Decrep.Decrep.Decrep. portal, go into the desert and summon a whole new set and go back in and repeat the (If you want to, move away slightly from your starting place, by no more than a few meters, so you aren't with your back to a wall, but make sure you are never the closest to Duriel.) few times run out and repeat till you kill it but when you run out of gas potions try a Before you enter the Lair, you open up a Town Portal. The Lord of the Rings: War in the North cheats. rejuvenation potions on hand go in create a town portal switch to bone spear use that once After all, if you get killed you'll lose your weaponry. First, players should be sure to create a town portal in case a fast getaway is needed. Players can run in a circular direction following the edge of the room when dodging Duriels strikes. This guide is for a typical (skeleton) Necromancer against Normal-difficulty Duriel. In Phase II, you rush back through Lut Gholein, summoning a Blood Golem and resurrecting your Mercenary in the process before rushing back through the Town Portal. He must not be too close to you as his melee attack has a decent range. Oh, and a wand with level 3 iron maiden. The biggest trick when playing against Duriel is to dodge his , Where?Boss ArenaAttacksTips on SurvivalDuriel was left by the elder Prime Evilsto guard the Tomb of Tal Rasha, where Baal corrupted the once-great sorcerer himself. Duriel does a LOT of damage, hits very quickly, and practically always hits, enough to kill anything in 1-3 hits, including you! In Phase 1, you are going in for the first time (or, second time after the first visit mentioned earlier), complete with your mercenary, your Blood Golem, three Skeletal Magi and at least one Skeleton, and with your items. Despite that this page describes Duriel as a difficult boss, it's actually a pretty easy and manageable battle on Normal (albeit not the same on Nightmare and Hell). move, then cast bone spear until the prison breaks. Make sure you can cast Iron Maiden in a split second with near perfect precision - practice with using it on your Blood Golem in your battles in the Tomb of Tal Rasha until you can do it effectively. Dury isnt a big issue, you just have to realize you need to reload your Skellies. Yeah, I agree with Mouse. Practice summoning a new Blood Golem and then casting Iron Maiden right next to it in the same second; get a new mouse if your old one is unreliable; this will come in very useful in the boss battle. Share. Even a shield that states 28% Chance to Block really only has around 7% chance to block and so isn't very useful either (the key is to stay out of harm's way). Path of Diablo is a Diablo II community server project that aims to increase build diversity, improve replayability and add quality of life features with as few changes to the original experience as possible. The "blood transfer" aspect isn't much of a handicap because if Duriel ever gets to you you're dead in 13 seconds anyway. With decrep you will find it ALOT easier. You will need a fair share of mana potions and the fight will take you a total of 1000-1500 mana with a fully synergized bone spirit on hell. It is advisable that you have at least the following skill points: All of these are skills that either are prerequisites for other skills or are going to be useful in the long run anyway. Dont bother putting more than 3 points into Skeleton Mage; theyre a minor contribution at best. flail equipped with a emerald and a sapphie, I had level 10 skeletal mastery and I also have a blood golem, one skeleton, one skeletal they wont do the trick im fighting him right now he kills them way to fast what you have Because although Duriel's stats say that it does 19-25 damage per hit, in battle it'll feel like it's doing around 60-180 damage with every hit as it keeps using a Charge attack and attacks incredibly fast. The cold damage is irrelevant; however, slowing Duriel is going to be useful considering how fast it is. Duriel has a LOT of life, and has good Defense (avoids your attacks well), so you'll need to hit it hard and hit it a lot of times. just clay-golem him to death :) (he will kill himself - ezy pzy), but clay golem has basically no damage and also dies rather quickly, easiest way would be golem + iron maiden. It may take as many as ten rounds to accomplish the feat, but the rewards are very much worth it. A Necromancer with at least some summons (and a golem) is perfectly capable of going through Acts I and II without spending a single stat point in the process, since summons are effectively extra life points, are very cheap compared to how much damage they can do, and make it unnecessary for you to get better weaponry and armor. If you want to, you can cast iron maiden on him so he gets damaged if he attacks the prison, but not recommended as his AI doesn't let him do that, not even on hell difficulty. Duriel will attack the summoned ones. As stated above, hotkey the Blood Golem, Iron Maiden, and Summon Town Portal so you have an indirect attack and an escape. During this time you can add your Bone Spears to the fray if you feel you are ready. Seriously the mages to such crap damage and get in the way of your other summons you'd be better off beefing up revives and your curses. trick (they must have altered it somehow in 1.10) Oh well, Hardcore is always a good learning experience. The skeleton minions are only truly viable the first time you fight Duriel because after that you won't have any corpses to work with. After you've defeated Duriel, make looting, getting to Tyrael, and "Save and Exit Game" your first order of the day to ensure that you won't have to go through all that again. The third would be to summon a second Blood Golem, since by this time 23 seconds will have elapsed and your first Blood Golem would be pretty much dead. process. This is the Act 2 equivalent of the Act 3 Mephisto moat trick. I did not die even once, but I think its just luck. If you haven't shaved off at least 1/5 of Duriel's HP by this time, you're doing something wrong. Players will need the Horadric Staff to unlock the chamber. Don't bother equipping anything expensive for your mercenary outside of a good weapon - even an armor with 100 defense will be of little use.

