Lovely staff and a selection of norwegian dishes. Mostly because of their delicious selection of natural wine producers, like Frank Cornelissen and Mother Rock, but also because of the cozy vibe in this tiny flower shop turned intimate bar. Very clean & comfortable. It is a good idea because generates a relaxed concept around food. It was a nice . Norwegian and Spanish tapas. The city's most popular Japanese restaurant-the name means "fresh and raw" in Japanese-has garnered enthusiastic good reviews for its izakayaRead More. There was one little mix up with the reservation but they made up for it with a complimentary dessert and a visit to the kitchen. Wonderful lunch on a cold rainy day. Devoted to Norwegian home cooking, Pingvinen is the old favourite of everyone in Bergen. Amazing!! This harbourside restaurant looks trad, but it has a trick in store: despite the period decor, vintage pictures, reindeer rugs and wood panelling, the food's up to speed with Nordic trends. Had a great random white wine, after stumbling upon this place on the way home and had a great chat with the barman. - Sturgeon Caviar Baerii Chawan Mushi | Quince Today I visited the restaurant for the second time. Very welcoming and nice waitress that took good care of our table. Nice relaxed vibe. I would get that if that was my options. Don't go out often so slowly tasting my way through your menu, but so far so good.

The room is in my opinion decorated as a caf which is kind of sad given that the dishes are beautiful served. Wow! I waited over 40 minutes, which I do think is on the longer side. Beautiful cafe, with great coffee, retro decoration and indie music. The service was good and foods felt like they are well thought. Burger was tasty. You can eat and enjoy your meal and sea view. The portions are food enough for the price, and the service is quick. Definitely one of the finest dining experiences in Bergen. It is always fresh. {{:price}} Ginial was hands-down my favorite find, and I was super bummed that it wasnt open the rest of my trip.

Definitely need to make a pit stop here. Everyone was so friendly and was happy to see us. Delicious fresh, local fish.

- Staff at bar was enthusiastic and gave beer samples The menu changes often and if we are ever to return to Bergen we would definitely return. We tried 5 of their entrees (2 were the special of the evening: Grilled Salmon and the wild meat stew), along with the reindeer, pork and the beef. Service was fine, the waiter found a table for us, despite the fact that the restaurant was full, and we did not have a reserve. Fast, pleasant service! A varied menu to suit anyone in your party. Toggling to another language will take you to the matching page or nearest matching page within that selection. We had dinner here in May 2018. The sweet potato fries are also good, it's just the drinks that are a bit pricey (you pay for a drink almost as much as you pay for a burger). Hoggorm is a hole-in-the-wall pizzeria located at Nygrdsgaten 29, directly opposite of the Grieg Hall concert venue, which is owned and operated by the guys from Lysverket. Quality and taste of the food is good. On arrival we were given a coat, a pair of gloves and a token to redeem our free drink. (Original) Best soups and giant salad bowls that will feed you for days. - Affordable for this location Very cozy place in the heart of the city Bergen! I do not recommend. For me was pasta with tomatoes sauce, parsley, basil and olives oil and pizza with peppers, artichoke, olives , mushrooms, eggplant marinated. I would definitely go back. Even empty on an early Tuesday evening, this place has more character than most bars muster at their peaks. I never figured out if it has an official name, but its down at one end of the market. Planning travel has actually been fun instead of tedious because of this app. Vetrlidsallmenningen 2, 5014 Bergen, Norway. As a vegan was a nice experience here . All the service was nice. , is certainly the top class with a great extent of professionalism. REFUSED. If you've been travelling around Norway for a while, you may be heartily sick of hot dogs bought from petrol stations. It depends on when you visit! he said he was going to inform the kitchen. Everything is great, sandwiches, coffees, juice, and pastries. As with all tasting menus you won't enjoy every dish but what is imporant is appreciating what the chefs have created. Wonderful experience sitting in the ice chair and on ice benches covered by fur mats. Located at the top of Mt Ulviken, this smart restaurant serves a mix of jazzed-up, down-home dishes on its 'mountain menu', from classic fish soup to mountain trout served with Staff were friendly, warm and inviting. A classic, this eatery sits in a pretty clapboard across from the National Theater. Clearly the coolest, oldest bar/wine cellar in the whole of Norway, with the best and most helpful staff. On a small island near Bergen is one of the finest seafood restaurants in Norway. The cutting way of mushrooms gave them a move while the pizza was still hot. which would have been fine if we didn't spend 3000 on wine that was served at the wrong temperature, with a decanter that didn't fit in the bucket, making it quite hard to cool. I am use to 1/3 of the portions of the stew on a plate with a few boiled potatoes and broccoli to offset the sauce amount, but the dish was tasty too (sauce was slightly too much salt for me. We have tried the reinsdyr tartare, the pink whale, stockfish and the typical mutton sausage. The pizzas are cooked with the toast machine ( a machine like toast machine :) i cant understand how people have good comments about the pizzas. Restaurant Marg & Bein (marrow & bone) is a casual neighborhood restaurant with a nose-to-tail philosophy and a good selection of beer and natural wines. The concept of the restaurant is simple: tapas. Inspired by the weather of the day, Cornelius serves its famous Meteorological Menu of exquisite seafood and trimmings, prepared using innovative culinary techniques and with a genuine passion for seafood. Some of the most passionate and skilled chef apprentices to come out of Bergen in recent time has served their trainee years here under the leadership of head chef Christer kland. The dishes are well presented. Great location. Location was perfect! I enjoyed my cocktail with coconut flakes. Calm and relaxed atmosphere. Like an old pub! Very rude owner, never smiling. But the service is nice and the music at a decent volume so you can have a conversation with your friends. We are from US and needed some comfort food.

