May the meal bring nourishment to our bodies and souls. In the powerful name of Jesus, Amen. Amen. You are welcome to personalize these prayers for your own situation and requests for strength. Lord, as we eat, reinforce your love upon us as a family. When we are thankful, our focus moves off selfish desires and off the pain of current circumstances. Pray with confidence. Abundance Prayer Lord, you have blessed us with a lot of food today, and we want to say thank you. You are my shield and my strong tower. Source of this version: Modified from - Arlene Pellicane, Encouragement for Today. Allow God to define your priorities as defined by Christ and the apostles, including the workplace. May we eat this meal in a way that glorifies you and not out of greed. You always find pleasure in giving your children good things, Lord. These are the areas of our lives where we can invite the Lord to inhabit us with His living power. Let everything they do bring glory to your holy name. Let the light shine into our souls and dispel the surrounding darkness of sin. Help us to be kingdom-builders today. Think of morning prayer as exercise for each members spirit and soul. "(Psalm 28:7-8, CEV). -by Debbie McDaniel. a collection of short prayers and quotes to inspire your day! I thank you that my job has provided an income to support me and my family. Lord, we glorify your name for all the blessings that youve given us. - by Corrie Gerbatz, Encouragement for Today, Heavenly Father, each day is a struggle against sin and temptation. May this family be salt and light in the world. Thank you that you fight for us today, and in our weakness, you make us strong. Prayers of the Faithful We want to thank you for the people that took the time to prepare this meal for us. Amen. He is not only with me but in me, and I in Him. Free Devotional and Bible Reading Newsletter. Thank you for the blessings you have showered upon us. Lord help us always to be grateful for our table that overflows with abundant blessings from your throne of grace. Prayer for Wisdom 5 Prayers for Women after Roe v. Wade Decision. Thank you for helping us to sit at this table so that we can share a meal. Help us to trust in Your power. I pray that You will fill me up that I may be joyful all day, even if stress creeps in. As we eat, help us always to remember that you are our provider. Bible verse about strength and protection, here are links to some wonderfully inspired prayers to aid your journey. ~ Isaiah 40:31, "The Lord is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation; this is my God, and I will praise him, my father's God, and I will exalt him." But here we are ready to enjoy the meal that youve set before us. Thank you, Lord, for being there for me and allowing me to cry out to you in my times of need. Fervent Prayer Jesus we come to You. For when I am weak, then I am strong." - by Rebecca Barlow Jordan, Heavenly Father, You are my Strong Tower, my Deliverer, and my Shelter. Help us to seek You. Article Images Copyright 2022 Getty Images unless otherwise indicated. We trust in you alone, to rise up strong on our behalf. Im running to You now. I depend on You, Lord. If I may do something wrong today, please forgive me. Help me to embrace anything that comes my way as an opportunity to see You at work and as opportunity to point others to You. Be at peace, then. ~ Philippians 4:13, "Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand" ~ Isaiah 41:10, "Be strong and courageous.

There is no substitute. worship mission international center cameroon outreach africa Prayer for Calm Take my hand, precious Lord for I cannot make it by myself. I know that through my contentment, You will be glorified. Faith Lord, it has been quite an eventful day, and most of us are very tired. Thank you for the wonderful sounds of nature and the cool breeze brushing through the trees making the birds sing beautiful melodies. Start your day off with this prayer for gratitude: Dear God, I thank you for waking me up today. Provision Prayer Lord, I thank you for supplying all our needs according to your glorious riches. Victory Be Present Prayer God, thank you for always being there for us. It is only right to credit Him for every good and perfect gift He gives (James 1:17). Amen. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. The enemy has torn so many families; they cannot sit together to share a meal, but we are still going strong because of the bond that we share, and that is Jesus Christ. You give strength to your people, Lord, and you save and protect your chosen ones. We thank you, almighty Lord God, that you have refreshed us through the body and blood of your dear Son. He loves us and because He loves us, He wants what is best for us and is willing to show it to us. It is in these times of need that pausing to pray can provide powerful relief. Lord, we come against any manner of strife and contention that tends to arise during mealtimes, in the name of Jesus. When you wake up with God, His presence is carried with you wherever you go. May you be blessed on your journey today. Protection But I do know that You are my rock and my fortress. a prayer for when grieving the loss of a loved one or dear friend, asking for God's grace and strength to be present:-, (a prayer for a dear friend or family member during difficult times), (a prayer for mental and physical strength), The "Serenity Prayer" is a beautiful prayer for courage, wisdom and peace of mind, "Each time he said, "My grace is all you need. Start your day off with the prayer for contentment: Dear God, I pray that I will stay focused on You today. Put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations, and say continually: The Lord is my strength and my shield. Forgive me the errors of yesterday and bless me to walk closer in Your way today.

