As a potential NFT collector, analyzing the project's roadmap is a part of the due diligence process. There are a lot of NFT collections on Solana that have one or more of these traits, but the most popular ones posses all four qualities. This collection is one of the most phenomenal Solana NFT collections. Looking for a job in crypto? The Degenerate Ape Academy (DAA) revealed in their Discord announcement that the marketplace would go live in April, and this would be their first venture into the Solana ecosystem. When the Solana protocol launched its NFT support, there was a great demand for its native Metaverse. To date, the collection has down over 133,000 SOL in secondary transactions. According to the above analysis, we know that the rarer an NFT attribute is, the higher its price will be, but too high a price will inhibit transactions from occurring, making the time interval between transactions longer and the liquidity lower. It was exponentially bigger than we thought.. Fundamentally, there was a missed opportunity because the team didnt anticipate the market demand. The layer 1 blockchain has seen increased usage in recent weeks. The Degenerate Ape Academy is the original Solana NFT collection that launched in the summer of 2021 for 6 SOL tokens each (~$250 USD at the time). However, there are many factors affecting NFT price, and to get a reasonable NFT valuation, in addition to transaction count data, it is also necessary to combine data such as coin market fluctuations, social media data, community opinion data, and build a real-time NFT valuation model to predict and monitor price trends in real-time and reduce Position risk reduction. In the last week, $VVS, the native token of VVS Finance, the Cronos-based Decentralized Exchange (DEX), has registered a 10% uptick in price. If the project has a rushed or unrealistic roadmap, it might not be a good collection to mint. In-depth reports and research across the Web3 ecosystem. In recent years, the NFT market has become very popular, and more and more users choose to invest in NFTs. Two days after launch, the excitement hasnt died down as the degenerate ape NFTs continues to change hands. The latest market wide crypto news covering developing stories focusing on all blockchains. According to the above analysis, you can filter the NFTs which contain the corresponding attributes in the Solanart platform, and then buy them according to your preference. According to the above analysis, the NFT attribute characteristics are aggregated and the relevant statistical indicators of NFT are counted to provide data reference for NFT shoppers. The latest Binance Smart Chain crypto news covering developing stories. An NFT collection is a group of Non Fungible Tokens arranged in a series, most often using generative art to create large quantity of unique NFTs. Quantum Traders and SolSteins are examples of NFT projects that have strong core teams that are consistently thinking of ways to increase the utility of their product suite to holders and shipping great products. Solana combines the proof of stake consensus algorithm PoS for short with a novel proof-of-history, or PoH, system. Website | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram | Discord | Medium. Solana is picking up steam fast but it should not be mistaken as an overnight success because it has the technology and real utility. The relevant explanations are as follows: Active attribute rarity (active_attribute_rarity), the value range is 0-1. active_attribute_rarity represents the rarity percentage of active NFT attributes. Variance of attribute trading days interval, indicating the variance of individual attribute liquidity within NFT, The mean value of the attribute trading days interval, which indicates the mean value of the average number of trading days interval for each data, The minimum value of active attribute rarity , indicating the active rarity of the rarest attribute, The variance of active attribute rarity, which indicates the difference of active rarity of the most attributes, Mean value of active attribute rarity, indicating the average active rarity of the most NFT so attributes. He is a nostalgic gamer, a Witcher-fan and a huge NFT-enthusiast ! Combining the above analysis of price & liquidity & rarity, the following selection is made: The following chart is a screenshot of some of the data after filtering, please see the complete data at the end of the article to obtain the data in detail. Between OpenSea support Solana and memes about the Bear Market, this NFT collection took over the top spot for most traded NFT on Solana. A personal take from our Web3 journalists regarding DeFi, NFTs, the Metaverse, and general crypto developments. When Dragons with similar traits are staked together, holders receive more $XIN tokens which can be used in raffles or to upgrade the NFT's artwork. Suspendisse varius