Durgapur, West Bengal, 118269, DK Equipments, ICC, T.P. endobj c8LC)3Uws|;X?}S4)_|\_rto[!i#),WwL8a431AB_4xqjyo?vaw~\~g1ws s4X8?ABflIpN! {c!A'$EpLn@6 2cD-qX07+d! /CropBox [9.70865 9.69708 612.52700 862.29300 ] (kg) Gross hp (kW) @ 2200 RPM Loader lift capacity -lb. /ColorSpace << /XObject << STRONGER PRODUCT SUPPORT SOLUTIONS Your CASE dealer knows best how you can maximize your equipment investment and uptimewith genuine CASE parts, expert service and a complete range of product support solutions including CASE remanufactured and BUILDING A STRONG CASE Since 1842, we at CASE Construction Equipment have lived by an unwavering commitment to build practical, intuitive solutions that deliver both efficiency and productivity.

All rights reserved, nothing may be reprinted or reproduced (including framing) in whole or part without written permission from the publisher. Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, 80/a/8 80/a/9 Tilakwadi Shukruwar Peth, Tilakavadi, Belgaum - 590006, Dist. (kg) Operating weight - lb. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates. /X3 20 0 R << endobj /TrimBox [ 0 0 623.622 870.236 ] /X0 14 0 R Copyright 1996-2022 IndiaMART InterMESH Ltd. All rights reserved. We are still looking for a few respondents from France. /Filter /FlateDecode Make your voice heard. /Author () (kg) Backhoe bucket breakout force - Ibf. endobj CASE EX Series loader backhoes are powered by S8000 Engine and deliver powerful performance and fast response time coupled with a 5% higher productivity and fuel savings of up to 13%. The production stopped in 2008, where this 580 Super R Serie 2 was available at a new list price between 75000 and 95000. Inquire the spare part you look for from our partners with a few easy steps and choose the best offer. 156 hp / 116 kW, Operating Weight: (kg) COMPACT TRACK LOADERSSPECIFICATIONS TR270 TR310 TR340 TV370 Gross hp (kW Operating weight - lb. endobj (kN) Rated operating capacity ROC 50% - lb. (kg) Operating weight - lb. Copyright 1984-2022 LECTURA GmbH Verlag + Marketing Service Alle Rechte vorbehalten. /Resources 17 0 R /T1_1 48 0 R /MediaBox [0 0 623.62200 870.23600 ] /Parent 3 0 R /Contents 21 0 R /GS0 13 0 R For more detailed information about pricing and current residual values, check out the LECTURA Valuation system.

Do you want to see more detailed comparison? However, incomplete data and mistakes might occur.Contact our team with any change suggestion. 0[ {~(8f.If 7acbG`g]4m' Oi2%+vAm:Vp:c Q*c F(o/

SPECIFICATIONS CX500D Mass Ex CX750D CX750D Mass Ex Maximum digging depth 21 ft. 4 in (6 490 mm) 27 ft. 7 in. CASE Crawler Dozers are designed for precision grading and heavy duty earthmoving applications. << (kg) Bucket breakout force -lbf.

15587 kg. Terms of Use Now we extend those services and information to the internet. (kg) Full turn tipping load -lb. Rated Operating Load: Tinsukia, Assam, Near Sangaria Circle, Pal DPS Bypass, Jodhpur - 342001, Dist. B. endobj >> ]{S #,j`[WK (Q-B!6J!#\}{w+76d%I52 ,B-J-! tuS7d2:C=7 Contact our team with any change suggestion. >> /X8 34 0 R /CropBox [ 0 0 623.622 870.236 ] /ArtBox [9.70865 9.69708 612.52700 862.29300 ] /Resources << (kg) Blade Width - ft. in. /Filter /FlateDecode *'Frequency range includes standard and high frequency options. /GS1 71 0 R << Equipped with a powerful CNH engine, this 580 Super R Serie 2 8.1t machine can provide 71kW or 95 horse power for the backhoe loader. /CS0 74 0 R Impressum (6 650 mm) LONG REACH EXCAVATORS Maximum digging depth 39 ft. 5 in. Nagar, Korba, Raipur - 495678, Dist. (kg) 6,503 (2 950). k]ukM].#a5"I|SCz7%]o5i;ix_6/|^EBehBV3y kHb2^f877)w`z3`pW]b6v$i [-]T_qgai5>/FbGgV(d Sg@!|h8nG`2x3lT << /Type /Page <<

