Ayto explains that the English word is ultimately derived from caveola, a diminutive of cavea, Latin for cage (and the source of the English word cage). The use of the word slave is incorrect, the convicts were not owned by anyone. Northern Territory ..quite big and warmer than the ACT, Most of the place is rocks and sand with people living on the green bits on the edge. They then killed many Mexicans to form New Mexico. Is it odd that we pronounce a gale of wind gay-el, but gaol is pronounce JAY-il and not gay-ole or gao-l? Im not American so i wont be destroying my language by following the yanks down the black hole theyre in. we would be spaeking Dutch if the VOC had bothered to sail down the east coast. Many style guides, particularly newspaper style guides, led the way in this. Home Jail or Gaol Whats the Difference? Folk dont bother to change the language setting on their PC from American English ( default ) to British English. persisted in Austrlia and Canada because because they kept the Royalty on their money. Not a huge fan of yanks though. Incidentally, only the well-educated knew how to spell at all in a time when the masses were illiterate and far more illiterates remained in England than emigrated to America, so your theory of American spelling being influenced by the uneducated is a bit ridiculous. Hey, McHaggis, you are dead set a paid up wanking member of the Bunyip Aristocracy, probably an illegal import from the Northern Hemisphere. Until the 17th century, Ayto writes, gaol was pronounced with a hard /g/ sound, but then it gradually fell into line with jail.. Australia for the treatment of aborigines This leaves Berrima Gaol and Parramatta Gaol out on a limb. Gaol it has always been and gaol it shall be, except of course to the Yanks. The Oxford English Dictionary records around 20 variationsfrom gayhol in the 13th century through to gial and iaiole. This article contains content that is not available. Which is the most famous nation for having slaves and discrimination and still do discriminate?????? Yeah a few storm drains. You still get a pitcher of beer, we now use jug. Because Middle English (the language spoken from about 1100 to 1500) adopted two distinct versions of the word from French. Someone (possibly the same person) "over-carved" it to 'Gaol' ! All of the examples you cite exemplify this. The first borrowing, gaol, came with the Norman Conquest when a lot of Norman French words to do with law and politics and governance were introduced into English.

It rears its head in and in Australian legal literature as far back as 1799, and in British Hansard records as far back as 1805. I hate to burst your Yankee-bashing bubble, but both spellings originated in the U.K. George R.R. Please stop trying to take my heritage. live, learn and work. Not a good way to develop repore with academics.Even our referencing system has gone to Chicago Author note V.16. canvas are inaccessible! Poor education had less to do with the vagaries of regional spelling as much as a lack of any official standardization or nationwide orthographic clean up by the British government, as was done in other European countries.

He has probably included a Federal District and the one Incorporated Territory. The purpose of the word is to describe situations where thoughts, speech or data are put into written or printed form. Whats wrong with Russia being Communist? I had an argument with my daughters teacher 20 years ago when she was marked wrong for spelling colour our way. Portuguese follows exactly that rule for g and c: Want some help with other common confusables? Bugger, I could go on but Im busy, keep going Dentuso, we are enjoying your verbosity. They didnt just buy slaves when their old slaves died. A Territory has a Chief Minister. Until Noah Webster got to grips with it in 1828, we all made it up pretty well as we liked, determined by education and locality. If you ever get hung up choosing gaol or jail, check back with this article for help. Ah, the idiosyncrasies of American English. Please sign in Some British publications still use gaol, especially when referring to the proper names of a specific jail. They also sold Africans into slavery. Think of it this way: if 'jail' were a reality TV show, it took English half a millennium to narrow it down to two finalists, and a hundred more years to decide on a decisive victor. The gaol version comes from the Norman French gaiole or gaole, the OED says,while jail comes from the Old Parisian French jaiole or jaile. Huggacious, I think you should vet your reply, I know we live in the best place on earth and Ive been to a few. Gaolis an obsolescent spelling of the word now usually spelledjail. But, thanks to combination of British and American colonialism, telegraphy and mass literacy, English spelling is now relatively standardised. Over the years I have found the English to be lazy, racist and gripped with an undeserved attitude of self importance One reason our written language is bending more toward Websters version rather than Oxford or Collins is simple. Mongolia for Genghis Khan Is it gaol or jail? It is not an improvement ,it is a simplification.Just AKS all the Americans. Incidentally if Webster had his way, women would be spelled (spelt if you prefer) wimmen which, actually, is much closer to the original Middle English. :) Obviously in Penal Times/under British Rule we deported our crooks to Australia so this may very well be why both countries share its use most commonly? Both pairsgaol, gaoler and jail, jailerare pronounced the same way, which leads to this question: why do the British have a gaol spelling if the word is pronounced jail?

