6. Nessa- Nessa is a girls name of Russian, Scottish and Scandinavian. Janus- Janus, the Roman god of beginnings and doorways, was commonly depicted with two faces looking in opposite directions. 23. It first appeared on the baby name list on 1883. Here, we are referring to the Cyrus the Great, the 5th century B.C.

I assume this doesnt change even if you omit the noun?

This moniker is still the top six names in Norway and Demark. This name belonged to the Goth king who plundered Rome in 410 AD. Hippocrates- the name of the man later referred to as the Father of medicine. And dont you think the initial K is making a huge difference to the common Conrad.

All trademarks, logos and names are properties of their

Khasekhemwy- This name belonged to the last pharaoh of the Second Dynasty of Egypt. 15. Thank you! respective owners. 47. Rinjirou- The name Rinjirou is of Japanese origin and has several meanings such as beautiful ball, cheerfulness and two. Ronnie is also considered the short form of the name Veronica.

54. Twila- Twila is an English girls name that means woven with a double thread.

Yoshijirou- A unique boys name with Japanese roots, it has different meanings including; man, righteousness, two, and mens. Thank you for your thanks, Ross! Its namesake, Ethan Allen, the war hero and patriot of the 18th century American Revolution was the leader of the Green Mountain Boys.

Dericka is the feminine variation of Derek and means gifted ruler. It is generally considered to be a girls name and has various meanings e.g., small, dawn, two, double, smile and laughter. I just wanted to double-check one usage: Right? Duri- A gender-neutral indigenous Korean name that means two, as well as a homophone of a Korean word meaning two people or a couple. If your forwarding a resume for someone else how should this read? This unique name is for the bold and daring parents. I am so glad you found my post helpful. Their name will help them unleash their true potential and give them the strength to overcome all odds in life. 44.

Nimue, fondly dubbed as the Lady of the Lake is the ruler of Avalon in the Arthurian legend. The meaning of Hillel is gently praised.

This name belonged to the Native American leader who was immortalized in one of the Longfellows poems. so, should you ever have The Koehlers without it modifying any subject? 9. 19. Despite being a spanking new name, this name managed to make to the top 1000 list soon after its introduction. As a result, it will make the perfect name for a two-faced character. Shulz, Cox, Marx, etc.]

However, it certainly brings to mind the word, hypocrisy. 19. (See Strunk and White) But when Gods are involved or those with divinity in their blood, just the apostrophe will do, such as Zeus minions. Thomas was one of Jesus Christs 12 disciples. Shuangye- It is of Chinese origin and has several meanings depending on its kanji variations, including two, frost, business, trade, merits and achievements. Richard is a distinguished Norman name that has been popular for more than a thousand years.

IF the name had had an s on it, the steps would go like this: The Sanders Cookies (Wrong because it isnt plural!


Your spell check might disapprove of the correct forms, but spell check is wrong on this matter.


This is one that goes both ways, depending on editorial preference.

It was at the peak of its prosperity in the 1980s. Most nouns ending insare pluralized by addinges. Enrique is the Spanish form of the German name Heinrich and means ruler of the home. Quick quibble: Last paragraph says plural when it should say possessive.. And it was a favorite with the Kings as well. Anwealda is a traditional English name, meaning ruler. m=s.getElementsByTagName(o)[0];a.async=1;a.src=g;m.parentNode.insertBefore(a,m) 57. Niki- A girls name of Japanese ancestry with various meanings e.g., two, hope, period and time. So embarrassed now.

This article looked at names that mean two, their meanings and origins. It has a handful of meanings such as two, husband, living and man.

Haco is the name of the mythical Cornish leader who lost his beautiful bride to a musician whose songs he admired.

Tell us in the comment section below! The meaning of Henry is state ruler. Thomas- means twin in Greek.

Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced searchad free! 22.

37. Jirota- A Japanese name generally considered for boys with different meanings including, two, length, sincerity, sun, precious and length. 46. 17. Manjirou- Manjirou is a male name of both Chinese and Japanese heritage. 39.