enim in eros elementum tristique. It is the ratio between the covariance of two variables and the product of their standard deviations; thus it is essentially a normalized measurement of the covariance, such that the result always has a value between 1 and 1. The entire collection was sold out in eight minutes during the launch on Sunday, August 18. The founding team should be experienced in the NFT market, have strong developers, marketers, and community managers. Nunc ut sem vitae risus tristique posuere. A quick 3min read about today's crypto news! As the entire market recovers, the VVS token regains its stride. Daily releases, news, and developing stories on Ethereum DeFi, NFTs and Metaverse projects. Prospective candidates can view the participating universities here. Press releases and curated content revoling around Web3 Wire clients. Among these NFT projects, the Degenerate Ape Academy project is very representative. According to the historical transaction data, we can calculate some statistical indicators, including the number of trades, trading interval, rarity, popularity, etc., and then calculate the correlation between the indicators by Pearson correlation coefficient, the specific results are shown in the following chart: The statistical result is a square matrix, and the X and Y axes represent the statistical indicators. Moreover, it claims to support 50,000 transactions per second (TPS), making it the fastest blockchain in the world. As you can see from the above analysis, the highest total earnings are not necessarily the best investors, and many investors with very small trading volumes have made far greater gains than some of the NFT creators. Transcripts of the latest DeFi protocols opening up to questions regarding their DApps. In other words, your NFTs will stay in your wallet, and you can sell them on multiple non-custodial marketplaces simultaneously. Based on the relative rarity of each NFT in, the holder earns more YAW tokens through Yawww's staking tool. Then we perform a linear fit and find the attributes that deviate from the fitted curve and are undervalued (attributes below the fitted curve). Note that at this time, the list appears to be under construction. Post-Merge (for ETH2), shadow fork of the mainnet, DEPRECATED, use Kiln; post-Merge (for ETH2), DEPRECATED, use Sepolia; the Merge to happen on Jun 8, 2022. Thus, it records all transactions in real-time, making sure they are processed in order while speeding up the entire network. Banksea collected 17,985 transaction data for the Degenerate Ape Academy project from the Solanart market platform, the time range is 2021-11-21 to 2022-03-19, and the transaction data covers 7936 active NFTs. At press time, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) was 53.94. Explore Popular NFT Collections on Solana, What Makes Them Unique, and Where to Learn More. Thank you! #Binance Scholarship Program One of the original NFT projects to launch on Solana, Aurory is a blue-chip NFT project that is building a Solana blockchain game. The positions of these two metrics indicate a heightened buying pressure for the VVS tokens in the last seven days, hence the price uptick. However, some holders dont stake their Degods, and prefer instead to acquire a DeadGod by burning 1000 $DUST tokens. What started as a simple profile-picture project, has transformed into a die-hard community of builders, creators, and well-connected NFT influencers who are engaged an practically every popular NFT project in the Solana ecosystem. Uses fraud proofs to prove transaction validity. When asked about the future of DAA, Nick Scannella, Strategic partnership manager at DAA, says in a Youtube live stream with Greg Gotsis, Co-founder of Solana news, that there is no end in sight since the project is not capped. SOL, Solana blockchains native token, is on the rise thanks to another primate-themed NFT drop. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. The lore of Taiyo Robotics involves protecting the earth from dangerous aliens and monsters. Follow the crypto ecosystem with our crypto events calendar. For more information, applicants can follow along here. In these worlds, players complete tasks and interact with in-game NFT characters. If you want to launch your own NFT collection on Solana, learn how to create a successful NFT project, and then start building your project with common NFT tools on Solana like Metaplex and Candy Machine v2. As always, make your own research prior to making any kind of investment. After the launch, DAA will also add a feature that will allow people to buy all collections with ETH. Every day, you get 10 Dust tokens on a Degod that you staked. Earnings per NFT sold by the top 20 holders of total NFT earnings. Chat app Kiks native crypto token, Kin, also migrated to the network bringing along 58,925,415 wallets. Fundamentally, there was a missed