Parcourir le code, consulter le SVN dpt, ou sinscrire au journal de dveloppement par RSS. Our features get your forms up and running in minutes so you can get down to business. Yes, the pop-up just makes that easy the following parameters are accepted: The following dont apply if the type is set to embed, but will still be accepted. 2. I have used TicketSpice on events for about a year. It feels like our own site, which is awesome. The app was flexible enough to meet nearly every need we had from start to finish. Sometimes that's when I'm working on the platform. The pages he created include our logo, graphics, timed-ticketing, and catalog sales. Why Wufoo? We have grown up right along side of TicketSpice and it has only gotten better. There will be no Lassen County Fair Advisory Board meeting the month of June. 1.6.10 Internal updates 10/10 for TicketSpice! These people are proactive. Could use a little more detail when setting up. They are the best. Practically anyone can build a website with WordPress, but successfully maintaining and growing it requires consistent attention. As of right now, we only support the link option on Safari. At the time, the only thing I was really missing was logic And I found out at my event that the ticket scanning app was a huge battery drain! Also, I have set up early bird, regular, and late tickets. Nothing, loved the whole experience. I felt very seen and understood in the entire process, and they were also not pushy which is a huge plus. My only complaint about Ticketspice is that they do not support Android. Finally, the customer service has been outstanding! But our event is unique where its free. I just added a $1 fee per ticket, so in the end, I'm not really paying anything extra besides credit card processing fees. Worked perfectly! They don't make you feel like - duh! Protect your data by keeping it secure and clean. I wish you could set up a token and add the ticket types you want to instead of having them all go into the same token. Creating and loading reports wasn't as intuitive as perhaps could be, and the reports themselves, once generated, had glitches. Because we host everything, all you need is a browser, an Internet connection, and a few minutes to build a form and start using it right away. The customer service is also top notch - they're very quick to reply. No incentive was offered. I signed up for TicketSpice for my conference website ( after comparing a lot of different options. I was pleased at the ease to set up, the availability to chat with TicketSpice team, when I had questions. Regarding the team, EVERY contact I have had with them has been a stellar experience. They have always been able to answer my questions and fix what I broke :) Just this evening, I was working on an event page and had a question about setting up some logic to calculate a discount based on ticket quantities purchased, but it was almost midnight (Texas time). It really slowed the line down and did not make sense to continue. many custom pieces of information with each registrant). To get it all set up and find a 2nd phase (webconnex) is needed.

Note: We can create new connectors in under 48 hours. First and foremost it's because they replied to my questions asap. And is SMART without cluttering up the page. Another issue is tokens. Read what people like you have said about using TicketSpice software through verified user reviews. All to often you contact companies & you aren't sure if you are speaking to a robot bc they are so scripted & emotionless. And the check in software was absurdly easy to use. By signing up, you agree to Zapier's terms of service and privacy policy. 1.6.6 Moving security notice Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation. We will continue to use TicketSpice from now on. The customization makes it perfect to use for any event, you can even add your own theme or background (we used our company logo). 4. However - like I said, it was minor. Top Shelf all the way. You can't add more hours to the day. Additionally, we provide consulting services to ensure success. In other words, I have two basic tickets for my conference: Single and Family. But we also have a fair on Saturday after the conference. Anytime I need assistance, support is ready to help. Links are able to be sent out and emailed so you get a larger response from attendees in a quick time frame! There is a learning curve at first. When it comes to CSS I had some issues getting what I wanted to work all over the document. TicketSpice offered all of it for us. I loved how easy it was to set up our ticket site. There are three different ways you can get site visitors to your form: Can I write a short code directly? But no Eric responded within a minute or so, and not only did he answer my question, he wrote the logic for me, and then he took the time to make changes to the design of two of my pages so that my graphics looked better and worked better on a mobile platform. * The reports are so helpful and easily shared with my Board members. Personally, NOTHING. If you're ready to start building your email list, use these 15 proven ways to grow it. We have used it for one event so it was very cost effective and we will continue to use it even after our free trial ends. They clear through STRIPE, WEPAY and other services that deposit NIGHTLY NO WAITING for WEEKS to get YOUR money (like with Eventbrite). We have been using their sister company Red Podium for event registration, this year we decided to try out TicketSpice, so far the experience has been great. Upload a new media file, which can be used as featured media. +49 (0) 40 36938562, Embedded - White Label Integration Marketplace, European Commission VAT Number Validation. I added actions so that when someone selects the Single or Family Ticket, they see the fair ticket with a $0 price, as well as an additional Speaker Luncheon ticket option. I was apprehensive to delving into this product, as I usually had other staff available. After coming from Eventbrite, and testing out MANY ticketing systems for our many events, I have found the NEW 4.0 version of Ticketspice to be the best and in a class by itself. Supporting you at every customer touchpoint. I worked a lot during Thanksgiving week, but my questions through chat were always answered in a timely manner, even on Sundaypretty important since one of my actions would have resulted in giving away all my tickets for free instead of only the first three sold! works well with our goals and customers and POS, ease of use for us and customers, available 24/7, slow customers service response time on critical matters. Otherwise, the software works great. The crazy flexibility of the builder in Ticketspice. It would be great to have a rolling window of date availability for ongoing events. They add new features. You do not pay any extra fees for these items. It's easy and interactive and looks GREAT and modern and clean but without sacrificing features. If someone lost their email, I was able to go in and resend the ticket with no issue. 1. You can literally incentive in a major way by having sections appear based on criteria. Customize themes and logos to showcase your brand. 1.5 Adding container to button Up to 10X faster than custom development (engineering), Pre-built automations and outstanding support, Generate PDFs, XSLX, CSVs and custom emails or reports. Not possible with Eventbrite!