56. This moniker would appeal to parents who like appreciating the mysteries of the dark stream. Avery, thank you for your kind words!

(i.e., Tonight I am going to the Michelangelos for dinner.) You can even opt for its spelling variation, Truitt.

You also have the option of its spelling variants, Eric. Otoya- The name Otoya is of Japanese origin.

Zenjiro- A Japanese name meaning second-born son. Fun with grammar: the possessive, or not, before an -ing word. Even though Alaric is an ancient name, it sounds modern enough to be considered. This moniker has been hovering around the top 100 baby name list for 35 years now. So, not only did they get it wrong, they didnt put on the sign what she had asked for, and they tried to correct what they thought was an error.

Nestor is the name of the wise ruler of Greek legend. Nebty-tepites- Nebty was one of the great five names used by Egyptian pharaohs. This suggests that people who have these names can see both sides of every issue and can easily find balance in their lives.

We make names that dont end inspossessive by addingsfor example,Mr. Johnsons hat,Ms. Smiths umbrella. People think that is incorrect!). 38. As a name, Magnus has a commanding presence. The music of piper is associated with leadership, as people follow the enchantment of the music. This Biblical place name is also a character in Gilbert & Sullivan opera Ruddigore. popularity, first alphabet or even by celebrities. The name Theodoric may feel ancient or even prehistoric now, but there was a time it was highly popular with the royals. It is generally considered to be a female name which means two young coconut shoots of Samoa origin. However, as this was at their house I thoughtis it at the Berrys ? The Edwards familys hat, ss for singular Edwardss and ses for plural Edwardses.

Etta is simple, yet confident and strong. Decebal was the name of the ancient ruler of Dacia, who tried to resist, but was eventually conquered by the Roman military leader Traianus. But if you are going to the house of a family by the name Jones, the house belongs to all of them, so you want to make it plural first. For instance, four men named John are four Johns, and the hats the Johns are wearing are the four Johns hats. It has a variety of meanings including, two, prolong, swallow and son. Janus means two-faced.

We feel it would make a trendy and cute pick for your daughter. (plural and possessive) This moniker has a reliable presence in America, Wales, and Spain too! The name is being used sporadically since the 19th century.

Katherine- An English name originally from Greek and Latin. The name conjures the spirited determination of that era. Isolde is a Welsh name, meaning ice ruler. This aristocratic and romantic name belongs to the fabled lover in Arthurian romances who is seen as a symbol of undying love. Ashur is a lovely Assyrian mythology name, belonging to the supreme deity of the Assyrian Empire. Niko is of German, Greek and Japanese roots with several meanings e.g., two, lake, the victory of the people and benevolence. If you liked our articles on old money names or second chance names, youll love this one.

There is no extra cost to you if you make a purchase. 1. So a hat belonging to the Edwards family be the Edwardses hat? This Russian moniker, meaning renowned ruler has a musical, prodigy kind of vibe to it. enable_page_level_ads: true

If a surname needs to be both plural and possessive, make it plural first, then make it possessive.

You dont mention plural possessivesIf the family name is Michelangelo and you want to refer to THEIR home, I assume it would be The Michelangelos [house, car, etc. 25.Joujirou- Joujiru is of Japanese origin.

This name is at its low point now, but we envision it being revived as a dignified royal name. 28.

Of late, more and more American parents are opting for this European charmer. Please note that some of this sites links are affiliate links. Alberich is an Old High German name, meaning ruler of the elves. The name featured in the German mythology as the fair-haired leader of the Elves. The senders got it right in a way because theyd acknowledged that the cookies would be for more than one Bolton. The meaning of Harriet is estate ruler. Baby Girl name and their meanings.

This unusual name was given to three girls in England in the year 2013.

(singular possessive) The name Leroy, meaning the leader is borrowed from le roi, the endearing term meaning the ruler or king.

Rodrigue, the French variation of the name Roderick makes an uncommon variant of the original.

