Feedback from these interns was used to identify the Top 40 Intern Programs in Australia as shown below. Diversity initiatives are also a priority for AEP. Their program is focused on offering mentorship, personal and professional development. P&G places a high value on career development and advancement, offering exceptional mentorship, coaching, best-in-class learning platforms, and numerous resources to help interns improve their skills. The company also provides interns the opportunity to volunteer for charitable causes sponsored by Aflac. TuSimple offers interns a supportive environment where they can develop their skills quickly while receiving real-time feedback. Interns make a real contribution because they are working on real projects that impact the companys bottom line. - Women were more likely to have been unpaid interns. MongoDB puts an emphasis on their interns gaining practical experience. Procter & GambleAn internship at P&G opens the door to a long-term career. Thats why every year,WayUp the leading platform for employers to recruit diverse, qualified talent publishes aTop 100 Internship Programs List(now in its fifth year) to celebrate those companies who are giving students a headstart to their careers.

Thousands of companies have nominated themselves to the list over the past five years by submitting dozens of data points about their programs, from diversity data to conversion rates (the percentage of interns who later get hired full-time), and then a panel of qualified judges reviews each submission, while also taking into account votes from the public. If that isnt good enough, Conagra offers competitive pay, relocation stipend, matching 401(k), and a stock purchase plan. Garmin InternationalGarmin interns gain hands-on experience and quickly learn professional skills during their time at Garmin. Southwest AirlinesSouthwest Airlines takes pride in its DEIB work and is committed to championing diversity, equity, and inclusion within its organization. EA is a great place to intern if you are looking to make a real contribution to the company. Students can kick start their career in TV and media by gaining exposure to Paramounts business, making valuable connections, and gaining real-world experience. Education, career advancement, networking, and project-based learning are at the core of their internship program.

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Previous Spotify interns have rave reviews. AflacInterns who are looking to learn, lead and make a difference should look into Aflacs internship program. In addition, AT&T's internship program places a high priority on inclusivity.

Interns will not only acquire new skills, engage with emerging technologies, and explore different industries, but also work on meaningful and impactful projects. With Gap's 9 to 10-week internship program, interns gain hands-on experience across Gap brands and functions. Wellington Management doesnt just stop there. The HubSpot internship program is a 10-week learning opportunity that helps students gain practical skills and work experience. MongoDBFor future interns looking for outstanding mentorship, look no further.

In addition, they provide interns with opportunities to be involved in Diversity & Unity groups and other activities throughout their internship.

association american psychological apa accredited alabama programs list national They will have access to a variety of mentoring and networking opportunities, as well as thought-provoking projects.

We chose the best internship programs based on these four criteria: 1. They offer weekly training webinars, intern group challenges, and local networking opportunities with executives. A competitive base salary, incentives, and health and retirement benefits are all part of their program to attract students. Their internship program comes with many benefits beyond equitable pay, including paid holidays, a monthly housing allowance, service credit towards vacation and retirement, and a contribution to a 401(k) plan. FigmaThe two main reasons interns love Figma are their commitment to DEIB and the mentorship support available.

Fosters inclusive communities and has robust DEI programs, Recruits and develops talent from historically underserved groups, Partners with colleges and organizations aligned with untapped communities, Provides a compensation package that is structured fairly and equitably, Offers competitive pay that is anchored on clearly-defined expectations, Commits to compensating every employee appropriately, After completion of the internship, employment opportunities are available on a full-time basis, Emphasis on advancement and growth of interns, Offers an upward trajectory of an individual's professional journey, Supports and guides employees in their work. All Rights Reserved, This is a BETA experience.

They offer a variety of programs to suit any need, summer internships, thesis internships, mentorship programs, and co-ops, you name it. Here are theTop 100 Internship Programsfor 2021: America's top 100 internship programs for 2021 according to WayUp.

