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DayZ Aftermath is a new mod for DayZ set on Chernarus. Each user can vote once every 24 hours. To write a new article, just enter the article title in the box below or in the search box at the top of the page. Welcome our new Partner Community: Last Day . (ALL COUNTRIES WELCOME)MassGrave Community.. An edit doesn't have to be massive; if you feel you don't want to create whole articles, then just fixing spelling errors and broken links is enough. Welcome our new Partner Community: [LATAM-ARG] MTP - METAPLOMO // VANILLA ++ 1PP SERVER, **FRESH WIPE** KRYPTIC - Main | 8Group Max | High FPS, ~LAST OF THE HUNTSMEN~PVE | NORAID | SKILL LEVELING | PVP Zones, #1PP [BR] EPIDEMIC Z BRASIL VANILLA ++ 1PP, DDU | Vanilla | Enhanced | 1PP, Psychedelic Hell - PVE DeerISLE BOATS/HELIS/Custom Everything, [BR] Amigos do DayZ | 100% Vanilla | HC BR 4-001, Psychedelic Hell, Cherno PVE, Helis,Keycards, Custom everything, Sunnyvale #15 1PP | Chernarus | PVP - No Group Limit, DayZ US 3664323 (Public) - Hosted by, DayOne Namalsk Hardcore Survival #3 - 1PP, DayOne Namalsk Hardcore Survival #2 - 1PP, Greenhell Raptor Island II: Project Blackpool, Survivalists RP |No KoS|Whitelisted|, [BR] COMPLEXO Z | 1PP | Vanilla++ | NoTrader. Note: Map (including loot) is currently valid for DayZ 0.52 and 0.53! iZurvive was overhauled with a completely new interface, lots of bugfixes and other niceties. Or sign in with your social account. Please feel free to contribute by creating new articles or expanding existing ones. A 225 km2 open world post-soviet state wiped out by an unknown infection. Firestations are now categorized as military loot (again). The marker size has been increased slightly. All loot types are now activated by default. An image showing the differences between the last update to the stable branch and 0.42.116181 can be seen here:, Fixed unable to set markers on DayZ Mod maps. Added MrBlue and Queenie to streamer section, Fixed some problems with resource caching which could lead to a mixup of loot icons, Animals added to the lootfilter. By clicking on SUBMIT button below I confirm that I have read and accept the. Livonia is included in the DayZ Livonia DLC, Maps you can download from the Steam Workshop, Maps for the original DayZ Mod for ARMA II, Display heading & Cardinal direction for each path segment when using the distance measurement tool, Fix link generation for group invites when groups have special characters in their name, One additional zoom level for Chernarus Map, Add Loot Tiers Overlay for (almost) all maps, Wiki links now set the correct loot tiers in the filter as well, Display Loot Tier for a specific spot in the information popup, Display Churches that dont spawn loot as Landmarks, Fix Lootmap: land_village_store is now displayed with the Store icon, Add a fallback for cases where a mobileuser wanted to login via clicking the link in the email, but the device opened the browser instead of the app, Clean up maps list and combine maps that have both, Terrain and Satellite variations. With release of the server files, this is now useful for server admins and modders to get find in game coordinates at certain points in the map, The distance measurement tool has been updated accordingly and is now displaying the distance in meters very precisely, We have updated the stying of the maps according to your feedback. All images & logos are copyright of their respective owners Copyright 2022 Here you'll find the most complete source of information on DayZ, including both the bestselling Bohemia Interactive title DayZ, and the classic Arma 2 DayZ Mod which started it all. ', The running- and sprinting time, calculated by the distance measurement tool, are now correct for ARMA III which has slightly different running / sprinting speed than DayZ, The Location-Overlay has been enabled for all ARMA III maps, The Hunting Scope can not be attached to the repeater, Removed 'DayZ Standalone News' Community since their page does not exist anymore. A few bugfixes that should help with the "black map" issue. Citynames and Lootmap for the new areas might not be complete for the new areas though. DayZ has undergone a lot of big changes in a short timespan. Fixed a rare bug causing loot icons not to be displayed on startup. Chernarus+ now includes train tracks in topography and satellite view. Your comment will be anonymous unless you join the community. Update 1.17 is out now on all platforms! In Dayz Standalone you will have to survive in a world infected with a deadly virus. [ESP] LOS COROCOTTAS - DEERISLE - PC - PVE - HARD SURVIVAL, [GER] ZombieZone PVE/PVP 20k Start||Heli|Cars|Gold|KeyCard|more. The citynames in the Chernarus+ map are now a big larger. The maps have been updated, the previously missing names of locations in the north of chernarus are now visible again. Huge performance increases when loot icons are activated. All rights reserved. Loot markers were sometimes not displayed correctly after zooming, Added anchor tags which will allow sharing specific map positions and zoom settings (just copy the current URL), You can now share direct group join links. The majority of the population is "infected" but the player is immune to these attacks. x and y coordinates correspond with the coordinates from the overlay.

