Yes, you are now officially in Transylvania! The area has developed a very solid reputation for good restaurants, bars, clubs, and nightlife. Ask your burning questions and learn from your knowledgeable guide. Public transport is a cheap and typically efficient way to discover the areas that are not too far from Bucharest, and the bus can be a good and reasonably inexpensive way to move around the country and take short journeys from and to Bucharest. She was very knowledgeable and pursued a route which included old and new districts with tasty stops along the way.

Cabbage rolls (sarmale) served with polenta are a popular dish for anyone visiting Bucharest, as are ciorba dishes (sour soups). Rasnov Citadel is found close to Brasov and was constructed as the first line of protection for Transylvanians. Train travel is an excellent alternative to buses, and although the national railway service is not among the most reliable in Europe, some scenic train routes are worth the experience, for instance, in Transylvania. Of course, the best way to do so is by embarking on one of the many day trips from Bucharest available. There are some beautiful parks and green spaces, and its a wonderful place to simply stroll and wind down, as compared to Bucharest, not a lot happens in laid-back Craiova. Booking the trip was simple and communication around pick ups et. Bucharest also has an artistic side!For those interested in the cultural and artistic side of Bucharest, tourists will be happy to hear that there are many art galleries in town. On the other hand, a car will offer the opportunity to plan flexible itineraries with more independence, allowing you to handle your schedule as you please. The warm climes of the Black Sea are never far away, while northern Bulgaria is just waiting to be explored. There are lots for pathways for running, cycling and also playgrounds for children. The best way to reach Constanta is either by train (about 2 hours) or bus (a bit more than 3 hours). We learned so much about Romanian history during our time with him. Found in the town of Slanic an hour north of the capital, the cavernous chambers below ground that have been hollowed out by workers over the decades form a surreal network of almost art-like chambers that tower high above you. If you are looking for great nightlife, Bucharest is your city. The visit lasts about 45 minutes, after which you will spend some time in the beautiful gardens of the castle. Here you will also find out the story of the Royal couples in Romania and their important influence on the history of our country. Constanta is Bucharests getaway on the Black Sea. Booking a tour online enhances your chances to find better fees and available spots in the most popular excursions. The next stop is Brasov, Kronstadt (the city of the crown) under its German name. The most prestigious with renowned painters and collections include Zorzini Gallery, H'art Gallery, Anaid and Artmark. For those looking to get outside of the city and visit its surroundings, there are some very excellent options to consider. 11 Unforgettable Day Trips From Bucharest That You Must Take During Your Visit To Romania, Day Trip To The Danube Delta From Bucharest, Bucharest To Piatra Craiului National Park, place visitors reach when visiting Romania, thing that comes to mind when thinking about Romania, checking the official Bran Castle site here, this tour also includes stops in Pele Castle, Brasov is one of the most interesting cities in Transylvania. Transylvania is the last corner of Europe where you see true sustainability and complete resilience. The Mihai Voda church has many stories to tell! Please call or send us an email.

The second largest river delta in Europe! If you only have the time to see one church during your Bucharest city tour, the Mihai Voda church is the one to visit. You will find that the majority of Bucharest city tours cover most of these. The park is located around 4 hours from Bucharest, about 170 kilometers from the capital. Theres so much we can learn from it before its too late. Visiting the Mogosoaia Palace is an equally easy and relaxed day trip, as this 17th-century mansion is found just a short journey outside of Bucharest. The UNESCO biosphere Danube Delta is further away from Bucharest and harder to access so you will need at least 2 days to learn about its wonders and sights. Being Romanias largest city, its also diverse with lots of things to do, events, places to hang out, coffee shops, bars & the like. Veliko Tarnovo is found across the border in the beautifully scenic and culturally rich region of northern Bulgaria. Not only you can admire themagnificent fortress and the churchbut also you can enjoy the landscape of thecountryside of Romania, you can take a walk on the streets andfeel the atmosphere of the villageor buy nicehomemade souvenirsas hats from wool or products made of wood. The spectacular Prahova River makes its way through the Carpathian Mountains, creating a wide valley that is becoming somewhat of a tourist sensation. Inside the mine, you can discover a history museum, a soccer field, and a playground for kids. They can often be booked online, and some of them even offer to pick up and drop off, so you wont need to deal with the hassle of moving around. Its location at the crossroads of European and Eastern trade routes has given the city its distinctive character over the centuries, and you can see influences here from as far afield as Germany and Turkey, and much further beyond too. Macedonia, Romania, Russia, and Serbia. It is impossible to visit Romania and not visit the best-known attraction in the country, Bran Castle. Here, you will visit Peles Castle, the former summer residence for the first Royal couple of Romania, King Carol 1st, and Queen Elizabeth. There are a number of Bucharest tours that will guide you through the Communist history & landmarks as well as French-inspired 19th century architecture.