Cheaper rates and more fields required by nonprofits. Fees and I was looking for a company that cares about their customer and their customers' needs! Can't say enough good things about TicketSpice!! The entire process could take you or your IT person days, if not weeks. But if they select the $15 fair option at the beginning, then the single and family tickets disappear and the Speaker Luncheon option also remains hidden. The donation part. Demandes rsolues ces deux derniers mois: Button This will link them from your site to your WebConnex form, Popup This will generate a button that when clicked on creates a modal overlay with your form embedded, visitors will not leave your site, Embedded Your form will appear at that spot on your page, type how you want the form to appear, possible entries are link,modal, or embed. It looks like a contract of text! The problem is sometimes creating an online form isnt very efficient. But their online resources to find your own answers is really helpful sometimes negating the need to speak with someone directly! Want to know why Wufoo is the best online form builder? I am able to streamline the process for myself & my customer to register for my workshops. It is sometimes difficult to find what you are looking for, or the best way to do something. It's always challenging to switch versions but I found it to be pretty easy. Step 1: Authenticate TicketSpice and WordPress. It makes it easy to create responsive column based content, using the widgets you know and Video Background offers a simple and easy way to add a video background to any element on your WordPress site. I like the look and feel much better. 1.6.18 Testing on WordPress 5.4.2 From that first amazing phone call with [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] to getting published - it has been a dream.

Easy automation for busy people. He fixed it all and made it amazing. With Eventbrite, I had to do each ticket for each length of time separately. The few times I did have questions the customer support answered the questions pretty fast as well. 1.0 Initial version. Quick response from the sales team and an interest in setting us up for success. I was so glad when TicketSpice became available with GivingFuel! Not only do you Sell tickets online for your event, recurring event or multi-day event with TicketSpice ticketing system. The flexibility of the program has been amazing! The only real con for us was some limitations with reporting. Personalize content. The customization is amazing! Our non-profit hosts a variety of event-based fundraisers from a traditional fundraising dinner, to silent auction, to crawfish boil, to sporting clay shoot - so flexibility is of extreme importance. templates are easy to use. It was so easy to put together a snazzy event page, with a ton of customizable options. 7. I really can't identify a con about this software. Their rates are much cheaper than Eventbrite's and they have some additional features for nonprofits that outweigh Eventbrite. - Simplicity to use - Speed to create and publish - Ease of integration into current website - Retention of organizational identity/image - Flexibility in coupon codes, etc. Works with GivingFuel, RedPodium, RegFox, and TicketSpice forms. Locoia is the Low Code automation and data platform to transform your entire business. It is free for attendees, but others can also sign up just to come to the fair portion. We preferred the customizability and the flat fee of $0.99 per ticket. The action commands. Off the Shelf Child Theme for WebConnex, WordPress theme Off the Shelf example by -, Copyright 2018 - 2021 WordPress Theme Detector | What WordPress Theme is That - | Privacy | DMCA | Contact Us | WordPress Black Friday Deals 2021. Les personnes suivantes ont contribu cette extension.

