Just you, your Foe, the referee, and a group of spectators. His philanthropic strain stems from personal experience. When I got back there it was so hot.' I actually been talking to Zack porter aka True grit since last week trying help him get into a gym in Washington.. Look at this beating he laid down and I must say he looks damn solid on the feet even though it's vs a scrub.. His head movement alone speaks volumes to his potential.. Plus his Nipsey Outfit is a plus. You got adrenaline for the first round if you're lucky, but once you set on that stool and take the break, it starts running out and you're just relying on your heart rate. ", "I've settled hundreds of disputes in our area, and hope to settle THOUSANDS more, all while entertaining my viewers. It's hard to join a wrestling team when you are 20 years old and you're not in school.

", "You fight it out. In 2018, Streetbeefs posted more than 220 videos. If you get your ass kicked, you get your ass kicked. By his own count, he has spent nine years in and out of jail. It's believed this deal fell through. Like Ron 'The West Virginia Ninja,' who as per the dictates of Bushido,fought Icy Mike wearing what appears to be cargo pants and a loose-fitting polo shirt. Other than that, I have already started with my clothing line, and will also be looking to do some movies, anything is possible if you put your mind in to do it. Miracle Baby Josiah Hits Homerun with New Baseball Bat, Martin: S01xE26: Baby, You Can Drive My Car, Today my Daughter Jamila Lynn turns 1 years old SIP Baby girl, #Soinlovefamily Can't say No to Miracle baby Josiah on his 4th Birthday, Raising our Miracle Baby Josiah (Snippet), Miracle Baby Josiah falls asleep at Revelation Church, Baby pitbull dog Blaze wont stop crying. Coach Ap-Finding a good title for your video, Miracle Baby Josiah falls asleep watching his favorite So in Love Family videos, Feeding my baby cousin fake snacks until she realizes . Chris "Scarface" Wilmore hosts the events at various locations on the east coast, with their primary base of operations being in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Press J to jump to the feed. Some of the talent on display is actually pretty decent, and it's easy to see why Streetbeefs has become a YouTube hit. Wanting to join the rest of our members? lol where did he get dunder mifflin trunks. And that's why I created Streetbeefs," says Willmore in 'Guns to Gloves'. You have to be very disciplined. Im looking for new ways to keep myself busy and improve my lifestyle much better. The 14-ounce gloves felt like 20 pounds on my hands. Let's go.' Because not a lot of people are willing to do it, you know? You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Wilmore, 40, isn't shy about his own criminal record, which includes assault and drug possession. We're hugging, and there's no one different from anyone.

I don't even want to go out there and fight, but I'm gonna do it. The channel now boasts over 1,600 videos with close to half a billion total views, and 1.88 million subscribers. I train and prepare for the fight as usual.I recently ordered a cool T-shirt from my friends @belicomma websitehttps://edirterry.com/shop/Hes a great guy. They come to release stress and anger, or to pursue an improbable dream of being discovered online and embarking on careers as professional fighters. Click the link and follow it on all social networks MERCHANDISE: INSTAGRAM: FACEBOOK PAGE: SUBSCRIBE TO Lord Besteban ANGLES ALTERNATIVE DEMON BOYS BOXING OUR PARTIES ARE 100% LEGAL. First, I love to train MMA and lifting weights to me is a lifestyle, I do it for the love and just enjoy and have fun a lot while doing it, makes me feel great with myself. In 2020, Willmore announced that Streetbeefs had struck a verbal deal which would see the best Steetbeefs talent siphoned into the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. ", "I was bullied when I was younger. The 2016 documentary "Guns to Gloves" features Wilmore telling his story.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]. JavaScript is disabled. "If you had a dispute, and you were afraid it was going to get out of hand, I'd allow you to solve your dispute in a controlled fashion with MMA gloves and a ref. Fighters supply their own 14-ounce boxing gloves, or four to six ounce MMA gloves. Fights like these are par for the course for Streetbeefs. We gave it a little hug there. I am good to go. I was the chubby kid in the class. I am originally from Venezuela, Caracas, so as an immigrant in USA, I didnt have all the papers that were needed to fight in the big fights when I started in MMA at 19 years of age. It doesn't matter who you are going against, any of that. Arrebatados |Ateve #1 |http://www.americateve.com/. Love watching his fights! I wasn't training or anything. The promotion even had a video game in the works, Streetbeefs: Gloves Up, before it was abandoned due to the competition posed by UFC 4.