The winner this year (2021) isLumen. Quantcast's mentorship program offers a manager as well as a host of team members to assist students who need support. Conagra internships are designed to lead to a full-time career path. TravelersTraveler's internship program attracts many students because it offers valuable experience and career opportunities. Ben & JerrysIn partnership with Howard University, Ben & Jerrys offers a Justice, equity and Ice cream Fellowship. The interns at Kensho will have the opportunity to work with colleagues who have diverse perspectives, solve problems together, and get a taste of what startups are like (with great resources). In addition, interns have the opportunity to contribute directly to projects supporting PayPal's strategic priorities. This company is known for the quality of its internship program. This yields a list of 100 programs deemed the top in the country, along with one stand-out program (last year, Citi won the coveted award). Levi Strauss & Co.Levi Strauss & Co is looking for the next generation of originals. The Trade DeskThe Trade Desk offers a meaningful and impactful internship program where interns walk away with hands-on training and an innovative experience. Students currently enrolled in college or university can take part in Asana's 12- to 16-week Engineering, Data Science, and Product Design programs. With structured performance evaluations, robust training, and development opportunities, interns get a real taste of what a full-time role could look like in the future. In the words of one former intern, I literally learned something every day. McKessonMcKesson offers internships to students who are interested in shaping the future of healthcare.

Dont take our word for it, listen to what their employees have to say. The Forbes Worlds Most Influential CMOs List: 2022, Josh Fabian Builds Metafy To Provide Platform For ESport Coaches And Players, 4 Lessons From The Decision-Driven Consumer Insights Revolution At Blue Diamond Growers, Economic Predictions With The Alternative Data Crystal Ball. How is the Untapped Top 75 Internship Programs List determined? Beyond that, there is a big emphasis on creating a supportive environment for students entering the workforce. This is not an exhaustive list, and we hope to recognize more internship programs in the future. Citadel employees are empowered by the company's values, which are integrity, winning, meritocracy, learning, and extraordinary colleagues. The same research also stated how those with paid internships experience got 50% more job offers, compared to those with unpaid internships or no internship experience. One things for sure, all of the organizations that landed on the Top 100 list pay their interns, and companies who want to stand out to the next generation of talent should take note. To learn more about the Top 100 list or WayUp, visittheir website. By solving real problems, interns walk away from their experience having made a real impact on DoorDashs business and feeling completely immersed in their teams. Interns have the opportunity to get an inside look at a variety of business units and develop relationships and lifelong connections. ViaSat appeals to students who want to make a real impact and work on significant projects, while also receiving competitive pay. WayUp, who also created thePay The Internscampaign to bring attention to the challenges and inequalities that entry-level candidates face in the workforce, shared some eye-opening stats fromPath to Progress, including: - White students were more likely to have had a paid internship than an unpaid internship.

Examples of the selling points that helped many of the above organizations make it to the top list were: And then theres the number one position. AsanaAsana is the perfect place for students who want to kick-start their careers with challenging and rewarding work in a supportive work environment. For students who want to shift the future and change the world, Booz Allen has that exact appeal. The Clorox CompanyClorox makes DEIB a core part of their internship program. Additionally, Verizon cares deeply about diversity within their organization and knows its how they achieve success. This internship program was tailored for students who are looking for exceptional training. This summers intern class is not only a great indicator of who will be shaping the worlds future workforce, but its also a great indicator of which companies are dedicated to ensuring that our future is diverse, inclusive, and equitable. 8605 Santa Monica BlvdSuite 84561 West Hollywood, CA 90069(415) 212-8629, Join hundreds of businesses, from startups to Fortune 500 companies, using our platform to build diverse teams. 90% say they are proud to work at TI. Is It Better To Lease Or Buy A Car In Summer 2022? JM Smucker CompanySmucker internships will help students stand out after graduation.

Interns benefit from a close working relationship with their managers and mentors, who are specifically trained to enrich their experience. That position is typically held by the organization that stands out most when it comes to prioritizing internships, diversity, and workplace growth. And if an intern is looking to network and learn from their peers, they can join in team-building events, lunches, and activities. Their organization takes career development and training seriously. Interns can expect to work on real-world projects, add their own insights and have a direct impact on initiatives. eBay is focused on creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. Interns also have the chance to work on challenging projects with senior executives, receive competitive compensation, and establish lasting connections with fellow interns are just a few of the perks. My mentor helped me get the most out of my internship., Grant Thornton LLPGrant Thornton's internship program motto is, "You're more than an intern here." Electronic ArtsAn internship with Electronic Arts (EA) will offer students the opportunity to do real work, make real connections and reach their real potential. They are committed to helping their interns succeed by offering mentorship and the ability to work closely on projects with senior members of the team. Internships are a great way to develop talent and lay the groundwork for recruiting exceptional candidates.
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