We wish we could have stayed longer but it was fun and delicious while it lasted.

Also, the prices are a little more reasonable compared to many places in Bergen. Gnocchi with braised carrots and parsley roots, buttery toast, and ramson emulsion was the highlight. We decided on the 6 course menu and every course was stunning. Moreover, the people is very nice :) This place is a MUST when you are in Bergen. It's playful and pushes boundaries, sure, but the underlying flavours are classic, and employ the One of the best meals Ive had. The view is excellent as it overlooks the harbor area! Here you can be your own glizzy champ and knock back a few dogs or (reindeer). We asked about how some of the dishes were cooked. The peach tea was killer too. It is so cozy and charming inside and also has great prices on wine (you will find wine is VERY expensive in Norway). Quality ingredients, but wish they would use a little more (four bits of meat Nduja on half a pizza, as can be seen in attached picture). You should really reserve a table, which we hadn't, but we were lucky this time as well and got a table. We read a great review in THE NEW YORK TIMES about Lysverket . Very good quality ingredients. I feel like we were just unlucky that the menu this day was off because it felt like the chef could do more. The restaurant can be rented exclusively by a group. My idea of heaven, a bar that sells records. PROS: Just outside the City of Bergen, you will find one of the most exotic attractions in the whole of Western Norways archipelago. Had lunch with my girlfriend around 1300h (Original) And also have all rights serving alcohol for a great night out! Food was mediocre, too salty and far too expensive for what it was. Do reserve ahead of time especially in summer.

If we ever get back to Bergen, Lysverket will definitely be on our menu. Shellfish talk: I think there are not that many options. It's hard times with Corona. much great good cofe and much great servie poeple good and frendsly with guests but wehn im was laying to the walls i was get dirty i dont its know what from its are feel and taste like some its sperms. Thanks to all the staff for a great evening. The sauces you get to top the pizza with are really good - garlic, habanero and chili oil. The Magic Ice Bar is a bar made completely out of ice and its pretty impressive!. Highly recommended. We've compiled data from NASA on what the weather is like in Bergen for each month of the year: see the links below for more information. Nice for a quick snack and way better than the usual fast-food chains! Love love love! We visited quite a few times and also take out.

Pricing is decent for Norway. Definitely coming back here if I visit Bergen again. An excellent recommendation to visit for food lovers.

