The Vatican makes these guys look homeless. In his defence, Sermon Index founder Greg Gordon claimed, I have seen firsthand the work in Asia, the training of ministry leaders, churches, and Bridge of Hope centers. Kerala native Yohannanis the self-declared metropolitan archbishop of the church he founded in 1993. The only reason why poor followers are giving to these criminals is because they teach them to simply give the men of cloths and God will bless them. How can an individual make so much money in less than two decades?Yohannan and his accomplices in the name of Christian mission established a huge business empire.". People wake up. If it were so, the realities of current existence might be very different. Can the Tour de France work an economic miracle for Lourdes? But they use money to hide their crimes. Yohannan is believed to be the richest evangelist in Asia with assets over $175 million. What makes these and all Sunday pastors false is their teachings.

Later, he declared himself as an Archbishop and hired 6 junior Bishops under him. Love you bro. It is now part of the Kerala Council of Churches and has branches in Kerala and several other states. especially in Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Andhira Just another archaic ritual that was handed down through the centuries. followers in every churches whom never bothered about all these things. Gender activists push to stop anthropologists from marking human remains as male or female, Uttar Pradesh: Farmer files complaint against Lord Indra for lack of rain in Gonda, Tahsildar forwards it to district admin, Bollywood tends to undermine our culture and heritage: Actor Nikhil Siddharth in exclusive interview ahead of release of Karthikeya 2, Exclusive: Dalit Christian employee of Loyola College alleges caste discrimination, sexual harassment and more, names principal in scandal, Exclusive breakdown of PFI India Vision 2047: Establishment of Islamic govt, murder of coward Hindus, arms training, infiltration of Judiciary and more, SP leaders, local Muslims, conspired to takeover a Krishna Temple land in Mathura 15 years ago, turned it into graveyard during COVID: Details. In a major crackdown in November 2020, the Income Tax Department hadraidedthe premises of Believers Eastern Church in Thiruvalla in central Kerala.

For his larger-than-life and cult status, Yohannan had drawn the ire of the members of the Christian community. The Commandments purpose is to test His people. christian institution will not support even 7% poor christian children study in As of 2022, the church has several branches across the US, UK, Canada, and South Africa. You know where all these thing are happening? These men are blind guides and Christ said if the blind leads the blind they both will fall into a pit(hell) All you people who follow these false prophets are heading to the same place they are going because you all follow rules and traditions made up by men ie pagan practices like sunday worship, easter and xmas. Thats why all these churches are so eager to join with it in one world united churches. He declared himself as a Bishop and had appointed Bishops from North India and the Church of South India for his coronation as a Bishop.

You worship Him in vain. this is not acceptable do to there are no females. 1Timoth6v1-5 is all about false teachers and the love of money.

You think your giving in offering or sacrificial seeds or tithes is a donation to God or to the church or you are helping or enriching your pastors. So be guided. Your small contribution can make a big difference. In June 2015, the Kerala government had issued orders to recover land illegally owned by the Believers Eastern Church. I could listen to a Donald Trump speech right now and I guarantee I wouldnt get faith from it. Even if you want to look at the amount of money that they have and get angry about it, you cant deny that these people have made incredible advances for God and brought so many people to Christ. These pastors are only following in the footsteps of BABYLON THE GREAT MOTHER OF ALL PROSTITUTES. Ministry is often referred to as the highest calling among the faithful, and can also be the most lucrative. click here to refresh. While it is true God tests His faithful followers through the giving of tithes and offerings, these money is the Lords. Two Suspects Arrested In Connection With a Series of Robberies that Life Lift Systems After Shark Tank 2022 Update. The trend where pastors enmass wealth is not good. For the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil. WATCH OUT FOR FALSE PROPHETS. Leaders of other churches in Indiaweretightlipped over the raid. there are 5% or 10% good and honest christian As such, the Kerala government issued orders for its recovery. On one hand a lot of churches teach that we should be good stewards with our stuff, but when it comes to giving, we are told to tithe to God no questions asked. Hes also the founder of Spirit Embassy, which he founded at the age of 29. Malachi 3:8-9. What I see wrong is with all these wealth non has a university for the poor, or how many give schlarship for the poor. The Believers Eastern Church also funded several political parties. Is this what your jesus taught you? As of 2022, the church also has branches in South Sudan, Ghana, Malawi, and several other African countries. their own family members, help and support to grow and practice the As for the Church being corrupt from its inception I believe Jesus and the Apostles would take exception to that, as do I. Jesus said you cannot serve God and money. Sunday worship is not the will of God the Christian Sabbath is. Contact us: [emailprotected]. Btw, the Vatican has more money than many countries combined. Support UCA News. Truly the way these end time pastors hunt for money. A Nigeria pastor, he gave his life to Christ in 1969 at the age of 15. Alph Lukau is the richest pastor in the world. Although Yohannan had claimed that the revenue from the real estate was to make the Church self-sufficient for running orphanages, it was found that the evangelist spent more than 300 crores on the property. never show any account to the government that how much property the church Support Asia's largest network of Catholic journalists and editors.