Be accurate, yes? Q: Im a native Polish speaker whos learning vocabulary by solving English crosswords. Its a French word, and the difference arose from differences in Northern or Norman French and that spoken in the south (Parisian French). That is the case with the word gaol, which was common in earlier centuries, but is used only rarely today. See the chart below for an illustration. It should also be noted that English convicts played an important part in the settlement of the USA. My comment was accurate, facetious and not terribly difficult to understand. Gaol was still the spelling being taught in Australian schools a decade ago. As Fowlers Modern English Usage (rev. I went to school in Birmingham, England and if we had spelt gaol as jail, we would have had a rap over the knuckles with a ruler. If you were writing for an American audience in 1815, or a British audience before 1935, you could get away with using gaol. The south coast of WA is absolutely stunning and anybody visiting here must see Esperance , Denmark and the areas around Walpole- Nornalup..it is just . got to love the bell getting upset about the british. Youse bastardsd bore a wombat out of its burrow or a kookaburra out of a gum tree, so go and get a woolly dingo pup fair upya! For reasons mysterious to us, it appears to be most common in Ireland and Australia. Even Oz has a few colloquialisms such as Fair Dinkum which I tolerate but I havent heard Cobber for many years even though some US films (with those bloody awful Orstralian accents they think we have) still use it, Paul Hogan isnt the epitome of most of us but we know Gomer Pyle is what to expect in every town we visit in the US outside New York (are there any other cities?). Customer Agreement According to the Cambridge Australian English Style Guide, there was much rejoicingthough, oddly, the West Australian was somewhat laggard. Mysterious to us, perhaps because the English were still trading in slaves, subjugating nations and sending prisoners to other lands during this period. Gaolwas common outside North American until fairly recently (it was stamped out of American English in the early 19th century, and dropped out of Canadian use about a century later), but it underwent a steady decline through the 20th century and now appears only rarely. He says I fail to see what hating Brits does for you (you being the commenter Ausphexia). You should not be irritated Gareth, we English have strayed well away from many words that we used when settling in to North America. | And didnt even have the sense to honor your own heritage by capitalizing Aussie, which I did, even though I am a horrid American. The citys proposal to build a new jail near a wealthy suburb was met with fierce resistance. Their history books are far better than a creationists science book. Since gaol has an O in it, like the words old and outdated, you can use the words spelling as a reminder that it is no longer current. Do you hate all these people? The spelling gaol being reserved only for gaols which have that spelling in their names due to their age. Western Australia.. very bloody big ..properly big, Australian Capital Territory. The spelling gaol was the accepted spelling in Australian English until the 1990s, as evidenced by the change in the Third Edition of the Macquarie Dictionary (1997). 12 species in four hours out of a 12 footer. It has hot dry summers and wet winters . Both gaol and jail are borrowed from French. :). I would have thought Galway Gaol would be a proper noun so it is highly unlikely they would change the spelling of it to Jail. We get this directly from French, but Spanish and Italian also do this (my understanding of Portuguese is more limited)though in Castilian Spanish, ce and ci are pronounced the and thi; in Italian theyre che and chi. And really, that variation is the norm: the English language has seen an extraordinary amount of change over the last few millennia. But even there, there's change afoot: as Susan Butler writes, state governments now run 'correctional facilities', leaving 'gaol' largely to consigned to history. You have a fair list, but, as a Corsican, Napoleon was ethnically Italian. But all US cartoons (when Cartoon Network had proper cartoons) I used to watch back in the day used jail. First Australians and Traditional Custodians of the lands where we 3rd ed.) Many of these travelled over to the US. During a coffee break at work, the clue prison suggested jail for these four spaces: _A_L. This sparked a debate with a British friend over gaol vs. jail. Your thoughts? Glamor or Glamour Whats the Difference? Get over yourself or did your preferred national and/or ethnic group never kill anyone who didnt deserve it? Tasmania.. an island not as big as Victoria The French for the Napoleonic empire much like mum and mom both are correct but Australia recognizes UK dialect. There are no real rivers north of Perth. The Romans did this as well but would also have runaway slaves thrown into the arena to fight gladiators and wild animals to entertain the masses. Also not sure about obsolescence. 