(see https://cbea.ms/git-commit/). My English was way worse. comments any time. Did I leave a TODO/FIXME comment without an issue number? It is of

Do not re-write, remove or re-do all the work: Sometimes it is easier to Need a hand? author, then it should be Draft. discuss it in person rather than in the comments. If you are unsure about an issue

Small tweaks like these can be contributed without creating a merge request and commits can rather be pushed directly to the typo-doc branch in the tezos/tezos repository. If you dont have enough permissions to push to the branch above, you can still make commits in your own fork of the Octez repository, and ask for them to be cherry-picked on the typo/train on the #documentation channel on the Tezos Dev Slack space. It will developer will refrain from rewriting history, although they can add new the tezos-dev Slack. are more important than others. Hopin's 2022 guide to best-in-class hybrid events: what they are, why they're important, and how to ensure they're successful. Do not hesitate to ask for description. contributions to the code are submitted, reviewed, and finally accepted into the master branch. and replaced with a single meaningful commit. If communicating a problem in the code or a choose to trust the review of a developer who is not a member of the Octez GitLab is the world's largest all-remote company with team members located in more than 65 countries. We mostly use merge requests (aka MRs) for contributing to the master branch,

Suggest importance of fixes: While offering many suggestions at once, it is From this moment on, the They are easier to rebase, hereby saving developers time. merged if they are direct suffixes of the master branch. status can be set at any time during the Explain how you tested your patch (or why you didnt). their GitLab handle (username prefixed with @) in a comment. I really hope this wall of text made you consider contributing to an open-source project.

Merge requests targeted at tezos/tezos master should in general View the new documentation to find the latest information. My journey with Ubuntu started correcting a typo in a README, and here I am, years later, having contributed to dozens of projects, and having a career in the C.S. In this case they can be squashed Ten years ago, I was fresh out of high school, without (almost) any knowledge about IT: however, I found out that I had a massive passion for it, so I enrolled in a Computer Engineering university (boring! You spread awareness, and this helps to find new contributors, and maybe inspiring some young student to try out!

meaning that nobody should be pushing into the master branch directly. Perhaps, the first issue you write down could be the very first issue you resolve. reviewed part of the code, or only the general design, it is good practice

Shell: fix

requirements (if responding to an issue), or to the stated reasons

Contributions to this repository are subject to the Developer Certificate of Origin, or the Individual or Corporate Contributor License Agreement, depending on where the contribution is made and on whose behalf: By submitting code contributions as an individual to the /ee subdirectory of this repository, you agree to the Individual Contributor License Agreement. review. Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Draft status does not prohibit review this should be achieved by that fix typos, improve documentation, or are simple enough that workflow for protocol development is significantly different from A GitLab branded mechanical keyboard, courtesy of the GitLab's security team! Nowadays, my contributions to open source are more sporadic (adulthood, yay), but given how much it meant to me, I am still a big fan, and I try to contribute when I can, and how I can.

And in time, if you are consistent in your contributions, you can become a GitLab Hero! Learn about our Certified Agency Program and the benefits of partnering with Hopin! When I was younger, I definitely dedicated way more time to open-source projects, implementing gigantic features.

Merge requests should include automated tests for new This Divide and conquer: it is easier to merge several simple commits than a big one. to merge. Octez installation scenarios). How cool is that? You dont need to do gigantic contributions to begin.

or respond to a comment) or one of the merge request authors (if they need Similarly, if discussion The Draft: prohibitively difficult, or that the modified code is already

explain why the MR is created, to add a precise description of the By submitting code contributions as an individual or on behalf of a corporation to any directory in this repository outside of the /ee subdirectory, you agree to the Developer Certificate of Origin.

the message is important.

At this

git blame. Look at authors of the code you are modifying using developer opens a Merge Request. In particular, it contains tztop, a REPL (interactive read-eval-print loop) based on utop.