He has also hosted several television programs. Of course the Lord will not come and get it. And other layperson. By 1981, he had started his own ministry, having answered the call to become a pastor. The law allows foreign donations mainly for projects that help the betterment of poor people, The headquartersof the Believers' Church in India's Keralastate where income tax officials began a search for unaccounted wealth. And I am not basing that off money, but by what they teach. Currently, there are more than 70 branches in over a dozen different countries in the world. After reading this article and reading the comments, I see a lot of people lost. Some of his other establishments include The Founders Inn and Conference Centre, ABC Family Channel, CBN Asia, and Regent University. The tax laws in most countries attribute certain assets to the religious organization and not the individual at the head, so not all assets may be accounted for. Is there any catholic priest whose name appears in the list. MATTHEW 7:15, These guys are scum if christ walked in these churches today he wouldnt even recognize it These guys are pimps from Memphis why do they think they can reap the benefits of the gospel to exploit people and prey on their fear of hell, These men are shepherds that eat the sheep in their care. In January this year, about 25 Christian leaders came forward to vouch for the credibility and integrity of his Texas-based Trust named Gospel for Asia. Here we break down a list of 10 men of the cloth that can line their wallets with silk. Where are these high falootin preachers on this issue alone? The pastors are to teach them Gods way so that they can posses wealth not to give their monies to them. All figures are based on personal assets and income as stated by personal and observed disclosures. These men on this list are false prophets! The lives and ministry of these men, and many more like them, in no way reflect the life and ministry of Jesus Christ or his disciples. That is what a Godly man of God should do. Like I have asked questions just where in all the universe is there a person who doesnt eat,dont need clothes to wear, BUT breathes only air to live, everyone of us need food and water to live, clothes to wear to be decent-it costs money, too. And there are so many other people that have similar stories. The law allows foreign donations mainly for projects that help the betterment of poor people. 1st of all the 1st day is not the day of sacred(holy) assembly(worship) and rest but the 7th day Sabbath, Jesus kept it and the disciples did as well. Some people even say that he has the ability to raise people up from the dead, in addition to other miracles. Pradesh and Kerala. It is no secret that the Catholic church going back to its inception was corrupted and vile. Modern church leaders "are after money and have lost the sense of religion and God, and justice and love, that Jesus taught us.

Can you compare so called men of God with the apostles? To be a rich man, is to turn your back on the poor. Unknown to you all this fulfills the prophecy in Daniel 7v25. My name is Teri Spears, I believe om the new Justyce where love one another comes above all. Is there anyone on this site that has an education above the 1st grade? David Oyedepo is the founder of Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners Chapel. These other guys are clearly of this world. Its because they give back to the community thats why God keeps blessing them but people dont know. Its not all about testing, Its His way of blessing His people and that at the end His people will come back to dwell with Him. Everything is done for an eternal purpose with the longevity of a church in mind where millions are experiencing Christs love who have never heard the name of Jesus. This same amount of time could be much better spent on finishing my math homework. What is it these people give in return?