A few say fighting is simply in their nature. I like the discipline of it. , and its subscriber base by 70,000 all while scraping in up to an estimated $126,000 in monthly earnings. I want that when my clients are working with me, they are physically and mentally fit, so that they can live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Make them fit, not just physically but also mentally. But with almost half a billion views on YouTube, Streetbeefs is fast becoming an online sensation. I grew up fighting. Graphic: Baby Survives for Days on Top of Dead Mother by Gnawing Hands, https://teespring.com/stores/streetbeefs-2, https://www.facebook.com/Stree.tbeefs-live-10960043, https://www.facebook.com/group.s/714513338665449/?r, https://www.youtube.com/channe.l/UCgkCTGiO0zK7xG_sS, https://www.youtube.com/channe.l/UCEWaFXnVtwhpsiZJV. Read more in-depth features covering some of the most famous moments and figures in UFC and sporting history. The video has been seen by over 100,000. ", "You definitely respect somebody more that you fought, regardless if you beat them or they beat you. I want to prove myself to my daughter. Long story short, Rampage Black got knocked out severely. If a bank transfer is made but no receipt is uploaded within this period, your order will be cancelled. I train my clients to eat healthy, think positive and be physically fit. I don't have to do it at a bar or anywhere else. This kid came down, his name's Sage, from New Jersey, and he wanted to fight and no one was going to fight him. While Streetbeefs began as a medium for beef-resolution and still is it has become increasingly organised along the lines of professional combat sports. So I was, like, you know what? Please like, share or comment below. ", "It's a peaceful event. People need that sometimes. I first became the regional champion, then state champion and then the World Champion. A couple of kids would jump me if I was going to the restroom or the locker room. It's kinda like anxiety. Congratulations to all Kazakhstanis on the 30th anniversary of independence! He says he hopes to soon start paying those who staff security, referee or assist with Street Beefs social media. That's kinda why the fight ended: I was throwing up in my corner there. Baby after 50: It happened for this couple! Or this slugfest between Big Country Girl and Female Bodybuilder. As per Streetbeefs' YouTube channel, the rules of combat are pretty simple: It also notes, as if to preemptively answer what most are thinking, that "OUR EXHIBITION MATCHES ARE 100% LEGAL.". It wasn't until 2015 that he upped the production value and monetized his YouTube channel. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE 18 OR OLDER. We will verify and confirm your receipt within 3 working days from the date you upload it. covering some of the most famous moments and figures in UFC and sporting history. Streetbeefs (or StreetBeefs or Street Beefs) is a backyard fighting club and YouTube channel founded in 2008[a] that hosts fighting such as boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts. The two surfer Diaz bros lol, valuable double post for you fellas, baby hulk has started a channel, fewer than 1000 subscribers, so get in early, MMA fighter and nerd. STREETBEEFS founder SCARFACE was the focus of the NEW YORK TIMES documentary GUNS TO GLOVES and was also on the February 2019 issue of ESPN THE MAGAZINE. Watch the complete video interview. No matter what style they want to train and compete in, be able to make them achieve their goals through my school. You always had little bicker matches or a little wrestle-off, and it just made you closer. And this gives me a positive outlook. I wanted to watch his spirit break even if it means I've got to rearrange my nose at the end. Walking back to get to your yard was just scary. No guns, no knives, no gangs of friends jumping around. Sometimes people refer to it as "Satan's backyard.". But some, having discovered Street Beefs via YouTube, drive from as far as Miami and Boston. It's really respect. His voice carries -- you can hear it across The Yard even when he's not talking loudly. He is one of my inspirations to keep fighting at 411.5. My main aim with my clients is to train them to live a healthy lifestyle. Feel free to Sign Up today. Bringing you everything Mixed martial arts. A crowd gathers around Wilmore, who is dressed in his usual blacks and grays, a headband around his shaved head, as he announces the day's fighters. The promotion has even gone where no combat sports dares by hosting inter-gender bouts, like this one between Gash and Gumby. ", "I saw these guys on the internet, they don't know anybody from anybody. Streetbeefs is a club where people bond with each other and develop lasting friendships, while providing a safer outlet for aggressive young men and women to resolve disagreements without killing each other or going to jail. Hopefully they put me on the mat and some big names. I am and I wouldnt, so, fair assessment. Streetbeef's roster of fighters are a colorful assortment of what appear to be ex-cons, drifters, trailer park residents, and troubled youth, who fight under some of the best nicknames you're likely to hear: Baby Hulk, Iraqi Assassin, White Trash Animal, Italian Tyson, Kuntry Hoodlum, Cornflake (AKA The Cereal Killer), Jamaican Rudeboy, Mr. Mud the list goes on. But they almost all talk about the test in the ring, how much they respect one another's willingness to fight for no money, the punches in the face, the focus, the pain, the adrenaline -- and more than anything else, in the calm aftermath of it all, the surprising bond they feel with their opponents. Willmore, who was the focus of the New York Times documentary 'Guns to Gloves', wanted to create a safe space, if you will, where troubled neighbourhood men could settle beefs in controlled fashion. So, I can actually shake hands with somebody and it's more of a sport than, you know, than getting yourself in trouble for an assault or anything like that. I am not picking a fight.