TicketSpice for life! Want to have a 2 for one sale when someone buys multiples of 2 tickets.. you CAN. You can do SO MUCH to incentive and create a ticket buying experience that is fn and gives people reasons to buy things. Nearly 20% of the top 10 million websites and over 60 million people have chosen WordPress to power the place on the web they call "home". In a friendly and helpful manner, [SENSITIVE CONTENT] set us up for success. Service is everything. Yes, it should probably be a given on the clients part. More features that we needed. The software is pretty easy to use. I love TicketSpice! Locoia empowers businesses to automate all processes, connect all systems and build company-wide dashboards. Here are a few of the PROs for TicketSpice: - Extreme customization (example: for our Shoot, we need not only a ticket purchased, but we need to know what gauge of shells, what type and size of shirt needed, etc. I am not great with computers & technology & it has been SO simple to use. They are always open to suggestions! The app was flawless on the night of our event. Because I was creating my own tickets off of a template, processing all the payments and I had to look up every ticket that came through the door. Read the Zapier blog for tips on productivity, automation, and growing your business. Ticket Spice was the perfect answer for us.

1.6.11 WordPress 5.1 Compatibility and style resilience We specifically enjoyed being able to add a donation button in case people could not attend the event, but still wanted to support us. The low fees, no add-on fees for everything, they really understood my needs as a charity group!! Take a look at our resources for tips, help articles, and important updates. Take a peak at our daily event schedule! Not Ticketspice! Leaves room for error at a very busy event. Its like anything that is new. * The cost to the organization * The ease in setting up * The ease of use by the end user * The support team is phenomenal. Contact us stating the connector, action and your use-case. How to get started with ActiveCampaign's marketing automation platform for small businesses. "Cowboy Boots & Country Roots" July 20th-24th 2022, Purchase Here:, TRACY LAWRENCE SATURDAY JULY 23 GATES OPEN AT 6:00PM, Purchase Here:,, CCPRA RODEO Tuesday July 19 @ 7PM Purchase Tickets, Miss Lassen County Pageant July 20th @ 8PM Purchase Tickets. They have every feature I was seeking and even more I didn't know existed but have come in handy. Oh.. YOU can set the fees.. any fee you like you aren't locked in.. like with Eventbrite. Software looks great on mobile devices and loads fast. Unlike Eventbrite, I am able to set up my basic tickets, but then I can add what they call "actions" to create variables for each ticket. When I had a deadline to meet, [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN], helped me to add conditional formatting and to meet the vision in my head. Login to manage your TicketSpice integration. 1.6.17 Adding back in iFrame support for embeds for Safari Get help with Zapier from our tutorials, FAQs, and troubleshooting articles. But they cannot really. This plugin uses shortcodes which will work in the Gutenberg editor, but the plugin is easier to use in the classic editor. FASTEST SUPPORT ENTERPRISE READY 5-10X FASTER DEVELOPMENT DSGVO HOSTED IN GERMANY , integration platform as a service (iPaaS).

Honestly, I can't think of anything I don't like.

