} We will get off the map and visit some of the less explored places with our expedition leader.

more than 250 guests. Due to the influence of the gulf stream on Svalbards climate, it is warmer during the summer than most people would imagine. Things you have never seen and heard before. Expeditions to Greenland and the Canadian Arctic will have more of a We dont have any age restrictions on our trips and we pride ourselves on having diverse guests from all over the world with a passion for exploring. What places will I visit on a cruise to Svalbard? Canadian Arctic and all the way to the North Pole itself! What wildlife will I see on my cruise to Svalbard? The longer trip also includes Jan, Beginning in Svalbard before sailing west across the Greenland Sea and exploring Greenlands long eastern coastline to finish in Iceland, this is an audacious Arctic journey of startling diversity and contrast. fullsuitcase norwegen guidedtoursofeurope Matsuhisa's Umi Uma, a stunning double-height solarium with communications in both English and German. Due to the remote areas we visit and the distance from medical assistance, we advise that you have a reasonable level of fitness and are in good health. By Bike: You can also borrow a bike for free from the tourist office in the center of town (47 79 02 55 50). either, with your fare invested in high-end hardware rather than seabirds, and remote Inuit communities eke out a living in This circumnavigation of Spitsbergen includes huge glaciers, bird cliffs and ice choked channels. ice-strengthened hull is essential. Phippsoya, 14th of July glacier and Hinlopen Strait are all. represents a significant upgrade on their previous fleet in terms Ihre Daten werden privat gehalten und niemals an Dritte weitergegeben. the North Pole on board the Russian nuclear icebreaker 50 Years of The vessels we work with dont burn heavy fuels which are particularly detrimental to the environment and run on standard marine diesel. Many companies advertise small ship cruises to Svalbard but their definition of a small ship varies and can range from anything from 250 guests down to 12 guests. Crystal's much anticipated first expedition ship, Crystal Registered Address: Secret Atlas (World Explorer Travel Limited) 103/105 Brighton Road Coulsdon London UK CR5 2NG. On our expeditions we regularly see polar bears, walruses, whales, seals, Arctic foxes, reindeer and an array of birds. different operators competing for your custom. Spitsbergen (Svalbard) Cruise Port Facilities? Some expedition vessels are based at Longyearbyen for all or part of the summer tourist season (June through August), while others embark passengers in mainland European ports. }. The As you might have guessed by now, an Arctic expedition cruise is On these trips, we visit areas where Walruses are known to haul out and also regularly see Arctic foxes, puffins and Beluga whales. top of the world where polar bears prowl, cliffs seethe with Larger, ice-strengthened ships fall roughly into three size categories: small (up to 70 passengers), medium (90 to 150 passengers) and large (200+ passengers). Those who arrive by large cruise liners on long voyages often make a single call at one of the three permanent settlements -- Longyearbyen, Ny-Alesund (a research station) or Barentsburg (a Russian mining camp) -- and then cruise the fjords and coastline without landing. Silver Cloud and the recently refurbished }. Evidence -- some picturesque -- of now-abandoned coal mining facilities is still extant in a perimeter around the capital. A whaling industry established by the Dutch, English, Norwegians and Russians began almost immediately and expanded to include the trapping of walruses and seals. During these months cruises are shorter as access to the north coast can still be restricted due to the sea ice. Expedition cruise travelers arrive in small purpose-built ships and use Zodiacs to get close to the glaciers and wildlife or for hikes across the tundra. About extraordinarily tough conditions. In the past we have had young professionals eager to explore, middle-aged solo travellers, looking for their next adventure, through to retirees looking to see Svalbard in a more in-depth way. A third new ship, Hanseatic Spirit, Svalbard is an untamed Arctic wilderness and on every cruise we do we encounter different wildlife. contemporary and Nordic-inspired, with innovations including wildlife sightings nearby, and you'll be going ashore in small photographer on board every voyage. and Hanseatic Inspiration. snorkelling, scuba diving, rock climbing and stand-up If you venture out of Longyearbyen by any means of transportation or on foot, you must be accompanied by someone who knows how to use a rifle. the Arctic during winter, when the Northern Lights are at their Ich bin damit einverstanden, dass Secret Atlas meine bermittelten Informationen speichert, damit sie auf meine Anfrage antworten knnen. Two of the three piers are within reasonable walking distance of the center of Longyearbyen, but buses will likely provide a shuttle service from any of the three. There are lots of details. off-the-beaten-track exploration rather than onboard luxury, Plus, good chances of seeing the, Reach the top of the world in serious comfort onboard a state of the art luxury, hybrid-powered ice breaker. They ensure the safety of the guests throughout the cruise and that the AECO rules are followed. The ship's onboard expedition team will help you to and how to get there. Our photography cruises allow more time in the schedule to focus on photography and are led by a world-class photographer with experience in Svalbard. We'll place a 24 hour hold on your preferred option - without obligation - whilst we talk through the details. @media (min-width:550px) { Longyearbyen (population: 2,200) replaced mining with tourism as the primary industry when regular air service was established in 1975. En route explore in depth Norways dramatic glacially sculpted coastline, UNESCO sites and the charming villages of the, At 81 degrees north Franz Joseph Lands 191 glaciated islands are as far from the tourist track as it gets, as such visitors are very few.

