And in 2016, to three daddy months, with 90 days of paid leave reserved for fathers. The average Swedish woman has 1.7 children (EU average: 1.5) and, at the same time, the rate of working women (between 15 and 74) is relatively high, 64.4% . The Allbright foundation has written a critical report about inequality among tech startups in Sweden: Tech Dudes Caught in Their Own Myth (pdf, May 2020). Read about our approach to external linking.

He argues that since Nordic countries have a generally high standard of living and strong welfare states, young women are free to pick careers based on their own interests, which he says are often more likely to include working in care-giving roles or with languages. Let's take a closer look. The overarching Swedish principle is that everyone, regardless of gender, has the right to work and support themselves, to balance career and family life, and to live without the fear of abuse or violence. Still, a pay gap remains. Childcare is guaranteed to all parents and the aim is that nursery school should be affordable for all. It started as #killmiddag in Sweden and is now being spread to the rest of the world. On a political level, all the Nordic governments are working to tackle the gender gap. 2022 European Institute for Gender Equality, Gender Equality Index 2020 country factsheets, Gender Equality Index, Making equality between women and men a reality for all Europeans and beyond, Economic Benefits of Gender Equality in the EU, Step-by-step guide to Gender Equality Training, 2. To attract the best talent, we need better diversity.. Global figures indicate that about 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced physical and/or sexual violence, often within a relationship. So we thought - lets turn this around, and say its mandatory regardless of gender., He says the policy also sends an important signal that he hopes will encourage more young female graduates to consider the company. In 2002, this was extended to two daddy months, or 60 days. Today, fathers take around 30 per cent of the total number of days available to the couple. Sweden works actively to defend and strengthen the rights of women and girls. Global Guy Talk is an initiative by the Swedish non-profit foundation Make Equal (link in Swedish). How is gender-responsive public procurement linked to gender equality? The Discrimination Act states that employers and employees should work actively for equal pay for equal work, as well as promote equal opportunity for women and men to receive a pay rise. Only 1% of investments registered in the Nordic Tech List database last year went to companies headed solely by female founders, according to figures analysed by Swedish business news site DI Digital. But some of them seem to have more to do with gender. This movement is a co-operation between political womens unions, trade union organisations and womens movement societies.

No, just fathers on parental leave. According to Statistics Sweden bi-annual report on gender equality from 2020, 10 per cent of the companies listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange had women chairpersons, with 35 per cent of board members women. Violating sexist expectations can lead to sexual harassment, How can I combat sexism? Why is gender budgeting important in the EU Funds? But amid immersion in a culture that seemed to actively champion womens rights, she couldnt escape the fact that there were still primarily white males sitting at the top of many of the best-known companies. Every year, the international organisation World Economic Forum ranks around 150 countries based on the gap between women and men according to indicators within health, education, economy and politics. It is easier to get VC funding if you are male. Cases of discrimination can be reported to the SwedishEquality Ombudsman (Diskrimineringsombudsmannen), a goverment agency that protects equal rights. Role models are really important. A woman who, after taking parental leave, works 50 per cent of full time for 10 years and then 75 per cent for another ten years will have a pension that is only 71 per cent of what a person working full time will get. In Finland the figure creeps to 16.7%. A ten-step programme for managers, Eradicating sexism to change the face of the EU, Gedimino pr. Sweden comes out best with 12.3%, but still lags behind Luxembourg, Italy and Romania, which all manage a pay gap of 5% or less. This is partly due to changing attitudes that encourage more women to speak out. But others strongly believe that social conditioning is the major driver when it comes to womens career choices and promotion opportunities, and stress that gender stereotypes persist. Numerous global studies have concluded that there is a positive correlation between the presence of women in leadership roles and an organisation's performance.

