxref 0 %%EOF 387 0 obj <>stream Copyright International Rugby Board 2011 - 2022 0000308825 00000 n

0000039754 00000 n xKKK khhhyrjhx9\j1LJJX666 -GFda8#XhzpFA2.b:X1Ajt3Q`ceX1bh/CC= The online modules in this strand aim to help novice and experienced coaches to deliver age and stage appropriate conditioning coaching to their players. They are a starting point for agility training. 0000000016 00000 n See below for instructions on how to register. 0000006956 00000 n ?7RKj^>3osYVR*p}vOZ{vr>g+;1i76FrdlruLWGHM*+&=} uO=m k .f)] jr+v_I_np@7L:a\ R:s!) hb```f``Ab,JmZ|\\.;87NX#%hOQ3e1+Ubl'nzA',|400$|Z,e8l1*nl@BqQ#Des\JGD8.(y9#HKKG:DS.di%jb{vS2#B66;\Tr;9z. World Rugby works in conjunction with our Regional Associations and member unions to deliver a needs-based, blended learning portfolio of online learning and face-to-face attendance/accreditation courses.

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