If castles, gothic sites, and medieval citadels are not really your thing, then choose a completely different getaway from the capital. Surrounded by fortified walls, you will find a picturesque small city that seems miles away from the surrounding landscape, both in style and atmosphere. Some of the favourites include Grand Caf Van Gogh, Hanul lui Manuc, Caru cu Bere, The Gin Factory, Interbelic, Club A, Shoteria - just to name a few! Train fares are very affordable, and they can be a great way to move around for budget travelers. Although a trip to Sibiu can be long and tiring, and maybe for many, not close enough to Bucharest to make a day trip out of it, the experience is worth the long travel hours. For instance, this tour also includes stops in Pele Castle, Brasov tour, and a skip-the-line entrance ticket. The best way to explore Romanias most famous street is by foot, but be prepared for a long walk as the road is a full 3km in distance! Greece Packing List Ensure you visit the old casino, a magnificent piece of architecture that overlooks the waterfront and that has become something of a photographic sensation in recent years. One thing not to miss in Sibiu is the unique Lutheran Cathedral with its high tower, from where you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the town. Source: Ciocan Cosmina Carmen / shutterstock. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, this place finds refuge in endless varieties of birds and deer, wild horses, foxes, turtles, and wolves, among others. Your email address will not be published. It occupies an incredibly dramatic location, overseeing a pass from its high position on a clifftop. Here are the best day trips from Bucharest. Located 250 km away from Bucharest on winding roads leading deep in the Carpathian Mountains, the road is open only from June until September and is accessible only by car. Thanks! However, it is also possible to be driven along this highway. Considered one of the most charming cities in Romania, Sibiu is a former European Cultural Capital and one of those places that you cannot skip during your Romanian adventure. Locals will say that it is this castle, in fact, that should be known as Draculas Castle, because Vlad, the characters inspiration, has more connection to Poenari Castle than to Bran Castle. One of the most popular ways to really see the best of the delta area is to see it on a boat. A trip from Bucharest to Rasnov from Bucharest can take up to 5 hours if using public transport (either bus or train, the travel times are more or less the same). Observe and admire the superb and sometimes peculiar architecture of the various buildings and important edifices you will see on your way, such as the Romanian Athenaeum, considered to be the most beautiful buildings in Bucharest. Undoubtedly, the main highlights and tourist attractions in Bucharest are the Palace of Parliament, Romanian Village, the Peasant Museum, ancient Orthodox churches and the Old Town District of Lipscani. He went the extra mile to accommodate all of our needs and answer our many questions. If visiting with the family, there are hiking alternatives for children, including horse riding. Bran Castle is a spectacular, gothic masterpiece that rises from the hills in the heartland of Transylvania. Visiting this eclectic city will surprise you: despite being a little rough around the edges, Bucharest has so much to offer: a Balkan vibe, Oriental influences with a communist past, a Western-inspired lifestyle and Latin blood - all-in-one melting pot! Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The Danube delta is located in Tulcea, located about 4 hours from Bucharest. We use cookies to make sure you have the best user experience on our website and for analytics purposes. The area is home to some of Europes rare brown bears, and in the town of Zarnesti, you can even visit the Liberty Bear Sanctuary, an establishment that for two decades has been working tirelessly to help protect the bears and to rehabilitate those that are found injured.

Constructed in 1888 as a concert hall, the Romanian Athenaeum is an architectural combination of neoclassic and eclectic elements. This trip is a joy for those who love to drive unique roads worldwide; the journey is about 3 hours or a bit more if you frequently stop for photography, which trust us you will! Enjoy a day in Bucharest's massive parks:A leisurely stroll (or bike ride) in the magnificent parks of Bucharest is an experience not to be missed. Visit Peles Castle, the former residence of the Romanian Royal Family and the most visited castle in Romania. Prepare to step back in time! The Slanic Salt Mine makes for an unusual, underground excursion from Bucharest. Regardless of the truth, though, Bran Castle makes for a great day trip from Bucharest, as its surrounded by rolling green hills and is found in a dramatic location. His colleague, Gelu, was our actual guide and was absolutely delightful! Our guide was wonderful and customized the tour to our preferences. Learning Croatian He made the tour unforgettable. Romanias capital offers so many sightseeing options that all types of travellers will be pleased with. Although not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Romania, the Danube is also part of the Romanian landscape, being the country home to the rivers impressive delta and wetland habitat. Preisleistung past. We have already discussed this popular Romanian attraction; however, it remains one of the most fascinating day trips from Bucharest that you can imagine. As well as being a great location to experience the Black Sea, Varna is home to a wide range of archaeological museums and exhibits, dating back as far as the Roman times, and is always an interesting city to delve into. They offer great value for money, sometimes even combining more destinations in just one day trip. Recommended tour: Draculas Castle Full-Day Tour from Bucharest. More things to do include a visit to the protected village of Sibiel and to its museum of glass icons.

