Tuition payments must be paid current or written arrangements made with the principal. Voices off.Listen when others are talking.Walk. Say please and thank you.Follow adult directions. Eucharist: Catholic students enrolled in second grade at St. Francis School will be prepared for their First Holy Communion. On delayed start days, St. Francis School will notify parents via TV channel KTVZ21. If after admission, the educational and/or behavioral needs of a student exceed what would be considered reasonable, the student may need to be separated from St. Francis School. While winning is important, it is not the most important thing. Teachers provide students with deep and complex learning experiences, challenging them at all levels. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School educates the whole child in a Christ-centered community valuing service, leadership, and academic excellence. Please remember it is against the law to leave children unattended in your vehicle. Winning should be a part of the mix which includes competition, participation, hard work, coping with disappointment and enjoying victory. Are available when parent volunteers are available. Use good manners.

Remember the 3 Ws: Watch your distance, Wash your hands, Wear a mask. Keep water in the sink. Registration begins in February for children already enrolled at St. Francis School. Kindergarten through sixth grades use Saavas Mathematics. Paraphrasing original material without documentation. Belts must be either dark brown or black with no decoration (i.e. Families on our waitlist will be contacted for open enrollment. Field trips are permissible for all grades when advanced planning, location, and the experience insure a successful learning opportunity. The school was heated by a wood furnace. Be respectful of adult directions. Stay within playground limits. Play only safe games. To request a copy of the complaint form, call (866) 632-9992. We value the participation and appreciate the commitment and contribution that volunteering requires. Having your childs personal property labeled facilitates the process of returning lost items. Please update changes of address, changes in insurance, phone numbers or emergency contact numbers when they occur during the year. Providing a favorable study environment free from distractions and equipped with necessary materials. St. Francis has also been appointed as a Stewardship School through Oregon State Universitys Natural Resources Education Program (ONREP). Official custodial agreements will be kept in a confidential file in the office of the principal. In the winter months, many articles of clothing are lost at recess. This program has a book and online version so that education can continue if distance learning is required. A small child can be assisted to fill out the report with the help of a trusted adult. Catholic doctrine and tradition, Bible study, Catholic Social Teaching, preparation for the reception of the Sacraments of Reconciliation, and Eucharist are all part of our religion classes. Testing in some academic areas may be held for new incoming students. This decision is made before morning recess and again before the lunch period. Borrowed books are to be returned on time and in good condition. To develop the total Christian personality by instilling in the students a respect for life and reverence for Christian living. Phone: 541-382-4701 Socks must be worn and need to be visible above the shoe. 50% direct instruction. Permission slips are sent home to parents at least one week prior to the field trip. Keep hands and feet to yourself. Make-up and dangly earrings are not part of the school uniform and should not be worn to school. Plagiarism includes: CHEATING: Cheating is an attempt to improve ones score or to help to improve someone elses score through dishonest means. We have a one to one Chromebook program for Kindergarten through Middle School and ipads available for Preschool and Pre-K. Help others when needed. When a student is appropriately groomed, and dressed comfortably, he/she feels confident. Today, the school sits on a 17 acre campus on the east side of town and serves 153 students. SHARING HOMEWORK: The academic penalty for sharing homework is a zero (0) on the assignment for the student(s) giving and/or receiving the homework, and a referral to the principal. It eliminates conversations at home about why I cant wear such-and-such because so and so had it on. It also teaches children the importance of abiding by policies, a necessary skill as they prepare for their futures in school and the workforce. The parking lot is small and it becomes congested and dangerous. Anyone can create an abuse report: Please fill out the Red Flag Warning Reporting sheet available on the schools website, available in FACTS:family documents, or from the school office. Menacing is willfully threatening to assault a fellow student or a faculty member. St. Francis staff members will not arrive until 9:45 a.m. Report any problems to your teacher. Take responsibility for his/her own learning. Visit from Public school officials/counselor7. Boots without traction soles are not permitted. Siblings shall not accompany their parents acting as chaperones. A school where teachers and administrators fairly and consistently enforce rules and regulations. In order to maintain a quiet atmosphere for class, students are allowed to go to their lockers only at specified times. Has the effect of:Physically harming a student or damaging a students property; Knowingly placing a student in reasonable fear of physical harm to the student or damage to the students property; or creating a hostile educational environment, including interfering with the psychological well-being of a student; and may be based on, but not be limited to, the protected class status of a person. Expulsion6. The Diocesan curriculum guidelines, consistent with State of Oregon guidelines, are followed for the teaching of all secular subject areas. The curriculum includes language acquisition and exposure to Spanish-speaking cultures with an emphasis on conversation. The names of the persons to whom the student may be released; The signature of the responsible parent(s) or legal guardian. When registering for any Bend Parks and Rec. 2450 NE 27th Street He may conduct hearings, allowing both sides to tell their story separately.