She played a pivotal role in several stories, including King Arthur. There are two schools of thought regarding singular nouns, including singular last names, ending ins. Some make these words possessive by addings(Mr.Joness house,Ms. Dosss car), and some add only an apostrophe (Mr. Jones house,Ms. Doss car). Ronnie is the English diminutive of the name Ronald, which is further derived the old Scandinavian name Rognvaldr. The name Rollo, featured regularly on Latin manuscripts in the Middle Ages is associated with the powerful Viking ruler.


Some English reference books recommend the former approach and some the latter, and some say both are acceptable. Making a last name plural should never involve an apostrophe. It is wonderful to be able to impart these tips to someone who cares!

Learn a new word every day. Could/would those be Shulz / Cox / Marx/ or Shulzes / Coxes / Marxes ??? Read for more information. It looks very weird on names ending in vowels. Niko- Its gender varies according to its different origin. It should have been The Boltons Cookies.

This name is highly popular with parents who want an H name that is more formal than Hank or Harry. Sosthenes, a Greek name, meaning safe-strength is associated with a Corinthian ruler of the same name. For instance, the Edwardsescan become the Edwards familyor the Edwards household.

Purists tend to prefer the former, which is more traditional. This beautiful name arrived the England via Princess Henriette Marie, King Charles I wife. 24. ga('send', 'pageview');

Nauri- It is of Samoa, Arabic, Japanese and Indonesian origin. It was adopted by the English speakers in the 19th century. Ex; 53. Huiliang- A gender-neutral name from the Chinese lineage with several meanings including benefit, back, two, good, virtuous and respectable. Shuangye- It is of Chinese origin and has several meanings depending on its kanji variations, including two, frost, business, trade, merits and achievements. It may come as a surprise to you, but St. Arnold was a Musician, who later became a member of the Charlemagne court.

ga('create', 'UA-54567501-1', 'auto'); It means length, two, yield and cheerfulness. I know of a little boy named Mays. Walter is a German name, meaning army ruler. I cant believe I screwed this up. Arshi Ahmed did her graduation from Shri Shikshayatan College, Kolkata, and post graduation in English from Lovely Professional University. Tsuguto- The name Tsuguto is of Japanese origin. cheers, IF THE NAME DOES NOT ALREADY HAVE AN S ON IT:

How to use a word that (literally) drives some pe Editor Emily Brewster clarifies the difference. So with last name Erwin.how would I label a business name called It saw its heyday in the 1880s and 1900s when it stayed within the top 50 names. Ashur is the Assyrian ruler of the gods, the creator of all things and the god of war.

I am forwarding Jane Doe resume for your review.

This name never really made to the top 100 list; even after coming very close in 1993. You cant use the s already on it for a possessive. The name of the dark blue color honors Cardinal Mazarin, the France leader of the 17th century. Im going to send them to my dad, who was confused about spelling our name The Davises, The Davises, and Avery Daviss. It would just be pronounced Edwardses', If you say the Edwards household, would you not use an apostrophe? This moniker is unknown in the United States and is used as Sosthene in France. If you want to pay respect to the India heritage, name your child Satish, which means ruler of hundreds. The members of the Johnson and Smith families, for instance, are the Johnsons and the Smiths, not the Johnsons and the Smiths.

Besides being the gender neutral short forms of names like Theodore, Terrence, and Theresa, Terry is also the spelling variation of Thierry and means ruler of the people. This moniker has been on the American baby boy name list since the late 1880s.

She ordered the sign to say The Berkens Campsite and lo and behold, it came back like this: The Berkens Campsite. We both had agreed before she ordered it that it should say The Berkens Campsite. Our family name is Berken.

11. It was his advice that helped the Greeks win the Trojan War. Or is it not used because Edwards becomes an adjective describing the household?

Other than that, I found your guidelines easier to understand than the explanations in the post. Baby names that mean leader will inspire your child to do better and achieve big in life. She specializes in writing baby names articles as she loves more. This classic moniker is shared by William, the Duke of Normandy, who later became William, the Conqueror.