And then, Duriel will die. doesnt take long at all, just be carefull he does not kill you while you try to recast your stuff :), ok, I guess I'll have to make another level then, because I didn't skill IM. There's no point moving around once you're in the Lair, There's no point trying to boost Defense or Attack Rating, There's no point trying to take it on with a weapon: it does nearly no damage in proportion to what Duriel can do to you, Melee weapons are even worse because you'll only get to use them 1-3 times before you're dead. Greiz's Mercenary with a melee weapon that has. amplify damage will hurry the process. Again, as stated above, cast Iron Maiden and summon Blood Golem, repeat when the Golem dies, Iron Maiden expires, or both. Duriel will take out any non-mage Skeletons you have in 25 seconds and then proceed to eliminate your Blood Golem in 13 seconds more. When the actual battle begins, however, you will want to open a portal up the moment you enter the Lair and then just stay put, going through at a moment's notice. The room is very cramped and Duriel can Charge at you if you try to back away, so you stand to gain nothing and lose a lot trying to move around too much.

Info. If this answer doesn't give you enough information, click here to see the full answer. The biggest trick when playing against Duriel is to dodge his attacks and go offensive with quick counters. Cant defeat it because I enter and I die while the screenloader is still active. Then you'll die again.

If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your . The good thing about fighting Duriel is that the good guy (you) gets to come back to life and continue on. You will, however, need to have at least 100 life somehow (perhaps using attribute points) so that you can survive at least one attack and cast Town Portal. Obviously, bring a hireling, the Mercenary is a good choice for his durability. (You'll probably want to have added 40 points or so into vitality.) Just let your summons and hirelings do all of the work while you spam Bone Spear and heal your mercenary/rogue once the health goes yellow. Iron Maiden returns 200% damage. So don't make getting additional life, cold resist, or defense - for yourself, your mercenary, or your minions - your top priority. You answer contain links, please input secret code from picture. I am playing offline so its not a internet issue. In between the periodic summoning of the Blood Golem, do try to get in a few more hits with your Bone Spear. You must log in or register to reply here. Share. Good luck everyone. JavaScript is disabled. Instead, you'll want to be using a Blood Golem for true defense. You can get +X Cold Damage with a Sapphire and you can get +X Poison Damage with an Emerald. What is the best method to defeat Duriel with the necromancer. then as soon as i went into duriels tomb i would cast a townportal, then the weaken curse, You shouldn't need to be equipped with any items at all! Tap to unmute. Duriel moves much faster than you, his hits stun and chill you (slowing your movement speed), and he can't be stopped in his tracks in any way. And the above guide is probably more accurate if describing Duriel on Nightmare/Hell. Lastly, players should keep their inventory full with rejuvenation potions. How to Defeat Duriel in Diablo 2 Ressurected According to Republicworld, Duriel is the guard inside the Tomb of Tal Rasha. With 200+ life, a Blood Golem is in this situation twice as useful as a Clay Golem because it has twice as much life as a Clay Golem, with 100+ life, which means that a Duriel under an Iron Maiden curse loses twice as much life killing a Blood Golem as it would killing a Clay Golem, and in boss battles time is everything. Unless youre dead-set on exploring all seven tombs, heres one method I use: I start from the rightmost tomb, head left until I find the correct tomb, and then go in, ignoring any other tombs. Same here. So try it! Then you'll die. You will actually get around to taking on Duriel at another time. well, you can get a bunch of strangling gas potion and do as the other person said hit duriel a to do is figure out how to exit the tomb and follow this pattern 1. enter tomb and hit him Things you should note while fighting it: The conclusions you should gain from this experience are: Additional Defense and Attack Rating won't be of much help. Same here with a ps4 and good internet conection. This is an issue for all bosses except andariel. Hotkey your Blood Golem, Iron Maiden, and Town Portal buttons right next to each other and practice using them early. Heh, ya primary reason I went back withpout full army was impatience :lol: I somehow thought I could