Definitely like fine dining in an old wharf pub. {{pricing}} Nordic Campers - The only way to see Norway! The staff are all very friendly and helpful and the bar attracts a trendy crowd. Best Thai food to satisfy your tastebuds. The serving took less than 10 minutes. Pretty cool place to go. It was within walking distance of the flat we stayed at and looked forward to trying everything on their menu during the short week we were in town. So glad we didn't stay in any of the big chain places. The tight, frequently changing menu is an exercise in taking well-loved traditional Gastronomy delight. - Roasted ygarden Scallop | Nasturtium Pure | Salted Cherry sostrene hagelin bergen tripadvisor Food it is good but nothing outstanding. They easily understand what I prefer. Delicious Food, I love it! We totally recommend for a great food experience. You keep the table for 2 hours. Enjoyed it a lot. Great little find. The taste was OK but I was to distracted that most of the dishes had a distinct vinegar/acid taste. This is a must do to any tourist who enjoys a fine dining experience, the atmosphere is great the service incredibly friendly and the surroundings are interesting. :pricing}} - And service is spot on too. They know their stuff for sure. There was not an exact match for the language you toggled to. It describes how Cornelius started, and some breakneck business dealings. The wine wasn't good at all, even for a house wine, but good apple juice. Great little restaurant "in the middle of nowhere" in Bergen. I had cappuccino and granola with yogurt & marmalade, which was really delicious. I'd go back. Friendly. Vegetarians are surprisingly well Amazing burgers! June 2019 Tasting Menu: Here, we sipped our cocktails our served in ice glasses in the freezing bar while wearing fur lined capes and gloves for warmth. Special shout out to Lina for making my multiple visits so special . A nice spot for good coffee and something quick to snack. I like it very much. The service was brilliant - very attentive and fun. Every season every day offers unique and exciting culinary experiences on Holmen. I think we made their day and they made ours. Also the service is wonderful. Almost always ecologically or biodynamically manufactured, but not always certified, with a clear taste of the terroir. The first time I visited this cafe was in mid-2011 and I have been here several times over the years I was living in Bergen, but not so often nowadays given that I live in the sunny side of the country, Oslo. A must visit when in Bergen!! A fun concept, where you can order "All you can eat" buffet. This was an amazing way to discover local specialities in a beautiful setting. First coffee in Norway and immediately good impression. Good food and a nice place inside the fish market. But when i ordered the hot chocolate, the guy say he doesn't know how to cook it But the hot chocolate was really good! Number of persons in largest conference room, Statens Kartverk, Geovekst og kommuner - Geodata AS. An interesting concept combining a record shop with a bar, but one that certainly works. It's a nice and cosy place, altough would not recommend if you are looking for an exciting party. You can book "Seafood experience with a boat trip and dinner at Cornelius Seafood Restaurant" online here. Nice. Sea urchin (taste quite ok, but we don't have to eat them), fish soup (excellent) and whale meat (I ate it, but somehow my conscience bit me all the time). The Flying Dutchmans interior is cozy and nautically decorated but we opted to sit outside on their charming deck to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Classic American Diner! They have live music every Thursday and I highly recommend going if your stay falls on a Thursday. It was busy. Amazing (Translated by Google) A nice walk on the fjords leading to the restaurant, nice pictures to take You serve yourself with all of the delicious side dishes, and then the chefs come to your table and cuts the meat as many times as you wish (as long as you show a green sign). The pineapple was also delicious but the red onion pieces were added almost raw which did not exactly go well with the pizza. These days it's more for tourists than locals, and its home under red Freshly cooked fishes, always hot or cold and tasty. Actually fish was good, unfortunately without rice. Very good place for a drink with friends {{/}} It seems to be a place for older groups of people. - Counter service, and though they brought the food out to you, they were sure to remind you that you can get up and get your condiments yourself. EVERY TIME! We walked to this adorable water front pub from our hotel (Magic Hotel Klverhuset). They dont put the actual liquor or specific flavors on the menu, which made it a little tough for me to pick something out. Delicious, best Ethiopian we have had. My favorites were the chorizo with chiles del padrn and the patatas bravas. Located in an old market hall restaurant has a industrial look interior with high tables and an open kitchen.

