Then the smile returns, that sky fucking smile. As always, Im looking forward to reading what you write next. This was a man who got what he wanted, how he wanted it, when he wanted it. His face, his lips, his neck, his hair, his tight ass shirt, the way his belt rests on his hips, those biceps.

Want to pick since you requested it? is the 103rd most visited website in the world. Inside, you wipe the sweat off your forehead and relax back into the seat. You bet, anytime Poison walked into a room, women threw themselves at him and you also know that fucker loved it. Looks like we're done here. You say matter-of-a-factly and gesture to the plane. Glad you asked, Im about 85% done with the chapter so soon! You move through the motions as your men take the load off the plane. Parting ways, you head back to your card escorted by your guards. Damn Netflix for casting sexy men to play downright despicable people. It mixes perfectly with his natural scent. Unapologetically, he takes you in slowly, hungrily, then takes another step closer. You can feel Poisons eyes burning into you, watching you form as you walk away. Not even a single stray hair in sight. When Vsquez was released for his fathers murder, Galn said He gave us the truth and asked for forgiveness. So soft you dont jerk your hand away as fast as you planned to. He kidnapped and tortured a future Colombian president and vice president, killed an attorney general, and helped plot the assassination of Colombian presidential candidate Luis Carlos Galnthe only murder out of thousands for which he was convicted. Vsquezs Facebook page is, more than anything, an opportunity for himself and Colombia to experience something resembling a shared catharsis. Sorry you had to wait sooo long for it. But, you do your job and you do it well. Predictably, or perhaps not, Popeye now calls himself a man of God. You shake the thought from your head as your men grab the last of the load. You needed there to be as much space between you and him as possible. In truth, it was, a little. Sitting back, you keep watch over everything and fight the urge to fan yourself or steal another glance. Popeye is on Facebook and hes using his platform to spill dirt and seek redemption from the same public he terrorized all through the second half of the Medelln Cartels bloody reign. The end of Vsquezs run with the Medelln Cartel came in 1992, when he surrendered to authorities amid a string of assassinations carried out against the cartel by vigilantes, paramilitary groups, and the Colombian government itself. His phermones possess you, bewitching you. Amused, Poison pretends to take a photo. Need your help with the nickname.

Not glorifying the awful things these people have done or the pain they still cause today. But you knew better. Hopeless because, upon his release from Colombian prison last year, Vsquez announced plans to go into hiding. this is my first time writing for Poison! The Cartels tactics are best summed up by Escobars concise business strategy: plata o plomosilver or lead, which colloquially translates to take this bribe or end up dead. During the 80s and early 90s, Vsquez was the man Escobar would call on to dish out plomo for refusing plata. The fact that you enjoyed him flirting with you would be your little secret. Following the daring escape of Sinaloa Cartel kingpin Joaquin El Chapo Guzman from Mexican prison in July, Univisin interviewed Vsquez to get his insight.

His Facebook page makes him out to be much more complicated than that. This is just a sampling of Vsquezs Facebook interactions as his page has swelled to 28,000 likes in less than two months timehardly surprising given the thirst for answers on the Medelln Cartels inner workings and Vsquezs former status as a trusted member of Escobars inner circle. Maybe one night, one dance with the devil could be worthit if you never saw him again. His body count alone was jarring. I just copied and pasted my comment from earlier. Im thinking this weekend or Monday if Im busy. Whenever you went on a job, you did so with a look of steel and ready to put anyone in their place. Maybe, you say He didnt need to know it, but you fucking loved dancing. Popeye Vsquez admitted to killing about 300 people as a righthand man to Pablo Escobar. You didnt expect this. About: Reader meets Poison when shes assigned to manage a drop off. Despite your logical mind, you entertain the idea. Poison glances back at the place, then returns his focus on you. He could likley back up that ego of his too.