Welcome to /r/short: Celebrating being FUN SIZED for 10 years! All rights reserved. I have a daughter. I didnt know it was going to be that crazy., Terry said he has been ready since for another opponent and was set to compete at Titan FC 49 in April, but an opponent wasnt found.Hopefully I can fight in June. And then, I don't know, you just become closer -- like, growing up with your best friend. I can come up here and shake his hand before and punch him in the face a couple of times and knock each other down and get out and shake hands again and it's OK. ", "I just feel like if we can step in the ring -- put your all in there, you know, when you're done, you can separate your differences and still walk away shaking each other's hands and just be a better person. It's just because you know you are about to get punched in the face or vice versa. ", Willmore explained the genesis of the name 'Satan's Backyard' to his. Their fights are just as gritty as anything on the Streetbeefs catalogue. looks like a foot of height difference baby hulk must be like 5'1-5'3", Beach, big beach, and true grit are the 3 best guys I've seen besides baby hulk.. The event airs on UFC Fight Pass. I want the best guys because they are going to test my skills.. They can just train to be fit, or to be an amateur fighter in any competition, or be a professional fighter like me, or just learn self defense, and I can help them with all or any of that. So to be able to fight somebody and come out respecting him and building a friendship, I definitely look forward to that. The men -- and yes, it's primarily men -- who gather are manual laborers, construction workers, furniture movers and the like. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Titan FC 50 takes place June 29 at the Xtreme Action Park in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. We've become more of like a big family, where if someone needs help, they can lean on us. It felt like my lungs were going to collapse. That inspired me to join MMA. ", "People just dying every day either [with] drugs or guns. It's a lot of exhaustion. And this kid's like 6-foot, probably 200 pounds. which would see the best Steetbeefs talent siphoned into the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. Most live within a few hours of Wilmore's renowned backyard. Lets support the guy and buy something from him.. AmricaTeV is an independent television station in Spanish based in Miami, with air and cable distribution in the markets of Miami, Tampa, Orlando, New York, and Puerto Rico. It felt like I couldn't breathe. It was only a matter of time that I realized I wanted to be a fighter. Fighters duke it out on dirt, sometimes mud or leaves, in an octagon made of the type of chain-link fence you'd see at a construction site. It's a positive outlook and helps with the stress. Pretend all you want, but once you're in there, it's just you -- by yourself. He had blood coming out of his eardrum, his mouth, his nose. Join the Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/group.s/714513338665449/?r ALTERNATIVE ANGLES https://www.youtube.com/channe.l/UCgkCTGiO0zK7xG_sS DEMON BOYS BOXING https://www.youtube.com/channe.l/UCEWaFXnVtwhpsiZJV OUR MATCHES ARE 100% LEGAL. For someone who was once in a cycle of prison, opioid-addiction, and drug dealing, Chris Willmore has done pretty well for himself. I was just out of breath, and my legs and arms felt like jello. Thats why I have started training fighters. Watch beach and big beach.. The video of him connecting a vicious Muay Thai kick at Februarys show in Fort Lauderdale, Fl has gone viral. 