And of course, the travel bloggers flock there! Your email address will not be published. In communist Bucharest, several infrastructure projects were planned for the area, including an artificial basin. Read more details in our, Major Romanian cities: All Tours & Day Trips, Romanian Local Life: Food, People & Cultural Tours, Bucharest Secret Retreat: Bike Tour to Snagov Forest & Lake, Pub Crawling & Bar Hopping in Bucharest Old Town, 3-Day Best of Transylvania Tour: Brasov, Sighisoara, Bran & Viscri, Bucharest Getaways: Mogosoaia Palace & Snagov Lake, Hiking Day Trip: 7 Stairs Canyon & Castles Sightseeing, Private Day Trip to Brasov Old Town, Bran (Dracula) and Peles Castle, Bear watching trip experience in Brasov - Transylvania, Day trip to Danube Gorge and King Decebal Statue, Communist Bucharest Walking Tour: Ceausescu Palace & others, Hiking Tour from Cluj: Apuseni Natural Park & Local Life, Visit Corvin Castle (Hunyadi) and Alba Iulia Citadel Tour, Transfagarasan Highway Tour - A day trip from Sibiu, Full Day Tour from Cluj: Turda Salt Mine & Alba Iulia Citadel, Hiking Brasov and Wildlife Tracking Day Trip in Carpathians, Visit Peles Castle and Bran (Dracula) Castle in one day tour, Horse riding Transylvania Romania & stay in local guesthouse, Maramures Guided Tour: Wooden Churches of Maramures, A night trip in Romanian haunted forest - Hoia Baciu, Romania Photo Tour: From villages to local life, Bucharest Local & Street Food Tour in Farmers' Markets and Hidden Streets, The most beautiful hike in the Romanian Carpathians, 10 Travel Tips for First Time Visitors in Romania, 20 Things to do in Romania: Famous, Cool & Unique, The best and must see sights of Transylvania, Photography in Romania: best places & what to look for, The Complete Guide to Hiking in Romania & Transylvania, Traditional Romanian Food: Dishes, Drinks & Deserts, Best Romania Ski & Winter resorts | The Local Guide, Tourist Guide to Bucharest: Airport, Taxi, Transport & Safety, Die besten Sehenswrdigkeit von Transsilvanien (Siebenbrgen), Reisetipps fr Erstbesucher in Rumnien in 2020. Headed to Romania? If you continue along Calea Victoriei it will lead you to Revolution Square, the place where Nicolae Ceausescus regime crumbled on the cold morning of December 21 1989, the start of the Romanian Revolution. Its the perfect location for outdoor activities, and there are some really stunning hiking trails through the valley and into the surrounding mountains. 2005 - 2021 TravelMaker. I had a wonderful tour with Elena. The most famous and also historically significant street in Romania is surely Calea Victoriei. Our advice: probably some garlic will be useful during the visit! All Rights Reserved. Found to the north of Bucharest, Peles Castle is located in the beautiful surrounds of the Carpathians, and its slender and elegant renaissance style architecture is a treat for the eyes. Bucharest City Tour & Wine Tasting 2.5 hours, Bucharest Evening Tour & Traditional Dinner 3 hours, Unhealthy Food Tour of Bucharest 4 hours, The Last Days of Communism Tour 4 hours, Mogosoaia Palace, Snagov & Caldarusani Monasteries Tour 5 hours, Wines of Wallachia Tasting Tour 8 hours, One Day Tour from Bucharest to Constanta (the ancient city of Tomis) 10 hours, Transfagarasan & Medieval City of Sibiu Tour 2 days, Private Half-Day City Tour of Bucharest 5 hours, Private Full-Day Sightseeing Tour of Bucharest 8 hours, Slanic Salt Mine & Wine Tasting Tour 8 hours, Peles Royal Castle & Wine Tasting Tour 9 hours, In the Footsteps of Dracula Tour 11 hours, Private Trip to Peles Castle & Bran Dracula Castle 12 hours, The Black Sea & Danube Delta Tour 2 days, Medieval City of Brasov Tour (Kronstadt) 2 days, Medieval City of Sibiu Tour (Hermannstadt) 2 days, Transylvanian Medieval Castles & Fortified Churches Tour 4 days, Maramures, Bucovina & Danube Delta Tour 5 days. Tours from Bucharest to TransylvaniaAnother major tourist attraction in Romania which can be visited on a day trip from Bucharest is the famous Transfagarasan Road the best road in the world according to Top Gear. 7666 from 11.04.2003. He was funny, flexible and a font of information. In fact, Brasov is one of the most interesting cities in Transylvania, featuring an eclectic urban landscape made of baroque buildings, medieval walls, and the imposing Gothic Black Church. Bucharest locals favourite getawayA trip to Mogosoaia and Snagov will take you to the locals favourite weekend getaway spots, with plenty of nature and history, too! We cannot take children under 7 on our shared tours. The city, which offers many interesting places to visit and things to do, is also a great place to stay when exploring close by areas. Around the 12 century when the Saxon community started to populate Transylvania, they built a small chapel that became later after many restorations, a Unesco World Heritage monument, and the well-known Viscri Fortified Church. A trip from Bucharest to Bran Castle can last from 4 to a bit under 5 hours if you use public transport; therefore we recommend driving or, again, choosing one of the several tours available, this way, you will also be able to discover other nearby attractions which you would otherwise miss if traveling on your own. We strongly recommend booking a private tour (with the same itinerary) in this case. By day you can explore the cobbled streets and admire the beautiful Baroque-Renaissance architecture before stopping at one of the many cafes or restaurants.