I beseech you for strength and for wisdom that I would be able to endure this situation and be able to handle it in a way that would bring glory to Your name. Father, heal the sick and give them a good appetite that they may get to enjoy meals that their families and loved ones have prepared for them. Pity us, O Lord, and strengthen us with your divine power. That's why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. I am forever grateful for the cross; may I proclaim it in a contagious way today. Thank you for being the source of all the strength I ever need. Lord, forgive us if we are not joyful about it. Please lead me with Your Holy Spirit and guide my day. Thank You for clothing me in Your power and righteousness. Purify their minds with the blood of your son that they may start to eat food in a way that glorifies you.

There is hardly a better time to pray than in the morning. Dont allow them to starve. - Rebekah from Sri Lanka, Encouragement for Today, Dear heavenly Father, I praise You for who You are, the Eternal God. God, we need Your help through Christ to live this Christian life.

We pray that through this, you would make us prosper with strong faith toward you and with fervent love among us all, through your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord. Alexis Carrel (1873-1944) French surgeon and biologist, (a contemporary prayer for strength from, A famous scripture about the Lord's promise to give strength to the weary. Worthy Prayer Father God, thank you for making us worthy to sit here as your children and eat this meal. As we pray for others, as we serve others, help us to do that cognizant of Your power. God is bedrock under my feet, "I am able to do all things through him who gives me strength", "be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of his might", In the last verse quoted here, Paul goes on to encourage the reader to stand in God's spiritual armour, strengthened and equipped by the "belt of truth", the "breastpalte of righteousness", a "shield of faith" and the "helmet of salvation". Even in the midst of this, I know that you are the Lord. I pray that You will provide me opportunities to show people how much You mean to me. Send divine helpers to their rescue. Health Prayer Father, thank you for blessing our food and water. If you want to grow closer to Jesus Christ, reciting a daily prayer by yourself or with your family before you eat is a great way to seek blessings and give thanks to the Lord.

For our Troubled World They may not look like your expectations. Rest Prayer Oh, Mighty God, we bless your name and proclaim your greatness. Thank you for the food set before us. - by Gwen Smith, Girlfriends in God. We do not take this for granted, dear Lord. I thank You for being present with me in pain. Amen. Help me walk by Your truth and not my feelings. My heart is troubled but I will strive to keep it set on you, as your infinite wisdom will show me the right way to a just and right resolution. A short (2.30 film) with images of beautiful trees in blossom and calming music:-, (a modern prayer for strength from, (a prayer for guidance from, An inspiring prayer for God's strength lead by prayer poet Julie Palmer from Prayerscapes:-, (a prayer from, (a prayer for strength from, (a short prayer for strength from And when St Paul writes to the Corinthian church, he declares that "when I am weak, then I am strong". Here we have gathered some of the best prayers for strength for you to use as inspiration. an ever-present help in trouble. I pray that the seeds You allow me to plant will grow and mature.

Father, remove any form of wariness in our midst and help us to have fun as we eat and spend time together. Help us to believe You.

Prayers about strength with physical illness. "I can do all things through him who strengthens me." Amen. All of us have things that we struggle with and things that at times seem to overwhelm us. Begin each day with a powerful morning prayer session with your family. Our Heavenly Father has filled our lives with incredible opportunities.

May we enjoy this meal and be appreciative of the fact that we can eat because youve given it to us in abundance and also because you have given us good appetites. Prayers for strength and courage We need your help to handle some issues in our lives.

In Psalm 18 verse 1 we read "I love you, God you make me strong. Thank you for providing us with this food in abundance. A powerful morning prayer can center you and bring your focus to the place where it needs to be. There are also prayers for strength and comfort when grieving, for receiving Gods healing, faith and wisdom and several encouraging bible verses to read about strength. 7 Spiritual Elements in Thor: Love and Thunder. Help us to walk and work together in love. is a member of the Salem Web Network of sites including: Copyright 2022, God, there are things happening around me right now that I do not understand. Wherever they are in their relationship with God, pray that He draws them even closer. In Jesus Name, Amen. Amen. God guide me with your wisdom, God discipline me with your justice, God help me with your mercy, God protect me with your strength. Teach me how to stand strong in You and choose only Your way today. attributed to Reinhold Neibuhr, this profoundly simple threefold request to the Lord is one of the most popular modern day prayers around. Prayer and Fasting Forgive me for the times Ive placed my hope in anything other than You. Please help us, we pray. May our souls also be nourished through your word and the words we share on this table. Further down you can read several inspiring prayers to help receive Gods strength, with a prayer for strength for a friend going through a difficult time, an uplifting prayer for hope and courage and a prayer for Gods guidance.
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