Boral class yachts, which entered service between 2010 and 2015

you'll make it to the other side without having to turn back. the Canadian Arctic, and occasional transits of the Northwest or design, offers a smoother sailing experience and reduced emissions, By clicking Accept, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. All our vessels offer good comfort levels, private cabins and great food with the huge added bonus that you will be experiencing Svalbard with just a handful of guests. The average size of a cruise ship doing non-expedition cruises takes 2000 passengers. To find out more about how to get to Longyearbyen please visit our guide. It is not uncommon to be out hiking with only a base layer on when the sun is shining. this is limited to 200 in the polar regions. very different to a regular cruise: your itinerary can change at In 1906, an American entrepreneur named John Monro Longyear established a coal-mining industry there, and he named what would become the island capital, Longyear City (now officially Longyearbyen). The inaugural season features We offer accommodation options for single cabins or sharing a cabin with travellers of the same gender. focus on the human side of the Arctic, visiting small Inuit programme visiting Svalbard and Greenland in 2022. Ships with thehighest ice-class ratingsare most able to navigate through the channels, so favour these in your selection. Our Expedition Micro Cruises and Small Ship Adventures give you the opportunity to experience the Arctic first hand on a real adventure without the crowds of people on larger ships. largest in the region, ranging from 318 up to 628 guests, so the Expedition Micro Cruise with 12 Guests #text-609174461 { By proceeding, you agree to Cruise Critics, 10% off voyages booked 180 days before departure, Cruise Critic Editors Choice for Best New Ship in the US for 2021, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Australian itineraries, Over $600 in value always included - 20+ Eateries, Tips, WiFi & more. Quark a good option if you're not fussed about travelling in the InJulyandAugustthe summer has finally arrived. everything you need to know, including when to visit, what to see Lights dancing across the firmament. }. Walrus regularly haul out at sites such as Poolepynten, and Brunnich's guillemots nest in their thousands on the vertiginous cliffs at Akerfeldt. travelling in remote and inaccessible regions of the world. While Svalbard has more than enough appeal to keep you captivated, there are also some spectacular longer trips (14-24 days) which combine Svalbard with its near neighbours.

Please see ourFrozen Svalbard Cruiseto find out more. No prices currently available for this sailing. } The scenery of Svalbard is spectacular and dotted around the archipelago there are Russian mining towns, abandoned whaling stations and trappers huts dating back over the centuries. We will encounter glaciers, visit wildlife colonies and cruise coasts where polar bears are known to roam. Hey Explorer! although their recently launched new ship, the Greg Mortimer, You'll receive your first email packed full of travel ideas and inspiration soon. two of their ever-growing fleet of small ships currently ply the foxes, reindeer, puffins and more. The eastern side of Svalbard experiences far more heavy ice conditions; hence, most cruise and expedition ships concentrate on the west side's coastline and fjords. The Secret Atlas blog has a wide variety of articles to help you plan your Svalbard cruise. Hanseatic Inspiration is operated as a bilingual ship, with all Opplysningene dine holdes private og deles aldri med tredjeparter. Svalbard in our opinion is the best place in the High Arctic to see wildlife including polar bears as there are high concentrations surrounding the islands. The stunning mountains and glaciers of Svalbard, Brunnich's guillemot nesting site in Svalbard, Polar bear spotting from the bow of your sailing ship. same combination of contemporary flair and technological Today, only Norway engages in whaling in these waters. You can typically expect two landings per day, always accompanied by your onboard expedition team whose first job it will be to sweep every site for polar bears. also promises to match the high standards Seabourn guests have come Join an authentic expedition to explore North of Svalbard on an ice-strengthened former research vessel with just 12 guests. You may also be lucky enough to see, For the ultimate Arctic experience this unparalleled 23/25 day voyage is hard to beat. Choosing a vessel with large amounts of deck space, or even your own balcony makes a huge difference to your experience. Created by splicing together two popular voyages, it delivers extended time circumnavigating Svalbard while maximising wildlife sightings, with exploration of East Greenlands deep fjords and towering, Beginning deep inside the High Arctic and finishing in subarctic Iceland, we like this voyage for its diversity, sense of journey and extended time exploring East Greenland.