Welcome to 2,113 articles and 7,041 files maintained by 14 active editors. New detailed and exact map of the railroad network in Chernarus, Apple trees are now displayed on the lootmap, Updated maps for DayZ 0.62 stable release, Add a map version for DayZ 0.62 experimental branch, We've added a Donation page. Enhanced the top navbar, especially in regards to smaller browser windows. The Taviana Origins map has been updated to the newest version. iZurvive now has a map for the DayZ Napf Mod. Fixed bug causing back button to completely break, Topographic map now also shows airstrip and airfield concrete, Pond icon is now 75% of normal size to reduce icon clustering, Usernames are now stripped of leading and trailing whitespaces when setting a new one, Markers from different groups are now separated and each marker can only be posted to a single group, Markers from different groups now may have different colors (can be changed by clicking on the name of the group in the Groups menu), Fixed railroads not in correct place in Chernarus+ map, Chernarus+ map now includes all towns from the game files (even the unfinished cities), Fixed Lost in Gaming and DayZ SA Community not showing up in communities section, Fixed bug causing lootmap error when unable to load, Fixed bug causing lootmap not to load (will now try 3 times), Fixed bug causing username warning not to show up, Topographic map now has a shadow overlay to enhance height visuals, New loot icons for a variety of buildings and points of interest, Each loot icon can now be enabled or disabled separately, This version includes a lot of internal improvements which enhance the overall stability and performance, Enhanced performance when changing the loot filter options, Map tiles are now loading from different endpoints to increase performance, Fixed bug causing wrong group to be removed when leaving, Fixed bug causing citysearch jump to city jumping to wrong coordinates, Combined a lot of images to enhance performance, Fixed bug that map tiles are not refreshed, Fixed bug that caused city search panning function sometimes not working properly, Map now has boundaries that keep the view inside the map. Experimental Update 1.18 is out now on PC and Xbox! Loot Categories of Chernarus+ are now displayed correctly. You can now measure distance by pressing the small measurement button on the upper left on your screen. Added a description of iZurvive (you can find it in 'about iZurvive'), You can even use characters that look similar to cyrillic letters to find cities (e.g., Ka6ahnho for (Kabanino). If you are unsure of what to do or how to create a page, search for a few articles on the same topic and see what they look like. DayZ Wiki Update Project!

Unfortunately, DayZ Asylum is shutting down. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval, join now to view. You can always view the source code in a wiki and learn from what others have done. Various bugfixes that should help with some browser specific issues. Removed Partner Community DayZ Intel because they are not active anymore. Some navigation fixes when viewing the map with smaller display sizes. Want to get started?

If you like iZurvive and want to support us in our effort, please consider a donation. These can be gathered by clicking on Groups - Your Group and are seen on the bottom of the dialogue. Performance now no longer depends on the number of activated icons. ', Unfortunately, UK Alliance has shut down, so we've removed them from the communities list. Current Stable version: 1.18 Some browsers even support pressing Ctrl+F to directly open the city search dialog. Welcome our new Partner Community: HIHB Gaming. Fixed a small jump when chaning map type (topographic/satellite). the AK-M is dipslayed in the game as KA-M for copyright reasons, so the wiki now also shows KA-M, For the same reason, the Offroad Hatchback is now called ADA 4x4 in the Lootfilter, Vehicles that currently do not spawn have been removed from the lootmap, Items that were previously in the game but are currently not have been removed, Items that were missing in the wiki have been added, Each item now has information about in which loot categories the item can spawn, Each item now has a link that shows the map with the loot filter configured to show all locations where the item can spawn, Group Invite Link now contains the current map, Lootmap has been updated with new water pump locations, Join-Group Links that you can share to join a specific group now work again, Its now possible to search for locations by x/y coordinates, It is now possible to use the location search via hotkeys (STRG+F to activate search, ENTER to select to jump to the first search result), Fixed some inconsistencies with the location search, Fixed a bug that caused blurry loot icons when zooming in, Base Building Material (Planks) added to the Lootmap, Under-the-hood improvements in our build process, We have changed the location name overlays to be drawn dynamically into the map rather than being drawn into the tiles. a project for DayZ-Players, trying to improve everything that is not working right on oth SERVIDOR EN ESPAOL TOTALMENTE PVE CON ZOMBIES CHETADOS Y NUMEROSOS DONDE EL PRINCIPAL OBJETIVO ES LUCHAR CONTRA EL JUEGO Y NO CONTRA OTROS **Servername:** ZombieZone**IP|Port:****Discord:****Plattform:** PC**Art:** PVE mit PVP Gebi How to join a Clash Royale private server ? Added a checkbox to disable further dialogs when username or group is not set. New Location-Link Feature: By appending #location=x;y;zoomlevel to the url, you can go directly to a specific location that is also marked with a non-persistent marker. Over 800 man hours have been spent redeveloping the landscape - adding in new roads, towns, cities, unique buildings, even some caves as well as a host of new features never seen before in other DayZ mods.

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