Additionally, I can see a snapshot or detailed version of all financials. More time to work on other things. It's been really great! Thats it! Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app. Want to get paid.. Why? Ticket Spice - Great for selling tickets to your events. - OUTSTANDING customer service! I don't feel as though we were boxed in to one look and feel. Il ny a aucun avis pour cette extension. Some of us are not always intuitive or tech savvy when it comes to products like TicketSpice. We've enjoyed our experience with TicketSpice, easy to use, and great customer support. the fact that they dont put their name and logo all over everything and the fair pricing. Want to sell merch on the site ANY amount (not 5 items like Eventbrite) You CAN. Since the customer service is so great I don't normally struggle for longer than just a few minutes. Google Tag Manager (GTM) is Googles free tool for everyone to manage and deploy analytics and marketing tags as well as other code snippets using an intuitive web SiteOrigin Page Builder is the most popular page creation plugin for WordPress. Excellent product. Whats the difference between button, popup and Embedded? It needed to be something easy for me to set up and easy for our registrants to use. Industry: Non-Profit Organization Management. Its just a matter of understanding what does what. We are a two woman run non-profit organization team that needed a product to be highly organized, efficient, no non-sense and fun. At Wufoo, we believe forms are the starting point for building anything useful on the web. Reviews are by default sorted by Recommended to software buyers, driven by our proprietary algorithm reflecting the depth and quality of the review, recency of experience, and other factors. TIcketSpice has saved many nonprofits I've worked with lots of funds by the lower fees they charge compared to other ticketing systems out there. 1.6.3 Fixing URL paramater for embed type Eventbrite is notorious for putting in their blog 'we are adding apple pay' or something like that then saying it won't be for months and never happen. The initial implementation was easy, successful and all due to their excellent support team. As I stated earlier, the team at TicketSpice continue to improve this product. 1.6.19 Testing on WordPress 5.7, fix for PHP 8 Nothing. I haven't came across a con yet. The ease of putting together ticketing for a simple event to the most complicated, professional looking results, and helpful, timely customer service.

Drive more sales. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window), So since fair kicked off we decided to join the carnival, Friendly reminder to not feed the animals when you are at the Lassen County Fair!, Fair is just right around the corner! First, you need to get in touch with us to sign up for a Locoia account. All the graphics are gone. TicketSpice makes it easy to create ticket registration form pages as well as confirmation emails. I cannot say enough positive things about [SENSITIVE CONTENT] and the TicketSpice experience. Want to ovver a free t shirt when someone buys 10 tickets.. you CAN. Great customer service! ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), data warehouse and dashboarding functionality - all in one software! Still learning the system, but customer support is always available and very responsive to questions. All this has positioned the museum to have a successful major opening event. Never again! you should know this.

It is primarily a ticket software program. More technically, Locoia provides Automation, API Integration. Now that i have experienced i am going nowhere. Happy enough to take the time to write this long review! Their company is not making much from us but still he took the time out to help. The checkout process on one page is simple - easy for anyone. Zapier lets you send info between TicketSpice and WordPress automaticallyno code required. Install the FREE WordPress Theme Detector Chrome Extension 1.3 Setting button to open in a new window For example, I had a Cyber Monday sale, so I added an action that the coupon could only be used on the specific date of November 28th. Some of the intricate details can be a tad hard to find, but I can normally find them as I poke around. Once they have an Android app I do not know what they will be able to do to improve their service. Amazing. This alone is worth it all. And then 4.0 rolled out And also a new app that allows you to turn off the scanner without killing the app. Some of their templates could use a bit of updating. More customizable. Or alert them of this beforehand. Also, it was a Saturday and someone from TicketSpice called me on my cell directly from their cell on their day off to make sure I got it figured out. With Wufoo, you can skip all the hard stuff (because it does it all for you) and start getting things done. When I went onto the TicketSpice site during my research phase, it asked if I wanted to set up a call with [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN]. :). Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other. I had a good experience overall. That might be confusing - but basically they have lots of ways to create options and services that may not be plainly available through their software. It took me through all the steps and let me preview as I went along. 1.6.16 Removing iFrame embeds for Safari