Now hes out of prison, on Facebook and Univisin, and taking questions. Terrifying because Jhon Jairo Velsquez Popeye Vsquez has confessed to killing about 300 people and ordering the deaths of some 3,000 more. Im a baby beginner in Spanish and dont know what Im doing. Before he can butter you up, you get to the point and stick to the task at hand. I hope you ike it. As he does you catch a wiff of his cologne, its subtle, pleasant, masculine but not overbearing. I know Im probably late to the request period, but, here I goif you havent already planned it, could you please do #7 and #28 for a continuation of your Poison/Reader fic? As Poison stops infront of you, he raises his chin slightly and runs his palm over his mouth. Im happy to deliver this to you in a couple of days. His mustache tickles your skin a little, his lips are soft. Thanks :), Coming soon my friend!

Narcos disclaimer: not the real guy, fantasy fic based off the show and hot actor, you know the deal. I can start one, ask to be tagged, #why Netflix cast such hotties to play evil assholes, #Im not repeating my narcos disclaimer anymore so dont read it you dont want to, #fics are fantasy works not glorifying the real horrible people, #not thereal guy just thecharacter in the show. You couldnt do that. As for Vsquez himself, he was sentenced to a 30-year prison sentence and granted an early release in 2014 for good behavior after serving 22 years. Poison, previously leaning against the car, stands tall and makes his way over to you. And you almost smile back but catch yourself before you do. Its respectable.. Hes confirmed his ownership of the page through videos and in Spanish-language media outlets. Dubbing himself the historical memory of the Medelln CartelVsquez did not respond to requests for comment and all material from Vsquezs Facebook page has been translated from Spanishhe doesnt so much spread the gospel as answer the questions of a public that regards him with either cautious curiosity or outright disgust. When you extend your hand to shake his, he takes hold, brings it to his lips and kisses it. But you feel your resolve weaken everything you catch him looking at you, the primal lust in his eyes breaks your concentration little by little. Your heart is still racing, that silly smile on your lips. Sure, youve seen your share of attractive yet dangerous men before but this one? I love how you left it as an open-ending, though I am wondering what happens when the reader goes to Colombia. Informants, businessmen, and rivals were all routine targets for Vsquez, but his greatest notoriety is owed to a string of attacks on high-profile members of the Colombian government. However, its also become a vehicle for Popeye to rebrand himself as something other than Escobars favorite hitman. A small smirk dances on your lips as you reach the door. When asked what it feels like to murder someone, Vsquez simply replies Buddy, the circumstances make the man. Another user, betraying some morbid fascination with Vsquezs past exploits, even went so far as to ask if the once fearsome Popeye had camped out on Facebook because he was too scared to resume his past profession. His hands. His release came with a 52-month parole period during which he may not leave Colombia and must check in with authorities on a regular basis. When Poison asks if you like to dance, you just shrug and play it cool. . They did terrible awful things that still affect and hurt people today. i know we all simp for ramon but poison was my first love, hey lovely, just curious as to when well be seeing the second chapter of the poison work , Hey Anon! At the time of his release, Vsquez pegged his own odds of being assassinated at 80 percent. I cant focus. Soon, the load would be off the plane and this devilish madman would be on his way. I havent done anything wrong.. Really, its not like any society ever gets the chance to interrogate one of its most infamous members. Being a woman in this world came with a whole set of shit the men didn't have to deal with, along with that came the constant harassment and egocentric assholes who swore they had a chance with you. Your line of work, not that it was by choice, but thats a story for another timeyour line of work required you to breathe the same air as some real bastards and you knew the one across from you was downright diabolical. Popeye has convinced at least one person: Juan Manuel Galn, a Colombian senator and the son of Luis Carlos Galn. More narcos / my disclaimer at the bottom, Not the real person | Narcos Mx fanfic | I do not condone the actions of real life persons, Narcos, or the lifestyle, Roberto Poison Ramos x F reader mini fic, Im so happy to write this for you. At the time, Vsquez told a reporter, I dont owe anything to anybody. But it turns out that not even one of historys most prolific hitmen can resist the allure of social media. Everything about him, even down to his hair was so perfectly manicured. Likely, a mixture of both. Tracking down the man who served as the top assassin of Pablo Escobars infamous Medelln Cartel sounds like an equal parts terrifying and hopeless task. The vague answer you give him only makes Poison more determined to make you say yes. Even the smoothness of his walk oozes sex, what a fucker. Narcos All: @thesolotomyhan @fleurfatale89 @sheeshgivemeabreak @fandomnerd16 @ottertastic95, Poison list? He believes hes a marked man among his former comrades in the Medelln Cartel, past members of the inactive vigilante death squad Los Pepes, and La Oficina de Envigado, the cartel that inherited Escobars empire. Poison goes with it, but you can see his true desires in his eyes. Everytime you give in and look, your eyes travel to a new place.