opportunity because the team didnt anticipate the market demand. Relies on cryptographic guarantees for security. In fact, theres a buzz that it is cryptos hidden gem.. Solana is here. There are many other high-profile Solana NFT collections that we didnt list including Solana Monke Business, Famous Fox Federation, Shadowy Super Coders, so many more. The projects 10,000 unique cartoon apes live on the Solana blockchain. In addition, FTX and Binance have created their headquarters in the Portals Downtown. One of the original monkey-inspired PFP NFT projects on Solana, Solana Monke Business is a 5,000-piece collection of 2D pixel art that is the 3rd most traded NFT collection on Solana with over 1,100,000 SOL in secondary trading volume. Get complete statistics at the end of this article, According to the analysis of the degenerate ape NFT series, it can be found that there is a very strong correlation between the final transaction price, rarity, and liquidity. Faces higher overhead from costs involved in generating and verifying proofs for every transaction block. According to the correlation coefficient of the intersecting features in the horizontal or vertical direction, the coefficient is between -1 and 1, 1 means a complete linear positive correlation, -1 means a complete negative correlation, and the specific characteristics are explained as follows: According to the NFT trading history data, the rarity of active attributes, the average trading price of attributes, and the average number of days between trades of attributes are counted according to the dimensions of NFT attributes, and then the statistics are linearly fitted to find the NFT attributes with underestimation. These attributes are likely to be undervalued when they trade at a lower average price than the average fitted price. What makes Portals a popular NFT collection on Solana is it's leadership and dedication to leading Solana's entry into the metaverse. Degenerate Ape Academy NFT Purchase Links. Degods is a Solana NFT collection with one of the best communities, founded by Frank. Besides being a desirable NFT for their historical significane, Degen Apes also run a validator and other community initiatives. Reduces costs since it publishes minimal data on Ethereum and doesn't have to post proofs for transactions, except in special circumstances. YAW tokens can be used to pay for subscriptions to Yawww's NFT marketplace among other use cases. Just a couple of weeks after mint, the founders lost interest in pushing the project. Taiyo Robotics is included in this list because the community's resilience demonstrates that having cool art, engaged holders, aligned incentives, and real utility like Solport, an NFT marketplace, can resurrect projects destined to fail. Put simply, we are the best place for new and experienced non-fungible token fans making content fun & accessible. Today, Xin Dragons sell NFT tools to other projects including a bot-resistant NFT launchpad and a unique NFT staking mechanism that doesn't require users to remove their NFTs from their wallet. We can use simple filters, such as active_attribute_rarity < 0.04 and average price < 100 SOL or less, and then shop for NFT that contains this attribute. Launched with the desire to make DeFi products accessible to all age brackets, VVS Finance is a DeFi protocol where all categories of users are allowed to swap tokens, earning high yields. _.parentNode.insertBefore(r,_);})(window, document, 'script', '', 'ml');var ml_account = ml('accounts', '3420361', 'p7o6o1i1p7', 'load'); NFTevening is the biggest website for NFT news. The main idea behind the collection is an encouragement of brotherhood and rebellion against established systems to drive change. Be mindful that incomplete applications or applications with missing documents will hinder your chances. All investment/financial opinions expressed by are not recommendations. The price to mint an ape was only 6 SOL. the active_attribute_rarity lowest, indicating that active_attribute_rarity is rarer. Of course, this is not a completely linear conclusion, as many other factors can also have an impact on price and liquidity. In-depth project research displaying the core features of the latest DeFi protocols. Any Solana NFT collector will agree that the reputation of the founders is important when deciding how popular a collection can become. The team behind Degen Apes vests the intellectual property in each collector, and the ownership of a Degen Ape is criteria for joining the the Degen DAOO. Something went wrong while submitting the form. Banksea is an AI algorithm-built valuation model that provides users with 7*24 real-time valuation and data support. The SolSteins, which were created first have 2,222 total pieces, and the Quantum Traders NFT collection has 8,888 NFTs. Degeniverse will have its own marketplace, in partnership with Rarible to list all