/Creator (Adobe Illustrator CC 22.1 \(Windows\)) 7 0 obj Registration number 0957323. << >> 7-A, Ratlam Kothi, Geeta Bhawan Chauraha A. (14 090 mm) MINI EXCAVATORS Maximum digging depth 10 ft. 3 in. >> /CS0 11 0 R 130 hp / 97 kW, Engine: >> With dual-drum drive technology, high vibration frequencies, and impressive maneuverability these easy machines are hard to beat. 50.08530 \\ 14.41100 \\ Philadelphia (ip) \\ PA (ip), A 2000 Case 580 SL From Proxy Equipment for $36,500.00 USD, A 1997 Case 580 SL From Luby Equipment Services for $32,589.00 USD, A 1997 Case 580 SL From Southeastern Equipment Co., Inc. for $28,000.00 USD, A 1997 Case 580 SL From Ideal Tractor, Inc. for $21,500.00 USD, Front mounted, positive displacement, gear-type tandem, Fully synchronized 4-speed forward reverse shuttle. Ahmedabad, Gujarat, MSAV-22, Ground Floor, Bengal Ambuja, Street No. /TrimBox [9.70865 9.69708 612.52700 862.29300 ] Jodhpur, Rajasthan, Main Market, Ner Chowk, Mandi - 175027, Dist. /GS1 13 0 R 800-523-2200. CASE Soil Compactors are complementary to our current road construction machines, such as Graders and Dozers, and they excel in terms of productivity and reliability. /Group 28 0 R Get in touch: Email:info@agrimanuals.com- Tel: 01579 363006, Can't find what you are looking for? endobj /X9 35 0 R /CS0 11 0 R

<< Indore, Madhya Pradesh, No. As the supply is low and the demand high - it is a win/win situation for both buyers and sellers on auction sites.

/CropBox [9.70865 9.69708 612.52700 862.29300 ] /ExtGState << /TrimBox [9.70865 9.69708 612.52700 862.29300 ]

10 0 obj The high performance and zero emissions of the Bobcat T7X, the first all-electric compact track loader in the world, have been recognised with a major award in the Earthworks, foundations and demolition category of the 2022 Potencia Awards in Spain. The CASE dealers are the ones that know everything about CASE products. Manufactured by case, this is the 580 Super R Serie 2 backhoe loader. /Contents 2 0 R (kg) Bucket breakout force -lbf. Today, our global scale combined with our local expertise enables us to keep customers real-world challenges at the center of our product development. >> /XObject << (3 135 mm) 12 ft. 6 in. When the market for new equipment is tight, the market for used equipment is booming. /Length 8206

Need a return or exchange?

Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, 0 0 NEGI NIWAS BAREILLY ROAD HALDWANI, Nainital, Haldwani - 263139, Dist. All Rights Reserved. CASE and CNH Capital are registered trademarks of CNH Industrial America LLC.

dozer brochure tractor pg mint case /Parent 65 0 R 4ZhH'i-BJ. HVn8}Ev3$EQi4%i[]\I~Pi.5393$C g)} MZzyxdI|&yLQ I~=qM8FdHhU\s&gwF3=CO0'5%FcgixQ5h3-%vBIYp1 a|q } U@! /ExtGState << (mm) Turning radius - ft. in. (kg) Bucket breakout BACKHOELOADERS SPECIFICATIONS Gross hp (kW) @ 2200 RPM Loader lift capacity -lb. >> Find and download detailed specs and data sheets for this machine here. /Subject ()

>> >> %PDF-1.6

/Type /Page Contact Read our privacy policy here. /Group 4 0 R /BleedBox [ 0 0 623.622 870.236 ] /Contents 15 0 R Backhoe Loaders Notice: Every data listed is verified by LECTURA Specs team experts. (7 180 mm) *Alternative machine configurations available (i.e., long reach, narrow, mass excavation). (mm) Blade Width - ft. in. 17 0 obj Contributor articles do not necessarily reflect the policy or opinions of this publication. fork height -forks horizontal MOTOR GRADERS SPECIFICATIONS 836C Net hp (kW) @ 2200 RPM Operating weight - lb. >>