Draupadi Murmu to become next president of India defeating opposition candidate Yashwant Sinha, Saint attempted self-immolation in Bharatpur after 550+ days of protest to save sacred land from illegal mining in Rajasthan. you guys probabally dont have money just feel bad about rich guys. are spending, to whom, and when. Or Did you sign a covenant with poverty? Just no. However, a Christian lay leader in Kerala, Shaiju Antony, welcomed the search. We need your support to fight them. Most churches have lost track," he added.

The tv ones ALWAYS talking about give give give $$$! Benny with his sleepin wit paula white butt need to give his money away. Church protests India's apathy toward coastal erosion, Timor-Leste told to drop charges against scribe, Activists spurn newly elected Sri Lankan president, Korean Catholics pay tribute to 19th century martyrs, Hunger pangs on Slave Island as Sri Lanka's food prices rocket, Malawi priest jailed for killing man with albinism dies, Bishops express hope of US sanction of Nigeria over anti-Christian violence. They are working together every day and night to prolong another life of a person. You better wake up from your day dreams. Shame on you.

OMy..God..are these so call pastors doing any humble work with people in need..or are they just collecting from those that are in need..????

Anyone who believes that Jesus is in anyway involved with these mega churches and rich pastors is deluded and needs to spend more time reading their Bible. It had purchased 2,263 acres of rubber plantations from Harrisons Malayalam Limited for 85 crores in 2005. One lay Christian leader named Shaiju Antony said, The Believers Church and its self-declared Archbishop KP Yohannan amassed huge wealth through foreign donations and purchased land and estates of thousands of acres in several parts of the country., He added, One rubber estate it purchased in Kottayam[district in Kerala]alone is close to 2,500 acres.

He doesnt need them. You need to know what Gospel is all about? Uebert Angel is a preacher, author, and businessman. India regarding this issue. Jesus said to those who would follow Him to take up their cross and follow Him. Enoch Ademare Adeboye, also known as Daddy G.O is the senior pastor and general overseer at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, which was founded by Rev. It is willingness. Unless otherwise you tell me you do not believe in the existance of prophets to day then i will not even reason with. Please dont forget to include in your write up that a lot of TD Jakes worth net also came from his movies. easily find out that the people who works for him are very selfish, money Its the Medical professionals that are accepting and acknowledging of these Ministers and its lay people. Faith also comes from whatever you choose to hear and thats the reason why the men of cloths fill your brain with messages that teaches only on the blessing in giving to the greedy. If you think its easy, you can start a free nursery and primary school in your community. News and opinion website that brings you reports and narrative from a perspective often ignored or suppressed by the mainstream media of India. The Church had also used its funds in real estate dealings and the construction of institutions. Are you sure giving in the bible was always directed to poor? So when you call these people criminals it kinda makes me sad. The blessings of God maketh rich and add no sorrows to it. Each of these men have a different gospel, therefore, share a make believe messiah. Can't read the image?

Yes we were asked to give to our church to support it but never told how much to give. The reason you are being like this proves that you probably havent even listened to any of their words. Wake up, and trust in God only and not man! Yohannan and his accomplices in the name of a Christian mission established a huge business empire(Modern Church leaders) are after money and have lost the sense of religion and God, and justice and love, that Jesus taught us. Dispicable. Thats not all, hes also the founder of a campus fellowship called Youth for Christ, which has grown tremendously since it was first established. Go attack something else with your hatred.