the NFTs of Degeniverse - Degenerate Ape Academy, Degenerate Trash Pandas, and Degenerate Ape Kindergarten. Oops! The Degenerate Ape Academy is an NFT brand housed on the Solana blockchain. According to the above analysis, we know that the rarer the attribute of an NFT, the higher its average trading price, showing a conspicuous negative correlation. User-friendly tutorials on the latest DApps that directly cater to the new user. The project can even be extended to other cartoon characters, games, clothing brands, etc. Disclaimer: The text below is an advertorial article that was not written by journalists. First, eligibility criteria is based on a per-institution basis. Greg Gotsis technical market report revolving around Crypto and DeFi. abandoned) by the original creator, and then salvaged by community members who wanted to lead the project. Get the latest creative news from FooBar about art, design and business. The blog notes that in addition to financial support for tuition, books and other fees, Binance will provide opportunities for scholars to acquire exposure to the Binance blockchain ecosystem. The biggest gainers come from those extreme speculators who buy, sell or hold only a few NFTs, but sell them at sky-high prices over time. Meanwhile, at some point, the cheapest apes in the market were being sold for 13 SOL or a little around $1000. Plus, our legendary support will guide you every step of the way. Given a pair of random variables (X,Y), the formula for P is: The formula for P can be expressed in terms of mean and expectation. Toeing the same path is the tokens Money Flow Index (MFI) spotted at 58, above the neutral region. Because only NFTs with transaction history are counted, the rarity will be lower than in, but closer to the real market situation. The price dipped down to 2 SOL and there were indications that the project would be abandoned. Financially constrained students can apply for funding to boost their education and potentially work in the blockchain industry. Therefore, the more people use it over other marketplaces, the more money the community gets. Nonetheless, it was a good day for those who mined the Degenerate Apes because they realized a hefty profit right away. This is a paid Ask Me Anything (AMA), BSC.News does not endorse and is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy, quality, advertising, products, or other materials on this page. This utility would incentivize collectors and drive value back to the community. Uses a simulation of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), which allows it to run arbitrary logic and support smart contracts. The academy consists of 10,000 degenerate ape NFTs. For example, the artistic style of Okay Bears has similarities to Ethereum's Bored Ape Yacht Club collection, which may make it more attractive to collectors who like a classic style of NFT artwork. Publishes full transaction data as calldata to Ethereum Mainnet, which increases rollup costs. Start building on Solana with Alchemy today. Soumen is an experienced writer with a background in Laser Physics. The marketplace will feature all the three NFTs of the Degeniverse and will go live in April. Then we are shopping for NFT, if only as a value investment, the cost can be limited to 600 SOL or less, because the NFT itself is so large profit range, the number of NFT can really soar only a very small number, if you invest steadily, can also enter the top 20 earnings list. With over 1,900,000 SOL in total secondary volume, Okay Bears is the most traded NFT on Solana, beating even the original Solana NFT collections like Degenerate Ape Academy and Solana Monkey Business. What sets these collections apart is that they exemplify the principles outlined above and have created a strong community for their project. Your submission has been received. Aenean faucibus nibh et justo cursus id rutrum lorem imperdiet. Solana is a web-scale blockchain that provides fast, secure, scalable, decentralized apps and marketplaces. Follow Banksea on Twitter @banksea_finance and reply to DAPE for full data analysis results. While good art is subjective, NFT projects that have art aligned with their goals present a consistent brand to their community, holders, and potential collectors. User-friendly tutorials on the latest dApps that directly cater to new users. Partnership with Parrot, Moonbeam, Slope, etc. Owning one is like owning a piece of history. That is the rarer the attribute, the more times it is traded and the more active the market is. Meanwhile, at some point, the cheapest apes in the market were being sold for 13 SOL or a little around $1000. The layer 1 blockchain has seen increased usage in recent weeks. At press time, the tokens price sits at $74.89 which represents a surge of 75.94% in the past 7 days. Check out the CryptoJobsNow!. Uses validity (zero-knowledge) proofs to prove transaction