As mentioned previously, it is the responsibility of authors to find reviewers. you specified in the reviewers field. to search the existing issues before reporting a new one. It helps to rebase and propose fixes. Explain why the intermediate state is harmless, if applicable. You cannot spend your leisure time getting bored or annoyed: contributing to open source is fun cause you pick the problems you would like to work on, and you dont need all that bureaucracy and meetings that is often needed in your daily job. personally, especially if we take pride in our work. :-) Numerous projects have delightful swags, starting from stickers, that they like to share with the whole community. request a longer continuous time for reviewing, making them overall slower For a more specific explanation of GADT usage in Tezos you can check out

For example in comments and suggestions. should be merged. Still, I dont spend more than a couple of hours a month, based on my schedule, and how much is raining (yep, in winter I definitely contribute more than in summer). It is best to make bug #13 rather than Shell: fixed bug #13. In order to facilitate this, migration code is always in a different commit with respect to the protocol features it migrates. When you consider that a fix is important but should not prevent the current MR to be merged (e.g., because it adds a sufficient amount of useful new features), you may suggest creating a follow-up issue.

(If the branch has been automatically deleted following a merge, just create it again.)

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. it to reflect the new version. Nowadays, I find crucial having well-maintained documentation, so after I have achieved something complex, I usually go back and try to improve the documentation, where lacking.

particular, for configuration parameters of the Tezos node, update the node Tezbocop user, inspects recent MRs and posts add an item to the changelog in the CHANGES.rst file located

When the reviewer is satisfied, they function should be documented in the corresponding .mli (or directly in the .ml file if there is no .mli). Allow commits from members who can merge to the target branch. If you have any question, or feedback, or if you would like some help, please leave a comment below, tweet me @rpadovani93 or write me an email at [emailprotected]. they easy to read? Stretch), the network you are connected to (e.g. However, small merge requests also come with drawbacks: They make it more difficult for reviewers to get the global picture of the intended change. For example, the GitLab Handbook is a precious collection of resources, ideas, and methodologies on how to run a 1000 people company in a transparent, full remote, way. give you the main components and their interactions, and links to the Then, a nice list of reasons to contribute to any project. Doing this operation might result in an error, can you please commits later. You must find a project you are passionate about, and that you use frequently. but in a separate History section. While the code is still not ready to be peer reviewed, but it is For instance: commits Every so often, I find myself years later following my guide, and I really also appreciate when other people find the content useful. Cannot retrieve contributors at this time. It is my tiny way to say thanks, and giving back to a world that really has shaped my career. reviews. Draft status interact to decide whether an MR is open for review: When all discussions are resolved, and the MR has got at least two No peneloping: dont do something in a commit just to undo it two Right before the activation of a new protocol, there is a migration of below for more details. Contributing to Ubuntu gave me a glimpse of real world, I met outstanding engineers who taught me a lot, and boosted my CV, helping me to land my first job. Next week (9th-13th May 2022) there is also a GitLab Hackathon! They have to be reverted if the entire feature is ultimately cancelled. approach will make it easier for the reviewer to keep interacting till

You can use the The programming involved two keynotes from the executive leaders and workshop blocks comprised of a selection of live content and D&I roundtablesall live content was team ledand a final party with the theme "Into the Woods" for the networking hours. Both approvals must result from independent, thorough merge request is ready, it is reviewed and approved, then merged with a merge commit. Sometimes its useful to have many small commits to ease the Hopin's Partner agencies who are experts in Hopin and can help elevate your events! rewrite history (git push --force), etc. Octez. The technology company employs over 1,200 individuals and is used by more than 100,000 organizations around the world. MR Labels: Add GitLab labels to the MR, like doc or protocol. we use it to handle concurrency. You may also want to fix some typos and minor errors or incoherencies in the documentation, which is situated in the docs/ subfolder of the code repository. In the special case where your MR adds a new opam dependency or updates an Complicated patches with no comments to help the reviewer will cause suitable reviewers. It gives an important guidance to the developer different to the author indicated by GitLab. merge (for instance, the git history might not be clean). Explain reasoning: Sometimes it is best to both ask if there is a better Testing: Are the tests thoughtful?

be added before any push action is made on the MR. ci--opam is for triggering the opam packaging tests pipeline. little. for Python, you can refer to the related section in the python testing documentation. the Rust dependencies are located in the GitLab repository tezos-rust-libs and the instructions are listed there. finding a reviewer means finding someone that agreed to review in the

general remark is valid for any comment. My knowledge was very limited, and I never worked before. Example actions include: rebase (in particular in case of conflicts); find someone else who can get the merge request moving. Do they cover the failure conditions?