Officials have sealed all the exit and entry points to the campus. God do prosper people including ministers dont get me wrong but scam is scam. No church or ministry is entitled to my money just because they say so. He had gone to his parisoners saying that if everyone that could donate donated he could get the jet which would help him reach his ministries. Best known for his Miracle Crusades,he started his ministry, Orlando Christian Centre at the age of 31. Pastor needs a new pair of everything! Do they offer jobs? He also owns several radio channels. Not only that, but hes also produced a gospel album titled, I Still Believe. Babylon the Great Mother of all prostitute churches did not create the law of tithing, God did and Jesus taught it as part of the Law of Christ.

so if I walk up to oyedepo now and give him cash nd he invests it well, den hes fake..abraham was regarded as a prophet nd he was also a business person, he certainly will be regarded as a billionaire if inflation was adjustedseek yea first the kingdom of God and all other things will be added unto you, ask urself wat are d other things , yes some pple are seeking wealth nd dey got it while some seek the kingdom of God nd dey av the oda urself from mental slavery pls..we live in a generation dat believes d devil can give u billions nd not God. This was despite the fact that the Church had claimed received the donations through proper channels. Officials of the federal Income Tax Department conduct such searches when they suspect an individual or businessis hoarding illegal money. Dr. KP Yohannan has emulated this example of sacrifice and commitment to Jesus., Whether NDTV or 'The Wire', they never have to worry about funds. "It should have been done much earlier. He has also written several books and has hosted a TV program called, Something Is About to Happen, which has aired in North America, Europe, and Africa. Aside from being a pastor, he also owns a TV channel as well as several other businesses, all of which contribute to his net worth. Born with a stutter, he was eventually healed in 1975 while preaching at Trinity Penecostal Church. No part of this publication may be reproduced without prior permission. Jesus told the rich man to sell everything he owned, give it the poor, and follow Him. Watching them use private jets, lavish clothes, jewelry as if you benefit from them having all the money? Alot of ex-addicts are alive all because of the prayers of these Ministers of Almighty GodHaving half-way homes for the ex-addicts to become clean and set-free from addictions, alot of marriages stopped from disintegrating because of spiritual counsel and prayers of these Ministers. Do you remember or have not read that Jesus was given an historical feet wash by the convented prostitute? Indian tax officials have started a searchof the headquarters of self-appointed Archbishop K.P. Do they create jobs or just the pie-in-sky of promises never kept? These are Jesuits in disguise, looking to extract as much wealth from those not understanding the any history of the Hebrews, Catholic Church, their police branch Jesuits (the ones along with Sons of Malta murdering JFK, the first Catholic US president for not doing their bidding) since all these organizations support Israel, they are the most dangerous people on the planet. Go and do the works of Abraham, so that the blessings of Abraham can come to you. minded, enjoying by swallow the offering of the innocent people, guide them to These can be used to purchase facilities, materials to be used by all members and can even be extended to others needing help. Officials also reportedly seized the mobile phones of the church's officials, blocking their communications with outsiders. A government probe found that the documents presented by Harrisons Malayalam Limited for the sale of the rubber estate were forged. Based in South Africa, he founded his church, The Enlightened Christian Gathering in 2010. All sunday churches come from the catholic church which wants world power/domination, glory and money. Interestingly enough, he had become an evangelist after failing his bar exam after graduating from law school. You dont have to be poor to prove that you are a true disciple of Jesus. Antony said the raid and such governmental actions are needed to help church leaders to "gradually open their eyes and take up their original mission.". He later became the general overseer in 1981. Kenneth Copeland rose to prominence for hosting, Believers Voice of Victory, a religious show that first aired in 1985 (the 15th season recently aired in 2020). Read your replies as they all smack of illiteracy. Let us talk about ourselves. How many houses did Jesus build. The Judicial Brief: The need for accountability and transparency in the judicial system and imperfections that must be addressed urgently, National Emblem on new parliament building: Dear Liberals, lions do have long, sharp teeth, whether you want to see them or not, No caste-based quota in Agnipath recruitment, how Indian Express spread fake news. Copyright Union of Catholic Asian News. Shepherd Bushiri, also known as Major One, is a pastor, author, motivational speaker, and businessman. Learn from them, read their books and listen to their tapes/messages on CDs, So, that your own life too will be better enriched.