validity. In contrast, PoH is built like a clock. Total profit ranking of the top twenty people, each NFT trading profit and loss is mostly concentrated between 0 to 600 SOL, a single NFT profit greater than 600 SOL is relatively small. According to the statistics of the solanart market platform, the total transaction volume of the project reached 1.11M SOL. Alchemy Supernode finally makes it possible to scale blockchain applications without all the headaches. In this article, we showcase ten of the best NFT collections on Solana and explain what makes them popular including their teams, utility, artwork, market timing, and roadmap among other characteristics of successful NFT projects. Discover what Nick has to say about DAA and its future in the recent YouTube live stream with Greg Gotsis. The Degenerate ApeAcademy has come a long way since its launch in August 2021. For a great NFT collection, you need four important attributes: artwork, utility, roadmap, and team. Posted to the Binance Charity page and shared via Twitter by Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), the new scholarship will focus on improving education that will empower the next generation of blockchain experts. To illustrate, networks that use PoW like Ethereum approves the most expensive transactions faster than smaller ones resulting in high gas fees. Theo is NFTevening co-founder. Overall it is vital to proceed with caution when purchasing tokens that have just been listed. One reason why Okay Bears has ascended to such a high trading volume is because of market timing. The average return of NFT can be relatively clear to identify this type of investor, if you want to make value investments, you can continue to pay attention to some of the investment situations of such NFT holders. Requires waiting through a 1-week delay (dispute period) before withdrawing funds. Press Esc to cancel. To a certain extent, it will affect the final transaction price and has some. On a daily chart, there has been an increased accumulation of VVS tokens in the last week. In contrast, PoH is built like a clock. Doesn't widely support EVM computation, although a few EVM-compatible ZK-rollups have appeared. Okay Bears launched around the same time OpenSea started supporting Solana NFTs, which allowed more people to buy and sell Okay Bears on their preferred marketplace. Scholarships will be available for vocational education (currently for 1,000 Ukrainian students), for undergraduate studies and for masters degrees. reference significance for NFT shopping. The Degenerate Ape Academy wrote on Twitter: No, the drop was NOT smooth. SOL has to thank Degenerate Ape Academy for the positive price action. Examples from this list that fall into these categories are Aurory, Xin Dragons, and Quantum Traders to name a few. With their play-to-earn business model, the owners of Aurory NFTs use gameplay to get players to earn rewards. For example, Chainlink, one of the blockchains largest smart contract networks has completed the integration with the network. Daily releases, news, and developing stories on Cronos DeFi, NFTs and Metaverse projects. Of course, references are always encouraged and can help.

By using the NFT Oracle, users can evaluate NFTs timely and fully risk-controlled. The project team has purchased this advertisement AMA for $2000 Readers should do their own research before taking any actions related to the company. Average transaction price of properties Top 10, Average number of days between trades Top 10. These NFTs were minted for 0.1 SOL because the entire community self-organized to bring down the mint price using Metaplex's Fair Launch Protocol (now deprecated). With over 33,000 shoes in the collection, STEPN was selected as a popular NFT collection on Solana because of how they made NFTs accessible and encourage people to make active choices. In fact, theres a buzz that it is cryptos hidden gem.. According to data from CoinMarketCap, a week ago, the VVS token traded at $0.0000061 per token. Around 5 months ago, the Portals team raised $5 million to create a Metaverse NFT collection on Solana. Global cryptocurrency exchange Binance is sponsoring a scholarship program to enable students to develop their skills, knowledge and experience, minus the financial barriers. Yes, the NFT Drop propelled SOL to new heights but the platform has been doing things right the past few weeks. Over time, NFT projects that wanted to distinguish themselves from other collections, started providing additional utility to their holders. Duis cursus, mi quis viverra ornare, eros dolor interdum nulla, ut commodo diam libero vitae erat. The diagonal line represents the autocorrelation, both of which are 1. rugpull). NFT projects with utility include blockchain games, NFTs that give access to exclusive tools, or NFTs where owners earn a percentage of the revenue from secondary