Arlo- A boys name from Spanish heritage which means between two hills. For the nickname, you can consider, Terry. 7. So my name is Ms. Johns. Kanji- It is primarily a male name of Japanese origin meaning generosity, second and samurai.

She specializes in writing baby names articles as she loves to help new parents find a name for their child. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Johns class is certainly not uncommon and would appear in many edited texts.

The Berrys invited us to a party at their house. going to the Joneses house.. As a first name, we think Mazarine would be charming and unusual. This moniker achieved a top 100 position for twenty-five years. Mums Invited is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. We went to Dr. Robertss house. George Rodrigue, the American painter famous for his Blue Dog series is its namesake. So any woman you meet named Vlatka is likely to be a Croatian.

Nestor Carbonell, the American actor, is its famous bearer. 40. Belonging to all the members of the family: the Groves[es]. That makes a lot of sense, and I wont ever have to wonder about that usage again.

(singular possessive) 4. The Duke, John Wayne gives this name a wild, west appeal. Search for a Perfect Baby Boy, So how would I say Welcome to Ms. Johnss class. Ronald Reagan, the American President and Ronald Colman, the dashing matinee idol are its famous bearers.

I have a question, at new year I was invited to a party at the home of Mr and Mrs (Dr) Berry.

Aijiro- A Japanese name with various meanings including two, man, next, mens, love, indigo, and affection.

King, the other name for the ruler, could also be considered as your sons name. 18. Jouji- A male name with Japanese roots meaning length and two.

Adding the es makes the name plural.

The name Harriet has for long been considered an upscale and stylish name in England. Style conventions are always evolving, and at this moment there is gray area on this issue. This information is for educational purposes only and not a substitution for professional health services. Some modern variations of this name include Ocean and Oceana. This name was used widely for babies born on the Mayflower.

Khalid is an Arabic name, meaning immortal and everlasting. Genji- This is primarily a male name with Japanese roots that means two beginnings, heal, peace and source. 14. Eijirou- A Japanese male name with several meanings including clearly, two, crystal, flourish, next, samurai and cheerfulness. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Fritzs boat? 13. This is because they hint at the duality of life, its endless cycle of beginnings and endings, highs and lows, and so on.

The doctor is in, but whose appointment is it? And it got exposure through the bestselling book The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.. Thats correct, despite having too many syllables to comfortably pronounce, right? This moniker by first introduced to the English by the Scandinavian settlers during the Viking Age. We think its a great alternative to Sophia. It means lady of the two lands. It has several meanings such as; each of the two in Greek, far off and pure. Ricardo was the Spanish variation of the name Richard and means powerful leader. 12. Kenji- Kenji is primarily a boys name of Japanese origin with several different meanings including, the intelligent second son, strong and vigorous. So be rest assured, your child will be the only Bardick in his school.

Ericka is the spelling variation of the Old Norse name Eirik and means eternal ruler. 54. Masujiro- This name is of Japanese origin meaning benefit, son, and two. Hattie is the diminutive of the name Harriet and means little ruler of the home. Its one of those names that is more popular than its original. Erica is the female variant of the name Erick and means eternal ruler. Erica is popular with the English while its spelling variation Erica is popular in the Scandinavian countries. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Niyuki- Japanese name whose meanings include two. Vitamin A In Pregnancy: Why Is It Important And What.. Apnea Of Prematurity: Causes, Symptoms, Risks, And.. 85 Unusual Short Names Or Nicknames For Elizabeth, 125 Majestic Baby Names That Mean Miracle Or Blessing, 100 Pretty And Cute Butterfly Names For Girls And Boys, 200 Unique Non-Binary Names With Meanings, For Your Baby, 22 Most Romantic Baby Boy Names Of All Time, 64 Popular Filipino Baby Names For Girls And Boys With Meanings, 100 Wonderful Baby Names Inspired By Greek Mythology, 120 Invented OrMade-Up Names For GirlsAnd Boys. This surname stems from the classic name Henry.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ I would ask for a new sign (even though it would not come in time for this trip),but could be used for other trips.