Students must keep their eyes on their own paper during the exam. Registration will not be accepted until all accounts are in good standing. If the parent/guardian fails to make arrangements or to abide by the ones made they will be asked to remove their child or children from St. Francis School. Registered students who enter any given trimester, are responsible for the entirety of the trimesters tuition amount. Saint Francis of Assisi Catholic school will not tolerate: Specific examples of sexual harassment include but are not limited to the following: Making unsolicited sexual advances and propositions Using sexually degrading words to describe an individual or an individualsbody Displaying sexually suggestive objects or pictures Telling inappropriate or sexually related jokes Making reprisals, threats of reprisals, or implied threats of reprisals following anegative response to sexual advances Offering employment benefits such as promotions, favorable performanceevaluations, preferred duties or shifts, recommendations, reclassifications, etc., in exchange for sexual favors Persistent and unwelcome flirting, kissing, massaging, leering, or intimate touching. Look at all of your assigned tasks in Google Classroom. The faculty and staff of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School look forward to working with you to promote academic excellence and spiritual development in the context of the teachings of the Catholic Church. Preschool uses hegerty Mathematics themes. Parents compliance with (enforcement of) the dress code is very important. When the weather gets warm, the children tend to take off sweaters or jackets at recess time. Members of St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Parish, Baptismal Certificate (Catholic applicants only), Records Release Form (for 1st and up only), Standardized Test Results (for 1st and up only), Reason for transfer to St. Francis School. Verification of all immunizations, required by Oregon law, must be presented before entrance to school. Follow the rules of the game. **All students must be signed out at the office by a parent/guardian before leaving the school. Parents are invited to visit their childrens classrooms, meet the teachers, and learn more about curriculum, classroom procedures, etc. Children must receive permission from a supervising adult in order to: leave the playground for a ball or piece of equipment outside the fence. talking on a cell phone). Students whose parents have violated the Parents as Partners agreement in this handbook may also be excluded from St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School. These assessments are primarily used for guiding future instruction and in comparative analysis to meet our continuous improvement goals. Excellence is the standard for any team or program. Excessive tardies at the start of the school day or during the school day will be treated as a disciplinary matter. Return to class in a line and in silence so directions can be heard. It is too dangerous to allow children to cross between vehicles, please have them exit your vehicle on the passenger side. It does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, or athletic and other school-administered programs. Sit in assigned spots and designated areas. All parents need to stop in the parish or school office for a visitor pass. First Offense A note will be sent to parents indicating the child is out of uniform. Encouraging your child and providing help when appropriate, but insisting your child does his or her own work. New parent orientation is the first meeting of the evening. The staff of Kids Club is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of the individual child by guiding spiritual, social, academic and physical growth through challenging and nurturing activities in a Christian atmosphere. The children are permitted to eat snacks on the playground at recess/break. Stay in your seat. Be Safe.Walk at all times.Keep hands and feet to yourself. Girls: Hair should be away from the eyes. www. Establishing timely and effective home/school communications concerning homework assignments when appropriate. Non-uniform days are observed throughout the school year. Permission from a teacher is required for personal equipment for PE. A child may be admitted to St. Francis School when the following information and documents have been received by the school: The state of Oregon requires full immunization for all children (ages 5-14) who are entering school for the first time. Students may pay with cash or parents may put money on their account in the school office. Be prepared for class. After School Care M-F 3:00 - 6:00 Do not leave underage children in the home unattended while online for school. It is the responsibility of the parents to share any official custodial information decided through the courts. Detention may be issued for a breach of classroom and/or school rules. Be an example of reverence during prayer time. Put your car in reverse, a small child could have gotten behind your vehicle. If your child will be absent, please notify the school before 8:30 am. Setting aside a regular time each school day during which your child will be involved in some kind of homework activity. Forms are available in the office. The principals presentation is followed by classroom orientations for parents. If necessary, students may be evacuated and moved to another location which will be communicated to parents by emergency personnel. Come in quietly and sit down ready to listen. Teachers and parents work together with the ESD or school district to determine the intervention necessary for the academic success of the child. The curriculum stresses academic achievement within a Christian community where the child feels that he/she is loved and respected by his/her peers as well as the teacher. The Art program for Grades Kindergarten-8 stimulates creative exploration through innovative projects using a variety of mediums and materials. Tuck in your shirt for Mass. Students must be fever and symptom free for 24 hours before returning to school. Any staff member can be reached via e-mail by using the first initial of their first name and their full last name This school encourages children with allergies to achieve their potential in all aspects of school life by having a clear policy that is understood by school staff and pupils. Telling, not tattling, will be encouraged. If the Bend-La Pine School District closes due to weather conditions, then St. Francis School is closed. glitter, or other additions are not permitted. Take the initiative in making up any missed work. The High Desert ESD and Bend La-Pine School District (upon request) assists school families in diagnosing learning and behavior disorders.