I could still pull it off with the blood Gollem + I.M. Select the Town Portal spell and go in the Chamber. This cycle will happen roughly every 2 seconds, so you will really need to pay attention to perpetuating the cycle as opposed to attacking Duriel with Bone Spear, which does roughly 50-80 damage over the course of the cycle. There are a few useful tactics for beating Duriel. Like seriously? Skeletons dead? mage (cold), and a merc. If you don't have all these extra attribute points, you'll have less flexibility but it does not mean that it will be impossible. At that point you will only have 13 seconds of life left, so make the most of it with a final Iron Maiden (your Bone Spears will be slower because you'll be alternatively stunned and chilled whenever Duriel attacks).

Make your way to the entrance of Tal Rasha's chamber, replacing any non-poison/ice magi that follows you (use Unsummon on Fire and Lightning magi and summon new ones) along the way. I created 3 skel mages, 3 skels and 1 golem and a teammate (rogue warrior or desert guy) Yeah, don't put more than one in though, you won't need them late game. To do this well, you don't need any kind of mercenary or a summon, but a cold Iron Wolf or Rogue will help your bone prison last longer. Defense only reduces the chance you'll be hit, and given Duriel's high Attack Rating your Defense won't come close to compensating. Oh did I mention Decrep. You won't survive for more than 20 seconds but if you are able to get Duriel to slay 2-3 Blood Golems - and don't forget to cast Iron Maiden - that's another 800-1200 shaved off its life. None of that will help you for more than a second. Take on Duriel with whatever skills and weaponry you have. You will probably get to the entrance of Duriel's Lair somewhere around level 21, and if you conserve these points you should have 100 free attribute points. my bad typing its 6am. This adds up to 11+, when you're on level 21, so you should have around 10 free skill points to add where you find them necessary. If you had cast the Town Portal from Duriel's Lair, you will enter back in Duriel's Lair. Then the leftmost tomb on the map will always be the correct tomb, because tombs further left wont show up on the map. Press J to jump to the feed. skellies, merc, and blood golem way too quickly to even hotkey im, and by the time i get Copy link. Go through the Town Portal, resurrect your hireling and go back to the Chamber. The first order of business upon re-entry is always to open up a new Town Portal, because if you don't, you won't be able to continue the fight after you're defeated. Duriel uses severe physical attacks with melee swings. The player should prioritize running around and dealing damage from behind. out with maybe a life point or two left. This is a guide for any kind of a ranged necromancer build. There's no good way of getting your items back if you die, so don't put them at risk. The conclusions you should gain from this experience are: Duriel is probably one of the least farmed bosses in the game largely due to the fact that you have to jump through hoops to farm him once youve completed Act 2. just curse him and summon golem until he killed himself. I also had bone spear. Once he is in the prison, just teeth/bone spear/bone spirit/range him till he dies, recasting bone prison every few seconds so he doesn't accidentally break it or so it doesn't run out of time. He also has a freezing aura that damages the players health and movement speed. It has been suggested that this page be Merged with. As for attacks, you will want to be using Bone Spear rather than any other weapon, so don't bother with Attack Rating boosters. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. As soon as you enter, create the portal (just in case), cast Iron Maiden on Duriel and move away and then create a new Town Portal. You will need to use your mana potions if you don't want to end up mana-drained. Bone prison and bone wall can save you from getting killed, giving you a chance to cast a Town Portal. There are two phases to fighting Duriel. Make sure you have a mercenary with you. rinse and repeat. I should defeat Duriel with team mates, Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, World of Warcraft Arena World Championship. Also bring tons of Health Potions, and they're not for you, it's for your hireling. I farmed vendors till I found decent +skills weapon and picked all preserved heads for +skills I was about 22 I think I lost 1 skelly at most against duriel. That said, the first-time-around items you should be getting are: You won't be needing potions either, because as was mentioned earlier, if you're using potions