Kaiji- Is of Japanese heritage. Remember, your babys name is a part of their identity. Johnss class unless Ms. Johns is a god, which I doubt. or to be more confusing, the plural and possessive..??

It was also the rallying cry during the World War II. I am pretty sure that i know the answer to this, but heres the situation. They are the Joneses. Thanks for your clarity on this!

So which of these names appealed the most to you? 13. It became a rage after the Harry Potter series released and is now associated with Harry Style of One Direction band. The meaning of Richard is dominant ruler. Someone is arguing that, on a wreath on the front door, House is implied. Quade is the anglicized form of the Gaelic name Mac Uaid and means ruler of the army. Its a relatively uncommon name and hasnt even made to the top 1000 baby name list. It fits well with Audrianna, Arianna, and Adrianna. The name Friedrich, meaning peaceful ruler was introduced to England by the Norman-French in the 11thcentury. Johns class?

Its also associated with Saint Sophronius, the 7th-century leader of Jerusalem. 49. Hekateros means each of two and with both hands. 43. It has several meanings like uniquely creative in India and regular, two, clear and next in Japan. Koji- A Japanese boys name with several meanings e.g., abundance, two, piece and boss. Thanks so much Susan! This would be less confusing if you used a different name than Robert for this, since the name Roberts was used as a plural surname earlier and a plural Christian name here. Its a deeply spiritual name that reflects the duality of life. Naming your baby can be a difficult task. If you understandably find words likeEdwardsesa little too awkward, consider rewording to avoid the plural. Fuji- A male name of Japanese heritage with several meanings e.g., two, wisteria, wealth, preside over, and step. This moniker is one of the highly ranked name in Ireland, Belgium, England and Wales. And the plural possessive would be Rons?

Because they are two of themhowever, surely plural of Berry as a surname is Berrys. (i[r].q=i[r].q||[]).push(arguments)},i[r].l=1*new Date();a=s.createElement(o),

I am making a banner for my husbands home gym and I want to make sure it reads correctly.

Fumiji- A popular Japanese male name with a handful of meanings including, history, two, child, be affectionate, next and govern. 4.

This name has several literary references, including Roderick Hudson by Henry James.

However, they failed to take the second step and make the plural also possessive. Oceanus, the Titan in Greek mythology was the ruler of the oceans.

45. It made way into the Iberian Peninsula via the expanding Germanic tribes.

Piper is an occupational surname, signifying someone who played pipes.

Christmas at the Groveses house.

Hifumi- Hifumi is a Japanese name meaning, one, two and three. So.we are the Groves family.

As the Hispanics population is rising in America, the use of Ricardo is also growing. Roderick is a German name, meaning famous ruler. It has been borne by many rulers, the emperors, and Archdukes of Austria.

Thus, choose a name they fall in love with when they grow to understand its meaning and weightage. John and Mary Borris Cottage (possession of a couple). 27. My last name ends in an I, and if I dont add the s it changes the look and pronunciation of my name. A constant shuffle with Donald brought this name to the ranking of #433, but it can go up anytime. Teruji- The name Teruji is of Japanese origin. Futaba- A Japanese name with various meanings e.g., pair, set, leaf and two. It has different meanings like second in Cornish, headlands and promontory. 52. Have you seen the Berrys latelyrather than adopting the normal version of the noun. It means ten thousand, man, two, cheerfulness and samurai. Hotepsekhemwy- The Horus name of an ancient Egyptian ruler. If you liked this post, youll love names that mean second and names that mean third even more. This name is also believed to have been originated from the Old Germanic name, Theodoric.

], and not The Michelangelos ? Check out the most Comfortable and Stylish Going Home Outfit for New Moms.

It has a variety of meanings including, two, rich, wealthy, long time, good luck and good fortune. Adimbua- A handsome male name of Igbo origin that translates as now, I am two.

