He lived a sinless life, was crucified under Pontius Pilate, arose bodily from the dead, ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God the Father as our High Priest and Advocate. This should be done in cooperation with the Pastor and other Elders. The need for non-pastoral staff will be determined by the Board of Elders (in cooperation with the Pastor). Other officers not serving as members of the Board of Elders (for example: the Treasurer) will be included in the churchs list of officers and will be included in board meetings as may be required and deemed fitting. It is the expectation for the elder to lead Sunday School, Adult Education, and preach during the Sunday service if requested (1 Timothy 5:17). Those who serve well as deacons can be assured that they will gain an excellent standing and great assurance in their faith in Christ Jesus (1 Tim. ARTICLE 9. Keep the minutes of Congregational Business Meetings or arrange for it. Discerning the deacons shall superintend the administrative matters of the church in working with the elders to the glory of God (Phil. If less than six members are present then another Congregational Business Meeting will be scheduled. A candidate will be eliminated before another is invited to candidate. Duties 1. Congregationalism is defined to mean: 1. They will take an active part in discipling the congregation on conjunction with the Pastor. With Gods Word, the Spirits power, and fervent prayer in Christs name, we are to combat the spiritual forces of evil. Christs Return We believe in the personal, bodily and premillennial return of our Lord Jesus Christ. Article 6 Membership Membership of this church will be composed of those individuals who, through saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, have been born again; who manifest the fruit of a true Christian life; who subscribe to the aforementioned Statement of Faith; and who are willing to support the church by their prayers, contributions, service and attendance. The Board of Elders will determine at the time of hiring whether the pastoral position will carry the privilege and responsibility of serving as an Elder on the Board of Elders and/or whether this person will serve as a Ministry Team Leader or as a part of a Ministry Team. C. Calling a Pastor 1. 4:9). For the requirements by the State of Missouri for a non-profit corporation, officers will be defined in the Bylaws of this church, including their election and their term of office. The Board of Elders will grant a letter of transfer upon receiving a written request from that member. Though they are not the means of salvation, when celebrated by the church in genuine faith, these ordinances confirm and nourish the believer. Jesus Christ We believe that Jesus Christ is God incarnate, fully God and fully man, one Person in two natures. b. Qualifications 1. d. Once a Ministry Team is established, a leader will be chosen by the Board of Elders from the membership.

4. Should the Board of Elders action be felt unfair, the accused may have the option of direct appeal to the congregation. No part of the net earnings will inure to the benefit of any director or officer of the church or any private individual (except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered to or for the church affecting one or more of its purposes). Exercise supervision over the daily administrative affairs and coordinate activities of the church; 3. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman will have the ability to lead, conduct, coordinate and delegate. Prepare a proposed annual church budget for the Elder Boards approval 4. At least one additional person who is trustworthy in finances will assist with counting for accurate records. c. The Secretary, Financial Secretary and Treasurer need not be part of the Elder Board; however, they will be responsible to the Board of Elders and will meet with the Board of Elders at the Boards request (of course, members of the Elder Board may be elected to these offices of the church). Handle or oversee the Ministries of Mercy and benevolence in the church. Removal from leadership does not automatically revoke ones membership. An applicant will meet with the Board of Elders or their designated representative (such as the Pastor) to review the application form and give a verbal testimony of his/her faith in Jesus Christ. 3. 4:5-9). f. Secure pulpit supply and be sure the worship services of the church are adequately led in the absence of the Pastor. ! Chairman a. The Board of Elders will recommend, advise, and counsel the continued leadership by that individual. [ s; ! This leadership is a gift from God and thus the elder must remain humble and teachable and willing to work with others. c. Provide proper records to donors to meet the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service. pdffiller d. Elders will serve three-year terms and not more than three consecutive terms. A nomination from the floor requires that the person nominated is present to give consent to their name being placed on the ballot and they are qualified for the nominated position. The Board of Elders will openly solicit the membership for persons to serve on the Nominating Team.

3. d. Provide monthly financial reports of disbursements to the Board of Elders. 5. c. The Board of Elders will be composed of the Pastor and a minimum of two to no more than six other qualified men elected by the membership. The Elders will be godly men in accordance with the qualifications described in I Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9. It is a responsibility they share with the pastor and staff. 2. 5. While the congregation determines the general direction of the local church and hold final authority, carrying out specific directions and ministries is delegated to specific officers and leaders in the church. This church will also have the power to dispose of such property by mortgage, deed or otherwise. D. Deacons roles and responsibilities Deacons are leaders who assist in ministries of mercy, benevolence, physical needs of people (and spiritual needs), the building and grounds of the church, as well as carrying out the work and administration of the church. .! 6. Discipline seeks to keep the integrity and purity of the Body of Jesus Christ; help the Body and an individual believer move towards righteousness and maturity in Jesus Christ; and to restore a person to faith and fellowship with other believers and Jesus Christ. 2. Offices requiring nomination include: a. C. In case of a division of the church (from which we pray God, by His mercy, will preserve us) the property of the church will belong to those who abide by its Constitution and Bylaws. He will exhibit the spiritual gift of the pastor/teacher (Ephesians 4:11-12).