Reindeer sausage hot-dogs was very good and there's a free glass of raspberry juice with it. The staff was helpful and very friendly. Modern and elegant, but just informal enough to make you relax. Impossible to get a wine list in advance (first attempt without getting any response, second without getting a list, or reason for not getting one). Fries and o rings also good. Relaxed rooms in an unassuming property with dining, plus complimentary loaner bikes & breakfast. Some dishes were bold and challenging and others light and uplifting and this lead to a very great dining experience. The kitchen is shared with the flagship restaurant Colonialen, but the dishes are simpler bar snacks like carpaccio, tartar, dumplings, steam buns, and croquettes.

They also offer you a wide amount of beers. Superb as always. Go to this Norwegian gastropub to experience traditional food from the Vestlandet region (Western Norway), like the classic "plukkfisk" mashed potatoes with codfish and bacon. The talk lasts for 40 minutes. Scallops were perfectly cooked as were the salmon and halibut. The serving of rice is really appreciable and the meal we ordered is great. They served fresh bread with butter which I enjoyed a lot. Nice chairs to sit in This time we were served in a superb manner and were never waiting for anything. Good value. Of the 4-course (smallest) menu, the scallops were good, the catch of the day was bland, the chicken dish was over-composed with flavours while the chicken itself was too salty, and the oats dessert was forgettable. Drinks are on the expensive side but that's the norm in Norway. Cons: Rustic, yet modern Nordic food, made from local and sustainable ingredients. Restaurant environment is very good. Save all the best places to visit with Wanderlog, Download the travel planning app everyone's been raving about,,,,,, We had a great time and delicious dinner with a Norwegian friend. I'd recommend this dish any time. Good for a night out with your friends or even for a couple :). The sight of the restaurant was to me comparable to the sight of the pearly gates at that moment. So overall good but not especially great in my opinion. I ended up spending a LOT of time at this bar because it was the only thing open sometimes, and I loved sipping on the delicious Spitsbergen stout beer (from Svalbard) that I fell in love with. Delicious lunch. I really enjoyed it. I told him that i don't eat bread, he proposed me to change bread to rice, but maybe forgot this, because he brought me the fish with 2 pieces of bread on the bottom and on the top. Can't wait to come back and see how the menu has changed. Mushroom contained fish sauce and soy sauce which worked so well all together.

Cozy shelter in a foggy day at the upper end of Ulriken643 cable car. 3rd best would be beef, very tasty and perfectly cooked for Medium rare. Good sized, very clean room and great customer service. I had the 6 course menu and there was one dish that was just quite risky to serve. But the guy (i dont know is he waiter or bartender or owner of this place) translated us all the dishes. Such an atmospheric old building, even has slanted floors from the building shifting over the centuries. On beautiful summer days, we open the sliding doors and set up tables on the quay, where we serve lighter dishes. Its a really nice,not so spacious place, easy to find this restaurant in the city near Folkeuniversitet school.

Food is definitely a high quality, fancy spin on traditional Norwegian cuisine. Their wine philosophy is to buy sustainable wines primarily from small family producers. Sauce had so much good taste and the shrooms and vegetables just completed it all. The coffee was insanely good! Nice staff. The stone-oven was hand-crafted, following strict Neapolitan rules, by Stefano Ferrara from Naples. I have to ask, why the pretentiousness from the people working there whos only job is to serve coffee and food? Features of this page require a browser with localStorage enabled. When the weather is less favourable, we create a cosy atmosphere indoors and serve food with stronger flavours, and light a fire in the hearth and candles. Very nice service and nice atmosphere! The main sushi chef, Sergei Colonialen Kranen is situated a good 15 minutes walk from Bergen city center in an old crane (hence the name) which has been reconstructed to an elegantly-designed casual eatery with Scandinavian-style interior.

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