A guided tour like this one is ideal for checking the area in its entirety. Day trips from Bucharest: there are many sightseeing tours from Bucharest to famous tourist attractions in Romania such as Peles and Bran Castle, Brasov or Transfagarasan Highway. J40/3295/2005 | Company no. Croatian Cooking, What To Pack For Croatia Since this castle resembles the castle described by Bram Stoker in his masterpiece, the castle is known everywhere as Draculas Castle. One cannot visit Bucharest city without experiencing Bucharest Old Town, located in the centre of the city. Romanias capital and largest city is a lively and entertaining place to visit, with a vibrant culture thats been on the rise ever since the countrys communist dictatorship fell from power. Found close to Bran Castle, and around a two-hour drive from Bucharest, the city of Brasov is Transylvania at its finest. The tour felt personal, and I never felt rushed. It is just around a 1-hour drive from Sighisoara and it is one of the most picturesqueSaxon villages in Transylvania. You can certainly go on a number of walking tours in Bucharest, or if you have limited time you may decide to explore parts of Bucharest on a bus tour. Only completely open to the public during summer, this fantastic engineering work is a unique scenic drive that goes through and over the Fagaras Mountains. From Bucharest, you can easily head out into the countryside, escape the city in the beautiful Piatra Craiului Mountains which are home to some of Europes last surviving brown bears, while exploring the history of Transylvania, where legends of Dracula were born in the medieval era. 5 STAR CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE FROM TRIPADVISOR 2013-2021. This is one of the historic capitals of former Bulgarian kingdoms, and the rambling streets are awash with history. Tourism license 830 from 25.03.2005 issued by the Ministry of Tourism. Tour was very good! The citadel dates back to medieval times and has seen its share of warfare and invasions over the centuries. If you are to do just one tour in Bucharest make sure that you have a guide to show you through this church. Prepare to leave behind the region of Wallachia and step into the legendary land of Transylvania, the country beyond the forest where many myths were born and time still flows slowly for those living here. Danke!

There is a fine selection of museums and galleries, reflecting Craiovas long position as a university city. Here you will find none of the glorious architecture of Romanias many better-known castles, but you will find dramatic ruins that can only be reached after climbing up over a thousand steps from the road below. You can also choose tours from Bucharest with other sights in the area, such as Cantacuzino Castle, 7 Stairs Canyon or even a hiking trip in Piatra Craiului Natural Park! Some Bucharest tours can also guarantee entry. So if youre longing to see the sea, hear and feel its breeze and find out how the ancient port of Tomis helped spread multiculturalism, tolerance and commerce in the region consider this Bucharest day trip. An imposing circuit runs around the pillar that supports the mine. Although this is a great day trip to combine with a tour to Bran Castle, visiting Brasov alone is one of the best day trips from Bucharest that you can imagine. The intriguing thing about this biopark is that is was not intended to be a natural reserve at all. Transylvania and Dracula Castle are some of the most well-known tourist attractions in Romania. If traveling in a large group, it is always wise to compare costs. I recommend this tour for local insight. Well, you actually can; Bulgaria is not really that far from Bucharest; therefore, you can take advantage of the many organized tours that take you across the border to discover the wonders of the neighboring country; these are a few of our favorite ones: From Bucharest to Veliko Tarnovo: This day trip lets you check one of the most picturesque Bulgarian towns, once the countrys medieval capital, and other nearby towns.

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