1st and 1st place-First Karate Talent Contest 2005, 1st and 2st place-Open Tournament South Atlantic Karate Association 2005, 1st and 1st place-Karate Do Legends Gichin Funakoshi, Shinan Fumio 2005, 1st and 1st place-Karate Do Legends Chuzo Kotaka 2006, 1st and 1st place-Karate Do Legends Chuck Merriman 2006, January 24th 2009 (Warriors Collide 7) Split Loss, July 18th 2009 (Warriors Classic 5) Unanimous Win, January 16th 2010 1st Annual Tri-State Battle (Evolution AMMA) Unanimous Win, May 19th 2012 West Palm Beach Grappling Championship (NAGA Fighter) Gold Medal, 3 Submission, 1 Top Score, October 6th 2012 Florida Grappling NAGA Championship (NAGA Fighter) Silver Medal, lost by 1-0 point, July 25th 2015 Mixed Striking Championship 2 (MSC) 4rd of 3 min Split Loss, June 25th 2010 New Generation 2 (MFA Promotions) 1st round 0:19 second TKO Win, October 23rd 2010 Fight Time 2 (Fight Time Promotions) 3rd round of 5 min Unanimous Loss, June 21st 2013 Fight Time 15 (Fight Time Promotions) 1 st round 1:09 minute Submission Win, August 23rd 2013 Fight Time 16 (Fight Time Promotions) 3rd round of 5 min Unanimous Win, May 7th 2016 House of Fame 5 (Resurrection Day) 3rd round of 5 min Unanimous Win, May 19th 2017 Titan FC 44 (Torres vs Sharipov) 3 rd round of 5 min Unanimous Loss, February 16th 2018 Titan FC 48 (Torres vs Orellano) 1 rd round 1:05 minute KO Win, January 25th 2019 Titan FC 52 (Soares vs Uruguai) 5 rd round of 5 min Unanimous Loss, April 26th 2019 Titan FC 54 (Soares vs Franca) 3 rd round of 5 min Split Loss, May 21th 2021 Combate Global (Rosario vs Perez) 3 rd 3:31 minute TKO Win, October 23rd 2021 XMMA (Vice City) 3 rd round of 5 min Unanimous Win. They have fighters of varied skill levels, but they're noted for providing an avenue for inexperienced fighters outside of more formal amateur competitions. After that, I kept just wondering when the round was over. UFC 268 Usman vs Covington II + Namajunas vs Zhang ll FIGHT WEEK + Baby Hulk & Edir Terry Interview, UFC 268 Kamaru Usman vs Colby Covington II, Rose Namajunas vs Weili Zhang ll, Justin Gaethje vs Michael Chandler FIGHT WEEK + Predictions, StreetBeefs Champ David Baby Hulk Wilson + XMMA 3 Fighter Edir Terry interview + MORE MMA NEWS! I just dont train my clients physically, I also help them get a positive outlook to life and stay focused. Freestyle Fighting Academy (FFA) Edir Terry (6-2) victorious kick against his foe Irwin Rivera atTitan FC 48 earned him more than a win. Or the type of fights that were once confined to the prison yard, like that between a reformed neo-Nazi and Crip (video below). And he said 'It was like hell. I want to fight in April but they couldnt find me a fight, he said. But when they train with me, before we start with the physical aspect of the training, I train them to be mentally fit. "I talked to him a couple of days later and said 'What was it like, yo?' I had started learning karate when I was about 15 or 16 years of age. And the promotion offers intriguing matchups you're not likely to see on a UFC pay-per-view any time soon. Streetbeefs is a club where people form a bond with each other, and develope lasting friendships, while providing a safer outlet for aggressive young men and women to solve disagreements without killing each other or going 2 jail. Some call it UFC for rednecks. Then, the second thought, 'I need to do more defense.' Wilmore originally started the organization to help settle disputes and provide an alternative to more dangerous forms of street violence. Nine times out of 10 in a street fight, one person in that fight doesn't really want to fight.

'', "You gotta have your team there. SOME MATCHES ARE PURELY FOR SPORT, some are REAL beef, and ALL are entertaining. I keep watching my video over and over again. I am just trying to do something better for my life. I am actually surprised I got out there and did it myself, honestly. "It's essentially the same as if we want to go play backyard football," Wilmore says. It comes from me being the aggressor.

Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But fear gets in the way for a lot of people from doing things they want to do. There are no professional medical personnel present, no physicals required and no blood testing. I feel like we've evolved from throughout the thousands of years we've been on this earth but fighting has always been an instinct that's within the human nature. Some call it UFC for rednecks. Since there is no admission fee, and no payment, it's not regulated by the state athletic commission. The promotion even had a video game in the works, , before it was abandoned due to the competition posed by, In 2020, Willmore announced that Streetbeefs had. And in terms of fight wear, anything goes. I don't have to look forward to being away from my family for six months. At the end, we're still the same. Walking Dead Corpse Babysitter arrested for the fentanyl death of 15-month-old baby, Nasty Hindustani CaveBeast Baby Cracklin' Drinking Pig Milk, Detroit Dad holding his baby fights off crazy azz Negro who pointed gun at him for no reason, Dad Gives Adorable Baby Boo A Taste of His Own Medicine, Baby DOG KILL A BIG RAT / EXTREME FIGHT TO DEATH INSIDE THE HOUSE, RE: PART 2 THEANDREW SHOW ( DETROIT HAS SINGLE BABY MOMMA DAY ) BABY DADDIES BEWARE, Professor Black Truth - Baby Formula Crisis: A Case Study In Man-Made Disasters, Rosemary's baby and self driving stroller scares NY public half to death, Queen Ma'at Girl Presents White Wednesdays The End Of Title 42 A Dreamers Dream & American, BABY CINO: SHOT DEAD 30 MIN AFTER RELEASE FROM MIAMI JAIL. 22 Year Old Florida Woman Found Shot in a canal with her baby, ? I want people to know what kind of fighter I am, and help people in the competition achieve their goals and stay fit. Its crazy. I've always used sports as my outlet for my anger. Terry also spoke about being a trainer, coach and training at FFA. STREETBEEFS | BABY HULK vs PAINKILLA Even when I get hit in the head -- that guy, Dirty Harry, he was elbowing me in the head and hitting me in the face, and it didn't matter to me because I wanted to break him. Use tab to navigate through the menu items. He got f**ked up. I just want to do something with my life. The YouTube revenue has allowed Wilmore to quit his day job as a personal trainer to run Street Beefs full time. I lost. I was training for a couple of months, and one day this kid just pushed me and I just snapped, and I stood up for myself, and a lot of kids stopped messing with me after that. I feel like society could do the same. Last time I checked it had more than 100,00 views. I know with all that knowledge I can train and help people achieve their goals, to be a champion on MMA or to just stay fit. It was in juvenile detention that he learned to box. Once that adrenaline runs out, you just rely on cardio. ", "When I am pinning somebody, I have full control over the fight. Behind the scenes, he's steered Streetbeefs to off-the-charts growth, all while doubling as ring announcer, part-time referee, and occasional fighter. I have resolved hundreds of disputes in our area with this method and I hope to resolve THOUSANDS more, while entertaining my viewers. Willmore explained the genesis of the name 'Satan's Backyard' to his YouTube followers thusly: Curiously, Willmore also made sure to clarify owing to online criticism he received for the name his stance on Satanism, and put paid to any speculation that he himself is Lucifer: Amongst other venues, which include patches of dirt by a forest, Streetbeefs fights principally take place in Satan's Backyard, where combatants fight over three, two-minute rounds. and there's a lot I am angry about. Royce was crazy hahaha was one of the smallest guys in the tournament.

MMA was not that famous then, not many people knew about it. But because I wanted to be the a UFC champion, I did my training. I wanna be a champion. Viewers are drawn in by the raw visceral energy of the fighters, and their crude surrounds. I still train and compete in competition myself. It gives you a reason to respect them. Terry, who competes in the bantamweight division, where Jose Shorty Torres holds the title, says he is ready to face the best of the best.I dont care who ever they put in front of me, he said. And he helped me a lot before the fight with Sabina Mazo. Streetbeefs Scrapyard operates out of Gig Harbor Washington, and Streetbeefs Dirty South operates out of Texas. A lot of girls, they have a lot of fear, and that fear keeps them from pushing for what they really want to do. I work in the following things, Im a professional MMA fighter, MMA coach, fitness coach, strength and condition coach, inter marketer, fight team manager, novice film producer, novice photographer, blogger, investor and entrepreneur.
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