gap pay international Of those, 90 days are reserved for each parent. Creating accountability and strengthening commitment, 10. Discriminationincludescases of unfair treatment byan employer in connection with an employeesparental leave. Parents in Sweden are entitled to 480 days of paid parental leave. "The discussion climate is better, you have a better conversation and a better understanding for each other.". But you can visualise a career path and take risks if you see others who have taken that path.. Practical tools and Member State examples, Tool 1: Connecting the EU Funds with the EUs regulatory framework on gender equality, Legislative and regulatory basis for EU policies on gender equality, Concrete requirements for considering gender equality within the EU Funds, Tool 2: Analysing gender inequalities and gender needs at the national and sub-national levels, Steps to assess and analyse gender inequalities and needs, Step 1. Its hard to be what you cant see, argues Rikke Eckhoff Hvding. Iceland is the highest-scoring Nordic country, with 40%. Girls and boys are different, and have different preferences on the whole, he argues. However, a father could sign his days over to the mother and as a result, two decades later, 90 per cent of paternity leave in Sweden was being used by mothers only. The chief executive of Heba, a Stockholm rental company named-and-shamed for low male-female diversity, recently made headlines for admitting he hadnt thought about the advantages of having more women managers until his top executive team achieved gender balance. The pay gap between men and women can partly be explained by differences in profession, sector, position, work experience and age. The so-called parental insurance enabled couples to take six months off work per child, with each parent entitled to half of the days. Men are definitely not trying to avoid women in top positions, she argues, but who they know best and who is sitting next to them continues to play a role, as well as protecting their own reputations. Last year, researchers in the US and UK found that countries with an existing culture of gender equality have an even smaller proportion of women taking degrees in science, technology and mathematics (STEM). Please make note that international comparison of crime statistics are notoriously difficult the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention explains more about that here. Last year Iceland became the first country in the world to require companies with 25 or more workers to demonstrate that they pay men and women equally for the same work, with daily fines for firms that fail to do so. Madsen argues that most Nordic companies recognise the benefits of a diverse workforce and its importance when it comes to employer branding. We think that if more women create their own structures and companies, the overall structure will change into more empathic systems, says Sundker. Oh, the challenging equation of work and family! Initiatives in Sweden include the recent launch of the Gender Equality Agency, designed to promote better coordination on the issue, and coding lessons for children, partly aimed at tackling early biases in terms of tech-based career choices. preschools lotta rajalin Nguyen says she has placed several women in high positions in Swedish head offices who ended up leaving because they felt they needed to adapt too much to be heard. But as The Nordic Gender Effect at Work report points out, improvements at board level have not led to a jump in the number of women CEOs or managers. I would say no-one knows the answers, so we need to try different things, readjust and think of something new if it doesnt work., Charlotte Sundker and Linda Waxin launched thinktank Ownershift, which aims to broaden discussion around greater gender equality through ownership (Credit: Maddy Savage). A family policy that supports working parents with the same rights and obligations for both women and men makes it easier for parents in Sweden to find a decent worklife balance. Campaigners are proposing a wide range of solutions to move forward, including calls for individual company targets for senior managers or nationwide quotas. It feels more equal than in the US, because people are more focused and consistent in talking about the topicBut I am not sure they are always held accountable in terms of upholding those ideals, agrees Dani Nguyen, 31, an executive recruiter based in the Swedish capital who previously worked in Silicon Valley. The concept is simple: a group of men get together and start talking about things that men rarely talk about. If I am a female and I look at the male team members around me becoming fathers and none of them take any parental leave, I will feel that I am an outlier when I get pregnant and I need my parental leave, says Chief Operating Officer Morten Welo.