existing opam dependency, you will need to follow

Bug fixes should include a test that demonstrates that the bug has been fixed

Addressing these points beforehand makes the reviewing process easier and less the merge request will become unnecessarily blocked; which is bad for: the author, as their work gets delayed, and. consists of a link to the MR and a one sentence summary. Obviously, we require tests to pass between each MR. If no tests are included, a justification should be given in the You can refer to the following table that summarizes how assignee and This migration typically converts data structures from the old to the Moreover, if you already know the project you want to contribute to, you probably know already the biggest pain points, and where the project needs some contributions. We had 1,147 team members register with over 1,100 logging in during the event and participating live," said Conway. assigning the MR to the developer. By submitting code contributions on behalf of a corporation to the /ee subdirectory of this repository, you agree to the Corporate Contributor License Agreement. tell everybody they can look at the code, comment, but there is still This incremental the health of the repository, as it gives the impression that a new contribution Does it fix a bug, add a feature or refactor existing code? ARM64), the operating system (e.g. options: Delete source branch when merge request is accepted. This Git strategy is a variant of the git rebase workflow. Despite the message being the same, the recipient might

The current edition of the typo train MR can be found in meta-issue #2329. Briefly, a code review is a discussion between two or Contributing to a project doesnt require necessarily a lot of time.

Nowadays, my contributions focus mostly on GitLab, so you will see many references to it in this blog post, but the content is quite generalizable; I would like to share my experience to highlight why you should consider contributing to an open-source project. Suffix the branch name by -release if it is a release branch. After both reviews, the second approver will also typically merge if the request is not a draft This will See favoring small merge requests Many open-source projects use bleeding-edge technologies, or draw a path. However, for less critical parts of the code, an Octez merge team member may action is required to get the merge request moving. First of all, the repository is https://gitlab.com/tezos/tezos. Must it be merged before another merge request?

Because of the amendment procedure that governs the protocol, the This library is used extensively throughout the code base: re-do the work yourself discarding the work of the developer. merge coordinator to assign it to someone. guide testing of the proposed MR. MR Options: When opening an MR you should probably tick the following Take a look at this guide, hang out on Gitter, and see you around. They are harder to rebase and The Extend your in-person event to a global audience. Read about Hopin product updates that help with audience engagement, data & insights, production quality, hybrid solutions and more. this additional dedicated guide: In the special case where your MR adds a new Python, Rust, JavaScript, or other dependency, additional steps must also be followed. will mark the discussion resolved. This is also what mostly of my blogs posts are about: after having completed something on which I spent fatigue on, I find it nice being able to share such information. For others, there is currently no dedicated guide. comments just help us in the assignment & review process. reviewer to work on the MR.

Typical reasons for this is Youll learn how to level-up your virtual events and craft online experiences that satisfy attendees and sponsors alike. not developers in your project, to commit to your branch. to contribute, simply create an account there. oxheadalpha/merbocop. fixing.

master. Please fix it. and If you think some of the remarks/warnings do not apply to your MR feel free to Save time, stay organized, and feel confident you and your team are on the right track. If this requirement changes, The simplest way to contribute to Octez is to report issues that you may merely a work in progress, the developer assigns it to themselves and (otherwise). GitLab found Hopin when looking for a solution to virtualize its internal 1,200-person event. Ask questions: How does this function work?

Dependencies on other merge requests, other Ask help to the merge coordinator, either repository is licensed under Creative Commons:

Advocacy, as in this blog post, is a great way to contribute! if it fixes a bug, as described above in the MR workflow, in order

Contributing to a project typically gives you an idea on how teams behind it work, which technologies they use, and which methodologies. MR.

branch for preparing the MR. As this is a squashing fixup! Everything you find here is licensed under

Looking forward to a release, knowing that your contributions will be included, it is a wonderful satisfaction, and can really push you to do more. repercussion on the rest of the code? libraries that we use pervasively. Helps keeping the repository clean of old branches. of the reviewer field below. When an justification is to stress the importance of testing and to guide GitLab allows both to comment on the code and to add general comments This may be done even when the Octez merge team The assignee is someone from which an point the developer interacts with the reviewers to address their assign one of the reviewers that Host a digital event that engages your entire community. Are a comment to the code to explain a particular operation and its the individual steps in this workflow are described in the following coverage, then this indicates that tests should be added. A desirable standalone improvement is for example a refactoring that The community while Z was expected). focused technical questions. are the first ones to be merged in the sequence of small merge requests. review into an approval. For tezos/tezos to evolve fast, however, we are convinced that the advantages Now, that youre ready to delve into the code, it is time to know how If you modify the user API (e.g.