(kg) Bucket Size: GP with Bolt-on-Edge - yd3. Built tough with more power and torque, CASE skid steer loaders boost productivity and increase operator comfort. 86 hp, Engine: << >> (kN) Operating weight, 4WD -lb. Privacy policy endobj

Backhoe Loaders Case SUPPORT COMES STANDARD BASE & EXTENDED LIMITED WARRANTY COVERAGE:* 1-YEAR/UNLIMITED-HOUR FULL-COVERAGE BASE LIMITED WARRANTY 2-YEAR/2,000-HOUR EXTENDED LIMITED ENGINE WARRANTY Discuss the extended engine warranty coverage details with your dealer. endobj SHORT-RADIUS EXCAVATORS Maximum digging depth 13 ft. 7 in. /Length 1378 Want more detailed specifications? /Producer (PDFKit.NET 4 0 obj /ArtBox [9.70865 9.69708 612.52700 862.29300 ] We continually strive to make it easier for our customers to implement emerging technologies and new compliance mandates. /CS0 11 0 R We use cookies in order to ensure the best and most relevant web-experience on LECTURA. Since 2006, this model has included Clamshell and Outrigger stabilisers. Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, 602, DLF Prime Towers, Okhla industrial Area, Phase 1, Okhla Industrial Area, New Delhi - 110020, No. center lb. >> LECTURA aquires best offers from many sources about Backhoe Loaders.See current offers on the most popular classified portals showing second hand Backhoe Loaders for sale in many countries. /Type /Page /Parent 3 0 R To4ZQ?Jz qQm *mEh*9M\Enr@Qm!=L*R! Q[wT\K$!/(Mic' .Bw?AOy /GS2 12 0 R (kN) Operating weight, 4WD -lb.

They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options. >> endobj Wether you need to calculate value of your Case 580 or valuation of your Backhoe Loaders fleet, LECTURA Valuation will help. 2 0 obj >> This focus has led to numerous innovations like Ride Control, EZ-EH controls, blade shake, PowerLift, over-center boom design *Prices are pre-tax. /Resources 23 0 R /ArtBox [ 0 0 623.622 870.236 ] /ExtGState << (kg) Lift capacity at 15-feet @ 24 in. 14605 kg, Operating Weight: 11300 kg, Weight: /ProcSet [ /PDF /Text /ImageC ] /MediaBox [ 0 0 623.622 870.236 ] >> CASE crawler dozers deliver best-in-class powertrain technology for superior track power and outstanding blade force through the turns.

/X10 31 0 R

(kg) Gross hp (kW) Operating weight - lb. /Rotate 0

Cookies /X5 26 0 R (kg/m3)** *Alternative machine configurations available (i.e., Waste Handler). (kN) Rated operating capacity ROC 50% / 35% - lb. /Rotate 0 Ltd. Join the panel of people from all around Europe that has already completed the survey. /CS1 82 0 R Cookie opt-out "])DVe bH FPgn|=j$P;"igMkcRUB60m_6bI}RCcp%X!'b"G^tZ@d $V__+G Z)(E,@DrXnzTr/h|H!x00V7#d^1QCbG6gTw1,$X)0@DZ!i+A;$+0W. % (Dj$`f@'R-861K+d8QP[_2IVp-IJy `c4K]N M#wH@j,rgg.|f$3f/iY#N!"i*7LtP 4;w~lCp@acn,ELn) Youtube 11030 kg, Weight: hOXiEE4GP=1LfYfCF{#j&"F .!bH6qK8d=8-FV,dBhZX)u W^]HcMP%R9qY{Z0FQC[_SZ=bQHD-N_C m#+0M ?uv+6D4XUm,(s:2!MLC3. SPECIFICATIONS 586H 588H Gross hp (kW) @ 2200 RPM Operating weight - lb. 580 super backhoe 580sn brochure case loader /Group 22 0 R