How is gender-responsive public procurement linked to gender budgeting? She argues that men remain better paid due to a greater value being placed on management positions and in certain sectors, such as tech and science, which are male-gendered, in contrast to female-gendered jobs focused on caregiving. At first, she wasnt disappointed. Danish start-up community manager Bolette Wrestroem says quotas, while potentially a good stepping-stone, could also suggest that women are only there because it is required and not because of their skills or capabilities. In Norway, Equality Check, a community-based platform of employee reviews rating equality in companies (similar to the English-language Glassdoor platform), has become a popular tool for both applicants and HR professionals. In 2012 a particular 'pay all day' movement was started to illustrate the pay gap by saying that women basically don't get paid for a full day's work. Delivering a coordinated, multiagency response, Strategic framework on violence against women 2015-2018, Legal Definitions in the EU Member States, EIGE's publications on gender-based violence, EU candidate countries and potential candidates, Gender equality indices in the Western Balkans and Turkey, Gender statistics in the Western Balkans and Turkey, First steps towards more inclusive language, Key principles for inclusive language use, Avoid gendered pronouns (he or she) when the persons gender is unknown, Avoid irrelevant information about gender, Avoid gendered stereotypes as descriptive terms, Using different adjectives for women and men, Do not use he to refer to unknown people, Do not use gender-biased nouns to refer to groups of people, Greetings and other forms of inclusive communication, Solutions for how to use gender-sensitive language, The argument for work-life balance measures, Step-by-step approach to building a compelling business case, Step 1: Identify national work-life balance initiatives and partners, Step 2: Identify potential resistance and find solutions, Step 3: Maximise buy-in from stakeholders, Step 4: Design a solid implementation plan, Step 6: Highlight benefits and celebrate early wins, Toolbox for planning work-life balance measures in ICT companies, Gender Equality Index 2019. Underpinning the processes with an outcome-focused approach, Principle 5. When Bolette Wrestroem moved back to Denmark after spending most of her twenties overseas, she was excited to experience the gender equality for which the Nordic region is globally famous. Many campaigners argue that educating male employees on the benefits of diversity should be more prominent. But critics of fixed targets argue that the concept could devalue the way women hired under this regime are perceived in the workplace. When women have children, they tend to work part-time more often than men. The relatively high number of fathers on daddy leave has caused foreign journalists to wonder why there are so many male nannies in Sweden. In 81 per cent of the cases the reported perpetrator was someone the woman knew. It is a paradox that many women working in the Nordics will recognise. In 2021, womens average monthly salaries in Sweden were 90.1 per cent of mens. In 2018, Sweden adopted a newsexual consent law, which states that sex without explicit consent is rape, even when there has been no violence or threats. Finlands new Working Hours Act, due to come into force in 2020, will give the majority of full-time employees the right to decide when and where they work for at least half of their working hours, in a move designed to help boost flexibility. Globally, about 72 per cent of men of working age are in the labour force, but only 47 per cent of women. Gender experts and campaigners are at odds over why the region continues to face these disparities. Adopting a gender-specific approach, Principle 2. But the marketing strategist believes that unconscious biases can affect senior hiring decisions. Lieselotte van der Meijs/, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention explains more about that here. Sweden's government has declared itself a feminist government, and the country has a law against gender discrimination. Introducing an individualised approach to risk management, Principle 3. Examples of gender-sensitive practices in parliaments, Women and men have equal opportunities to ENTER the parliament, Women and men have equal opportunities to INFLUENCE the parliaments working procedures, Womens interests and concerns have adequate SPACE on parliamentary agenda, The parliament produces gender-sensitive LEGISLATION, The parliament complies with its SYMBOLIC function, Gender budgeting in womens and mens lived realities. "I thought competence was the main thing - competence and attitude - not sex, but I've changed my mind. Definite progress has been made since Karin Kock became the first woman in the Swedish government in 1947.

Female founders are very keen to promote other female founders, she argues. Identify existing gender inequalities and their underlying causes, Step 3. By contrast, high achievers in less stable economies might choose STEM careers based on the income and security they provide, even if they prefer other areas. This is one of the challenges on the Swedish gender equality agenda. Gender equality implies not only equal distribution between men and women in all domains of society. The Swedish Act on prohibiting the purchase of sexualservices from 1999 was the first law to make it illegal to buy sexualservices without punishing theprostitute. In Iceland and Sweden - which have the most generous policies - almost 30% of leave is taken by fathers, while in Norway the figure is just over 19%, and the proportion drops to 11% in Denmark and Finland, according to The Nordic Gender Effect at Work report. GEAR step-by-step guide for research funding bodies, Work-life balance and organisational culture, Gender balance in leadership and decision making, Gender equality in recruitment and career progression, Integration of the sex/gender dimension into research and teaching content, Measures against gender-based violence including sexual harassment, Measures mitigating the effect of COVID-19, Training: awareness-raising and capacity building, Gender-sensitive research funding procedures, Success factors for GEP development and implementation, Self-assessment, scoring and interpretation of parliament gender-sensitivity, AREA 1 Women and men have equal opportunities to ENTER the parliament, Domain 1 Electoral system and gender quotas, Domain 2 - Political party/group procedures, Domain 3 Recruitment of parliamentary employees, AREA 2 Women and men have equal opportunities to INFLUENCE the parliaments working procedures, Domain 1 Parliamentarians presence and capacity in a parliament, Domain 3 Staff organisation and procedures, AREA 3 Womens interests and concerns have adequate SPACE on parliamentary agenda, Domain 1 Gender mainstreaming structures, Domain 2 Gender mainstreaming tools in parliamentary work, Domain 3 Gender mainstreaming tools for staff, AREA 4 The parliament produces gender-sensitive LEGISLATION, Domain 1 Gender equality laws and policies, AREA 5 The parliament complies with its SYMBOLIC function, Domain 2 Gender equality in external communication and representation.
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