Experience has shown that German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are often the most successful candidates and respond well to the police K9 training program, which is why Global chooses to work mostly with these breeds.

Highland Canine Training, LLC is a global leader in Police and Military Working dog sales and training. Our Police K9 Trainer / Instructor Course teaches students what they need to know to be leaders in the Police & Military K9 industry. Our program will teach you how to effectively work with dogs of all types. Students who attend our 12-week course receive a concrete foundation in dog behavior, learning theory, training methodologies, training tools, and behavior modification techniques. Is it the benefits of a comprehensive training program? Climate change, loss of habitat and other factors continue to put, https://media.blubrry.com/alifeofdogs/content.blubrry.com/alifeofdogs/Conservation_detection_dogs.mp3, Zero/Zero: How a Blind Hiker and His Guide Dogs Tackle Americas Toughest Trails. The "On Target Method" is the future of detection training and has already taken over in many areas of the country as well as caught on in foreign countries. Content correct on page at last modification date.Devon and Cornwall Police are NOT accountable for the content of external websites, Copyright Devon and Cornwall Police. This program is ideal for current and former Law Enforcement Personnel, K9 unit supervisors and handlers, military, as well as for civilians who are interested in training and handling K9s for this fascinating line of work. Learn more about our Police K9 Instructor Course today! Only our 6-week Advanced Police K9 Trainer Course requires considerable working experience in the field.

A handler who loses their temper during the training period will also lose control of the dog. The K9 Instructor course excludes Human Remains Detection and Search/Rescue (these skills are included into the Master Trainer Course). Shorter advanced courses are designed for those who already possess a solid understanding of canine behavior and training and have considerable experience and a strong background in professional Police K9 training or handling who are looking to polish their skills. Graduates of our program are confident in their skills, and most importantly, confident in training K9 teams.

ASK US ABOUT OUR DISCOUNTED GSA PRICING!, 2006-2021 Highland Canine Training, LLC. And although this is the most common use, there is almost no limit to the specific training we are able to provide.

The dogs and handlershave to pass an annual assessment to ensure they continue to develop and be safe and effective in their role. The dog must stop immediately and fulfill any command it is given by the handler. All of our dogs are German Shepherd dogs from our puppy development scheme.

Our course curriculum is designed to provide each graduate with the knowledge and experience they need to be successful in the industry.

Our most inclusive working dog program, the Police K9 Trainer / Instructor Program combines all aspects of both our Protection and Detection Trainer programs, and emphasizes tasks Police K9s and their partners are called to do. This foundation allows graduates of our Police K9 Instructor Course to communicate efficiently with their K9 partners, build a solid relationship with their dog, and accurately troubleshoot any training or behavioral issues that the dog may develop throughout its working career. Over time, many handlers and dog teams will encounter problems or issues in the field. Having the ability to effectively diagnose and quickly resolve these problems is an essential skill set for effective Police K9 Instructors. This is an important and well-established reflection of the dogs loyalty, and demonstrates the all-important bond that is necessary between a working dog and its handler. This outline does not cover all of the material, lectures, discussions and hands-on application that is covered during the program and is provided to give a general idea of the material covered during the program. Classes in this course begin April 18, August 15, and October 3, 2022.

This means that the most immediate goal of any dog trained by us will be the defence of its owner. Particularly for police dogs, no two job descriptions are ever the exact same. iraq extremists supporters afghanistan isis Students will learn how to train all the behaviors needed in effective police dogs and/or military working dogs. This course is included in our Master Trainer program. Week One (Saturday thru Sunday)Detailed Look at principals of Traditional Detection Dog TrainingDetailed Look at theory and principles of the On Target TechniqueEvaluating dogs for the On Target technique and scoring dogs for trainingHandling techniques and principlesTeaching the dog to make odor association while utilizing positive fight driveUtilizing the reward to teach the dog to resist distractions and temptationsShaping behavior by utilizing the short rackTeaching the dog to work independently of the handlerUsing positive fight drive to advance toward an oral responseAdding additional OdorsAdding advance distractions, Introducing the Oral Response on the short rackUtilizing the detection boxes as a distractionFinalizing the oral response and beginning of the Oral GameMoving the oral game to outside and to different environmentsProper use of puzzles to strengthen the k-9 ability to locate hidden contrabandMoving to the outside work and transferring the dogs detection abilities to outside worldMoving the dogs to the outside world and the utilization of the 80-20 ratioPractical Deployments in Real World SearchesUse and misuse of PatternsPractical Deployments in High Traffic SituationsFinal Exam, ***2-Day Detection K9 Trainers Seminar***2 day course$500 / Handler (includes $500 course deposit, tuition and course materials). For this reason, we are happy to provide specialized training in any area specifically requested by our customers. Devon and Cornwall Police are NOT accountable for the content of external websites.

