The Past: The Bloodpeak Campaign and the Three Emperors, The Present: The Chernobog Assault and the Lungmen Invasion, The Future: The Boy who Walked Across the Tundra, Disco Better Late Than Never - Draft for Rerun + IS2, Integrated Strategy #2: Phantom & Crimson Solitaire General Discussion, Bored Doktah Chronicles #71: I have just woke up and cant think of a thread title. I thought he was the most idealistic person I'd ever met. Download and play Arknights now Maybe its just too damn big to move.

Immediately after, the crystals on Miarow's body begin glowing, and the Rhodes Island operators scramble to put it in a house before sealing all the openings. You are not Ursus warriors to them. Ensia seeing the portrait of her brother and sister shaking hands in the epilogue, then deciding not to buy it because she felt it wasn't really accurate to their family situation. But even as Reunion's actions keep spiraling further away from the goal Patriot joined for, he knew he had to keep fighting, lest the men who look up to him so much be left without any hope in the world. ", she lost her cool and attacked the officer responsible in a fury. You know she will never again open her eyes. Sergei's choice to sell out his team for his family was ultimately, The second memory is more recent and personally related to the Doctor. Yes, according Eyjafjalla's thesis, Originium is a natural Catastrophe. Platinum's story reaches its lowest point during this stage of the story arc. He knew that Wei would do anything to save Lungmen, even if it means waging war. Her entire life has been the tribe. At this point, Patriot has just lost his daughter and is aware that Talulah couldn't care less about their original goal, leaving him alone to fight for the sake of of the infected. I stopped playing ark nights for a while and now I'm trying to catch up with the story. Three years ago, Kal'tsit brought a mortally wounded Doctor to the Sarcophagus to heal them. They won't let themselves wither away so easily. Amiya, who bore witness to this all, is. All of this, hidden under the guise of saving Ursus. Russia wanted to expand more of its territory towards Europe through the collapsing Ottoman Empire, while France and Britain didnt want Russia to gain access to the Mediterranian and Europe. It's especially painful because Chapter 8, especially the R stages which told Talulah and Reunion's early days, uses. Who exactly did Sergei choose to protect? source Siege of Sevastopol, painting by Franz Roubaud. "May the blood on your sword never dry, and may we never need you again". By using Information Fragments, players can unlock 6 new pieces of stories in Vigilo, getting to know what things happened to Doctor before and after previous major events. The symbolism of Monch abandoning the dagger when she leaves Gnosis for good is clear: She has decided that he never trusted her enough to confide deeply in, and felt betrayed by the way she was used, while Gnosis's suddenly quiet reaction upon seeing the dagger is equally tragic: he has realised that his plotting has unintentionally deeply hurt someone he felt he could unconditionally trust and driven her away from him. Her Epoque skin, 'Masterpiece', looks really pretty and has adorable animations involving animate teddy bears, but the subtle details surrounding it, like the crying teddy bear in the mirror, the description indicating the dress as a replica of what she used to wear as the, Gummy's potential token is a voucher for free food from her. But when the L.G.D. Regardless, having such a city right in the middle of the old nobles' territory is nothing less than a slap on their face, not to mention that it is next to Lungmen. But perhaps, and I hope, that this boy will lead Ursus to a better place. is still sending money back to his family, considering everything that happens in chapter 6, The Infected from Chernobog managed to sneak into the slums of Lungmen and went into hiding. She reveals to the device that under her stoic facade, she laments what she had done to survive, watching her friend clinging to the side of the roof and watch her fall off the roof for betraying Zima. When the party is pinned down by Drudge's secret shockwave-creating device, an already mortally-wounded Miarow uses his Originium Arts to destroy it with an explosion.

Miss Little Police: Before Spring - It starts out with a conversation from a couple wanting to take a vacation after winter, and when their child goes to boarding school. And this leads us to the three emperors that ruled during and after the Crimean War, all the way to the end of the Russian Empire: Alexander II, Alexander III, and Nicholas II of Russia. Nicholas II, the last Emperor before the February Revolution, crippled Russia's economy with his choice of joining the First World War.

