Therefore drinking water can dilute your body fluid and make it difficult to reach the correct concentration of nutrients in your system. With Otsuka Pharmaceutical being a leading company in the I.V. This causes rapid dehydration, but drinking Pocari will help your body quickly compensate for this fluid and electrolyte loss and help you recover to full health. This illness brings on a persistent high fever which can quickly lead to dehydration. Here is an idea of how much fluid we lose in different activities.

In one experiment nine health adults were dehydrated by 4% of their body weight and then given water and POCARI SWEAT to drink in quantities equal to the volume of dehydration. A body fluid loss of 10% or more can result in death. And if they get absorbed in play they can easily forget about rehydration. It was tough. Since May 2021, Sports Medicine Association Singapore (SMAS) and Pocari Sweat have partnered to educate on appropriate hydration techniques and share their sports know-how with not only high-performance athletes, but recreational sports participants, so that everyone can make better-informed choices. Experiments have demonstrated that adequate rehydration helps to maintain exercise performance. What kind of drinks are rapidly absorbed by the body? POCARI SWEAT and SMAS signing ceremony during the SMAS Sports Medicine Series Virtual Seminar on May 29, 2021. Copyright 2020 Mothership. It is also important to be careful when children are in child car seats. Dehydration can make your blood more viscous, causing your body to feel less comfortable, aches etc., when you wake up in the morning. Sweating plays an important role in all these situations, by keeping our temperature constant. We could say that our body has its own inland sea.. Sports drinks are only useful for people who intensely exercise. Since POCARI SWEAT contains no chemical preservatives, you should finish the bottle on the same day you open it, if you touch your mouth to the bottle when drinking it. At this time, 100m contains 40-80mg of sodium. Though its common knowledge that humans need plenty of sleep in order to function properly, few realize how much water we lose while we slumber. Nutritionist Wynnie Chan said that youre better off staying hydrated with water. No. Thus, the function of sugar in POCARI SWEAT is not as a sweetener. Children may not be able to complain of thirst on their own. Yes, POCARI SWEAT is suitable for kids older than 1 year old. How much do we sweat in different situations? Calcium ionsBenefit nerve signal transmission, muscle contraction, and help to build strong bones and teeth, regulate blood clotting. Water is lost from the body before you notice it. It is not recommended to store it in the freezer to freeze it. 1.5 hours at approx. There wasnt any kind of sports drink like that at that point in time, and blue wasnt seen as something attractive or appetising for a beverage can. Finally, staying hydrated when suffering from illnesses like dengue fever or food poisoning is vital, and Pocari Sweat is key in such situations. POCARI SWEAT has a composition that is similar to our body fluids, thus it can be absorbed faster and can quickly replace body fluids and ions that are lost. This article is brought to you by Pocari Sweat, which reminds this writer that hydration is more than just water. |

If you are going to store the POCARI SWEAT back, close the cap tightly and keep it in the refrigerator. Click here to find out why its better for you today. Most recently, the drink has made an official appearance at the hit anime Cells at Work! Dont be a stranger Get in touch with us for any questions on the product, campaigns and trading. Even when the body does not sweat, such as in an air-conditioned indoor space or on a dry winter day, we lose moisture from the body. Cations: Na+ 21, K+ 5, Ca2+ 1 , Mg2+ 0.5, Anions : Cl- 16, Citrate2- 10, Lactate- 1, Ingredients Many years ago, people were commonly advised to avoid drinking water while exercising. The World Health Organisation recommends 25 grammes of sugar per day, he said. The doctor told him to make sure he got enough water and nutrition, but just gave him a regular carbonated drink. 2020 Pocari Sweat. In its "Guidebook for Prevention of Heat Stroke during Sports Activities," the Japan Sports Association states, "When exercising for more than one hour, a drink containing 4-8% sugar is helpful not only in preventing fatigue but also in rehydration effect.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and the Japan Sports Association recommend a salt concentration of 0.1-0.2% in beverages to prevent heat stroke. Water, Sugar, Glucose, Citrus flavor (Natural and artificial), Citric acid, Sodium citrate, Sodium chloride, Potassium chloride, Calcium lactate, Monosodium L-glutamate, Magnesium carbonate, Vitamin C, Nutrition information (per 100ml) Looking for housewares, stationery, or gifts? POCARI SWEAT can be consumed by nursing mothers and pregnant women, regardless of their pregnancy stage. We sweat not only when we play sports, but also when we take a hot bath, while we sleep, and while we travel to work or school, and even as we just sit in our office or school. NEW Pocari Sweat website has been launched!