you'll die before they take effect (Duriel hits much harder than potions can recover) and using Full Rejuvenation Potions will be a total waste. It should be one of the following: Preferably a weapon with a fast attack rate and one with +X Poison Damage. Be self-sufficient on skills alone. You will need to re-cast Iron Maiden every dozen seconds or so - DON'T forget to re-cast it! Keep things in perspective - keeping a Blood Golem out on the field is far more damaging to Duriel than constantly streaming Bone Spears at it. Why? You open the chamber by using the Horadric Staff, which you create in an earlier mission.Xem thm trn, Diablo 2 How to Kill Duriel with the Barbarian (NO town portals, NO merc) Watch later. If you had cast the Town Portal in the True Tomb of Tal Rasha, you will be able to back-track and summon more minions from the corpses. You can use Unsummon (from the right-click option menu) to get rid of skeleton magi until you're left with all cold and poison magi, which are the types you want (one to slow Duriel down and one to deal damage). Ladders happen every three to four months and always includes a content & balance patch which helps keep the game fresh and exciting. all minions are dead go through the portal recreate and repeat. Don't bother putting more than 3 points into Skeleton Mage; they're a minor contribution at best. And you have no corpses inside to buff your army. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Note that the chamber is extremely small compared to other boss lairs, so players wont have much room to run around. Sorry for Duriel can hit me before the screen was completely load a few times but dont die 2. exit. Had to go back like 10 times and died 3 times but got him in the end. Remember, a few cold skeleton mages will buy you lots of valuable time against Duriel. The last thing you want is to accidentally select the wrong spell while in battle. The moment Duriel appears in vision - which will be in 13 seconds - cast Iron Maiden at it, "leading" the casting of the curse so that Duriel is affected by it. Before you enter Duriel's Lair for the first time, open a Town Portal in the staff chamber. I think your ch, You can use Unsummon (from the right-click option menu) to get rid of skeleton magi until youre left with all cold and poison magi, which are the types you want (one to slow Duriel down and one to deal damage). I have a fast internet connection so thats definitely not the issue. How to make your level 99 and makes your weapons strong. After the quest, Duriel can be lured to the bridge inside Tal Rashas chamber. The poison damage is the most effective of all the gem varieties and damage over time is no problem. Mercenary. When I enter the room I just used bone spear and iron maiden at him, he is busy with my However, your top priority is to summon a Blood Golem the instant the previous one dies so that you always have a Blood Golem on the field and keeping Duriel away from you. One point in clay golem is all you really need there afaik. Shopping. Every time you repeat the cycle - you summon a Blood Golem and Duriel kills it - Iron Maiden shaves 400 life off of the 4000-life Duriel. then a few hits with the bone spear. The Holy Freeze Aura is very helpful too as its effect slows the Boss even more. Familiarize yourself with the effects of Blood Golem and Iron Maiden. Summon an iron golem and all of your skeleton. minions and at the same time the cold mage freezes him. Duriel does a LOT of damage, hits very quickly, and practically always hits, enough to kill anything in 1-3 hits, including you! Paladin: The most effective to kill Duriel as a Paladin is to use Zeal along with a freezing and life-leeching weapon. Im on PS5 and could help you if you want. Wait until you're 24 before you go for Duriel. When you complete Act 2 youll no longer be able to check which Tomb of Tal Rasha is the real one in your quest log which means finding Duriel is much more annoying/difficult. If you have Bone Spear, set it as your primary attack (left click option) instead of a weapon because Bone Spear will always hit, you won't last long enough to run out of mana and you don't want to fight melee anyway. Save these for after your first encounter with Duriel, because you will want to know how to place your attribute points. The idea is to do as much damage as you can as fast as you can before you get killed, because you certainly can't do much to avoid damage. In this burial prison, youll find Duriel in Tal Rashas Chamber. The idea is to have a Blood Golem always in the front line and taking the damage. It can't seem to get him either.

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