Assist the pastoral staff with physical preparations for communion services and baptismal services; 7. If an elected leader becomes unqualified, the Board of Elders will ask for that persons resignation. Honor is shown to those serving in a specific leadership or ministry role by not unduly interfering in the fulfillment of their position. Each member should participate with spiritual maturity and with a desire to build up the body of Christ. The Nominating Team will carefully and prayerfully consider qualified people and prepare a ballot listing qualified nominees for each office. Treasurer a. Disperse the funds as directed by the annual budget and the Board of Elders. 2. 2. The Secretary will have an aptitude for keeping minutes, maintaining records and doing board correspondence. If the Board of Elders accepts the recommendation then the Pastoral Search Team will introduce the candidate to the church, arrange a time to candidate and then give their recommendation to the congregation at a Congregational Business Meeting. A person is eligible for three more terms after a one-year sabbatical. The Pastor will be included as an ex-officio member of the Pastoral Search Team. Take minutes for the Elder board meetings, recording votes and details. The Bible We believe that God has spoken in the Scriptures, both Old and New Testaments, through the words of human authors. The Deacon Board shall: 1. Article 4 Authority and Affiliation A. Since the Pastor is an elder, there is to be brotherly love and caring submission in the interactions. l. If at least two Elder positions become vacant, the nomination process will begin and elections will be held at a specially called Congregational Meeting to complete the open terms. c. Provide proper records to the Internal Revenue Service (especially for hired employees of the church). Like the Deacons, they should be people of love and integrity because they represent Christ and his church. ARTICLE 10 DISSOLUTION Upon dissolution of the church, its assets and all property and interests of which it shall then possessed, including any devise, bequest, gift, or grant contained in any will or other instrument, in trust or otherwise, made before or after such dissolution, shall be transferred to the Old Bland Cemetery and its funds which shall become the property of a community corporation set up to perpetually operate and care for the cemetery. They may be a man or woman and must show an aptitude for leading and organizing the specific area of ministry, as well as a passion for that ministry. Shepherding The elders seek to protect the flock. His atoning death and victorious resurrection constitute the only ground for salvation. The ministry and business functions of this corporation will be overseen by a board of directors. Visiting members of the congregation as needed (visiting should be the goal of all caring believers, modeling this by the elders, deacons, and other godly church members). Ministry Teams will be created by the Board of Elders to develop and carry out specific ministries that fulfill the mission and vision of the church. Board Secretary a. 2. The Church Officers will be Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Financial Secretary and Treasurer. The Board of Elders will meet at least monthly to organize and carry out these responsibilities. Oversee the ministry functions of the church. Teaching The elders will be directly responsible for the teaching in the worship service, adult education, Sunday School, and provide oversight to all teaching done in the name of the church. The Church Secretary shall be responsible for the official correspondence of the church, keep track of all important records of the church, and keep a current list of the membership in consultation with the Board of Elders. The Chairman will work in cooperation with the Pastor to set the agendas and lead the Board of Elders meetings. Application Procedures 1. A 75% majority vote is required for Elder affirmation. Board of Elders a.

This church chooses to be congregational in its government. ! 3. Perform all other duties deemed necessary by the Elder Board or the church. Equipping The elders will actively develop the gifts of the individual church members and provide training for ministry and small group leaders (2 Timothy 2:1-2). No person can be elected for more than three consecutive terms in the same office. Qualifications Each deacon shall meet the qualifications set forth in Acts 6:3 and I Tim. b. chicken aliens colonel clearwater should there whose years chickens dear had think many times water those b. The Lord Jesus mandated two ordinances, baptism and the Lords Supper, which visibly and tangibly express the gospel. Election of individual Elders and Officers will be by written ballot. B. 4. 9. They are to be qualified to teach/give forth the Scriptures and doctrine, but do not need to publicly teach. Each Ministry Team will continue their ministry existence until the Elder Board believes the Ministry Team should be discontinued. This list will be presented to the membership for individual affirmation at the Congregational Business Meeting or a special meeting announced for this purpose.

Having limitless knowledge and sovereign power, God has graciously purposed from eternity to redeem a people for Himself and to make all things new for His own glory. G. Non-Pastoral Staff 1. Annual reports for the current year will be presented from Elders, Officers and Ministry Teams. Their duties will be (without unnecessary delay) to seek advice from the District Superintendent, investigate, interview and invite to candidate a man of good report who meets the qualifications stated in 6B above. 4. f. A Nomination Team will prepare a list of men (initially two to six men and thereafter the number required to maintain an adequate number of Elders plus the Pastor) to serve as the Elders of the congregation. f. Keeping the congregation focused on its mission as stated in the Constitution and project an annual vision statement (in cooperation with the Board of Elders) which fulfills that mission.

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