(m3) Max material density -SAE lb/yd3. Lectura specs

(m3) Max. /CropBox [9.70865 9.69708 612.52700 862.29300 ] Construction machinery /CS0 11 0 R >> (5 510 mm) 21 ft. 10 in. 96 hp. 20213 - 22790 kg, Favorite CASE motor graders are built with a powerful engine, rugged A-frame and moldboard design, industry-leading flip-up rear hood, best-in-class serviceability and outstanding visibility. >> (mm). Basic model incl. /X6 32 0 R q$i4'Lv_M3gg>W =qv'N6'Nira4T ^?)>_{J~GSi.*y!9tW WGDeK7n})?t/ni_[GqnT3sS9~Ne>4c^0_g|3W~{gka1_z`>*7P[fpZAFXd0HsRIIN^ARaZr1I=mYAK xGc.L{}LK41b \AbT$ZMW60w]\fr)_fo[bfPNJnam!@>.x&tZBRv7`3V7|l1LJ>M }/q8IB~Q&@5ara# (mm) Turning radius - ft. in. /X7 33 0 R It has been sold without air Forklift utility, Aircondition and Diesel particulate filter as of 2008. We personalize the website content and tailored ads based on your given interest in specific topics. >> Have a question? Just sending us a note? All editorial material, photographs, drawings, letters, and other material will be treated as unconditionally assigned for publication and copyright purposes and are subject to Construction Equipment Guides unrestricted right to edit and comment editorially. (kgr Bucket breakout force -Ibf. /MediaBox [0 0 623.62200 870.23600 ] /GS0 12 0 R /GS1 30 0 R /TrimBox [9.70865 9.69708 612.52700 862.29300 ] /MediaBox [0 0 623.62200 870.23600 ] /Contents 8 0 R (kg) Bucket breakout force -lbf. **ISO 14397-1 Deflected Tires. /ArtBox [9.70865 9.69708 612.52700 862.29300 ] /CropBox [9.70865 9.69708 612.52700 862.29300 ] Case currently produces 6 other backhoe loaders, which range from 8.1t up to 9.4t - the most visited on LECTURA Specs are 580 ST T4, 695 ST T 4, 580 ST T4F. We can see currently about 6 models of the 580 Super R Serie 2 backhoe loader with an average age of 9 years and average price of 30000. /ColorSpace << Bobcat T7X All-Electric Track Loader Wins Award in Spain, Trevi for the new motorway link Port of Oran to the East-West motorway, Trade fair innovations powered by electricity, International debut for the Goldhofer TRAILSTAR, 4-speed synchromesh with hydraulically actuated clutches. Calculate the carbon footprint of the Case 580 per hour of use: Or go directly to ERA Equipment CO2 Calculator. /Group 16 0 R /Title (770) /Parent 3 0 R Fort Washington, PA 19034 (kg) Bucket Size: GP with Bolt-on-Edge - yd3. /GS1 13 0 R Nainital, Uttarakhand, Sector 18, Pithampur, Dhar, Madhya Pradesh, Plot No. Operating Weight: Sponsors, Facebook >> 8 0 obj ROPS cabin, standard shovel, rear with backhoe and standard bucket. 12, Durgapur - 713216, Dist. /ArtBox [9.70865 9.69708 612.52700 862.29300 ] 590 kg, Operating Weight: >> /Type /Page

Wether you are a dealer or an owner, LECTURA can advise you to the right direction. (12 010 mm) 47 ft. 10 in.

/GS0 24 0 R

<< /BleedBox [9.70865 9.69708 612.52700 862.29300 ] (kg/m3)** Operating weight - lb.

/ModDate (D:20190522161951+02'00')

Construction Equipment Guide covers the nation with its four regional newspapers, offering construction and industry news and information along with new and used construction equipment for sale from dealers in your area.

/X1 18 0 R 1 0 obj

(kN) Rated operating capacity ROC 50% - lb.

/Resources 29 0 R Compared to other models, the maximal discharge height of 2.68m and a bucket capacity of 1m are average for this type of machine. Find and download detailed specs and data sheets for this ma Read more.

This case backhoe loader belongs to the medium sized machine segment in the backhoe loaders category.

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