Talulah will not remember what happens next. Justyna, the Fartooth Knight, is very melancholy over her infection. In 1891, all Jewish people were expelled from Moscow. Seems innocent, until you put it into context with, Dur-Nar's profile, once you have enough Trust built up with her, will reveal that she was once military. Some lines that are directed towards you can qualify as a, Losing a level can be particularly heartrending if said operator. Arknights on Twitter The worst thing? It becomes even more sad when you learn the context of the dagger he gifted her via the flavor text of Gnosis's Potential Token, which is another dagger. Remember Mephisto's decision to find the sarcophagus in Episode 7? Please don't list it on a work's trope example list. She arrives at the school to see tattered corpses of the Ursus Police on the ground, and noted that the corpses' condition didn't seem like it was caused by Reunion but by students instead. If the carrion is Originium, we are feeding our community with it for everyone to grow stronger. The Rhine Labs focused spin-off details and elaborates how the Dibolic Crisis, or known as the Flame demon incident, truly occurred and also the fall out of it. I mean, sure, it apparently caused some people to merge into a giant flower capable of spreading oripathy like a plague. Some dread their impending and seemingly inevitable demise, some were shunned the moment they became infected, and some are clearly suffering from the adverse effects of their illness. Arknights Integrated Strategies Tier List. Thats some real LobCorp shit right there. This war, now known as the Crimean War, was the first modernized war in human history and lasted for almost three years, eventually resulting in Russia's defeat and the signing of the Treaty of Paris. Quite an odd behavior from them, since despite Ursus being greatly weakened over the years, Patriot still says that Reunion can be crushed if Ursus wished. Well if we want to bring them back to Rhodes island . Chernobog will act as their trigger. Arknights Lore: Phantom and Crimson Solitaire. Advocating for the workers and the working class, he and several others plotted Alexander III's assassination, but was found out by the police and he was arrested. Although some of his fellow conspirators pleaded to the Tsar and were spared, Aleksandr refused to submit and was hanged in May of 1887. Despite knowing that his methods are wrong, he kept the burden of being the sword and shield of the Infected, and lost everything for it. When Occphen learns that Team Rainbow comes from a completely different world where Oripathy doesn't exist, he excitedly asks if it's a world with no hate and discrimination, and people are treated equally. I dont know about you, but I dont think giving our operators a surprise training session against a squadron of Chaos Marines is a good idea. During the climax and then the epilogue, the way Monch just goes quiet when she realizes Gnosis did not trust her enough to let her in on the deeper layers of his plotting, then abandons his dagger and leaves without a word after that, is quite a sad thing. hell, why not throw a sankta in there for shits and giggles?Actually on second thought that is a very bad idea that would set off a very unfortunate chain of events. Istina: The Chosen Ones - Istina asked for a self-therapy machine from Rhodes Island Medical Department. Said memory also triggered the Doctor's own memory, and it can be summed up in two sentences within the text: Between the first and second memory, picking a certain choice prompts quite the pointed response from Kal'tsit: If you instead take her offer (by closing the app and even uninstalling it), that's how your Doctor would end their story: lost to their despair in the very place where their new identity began, with only Kal'tsit as their witness and the Operators who left before them completely unaware of it. Pushed to the limit, it comes off as tragic, if not a surprise that they would turn to Reunion and its violent methods. The plight of the other Infected Knights in Kazimierz, as well as the civilian Infected, is a sad one. To put it shortly, seeing how Talulah rallies the Infected together to fight against Ursus Empire's oppression with her idealistic heart, before seeing it crumble before her eyes as her comrades and her friends either die in her arms or betray her. In addition, other materials like Furniture Parts, Battle Records, Recruitment Permits, Elite Materials, etc. FrostNova's cremation released a huge gust of cold air, which reached the rain clouds above, causing it to snow. One of Patriot's men remarked that it was Yelena coming back to take away her father. It wasnt until 1911, when his Prime Minister was assassinated by a Jewish revolutionary, that he approved government efforts to stop the pogroms. The "old snake" who turned Talulah into who she is today. Yet the current Ursus is only a shadow of its former self, a hollowed shell containing a Council faced with unrest, internal strife, and conflict between the old and new nobilities. The effects of Oripathy on operators can be tragic. I believe that its a question many of us have had ever since the Prologue.

It all comes to a head in the extended epilogue, where she ends up a tired and hungry fugitive after attempting to resign from the Armorless Union, having decided that being their pretty face and scapegoat was no future for her. However, Nine and the Reunion members conversation in Partial Necrosis gave us a slightly different side of the story. For now, let's move on to the current Ursus.

Without Rhodes Island, what would have become of them is harrowing to imagine. To make the matter worse, her mission failed voice line actually brought her back to sanity for a brief moment, and she use to opportunity to plead Doctor to get away from her as far as possible, fearing the last person she cares about who is still alive may become her next victim. Now Reunion has taken over its city Chernobog, and Ursus, once a force to be reckoned with, seemed powerless to stop it. Mephisto intends to use it to wipe his memory after losing Faust and feeling betrayed by Talulah, like how Doctor lost their memory. Ifrit's infection is highly implied not to be natural at all. Watch the events Official Trailer Imagine it. Theres no telling when the Army could show up Where in hellfire is the Third Army when you need them?! In this critical period, Alexander II faced the nobles opposition, and pushed for a series of revolutionary changes in Russia that drastically differed from traditions. The party is devastated, with Tachanka flying into a rage and attacking an terrified enemy mercenary they had captured. Radicalized by this, she takes up his arms and legacy and attempts to buy time for Reunion to escape, at the cost of her own life. We know, from Chapter 7, that the Ursus border is still in the grips of the old nobles and the army. Decades ago, infected in Ursus weren't seen as "inferior beings" by the populace as they are perceived today. The old nobles were still under surveillance, yet the nobles in power are unable to keep an eye on the infected, nor can they watch someone who is already dead.

It's a recording device she used to let out her heart and thoughts. It seems like no matter what universe, people always like to dabble in things beyond their knowledge or control. When she's taken by Reunion, she learns of Alex's transformation into Skullshatterer and his death at Amiya's hands. Of course, this will only be my interpretation of Ursus, and what you think might be completely different.

Maybe its hooked to some power source that can't be moved. In ANTERIOR, from the narration of Kaltsit, Doctor learned of memories about Scout and Theresa from when they were in Babel. The old nobles' tighter grip on the borders means they can more easily control what enters and exits Ursus. Miarow's thoughts before sacrificing himself don't help matters either, as he didn't want to die and had so much he wanted to do, but as a doctor, his duty was to save people, and he does so at the cost of his own life. Infected in the context of that scene mean turning into zombie, not infected with oripathy. Yet Theresa. What if we speculate dumping a couple of other operators into the sarcophagus? The army couldnt openly participate in a conspiracy, but they can simply choose not to act. Did you change any of the character languages? This went on for years until her father eventually killed his mother in drunken rage and Dalia used her oripathy arts to kill him in self-defense.

It's later revealed that she used to run a food truck back in RIM Billiton to provide food for the miners but later ostracized and lost business when the miners saw her Oripathy lesion.

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