Sports drinks contain minerals like sodium and potassium, which are lost during sweating. Sweating removes body fluid as well as electrolytes like sodium and potassium, which water cant replace. Of course, if you dont work out a lot, all that sugar will just turn into fat, Pun said. Even if you dont notice it yourself, your body will become dry over time. We constantly lose water and ions from our bodies, not just when doing sports, but in all kinds of casual everyday activities. If we only drink water when we sweat heavily, the sensation of thirst will subside and the volume of urination will increase, even though the body has not recovered from dehydration, because the body reacts to prevent further dilution of body fluid. When they drank POCARI SWEAT they recovered from dehydration more quickly than when they drank water. Hydrating while drinking and after an evening on the town is key to staving off dehydration and lessening the severity of hangovers. Damaged packaging may allow the surrounding air, which might contain bacteria, to enter. Water is a lot cheaper than a sports drink, said Chan. Calories: 28kcal, Protein: 0g , Carbohydrate: 7.3g, Fat: 0g, Sodium 49mg, Ingredients Face Off: Should the government limit the size of sugary drinks? If our body loses just 3% of its fluid, we experience symptoms like strong thirst, grogginess, and loss of appetite; if we lose 4 to 5% of our loss, dehydration occurs, with symptoms of fatigue, headache, and dizziness. This is because the ions in POCARI SWEAT causes the body to retain its liquid longer, thus making it harder for us to get dehydrated. It was only after 1000 early variations of the drink were created, that Pocari Sweat officially hit the shelves in 1980.

In conclusion if you often exercise outdoors and sweat a lot, then help yourself to a Pocari or Gatorade but not too many. Muscle cramps can occur due to the lack of warm up, too much exertion or a lack of electrolytes. Their purpose is to [replace] electrolyte, or mineral, loss from sweat and the energy loss with sugar. 1 hour at approx. But I did my best to keep my cool both mentally and physically with 4 cold showers and multiple bottles of cold Pocari Sweat before the race..

Sleeping its one of the few activities that every single person in the world does on a regular basis. HKDSE - Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education. Photo courtesy of Pocari Sweat. allows you to smoothly replenish your body with the water and ions (electrolytes) you lose by sweating. 350ml Bottle 500 ml, Playing soccer approx. In addition, Pocari Sweat contains the appropriate concentration of sodium, potassium, and other ions (electrolytes), allowing the body to absorb water quickly and without strain. was developed in 1980 by Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd in Japan. Now that we all know exactly what Pocari Sweat is, lets look at why you should drink it, and when it is best to do so. The body becomes dry even without exercising. It was then distributed in Hong Kong, then Singapore and South Korea. TIL: Pokmon is an abbreviation of Pocket Monsters. Sponsored POCARI SWEAT can help prevent dehydration in patients with dengue fever so that the process of platelets maturation can run smoothly and on time.

4 easy lifestyle changes to help make getting fit and staying healthy easier. Of course, there are plenty more uses for Pocari, but the above four scenarios are likely encountered on a regular basis by many in Vietnam.