My family is going camping next week, and my daughter-in-law had a sign made up for the campsite. Shays Rebellion is a famous event and is contracted from its proper form out of convention not proper usage. Ruataata- This name is of Tahitian origin which means two people. If you said you are going to Mays house, youve destroyed the integrity of his name. This has always seemed correct to me, but I dont think Ive ever seen anyone spell it this way, so I have always wondered whether I was missing something. (just plural) This name claimed the top 100 status for nearly 70 years in a row. Konrad is a German name, meaning bold ruler. It was borne by two kings of Germany. 5.

(function(i,s,o,g,r,a,m){i['GoogleAnalyticsObject']=r;i[r]=i[r]||function(){ (just plural) This name is embedded in the American music industry, with several songs on it.

In fact, its at its highest point since the 2nd World War. Seiji- The name Seiji is of both Japanese and Indian roots.

This Italian variant of Jerome belongs to the renowned Apache mystic and leader.

It is also associated with a character on Spartacus. Sepsis (Blood Infection) In Children: Signs And.. Snoring During Pregnancy: Causes And Remedies To.. Rashes After Fever In Toddlers: Causes & Tips To.. It belongs to Douglas MacArthur, one of the prominent leaders of the Second World War. Oladimeji- A Nigerian name of Yoruba origin that literally means wealth has become two or wealth has been doubled. The Robertses invited us to a party at their house.

Nebettaway- The name is of Egyptian origin from an ancient Egyptian princess and queen. Ruaidhri is the variation of the name Rory and means famous ruler. This spirited, Gaelic classic name became very popular in Ireland in the 13th century. Accessed 22 Jul.

It is a male name that has several meanings like abundant, second, healing and peace.

Just because there is an s at the end doesnt mean the name is plural, so you have to make it plural. In this post, we bring you a list of names that mean ruler or leader for you to make the right pick for your munchkin. Seijirou- The name Seijirou is a masculine Japanese name which has several meanings including two, clean, samurai and cheerfulness. The Erwins Southern Delights? This moniker is so rare that it hasnt even featured in the top 1000 baby name list. 7. All rights reserved. It was an ancient feminine name meaning, the two crowns on the head of her father. 36. Maybe hes Jones Leavitt. Nino- A name generally considered to be for girls. Only then should you make it possessive. It means the two mistresses are appeased referring to both the upper and lower goddesses. It comes from the Latin word dux and means leader.

This moniker originated as a variation of the German name Alberich and means ruler of the elves. Enjirou- A boys name with Japanese roots. Thanks again for your confident-sounding help!

Last names ending insare no different. Is it the household of or belonging to the Edwards?

Harry started as a diminutive of Henry, but it is now more popular than the original. What about a last name ending in z, like Fritz? Yasujiro- It is a Japanese male name with several meanings including relaxed, cheap, two and son. or Ms. thats correct, but in that particular case youd probably want to write it differently eg. (only plural)

Takeji- Takeji is a boys name of Japanese ancestry with different meanings including firm, two, healthy, strong and height.

35. We link to other affiliate programs as well.

58. Persian leader who conquered Babylon to establish his empire. The most famous contemporary bearer of this name is Hiawatha Bray, the African-American journalist. It is of Japanese lineage and has several meanings including, two, benevolence and possessive particle. So the plural of any proper name, like Ron, would be Rons? Futao- A male name of Japanese origin.

This applies to last names as well. 133 Old Money Last Names (From All Over the World!

Rinji has different meanings such as correct relationship, next, govern, two and gallant. If you say you are going to his house tonight, you dont have to make it plural.

The Borris (possession of more than one unspecified Borri) Hijiri- A male name of Japanese origin. It was one of the most fashionable names with the Puritans. Jirou- A boys name with Japanese roots which means, two and cheerfulness. THEN you make it possessive.

9. 5. 18. 26. Bikini, bourbon, and badminton were places first. We (the writers of this site) would make it Ms. 51.

This moniker, coined in Scotland is the female variation of the name Ronald and means wise ruler. Ellen Rona Barkin, the American actress, is the famous bearer of this name.

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