8. A: Both spellings have been around for hundreds of years. Embi could whup ya (token Yankism!!) Victoria.. not that big As this was early in my stay I thought the comment somewhat odd , but as my stay increased I understood. I know it only has 6 States and I live in one that still has the lesser known Southern Bunyip that is closely related to the Drop Bear, a tad smaller than the common Northern Bunyip but considerably more savage. Jail and gaol and two spelling variants of a word that can be a noun or a verb. So you must hate present day Mongols and Italians as well. This all said I am NOT talking about the single punch that got such widespread coverage. Rain that falls west of the Great Divide runs toward the great artesian basin and ultimately makes its way to the sea . Anyway if you judge a company on acts that happened over 150 years ago then clearly you are a very bigoted person as you are judging over 50 million people for something that none of them were part of. After all, they to were colonial powers. I wouldnt call it American English as its international, Id call dumbed down English and only slightly better than text and 1337 speak. The next chart is the same way, but it shows that jail has been more common in American English except for a brief period in the early 19th century. I am an American that agrees with you. . Tempted to say, from some media reports Ive seen were still exporting our crooks to what, I think, was Van Diemens Land? Similarly, too, the post below concerning giraffe. Well, Im Aussie and I love Brits. Very interesting information. Other than the spelling, there is no difference between the words. If you are an old subscriber and not getting posts, please subscribe again. Why do we have two spellings? But interesting enough, in Portuguese a large cage is a jaula, which has a pronounciation close to jail. Making up spelling of various words is just another way the English language gets lowered to an obsolescent or American was or spelling. In Internet Explorer versions up to 8, things inside the Although gaol is still acceptable in Britain, its now considered a variant spelling of jail on both sides of the Atlantic, according to the Oxford English Dictionary and the four standard British dictionaries weve checked. All the people above and below banging on about original English, British English, and especially those whining about Yanks murdering their beloved language get your heads out of your arses and buy a decent dictionary. gaol is the original UK spelling hence why Australians still use this. I have long been an opponent of simplified spelling and the simplified minds who are in favour of destroying the Queens English. The OED describes gaol as an archaic spelling thats still seen in writing chiefly due to statutory and official tradition in Britain. However, the dictionary adds that this is obsolete in the spoken language, where the surviving word is jail., Check out our books about the English language. The two versions of the word were spelled all sorts of ways in Middle English, when our language had no letter j: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to email a link to a friend (Opens in new window). Why is everyone hell bent on making the whole world a little America. 50,000 convicts were sent to the American colonies between 1650 and 1775, 3 times that many were sent to Australia from 1788 to 1868, It should also be remembered the population tripled in the gold rush period of 1850-1860 and convicts made up less than 1/20 of the population, about the same as the US in 1745. It's important to recognise that there aren't just these two spellings of jail. If you are of the opinion that language should never, ever evolve, I suppose you should start learning Old English. . The barman asked where I was from and I told him Australia. 'Jail' is neither an entirely new spelling, nor a wholly American one. Apparently your understanding of history begins in the 1940s. Dentuso, you are a bludger, a poofter and a dunce, and your ball playing skills are equal to those of a preying mantis. I expect one could find current examples in the Glasgow Herald, etc. The spelling jail is the most common spelling now in Australian English. Your information is being handled in accordance with the. For those not committed to google ( that is cheating ), The States are And if Im right, then youre just a xenophobic prat who is trying to rationalise his hatred towards the English. Enjoy all the great features by subscribing today. Perfect weather for a gaol break! says the bellhop at my San Francisco hotel, squinting at the fog. I bet the answer is no. I used to live there . Illiterate Americans as usual have taken another word which posed a challenge for their droll moronic tones and rearranged it to suit them. Generally, the Romance languages, and those parts that English inherited from Latin through French, follow this rule: e or i makes the preceding consonant different if it has two readings. Macquarie Dictionary & Thesaurus online. subscribing today. The Herald felt the need to translate the American bellhops use of jail to the Scottish gaol for its readers ease of reading. Majority of Aussies will spell it Wimmen anyway and while we are on the subject of Americans and their love of removing letters from British spelt words, Australia has 3 As not 2. 