What is spontaneous dehydration? Although POCARI SWEAT is slightly sour in taste, it is still acceptable to the stomach. This is the reason why the composition of our bodily fluid is similar to that of seawater containing ions (electrolytes). Is drinking plain water enough to rehydrate properly while playing sport or sweating significantly? But, for better rehydration process, once ORS is available, ORS consumption is recommended for diarrhea management as per WHO recommendation guidelines. As Pocari Sweat contains no preservatives, we recommend that you finish drinking the bottle on the same day you open it. The presence of carbohydrates rapidly speeds up the absorption of water from the intestines into the body. A case of mistaken (phone number) identity. The scientific evidence of product has been proven in a variety of studies and investigations. Dehydration can inhibit our activities because it can lead to rapid fatigue, difficulty in focusing and even dizziness. People lose fluid from their body in all kinds of everyday activities. This brings the total number of Covid-19 cases reported in Singapore to 63,924. Now that the importance of rehydration is better understood, however, active rehydration during sports is widely encouraged. You dont have to just take our word on this though the Saigon Triathlon Club chose Pocari over every other drink as their exercise beverage, while Hoang Le Giang the first Vietnamese national to reach the North Pole drank Pocari to stay hydrated in harsh conditions. Even up to today, the drink finds innovative ways to inspire the next generation of active consumers in the region to follow their aspirations, as seen in this gorgeous commercial by Pocari Sweat Indonesia: Its not just another flavoured sports beverage either. It is the perfect beverage to help hydrate you in many occasions - such as when you are sick, have no appetite, work in the heat or hot environments where there is a risk of heat stroke, play sports, take a hot bath, drink alcohol, or when it's dry outside, such as during the winter. This means that it takes little to disrupt the body fluid balance of a child. Sodium ionsRegulate the osmotic pressure and liquid content in the body, support the transmission of nerve signals as well as muscle contraction. This is why sweat is salty. Drink up! It hydrates you for 19% longer than other similar drinks, It is absorbed 2.3 faster, thanks to its sodium and glucose content, It helps replace the ions and water you lose when you sweat, It supports our bodys mucous membranes in achieving their functions of catching viruses and bacteria. Pocari Sweat is quickly absorbed by the body, as it is a solution that approximates the natural electrolyte concentration of our cells. For those who love soft drinks and energy drinks but dont want the extra sugar in their bodies, Pun said that low-sugar, or diet versions of these drinks, such as Aquarius Zero and Coke Zero, are good alternatives. If the fluid lost is not replaced, the patient will become weak and some functions / processes in the body will be impaired.

About It resembles the natural fluid balance in the human body. If you sweat a lot and lose a lot of body fluid, you wont be able to lower your body temperature. Does it help to prevent hangovers after partying? Screenshot courtesy of Pocari Sweat, SMAS President Dr. Dinesh Sirisena adds, As a professional sports medicine and sports science association, we believe that Pocari Sweat rehydrates suitably after exercise, especially in hot climates like Singapore. Calories: 25kcal, Protein: 0g , Carbohydrate: 6.7g, Fat: 0g, Nutrition information (per 100ml) Ulcers are caused by irregular eating patterns or psychological burden / stress and not because of too much isotonic drinks. The importance of rehydration for children, The importance of hydration for elderly people. It will quickly and easily replenish water and ions that your body needs. POCARI SWEAT?s role is to restore ions and the body fluid quickly, not to increase stamina like other energy drinks. When sweat is evaporated, it removes heat from the surface of the body, helping to lower the temperature of the body after it heats up. 4 hours at approx. Chances are, youve seen Pocari Sweat on your supermarket shelves, convenience store shelves, and vending machines. Furthermore, a child wearing a hood to prevent sunburn will be exposed to even higher temperatures, resulting in even worse dehydration. Otsuka Pharmaceutical in Japan first developed Pocari Sweat, and the name of the drink itself is a clue as to what it does.

With Pocari Sweat joining forces with various organizations to promote sports, stay tuned to their social media pages @PocariSG to learn about upcoming activities you can join like SMAS Annual Symposium in September 2021. Elderly people tend to have less fluid in their bodies than young people, because they generally have lower renal function and less muscle. The function of salts in isotonic drinks is to replace body ions that are lost along with the fluids, so that the fluid balance between water and ions is maintained. For this reason, a phenomenon known as spontaneous dehydration occurs, in which the volume of bodily fluid cannot be adequately restored. Why is it a good idea to drink POCARI SWEAT when you have dengue fever? Pocari Sweat should be reserved for athletes who train outdoors, according to the Hong Kong Dietary Association. By doing so, we can take care of our health better and our activities can run smoothly. Available in Bahrain and Kuwait. hink twice before you reach for that Pocari Sweat the next time youre at 7-Eleven.

The sensation of thirst that we feel after sweating heavily is a part of the bodys mechanism for trying to restore lost fluid to the body. By continuing to browse the site, you agree to our use of cookies. However, some people might run for 20 or 30 minutes to lose weight, then throw away all of their hard work by [drinking] extra calories with an energy drink, he said. We Are Hiring If we only drink water, the electrolyte levels in the body becomes too diluted causing the body to get rid of excess fluids.

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