I knew very well that most of the pastors and Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi in 1952. (Photo supplied), Published: November 07, 2020 04:16 AM GMT. church ministers are enter in the church ministry with nothing, but after few He fed people who were hungry. untouchabilty by dividing caste system among the churches and with in churches, Kingsley, Is it the poor followers that made them rich? But He has His own way . He has also written several books throughout his career. For one thing, theyve opened up several parishes in the United States, Africa, Nigeria, and other parts of the world. The Believers' Church owns land assets, vehicles, schools, hospitals and medical schools besides several churches in Kerala and other parts of India. Through his ministry, he has healed and saved many families throughout the years. The tithe was just a way for them to take money and build wealth and power. Jesus case of the prostitute was different, Jesus has no jet, no mansion, these case Jesus is letting us now that we should value the anointed, if Jesus want more than enough expensive oil he knows how to go about it. Lies. Their end game is this all dead; them safe.

years they possessed many thousands, lakhs and crore property and living like Tithing has always been a form of worship, it is to prove God we are willing to obey whatever He commands. People had to pay to become citizens. there is no exemption for any churches in While your so called men of God use tithes and offerings for personal use. In some places children are bred on farms to be sold to unbelievably wealthy individuals and families who rape and slaughter children for sport. i will reason with you more later. Even in our status that is not all that public how often do we give to the poor. Meet Archbishop KP Yohannan: Asia's richest evangelist infamous for diverting 'charity funds' for purchasing Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Koo (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Draupadi Murmu declared winner of the presidential election, defeats Yashwant Sinha by a wide margin, Gujarat: Congress praises Teesta Setalvad in Ahmedabad; Jignesh Mevani says, I salute this woman, Congress workers burn vehicles in Karnataka & Telangana, block railway tracks in Delhi protesting against ED interrogation of Sonia Gandhi, Delhi: LG Vinai Kumar Saxena tells Arvind Kejriwal the Singapore conference is for mayors, not advisable for a CM to attend it, Mamata Banerjees Trinamool Congress to abstain from voting in vice presidentialpolls, How Teesta, Mukul Sinha, and other activists conspired to take the Gujarat riots case against Hindus, How three bizarre articles published on the same day reflects the pathological anti-Modi bent of The Hindu. For one thing, he has two universities in Nigeria. It is seen as a method to curb unaccounted wealth. As of 2015, however, the church is known as Good News Church, though the previous name is still used occasionally. I dont know what the exchange factor is for giving money to any of them. Believers Eastern Church reportedly received over 7,000 crores in the past 8 years, through other trusts. Answer, nowhere to be found because most likely theyre a part of it all. Enough said. Joel Osteens net worth is $40 million. Even helping their own family members and communitiesask ex-Prez Obama hes worked with grassroot organization before his presidency. Catholic never force people to pay tithe. What was the reaction of the disciples? Accused of diverting funds collected for charity for religious proselytisation, he has been under the scanner of the Income Tax Department. Nothing is wrong having rich men of God, nothing wrong giving to the poor, some of them were poor before. Most of us who give to charity look for those who spend the highest percentage possible going directly to the mission. It also made me wonder why Im spending so much time responding to you.

), Also, the men of cloths or whatever you call them tell people to give and God will bless them BECAUSE ITS TRUE. Jesus was a messiah dont compare him with this pastors. The Bible tells us to be rich towards God not to hoard wealthh on earth. Genesis 14:19-20 Heard that directly from former members. Its all happening in India. However, everytime Yohannan had been in trouble, he was quick to shrewdly use his political and religious influence to get away from public accountability. #freeurselffrommentalslavery. Why this your hate comment. Yohannan had founded the Believers Christian Church in 2000 at Thiruvalla in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala. Up until his retirement in 2021, he was the host of the 700 Club, a Christian news and TV program. church singapore founder arrested swindle million asian
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