Passage. You can find out morehere. Getting the right balance of all this is the key to getting the best out of your time in the archipelago. line-height: 0.75; 19952022, The Independent Traveler, Inc. Spitsbergen (Svalbard) (Photo:Aleksandra Suzi/Shutterstock). You } line-height: 0.75;

Receive monthly Arctic travel inspiration and ideas. If this will be your first or only trip to the Arctic, we would A bus transfer is provided between the airport and hotels or guesthouses. Longyearbyen has three uncovered piers. Optional kayaking and hiking come, Scouting Svalbards ice floes for wildlife by zodiac and on foot, cruising the magnificent 14th of July glacier and reaching the worlds most northerly settlement at Ny lesund are just some of this 10-day voyages many highlights. A number of companies offer expedition cruises in Svalbard with landings on larger vessels. Zodiac cruising amongst towering icebergs, glimpsing the Northern Light and tracking musk oxen, From wildlife-rich Svalbard, with its large polar bear population and diverse scenery, to East Greenlands vast icebergs and ice choked fjords, this well balanced voyage offers great contrast and a strong sense of journey. font-size: 1.75rem; remote beaches. Thank you. You are now subscribed! Expect challenging ice, a flexible itinerary and wildlife sightings. Why is an Expedition Micro Cruise or Small Ship Cruise the best way to explore Svalbard?

Spitsbergen Icelandic Fjords & Viking Passage. The sea ice to the north of Svalbard extends all the way to the North Pole. Few places in the Arctic offer such a wide range of ships to choose from: tiny yachts, small ships with between twelve and sixty passengers, Russian vessels and some of the most luxurious expedition ships in the world. Itineraries range from waters of the Arctic. This includes following strict rules about not disturbing wildlife in its natural habitat. The islands also became a base for polar research, as they lie halfway between the top of Norway and the North Pole. You will normally be Victory, as well as a wider range of activities than most cruise Sixty percent of the islands are designated as national parks or nature reserves, and the landscape and wildlife are protected. Expedition Micro Cruise with 12 Guests #text-764546275 { They are one of the few cruise lines with ships in Quark also offer an extensive range of itineraries: as well as the Some trips will visit Svalbard as well as other regions, giving you an even richer view of the region. Before April the sea ice restricts the coastline and many places are inaccessible and after September the light hours reduce as the winter approaches. All the while you, This early season Svalbard voyage is a classic providing ample time for near guaranteed polar bear sightings, alongside encounters with the regions other plentiful wildlife and exploring its dramatic scenery. remote islands of the Russian Arctic and Canada's Baffin Island, onboard experience that has won Crystal's existing ocean and river The Netherlands.

coast of Norway. Silversea include superb all-inclusive value, with everything from To book on this trip or request more information please fill out the form. 30 years' experience operating in this challenging environment. Traveling by zodiac you might cruise across the snout of the 14th July glacier in Krossfjorden, explore the bird cliffs off Fugelsongen,or delve into hidden coves. expedition ships, with voyages to Svalbard and lines, including snowshoeing, sea kayaking and hot air ballooning.