sales or products the NFT project sells. The original Xin Dragons collection has a limited supply of 887 NFTs and the second generation of Xin Dragons is a collection of 2661 baby dragons. According to their whitepaper that was released earlier this year, the Aurory game is based on two virtual worldsAntik and Nefties. Deep dive's into L1 blockchains and their ecosystems. It can be inferred that the market is more favorable to rare attributes, their liquidity is stronger, and purchasers are more willing to pay high prices. Ben Antes' column which dives into various DeFi topics &strategies. Your submission has been received! fast, secure, scalable, decentralized apps and marketplaces. The ongoing bullish momentum in the cryptocurrency market has caused the king of coins, Bitcoin, to record a 16% price growth. Users don't need someone to watch the L2 chain to detect fraud. 1-of-1s are are mainly created by NFT artists and sold on 1-of-1 NFT marketplaces like Exchange.Art. With some projects like Degenerate Ape Academy that launched with 137 traits and 3D images, art made it attractive, whereas Portals, whose art simply features a rotating access card, is popular because of its utility and not its art. It has been on a steady uptrend in the last seven days. Verifiers are needed to keep tabs on the actual rollup state and the one referenced in the state root to detect fraud. We did A LOT wrong and the team was overwhelmed with the wave that hit us in the past week. He has been in the digital marketing & Media industry for the past 7 years and is involved in several big publishing companies - Reaching 35Millions users monthly across 20 different countries. While play-to-earn games like Aurory are mainly applicable to gamers, STEPN introduced a game that maximizes the number of people who can participate by aligning the incentives with exercise. So instead of 10 DUST a day, you earn 30. Generative NFTs take multiple design assets to automatically create a large number of uniquely designed NFTs compared to 1-of-1 NFTs and AI-generated NFTs. So Solana is picking up steam fast but it should not be mistaken as an overnight success because it has the technology and real utility. The best way to find other popular Solana NFT collections its to use Solana NFT analytics tools like or browse Solana's multiple NFT marketplaces. Unlike other projects that are simple Profile-Picture projects (PFPs), Portals' popularity is generated from it's unique utility. The founding team must know how to build a great community, build hype sell out their collections,be able to deliver on their roadmap, and be trustworthy enough so collectors can trust they won't abandon the project (i.e. As a top 10 most traded project on Solana, Aurory highlights that even with long roadmaps that require a lot of building like a web3 game, by consistently shipping artwork, airdrops, tokens, mini games, and sneak previews, NFT projects can maintain their value for months and years. Such investors either have a better vision or better luck and of course, may have stronger opinion control and analytical skills. The VVS token functions as an utility, governance, and reward token designed to facilitate transactions on the VVS Finance platform. According to the announcement, the marketplace will be non-custodial, as will some upcoming others. Boryoku Dragonz, for example, one of the Solana NFT projects in this article, has clear-cut plans for the phases of its collection. Solanas technology has attracted game-changing partnerships. var c={ a:arguments,q:[]};var r=this.push(c);return "number"!=typeof r?r:f.bind(c.q);} View full list of BSC cryptocurrencies sorted by market cap, See today's DeFi yield optimizer rankings. The Ethereum chain has a lot of mainstream Metaverse projects including The Sandbox and Decentraland. The average transaction price (transaction_price_avg) and the average number of days between transactions (days_between_transactions_avg) show a significant positive correlation, for most transactions, the higher the price, the less liquidity, and the longer the time between each transaction. Explainers regarding Decentralized Finance(DeFi), NFTs, the Metaverse and L1 blockchains. With over 5,000 holders buying into the motto, It is okay to be okay," and a culture that promotes transforming ordinary people into extraordinary ones, this laid back NFT community intends to create workshops, galleries, boutiques, and even studios. This group of traders appears to have zero cost but is not the biggest gainer in the overall trading market. It also grants you the highest possible access to both the Degeniverse and the Degen DAOO- the largest Solana NFT DAO. To participate, members need to buy pairs of NFT sneakers, download an app that records activitiesand rewards users in GST, or Green Satoshi Token, and then start moving!
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