Our police dog trainer school provides a full focus upon K9 training and includes basic and advanced obedience as well as practical hands-on lessons in tactical insertions, report writing, case law and more. Training the Trainersone of Randy Hare's passions and top priorities Over the past 40 years Randy Hare has trained many Service Detection Dogs, and many Service Detection Dog Handlers and Trainers. Perhaps youre a swimmer, a sprinter, a pitcher, or a quarterback. You dedicate yourself to honing your craft. Dog Trainer College provides the instruction needed to make successful police dogs, military dogs, and security dogs through the Police K9 Instructor course.

Graduates receive certification as a K9 Instructor. Jason is probably one of the most knowledgeable instructors I have ever had. Students who attend our 12-week program receive a solid foundation in dog behavior, learning theory, training tools, and behavior modification techniques. Price includes deposit and program materials. The first and most important aspect of Global Training Academys police K9 training program is handler protection.

All rights reserved We also focus on teaching fundamental police patrol dog techniques to obtain reliable behaviors for the life of the police dog. Our program teaches you how to utilize operant conditioning and successive approximations to build behaviors such as the out and recall as well as solid obedience with police patrol dogs. At the end of this intensive 13-week course which covers the principles of tracking, searching for people and property, obedience training and criminal work, there is an independent assessment to nationally recognised standards to ensure the dogs and handlers are suitable to undertake operational duties. We offerobedience dog trainingandaggressive dog trainingfor every breed of dog, from small breeds, such as Yorkshireand toy terriers, miniature Pinschers, and Chihuahuas, to breeds such asLabradors, German shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Pitbulls, and Malinois, as well as many other dogs. Apply online today and reserve your place in this second-to-none course.

If you feel thatyour dog might have an aggression problem do not wait! Along with his top-notch staff, Randy's business includes the operation of both of the Alpha K-9 Training Centers (Nashville, TN and Jackson, MS), his worldwide series of seminars and courses, the On Target DVD series and theRandy Hare School for Dog Trainers. Difficulties during training and/or work may occur if the handler didnt have time to train with the police dog, and because of a lack of proper knowledge of working with dogs, may have ruined the dogs training.

Conifer Canine offers professional dog training in both Basic and Advanced dog obedience, police dogs, bomb detection dogs, drug dog training, as well as German Shepherds for Sale. FEDERAL AGENCY OR LAW ENFORCEMENT? This 200+ page manual covers topics such as FLSA issues, K9 risk management, selection and testing of dogs, choosing the right handler, and getting the most from K9 teams. Stop and think for a second how many steps do you take each day?

Although German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois are the most common choices, we are happy to deliver all breeds upon customer request. Although honing the physical and mental abilities of each and every dog we work with is of the utmost importance, there is one factor which is even more important to the long-term success of a dog and handler team. In fact, the most important factor to success is often the maintenance work that occurs long after training has been completed. Student Analysis: I wasnt sure I could do it, but you guys were patient with me and helped me become more confident in my skills as a decoy. Applications must be received in our office no later than two weeks prior to the start date. 12-week Police K9 Trainer Course. Although the basic elements of police K9 training are very similar if not the same for every dog, there are also a wide variety of working situations which require very specific skill sets. Become a dog trainer by working hands-on with canines and experienced trainers, learning every technique and method you need to train spectacular dogs. A handler must have 100% confidence in both his dogs ability and his own in controlling his dog.

In the two week "Detection Trainers Course the student or trainer will review every technique in Randy's new "On Target Method" and learn how it differs from the traditional methods of training detection.

The threat of a pandemic is looming larger with each passing day. With the ability to train dogs for any number of real-world situations, our training centre truly delivers with the most thorough and intensive training program available. Our 12-week Police K9 Instructor Program is approved to accept GI Bill and other VA benefits. If you need a dog to perform a job, we can train it. More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site at https://www.benefits.va.gov/gibill.

Our Police K9 Trainer courses teach graduates various methods of training detection dogs and effectively training handlers to create successful K9 teams. Through years of experience and research, we have been able to develop some of the best detection dogs in the industry and as a student in our program, you will have the opportunity to understand and apply these proven techniques. These courses are available both in Nashville, Tennessee and Jackson, Mississippi, as well as locations throughout the world.Please contact us if you are looking for something specific, you would like more informationor if you are interested in hosting one of our schools at your location. We offer a variety of comprehensive working dog trainers courses through our School for Dog Trainers located in North Carolina. Our School for Dog Trainers is the first and only of its kind to be licensed by the North Carolina State Board of Community Colleges. While safety measures will be in place, injury and/or death is a possibility. Below is a brief outline for the Police K9 Trainer / Instructor Program. In this case, the police must state the problem to the personal dog trainer, so that the K9 trainer can teach the dog and the K9 handler how to fix any mistakes that could have been made by the handler. These can include natural outdoor settings such as wooded areas and fields, urban environments, and even building interiors. pacaf kennels victoria police motto plastic version english
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