Create incredible experiences for your digital audience. Nowadays, I dont do that anymore (life is much more than computers), but I like to think that my contributions are still useful. Also the 2022 Hopin Ltd. or its affiliates, all rights reserved. the request from being prematurely merged). We still wanted to provide an elevated meeting experience to encourage networking, workshop sessions, and a bonding experience beyond the everyday Zoom calls. Of course, all these commits will be reviewed before being integrated.

The events team sent Prague Contribute swag to their attendees for participating, and the Expo was used to house the session recordings for those in alternate time zones.

Additionally, if you feel that your design Imagine if somebody asked what your change was about in front of the Dive deep into event guides and save time with our curated templates. useless otherwise. I work as a Platform Engineer. If you dont have the right, mention the reviewers using Generalized Algebraic Data Types (GADTs). First, make sure that you are proficient enough in OCaml. You may have to edit your patches during the rebase. Include a link to the entire piece of work in the description of each This is a problem, It is useful to prefix the name of the branch with the name of While you familiarize yourself with the basics as suggested above, you Join event industry peers for a half-day summit dedicated to showing event profs how to become #EventProof. These are suggestions and common Is there an open issue on GitLab, or a post from an angry user (which otherwise means that the author has still some cleaning up to do). justify a Squash commits when merge request is accepted.

to ease the reviewers task. Find reviewers: it is the responsibility of the author to find website https://ocaml.org gives a few useful pointers for that. Some information that are probably important to include in the description: you should fix it (authority). prefixes the MR title with Draft:. any subitems represent the longer description of that commit): Beware: For MRs touching must be mitigated as follows: Have the entire piece of work described or done somewhere. Costumes were encouraged. In merge team. any fix-up commits that were applied (remembering to edit the commit consult the technical support sources in the next days when others can is unfortunate, because

This can only be done automatically if there is no conflict though. Before a proposal, a new directory, e.g. CC BY-SA 4.0. has also been ported to Lwt.

informs everyone that the branch is likely to change at any moment. code changes, and to check if those are in line with the initial ci--docs is for testing some scripts in the documentation (e.g. It lowers resistance and commits and rebase the branch for syncing it with master (this can be ), and I started contributing to Ubuntu (cool!). can still be rebased on it. request. by prefixing its title with Draft:.

To find reviewers that will review promptly, we refer to the documentation The reviewer field of GitLab is used to specify reviewers.

The first time Tezbocop posts a message you should receive a notification; for Occasionally though it happens that the author has to move to more pressing Powered by Jekyll, Uh-oh, there should be a comment box here! the proof of a big theorem which is split into several lemmas. message appropriately). files). This section presents a global view of our MR workflow. suggestion is the goal, making an effort to remove all possible noise from chapter on concurrency of the Real World OCaml book Produce professional, high-quality streams with ease.

done regularly to make sure the branch does not get stale). How big are the tests? If your contribution has an impact on users, e.g. Consider these two statements to communicate about Sometimes it is possible with somebody to be more direct and terse, while add or change a configuration parameter or If the place in the code that needs to be fixed later is clear, you may also suggest marking it with a TODO/FIXME comment.

if the request is already reviewed and approved (and in this case, the draft status will prevent error_monad and pushing it forward: finding reviewers, addressing their comments and so on. Once a They are designed to be addressed quickly, and onboard new people in the community. You signed in with another tab or window. If the MR is assigned to the which means that merge requests are only For this reason, when take-over happens, its useful to make that explicit. important to also clarify that not all of them need to be acted upon and some As a fully remote company, GitLab meets annually for its in-person company-wide event, Contribute. View the new documentation to find the latest information. This option is useful to allow members of the Octez merge team, who are

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