If this should strike your family, PLEASE inform the Principal so arrangements can be made to assist you in whatever intervention is necessary. Walk quickly in line to the designated area. at any school-sponsored or district-sponsored activity or program. Stay with your class or group.Help others when needed. Emergency evacuation and disaster plans are posted in each classroom. In school suspension4. Sent to the office with documentation that shows what misbehavior was and all the steps (above) that were already taken. If your child needs assistance getting out of your vehicle or getting their items, please park in the designated parking lot and assist them safely. In these conditions please be courteous as many of our parents are uncomfortable in these conditions and need additional patience. Individuals who are deaf, hard of hearing or have speech disabilities may contact USDA through the Federal Relay Service at (800) 877-8339. The driver shall not partake in any activity while driving that would jeopardize the safety of the children (e.g. Library skills are taught and time is allowed for book selection as well as storytime. To facilitate the intellectual, social, and physical development of each child through a variety of instructional methods such as small and large group instruction, departmental classes, and other tools for basic knowledge and formation. Get out of your vehicle in the drop off line. The student has committed a serious offense against the state, city or school regulations. The complainants right to privacy shall be safeguarded but complete privacy is not a guarantee. Please be sure to closely review the News Notes as it contains important dates and information. Perseverance. An introductory meeting and administration of academic screening with the student is part of the admission process. A weekly school-wide newsletter is sent home electronically on Wednesdays which includes activities and information. Hurting another person, either physically or with words, is not acceptable. Parents shall be notified concerning any possible side effects from the medication, failure of the student to be responsible about taking the medication, and the need to replenish the medication. The vehicle must have a valid registration. STREAM is the collaborative blending of 6 concepts through the platform of the Catholic faith in an exploratory and inquiry-based learning environment. All children must be individually buckled into a seat belt or carseat during transport. The front of the school office entrance is intended for 5-minute parking. Wear the appropriate clothes (approved in the dress code). Walking through the halls quietly shows respect for others who are studying. Middle school is offered a choice between Band and Music to meet their required credit hours. St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School is a Catholic Preschool through Grade 8, Elementary and Middle, Parish School. Religion classes are an important part of the curriculum at St. Francis School. Style: Crew-neck pullover sweatshirts (plain or with school logo), Crew/v-neck pullover, cardigan or vest sweaters (plain or with school logo), hooded sweatshirts with the St. Francis logo. Use inside voices. It is a ministry of the Saint Francis of Assisi Parish under the Bishop of the Diocese of Baker. No child shall sit directly in front of an airbag. Belts are optional but are encouraged if belt loops are seen. Families will be notified of their financial aid. It is important that parents listen and express their interest in class work activities when children talk about school. Balls or toys are not permitted. Confirmation: Catholic students enrolled in sixth grade at St. Francis School will be prepared for the sacrament of Confirmation. Teachers use a dynamic blend of whole group, small group and individual instruction. Color: Solid navy blue, white or red (not maroon or any other shade of red); no stripes or logos other than our school logo. Students must cover their answers to the test. Parents may refuse to permit their child from participating in a field trip by stating so on the proper form. Keep feet and chairs on the floor. Students in Grades Preschool-8 begin their school day with prayer and once a week the children attend Mass or a liturgical celebration.

If administration determines that a student is not in uniform or their appearance is distracting to the educational process or diminishes the reputation of the school, the principal will request that the student make modifications. Students are not allowed to call home for permission to go to a friends house. This decision will be made in order for the students educational and/or behavioral needs to be fully met in another educational setting. The school administration, in accordance with state laws, will determine the appropriate disciplinary measures to be taken concerning the presence of these items in the school.
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