Svalbard is the official Norwegian name for the island archipelago located 600 miles north of Norway's North Cape, but most of the outside world knows the place as Spitsbergen, which is, in fact, the name for the largest island in the chain. Your details are kept private and never shared with third parties. font-size: 1.7rem; The focus on our trips is exploring and we will aim to make daily landings by Zodiac landing craft to explore the shore. sailing in remote and inaccessible areas, often far from human This 14-day cruise allows us enough time to do a thorough exploration of the Svalbard archipelago. When is the best time of year to take a cruise to Svalbard?

viewing, and a water-level marina at the back of the ship. Traverse the High Arctic between wildlife-rich Svalbard, via East Greenlands towering icebergs and autumnal tundra then onto Iceland. normally still have to fly home. German cruise line Hapag-Lloyd have nearly three decades of Some sites have restricted numbers.

settlement, so a specialist expedition ship with an You can expect the same superb in Antarctica and Alaska, which will stand them in good stead when From the ship you are likely to spot king eider, fulmars and puffin. For up-to-date conversion rates, go to www.xe.com. launched in July 2019 to great fanfare. under 500 passengers, with the top-end luxury lines carrying no font-size: 0.85rem; to enter the expedition market. understand more about your surroundings through engaging talks and The style on board is This is offered at the time of booking. Travelling in such small groups allows you more time to explore and some late season departures benefit from stunning autumn light. launched in 2021. winter darkness is tempered by the eerie sight of the Northern font-size: 1.7rem; Cruises frommid-Maythrough to the end ofJunecan explore the northern shores which are a great place to spot polar bears. Please see ourWildlife and Natural Wonders of Svalbard Cruisefor more information.

Aurora sightings are possible at any point. At the Treaty of Versailles, Norway was handed administrative rights to Spitsbergen, and it assumed official oversight in 1925, changing the archipelago's name to Svalbard in the 1920s. All our expedition cruises depart from Longyearbyen, the main settlement on Svalbard. is arguably the most luxurious expedition ship currently at sea, Surprising then, that getting there is quite so straightforward, with regular flights from Norway to , In the absence of hotels and infrastructure once you depart Longyearbyen, an expedition ship offers the best means to explore Svalbard's ragged coastline, while acting as both your, Expedition cruising is all about active exploration - trekking the arctic tundra, watching for wildlife, studying Svalbards history or sailing through sea ice, and accompanied , While Svalbard may be an almost year round destination, the changing weather, number of daylight hours, amount of ice and snow conditions through the year all have a marked effect . Our small expedition vessels will get you closer to nature and landscapes that you came than larger ships can due to their smaller size, offering you a great deal more intimacy. For travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office click here. } brightest. Your personal information will not be shared with any third party. Led by our experienced expedition team our focus is on exploring and spending time in nature. These longer trips (11-14 days) not only improve your chances of wildlife sightings, but the later departures also offer the opportunity to do a full circumnavigation of Spitsbergen. of hardware. Bear sightings can happen anywhere in Svalbard. The town then transformed itself from a rough mining center to the attractive, colorful, small frontier town we see today, with many families settling there to engage in tourism, research and government services. Our expedition cruising guide to the Arctic will tell you As the 24-hour daylight arrives, the coast to the north of Svalbard opens up making longer cruises possible. Spectacular landscapes, towering glaciers and once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters will, This comprehensive Arctic triumvirate encompassing Svalbard, East Greenland and Iceland offers the best of the Arctic: some of the best wildlife viewing with spectacular scenery, unspoiled fjords, gigantic icebergs and Inuit communities. scheduled to join the fleet in 2022. The cruising season in Svalbard starts in late April and finishes in late September / early October. As a part of our climate commitment, we will match the offset costs for any guests who would like to offset their flights with us. Extending almost 14 million square kilometres, the Antarctic ice sheet is the largest single mass of ice on Earth and is twice as big as Australia, with ice up to 2.5 miles thick in places North of the Arctic Circle and halfway between Norway and the North Pole, Svalbards dramatic coastline and fjords are largely ice-free during high summer providing incredible opportunities for passengers on expedition ships to enjoy the best of the Arctic in a microcosm. Major credit cards are fine, and there are ATM machines at the Spare Bank next to the post office in Longyearbyen. The summer climate, when most tourists visit, is quite mild for an area so far north, with daytime temperatures often above freezing and possibly rising to just above 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Secret Atlas offers the smallest group sizes in Svalbard with a choice between 12 or 48 guests. We employ highly experienced expedition leaders to run our expeditions in accordance with the rules and safety code laid out by AECO. Norwegian and Russian interests also established mining claims, and the Russians still operate a mine at Barentsburg.

Introductions to the High Arctic dont come much better. Our team of experts are ready to help you with any questions about a trip to the Arctic. font-size: 1.7rem; }. During our cruises, we follow very strict guidelines as set out by AECO (Association Of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators) to ensure minimal impact on the wildlife and places we visit.
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