Vsquez has taken the terms a step further by checking in with all of Colombia to inform them of his salvation. You keep a blank stare as you check out the cargo and make sure everything your boss was promised is there. What an asshole, you think and refocus on your guys. Its those questions, ones rooted in admiration for the Medelln Cartels ruthlessness, that reveal the retired hitmans philosophical side: Buddy, for better or worse, Im the only survivor of the most tragic era of our history. At its peak, the Medelln Cartel supplied 80 percent of the worldwide cocaine market and generated at least $420 million in weekly revenue. But Poison, he disarms you, sets you off course. Why is his shirt so open , Last indulgence of the night @fleurfatale89. You let your gaze drop and observe his jewery. But you stand your ground and keep a serious expression. Id like to give her a nickname, something he calls her. Disclaimer: As always, though I write for this show (and will continue to do so for as long as I please) I do not in any way condone the actions of real life persons. No man had the right to look this good. In my case, I forgive him., has confessed to killing about 300 people, the only murder out of thousands for which he was convicted, helped secure the conviction of several Medelln Cartel members, Guzmans escape cost the drug lord something around $50 million. A picture lasts longer. You say over your shoulder. Those steamy brown eyes of his stare you down. , Revising the first chapter of the poison fic put me in my feels. @fleurfatale89, Credit to GIF owner | Fic are and boards by me, Warnings: The topic itself, natue of the work, drugs, drug money About: Adria (reader) meets Poison when shes assigned to manage a drop off. This one was pure sex on your eyes, the sight of him burned away any bit of purity left in your soul and ignited a desire in you so deep, so primal, you could barely stand still. However, in a series of jailhouse confessions prompted by attempts on his life by fellow inmates, Vsquez ultimately confessed to his 3,000-plus body count and, in doing so, provided information that helped secure the conviction of several Medelln Cartel members. You dont know if the rise of temperature is from the heat alone or the man with a cocky grin on his face as he watches you. So, Im just getting that out of the way. Despite the brief encounter, the handsome yet very dangerous stranger is hard to shake. Explore Tumblr blogs with no restrictions, modern design and the best experience. You think to yourself, this man must take longer than me in the morning. You exchange a few words, nothing too important and all work related. Whether Vsquez can become a fixture in Spanish language media remains a question that may be decided by just how willing the public is to accept the possibility that Vsquez is a changed man. Being in close proximity to Poison came with a sense of danger, like getting too close to a fire. The asshole even had style, he knew how to dress to show off his best assets. From looks alone, it was hard to believe he was a monster. Look at this bitch. You heard he was good looking but this? You turn away and climb into the car as your guard holds the door open for you. Even if it was just once. Then, working on chapter 2 before bed lead to some interesting dreams, Lets just say Im distracted today.

He promptly snatched headlines by estimating Guzmans escape cost the drug lord something around $50 million. I invite you to disarm your heart because I once lived with hatred like you do., As for those who believe he should still be in prison, Vsquezs stock response is this: Thanks for your opinion. It is common sense but saying it in case it needs to be said. In response to a drawing of himself with the phrase A real man isnt the one who never fails, but the one who corrects his path, one Facebook user pointedly asked, And what about the people who couldnt correct their path because they were assassinated? The grim laconicism of a professional killer shines through in Vsquezs response, They died in the war.. However, if you arent planning on doing anymore with that character, I totally understand. As you try to end the conversation, he lays the charm on, 100% confident it will work. The last thing in the world you needed was to get involved with him. Though you are leaving now, in one week you will be back on a longer assignment in Colombia. Poison was a beast. Or anyone else want chime in?

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