They probably have a smaller team and can move quicker. I even had one respond ones after hours! The plugin adds a button to the editor of Posts and Pages to easily allow you to create a button to link to the form or embed the form right in your WordPress site. External links on this website may be affiliate links that could result in us receiving compensation (payment) when you purchase a product or service from that link. It was part user error, but also part back-end software glitch. 1.6.15 License update Easy to use. Had all the features we needed and lots of ways to create features we needing, using other features. Our overall experience with Webconnex and their Ticketspice platform has been excellent. Ease of use and integration with our company was number 1 for us. I also don't really like how you can't get totals for the different ticket types easily without pulling a report. Ever try dealing with a person at Eventbrite. The best was customer support by [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN]. Overall we are very happy with this product and using it for registration on our events! From a manager point of view I do not want my ticket takers to have access to types of tickets they can scan. WITHOUT WAITING?? It was perfect for our event! You CAN. Having had experience with these products in the past, we wanted something new and budget friendly. Please contact us for details using the contact form. We used TicketSpice for our largest fundraiser of the year; a unique Orange is the New Black-themed premiere party and musical performance. Next, you go to the settings section, where you can authenticate and connect the Bubble and TicketSpice integration, among many others. For example, we may receive pay per click revenue or commission on sales of products. The easiest way to embed, link to you or generate a pop-up for your WebConnex forms. 1.4 Adding container to button TicketSpice seemed to offer the most flexibility for the price and I also was really excited about the social networking options. Would be great to have a tutorial on how it works and if there are any tricks. Want to have different instructions appear for different ticket types you CAN.

But in reality it was all free. It shows so much information about your buyers which gives us great feedback on the events we host. I said yes and selected time. TicketSpice is an online ticket sales system for all single and multi-day events. Anything that I would want to produce online tickets has been implemented by TicketSpice. - Great cost when integrated with GivingFuel (which is ALSO AWESOME) I used EventBrite for several years, but it was clunky to use (old technology), it never looked like it belonged with our website or other materials, and it was expensive. The biggest benefit was the tickets were sent with every order, I did not have to worry about processing payments or tickets. One year, we decided to use another ticker service and it was a disaster. I had very specific needs and no matter when, at what time, or what the question- [SENSITIVE CONTENT HIDDEN] was there to answer it and fix everything. Sell tickets online for your event, recurring event or multi-day event with TicketSpice ticketing system. Our HTML form builder helps you create contact forms, online surveys, and invitations so you can collect the data, registrations and online payments you need without writing a single line of code. As long as I'm at the helm of our production company, I will never use another platform to ticket source our events. The App is so easy to use for ticket scanning, it made our event flow so seamlessly. User Friendly and intuitive setup. By signing up, you agree to Zapier's .css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class]{all:unset;box-sizing:border-box;-webkit-text-decoration:underline;text-decoration:underline;cursor:pointer;-webkit-transition:all 300ms ease-in-out;transition:all 300ms ease-in-out;outline-offset:1px;-webkit-text-fill-color:currentColor;outline:1px solid transparent;}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='ocean']{color:var(--zds-colors-blue-jeans,#3d4592);}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='ocean']:hover{color:var(--zds-colors-night,#2c3266);}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='ocean']:focus{color:var(--zds-colors-blue-jeans,#3d4592);outline-color:var(--zds-colors-blue-jeans,#3d4592);}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='white']{color:var(--zds-colors-neutral-100,#fffdf9);}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='white']:hover{color:var(--zds-colors-neutral-500,#a8a5a0);}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='white']:focus{color:var(--zds-colors-neutral-100,#fffdf9);outline-color:var(--zds-colors-neutral-100,#fffdf9);}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='primary']{color:var(--zds-colors-blue-jeans,#3d4592);}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='primary']:hover{color:var(--zds-colors-night,#2c3266);}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='primary']:focus{color:var(--zds-colors-blue-jeans,#3d4592);outline-color:var(--zds-colors-blue-jeans,#3d4592);}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='secondary']{color:var(--zds-colors-neutral-100,#fffdf9);}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='secondary']:hover{color:var(--zds-colors-neutral-500,#a8a5a0);}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-color='secondary']:focus{color:var(--zds-colors-neutral-100,#fffdf9);outline-color:var(--zds-colors-neutral-100,#fffdf9);}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-weight='inherit']{font-weight:inherit;}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-weight='normal']{font-weight:400;}.css-1ef52xd-Link[class][class][class][class][class][data-weight='bold']{font-weight:700;}terms of service and privacy policy. events linkedin google zapier
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