'Gaol' was the spelling of choice for the discerning Briton for much of the 19th and 20th centuries, [but] by the 2000's 'jail' had outpaced it. The populations of Asia with the exception of Singapore the most corrupt There is a real history? Martin evokes an antiquated tongue by using spellings like gaolor as well as other obsolescent spellings like nuncle in A Song of Ice and Fire. The word jail is a noun in this sense, but it can be also used as a verb, where it means to incarcerate someone. Aussie who loves the Brits but hates the Yanks. But if we are talking about the historical prisons then we need to keep the historical spelling. Throughout history, every nation powerful enough to commit genocide did. It only looks at books written in English since 1800. Arrogant Aussie, more like. For The Terms of His Natural Life is a journalistic example of this language shift. | The only difference is that Australia was more recent. They differ in a few ways. So you hate people because of something their ancestors did? Proud aussie. America for the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki Its rapport, not repore. but im sure youll try to attribute that to a british spelling as well, because your hatred of Americans blinds you of your own hypocrisy. The elder Mr. Lee was convicted of bribery and tax evasion twice but never spent a day in jail. The traditional spelling has been gaol in Britain and jail in the United States. When you buy via the links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission at no cost to you. Even when we dont pronounce the vowel, its true: ice, for instance. Bay the way, both gaiola anda jaula have the same Latin origin: caveola, a diminutive of cavea. New South Wales ..fairly big Yes. Erwhich tend, as a very, very strongly-abided-by rule, to be followed by an e or an i. }rF~N%oE/jQluHggb@,P xLGc}}7'; P$-m2O_)lS~:E(5-''4/iu[^-*BYQ`*|*Zq"T6,wi2;wc-I?g_Rghetr~LFo?4AWxoVdZS,gWN6UV?4|`+\2Ocq7K|9j0{Ex_=>8AblVq.>&LSaL"-,>kl61Y?8298J({{G - May 3, 2016, 6:19 p.m. The British Empire only created 13 states, they gained the rest by buying a state from the French and then committing Genocide by butchering Native American men women AND children, claiming the land from the dead and then moving white people from their original colonies/states into their new colony/state. I dont envy that family at all; really hope the guy who got hit recovers and the brother doesnt get a custodial sentence but a suspended one with a deportation order immediately after in the interests of justice. America loves messing with the English language, and dumbing it down, to make it easier to spell words. In time this influenced the UK where both spellings were common for centuries. But as a sequence of letters, it makes very little sense. This could result in spelling changes, usage changes, or replacement with an entirely new word. I gotta get cleaned up and chase skirt. West of that is is a different place altogether. It applies to c as well: concern has two instances of c, both of which are pronounced differently due to the vowel subsequent to them; c followed by a, o and u is a k; followed by e or i, its s. What does gaol mean? Really dont see how thats comparable to the US practicing slavery for hundreds of years and nuking civilians in a foreign country. it is common in Australia because school spelling lists still (in 2012) use Gaol as the correct spelling. A state has a Premier . Historically, gaol was predominant in British English until roughly 1935, at which point jail became the more popular option. The US also committed more than its fair share of genocide. Ron 'Gaol' is certainly the elder statesmen of the two variationsit appears in English some centuries before 'jail'. When I lived in Scotland in the 1980s, gaol was very much the preferred, daresay the only spelling. Continue reading to find the answer. I was stationed in the UK for 3 years and found that I was increasingly irritated with what my country had done with the language. Owners of the land on which we work. Do not judge countries on their history, judge them on their current actions and actions they support. Who is to say who screwed anything up, You guys are keeping to the old words and good thing too, it all makes the language richer. That area between the south of Queensland and down to Melbourne has the great dividing range that allow nice rivers and fertile plains and lovely weather. This list could go on into the thousands easily. Gaol is the correct spelling in the English dictionary and around the Commonwealth. People have been arguing about which word to use since at least 1668. Gadigal people of the Eora nation as the Traditional Gaol is like one of the many words in American English which is spelled phonetically as it was done so by people who were largely illiterate, colour is another pet peeve of mine being spelled color (which luckily my spell check marks as incorrect). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sending prisoners to prison colonies was quite a lenient punishment for that time considering a lot of the prison colonies were a lot nicer than English jails which were greatly overcrowded.

The East coast is the most heavily populated part. Even if youre a native Australian, I fail to see what hating Brits does for you. No, they let the biggest and strongest slaves have children only The journey for this water can take years . What is the Difference Between Jail and Gaol? Are there any other differences between these two word variants? If you drew a line from Adelaide to Brisbane you would account for a high% of the nations 22 million people. Remember, if you have any further questions, you can always check this site for the answers. 4. The lecturer stood her ground .. and so did I. Wellbeing or Well-Being Which is Correct? Thats pretty much the story of every language that expands. to post a comment. Of course the gaol spelling gives rise to the inevitable confusion between gaol and goal. Ignorant vs. Stupid Whats the Difference? Around Greenough the trees are short and scrubby and grow sideways because of the constant winds.There is virtually no where to port a reasonable sized boat .
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