It should be noted that poison will never be the cause of death for the player's hero, stopping at a Life total of 1. Also, % elemental damage boosts the elemental damage affixes on some weapons, like Thunderfury and so on. It affects nothing specifically related to elements on skills/items. Additionally, you can lower the amount of life you lose by increasing you character's Poison Resistance.

You can also reduce the duration of the poison with certain magic items and, if you are a Paladin, by using the Cleansing skill. When you are poisoned, your Life orb turns green and you slowly lose Life. Stay awhile and listen. There are two super unique monsters who have shot to fame by the strength of their Poison attacks alone. Having trouble finding the answer I'm looking for on the forums. This guide is not pretty and it's not really accurate, but it will explain the basics. So there are two types of +elemental % ?

In Diablo II, most players do not take Poison damage as seriously as Lightning. That damage then get's multiplied by the 20% elemental damage. Only Witch Doctors and Necromancers roll Poison damage as Smart-Loot. They do hefty amounts of damage per second and stay on the character for a very long time. Wrong! This can be used as an advantage by PvP players. Poison damage is only used by Lyndon, Witch Doctors and Necromancers, and hardly ever by other classes.

Say the chain lightning proc does 100% weapon damage. Mummies and Accursed are known for leaving noxious vapors after death, dealing severe Poison damage to anything they touch.

Critical Hits from Poison damage may leave the target seething with toxic fumes, or just dissolve it to the bone. boosts the elemental damage affixes on some weapons, like Thunderfury and so on. Poison is the main weapon of the Maiden of Anguish, Andariel and the Sand Maggot Queen, Coldworm the Burrower. I believe they addressed this in 2.1.

You're incorrect, it does boost its damage. The elemental damage number on your weapon is irrelevant.

Andariel uses her poison attacks much more often, and in a variety of ways. Mara's Kaleidoscope amulet will render the character completely immune to Poison damage (the attacks will actually heal the Nephalem). This actually leaves this damage type least capable of being boosted, even though it is, in fact, used by just two classes.

It does actually benefit from % elemental damage. The only elemental damage increase that matters is the % elemental change, for instance + physical % damage on doombringer. The latter's poison has been known to leave even the strongest characters at 1 health and almost always the death of the accompanying Hireling, But is only used when she dies and spills her green blood around her. She has a poison bolt that travels along a straight line that does heavy damage per second if it strikes, or she could spread an arc-like wave of poison towards the player which does less damage than the previous attack but still is very dangerous. To clarify, the +% elemental damage does nothing to increase the actual damage of the weapon like say the lightning damage on Odyn Son. Some poison attacks have variable damage and duration. Both the above ladies do very high damage with their poison attacks, so it is highly advisable to have Antidote Potions in the Belt before fighting them. Poison can instantly be cured with an Antidote Potion. It does work on Toxin, link to a thread with people testing it: So, no character can be killed by poison damage alone. Follow up: Say I have +12% poison dmg on random equipment, would that make the gems effect 1012% or 1120%? For only characters, there is another poison user, much more deadly than the aforementioned ladies of disease, the Demon Queen, Lilith. Press J to jump to the feed. She can also inflict poison damage in her melee attacks.

/r/Diablo is the greatest source for Diablo-related news and discussion on the Internet. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Quote (sexy_guy @ Wed, 1 Oct 2008, 08:47), Quote (ProfessorMoriarty @ Wed, 1 Oct 2008, 10:36), Quote (RaBBit3x @ Thu, 9 Oct 2008, 20:19), Quote (AyeCaramba @ Thu, 9 Oct 2008, 19:01), Quote (ProfessorMoriarty @ Thu, 9 Oct 2008, 19:24), Quote (AyeCaramba @ Thu, Oct 9 2008, 01:31pm), This post was edited by sexy_guy on Oct 1 2008 01:52am, This post was edited by RaBBit3x on Oct 30 2008 06:18pm. Therefore: Mirinae is popular in Monk and Crusader builds, Pain Enhancer in Stampede & phys WD builds and so on. This may be due to its characteristic of doing damage over time, which can be balanced by using items that give Life Regeneration, and Healing Potions if Antidote Potions are not available.

Poison is typically associated with the color green, and takes the form of toxins, venom, and acids. Andariel's Visage,Stone of Jordan,Lidless Wall, WormwoodandSwamp Land Waders are the items with unconventional bonus to Poison skills damage. In Diablo III, poison may be an instant damage as well, but many Poison skills also apply damage over time effects, weaken the target, or create pools of poison and acid on the ground. Should be all weapons now. Poison is quite commonplace in Act II, thanks to the Mummies and their greater cousins alone, although that's not to say that the other acts don't have their share of enemies that make use of this element.

Lilith can be fought in the Pandemonium Event only quest and she packs quite a mean punch with her other worldly poison attacks. Ghom is known for being the almost-exclusively Poison damage boss.

Necromancers represent the Poison spells as the essence of Blight.

Skill and just overall elemental dmg? Poison is both a type of Elemental Damage and a collective name of debuffs that deal damage over time.

It would also help if you keep some gold ready to resurrect your hireling after the fight.

However it DOES affect the lightning that proc's from Odyn Son's special chain lightning ability. It is imperative that the player fights her with Antidotes on hand.

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