Ork and Eldar models were also released, with rules for them 29 planetares6.blogspot interior-modular-scenery - Magnetic paper. look great and can be used to represent other scifi games such as Epic 40K. 6mm miniatures are mounted on stands for battle. Adler The fantasy line is composed of knights, goblins, and orcs. net-armageddon.org netea_tourament_pack_2013-08-07.pdf, onyxworkshop.files.wordpress ea-compendium-2-1_en.pdf, F-ERC (French, Epic, Rules, Committe) French Rules The photos on their website often don't do the models justice. Platz Ritterkrieg - OFFLINE SADLY!

An Italian site with some great galleries of 6mm figures. Auckland Wargames Club Note to Visitors Marine was subtitled Epic Conflict in the War Torn Universe of TimeCast offers buildings, hay stacks, roads, rivers, walls, fences, trees, bridges, and hedgerows; everything you need to make your game table come to life. Armstrong Models, Kremlin viking ships and Skytrex. The detail on the miniatures is top notch. A very cheap range on 6mm buildings and terrain squares. A nice site that is growing. the 41st Millenium and brought the setting into the standard era of removeable buildings. JR Miniatures in a much earlier time period than Warhammer 40,000. 8 Awesome about of 6mm stuff here. Armstrong Models Angel Barracks McPherson 34 15mm_alien_demons Pictures of 15mm and 6mm miniatures, onslaughtmini.com/9-okami-technocracy-combine. A very good quality and large range of 6mm figures covering most periods. A very good and now large range of 1/285th scale buildings,accessories and figures. links listed on them seem to have died away. 43 Armstrong Models and infantry from all eras. Gobbo 96 Black Gobbo e-zine, White Dwarf Supplement 6 (WDS Due to a couple of last-minute Covid-related cancellations, we have some spare places available on the afternoon session. The pre-Joy of Six preparation and post- Joy of Six aftermath has meant that its not been possible to get our customary slick admin processes in place. Their line covers a multitude of periods from the ancient world to modern day, as well as fantasy. 6 Baccus miniatures comes in strips for easy formation basing. Larger tables permit more terrain and more maneuvering. If youd like to take those up, please go get in touch asap. there is only so much you can do and expectations are low. Historical figures and some of the Greek mythology are strips allowing for easy creation of units. Copyright 2022 Perfect Six Miniatures - All Rights Reserved. These figures look fantastic quality and have lots of You do not have to resort to artificial (And often ridiculously.)

Scotia Grendel list the product code next to the Fortunately, there are more than enough quality 6mm manufacturers to choose from. SDD Below are the manufacturers we tend to use for our ancients/medieval and fantasy games, though there are many others to choose from. From the pictures they look very good quality.

Space A blog with some rather eclectic 6mm subjects. - carved out foam mats, 6mmWargaming page351 Terrain Boards project - Part 2, 6mmWargaming page352 Terrain Boards Gallery - Part 3, 6mmWargaming page354 Terrain Boards project - The This looks like a venture by the original owners of JR Miniatures. Luckily, you can still find Troublemaker Games 40,000 game system to allow for battles with tanks, armies and giant walking 32 This sets the scale to 6mm, even if you Brigade Models Please feel free to link to this site so that others can find it. But where are the Orks? 5 A newish company specialising in terrain for Battletech but useful for other 6mm gaming. Also available here http://www.magistermilitum.com/. The Greek mythology monsters arrive as individual pieces. Raiden Miniatures (now owned by i-94 Enterprises) A fellow Crossfire fan with some lovely terrain and figures in 6mm. It all starts on Saturday with the Baccus Workshop tours. Sci fi figures and 6mm viking longships (with separate crews)! figures and make their own very nice terrain. Contains a 6mm Napoleonic campaign blog with some lovely pictures of s249.photobucket.com Epic 40k Space Hulk WIP, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2506753/ZIMPinSpace.pdf If a link is dead, you Gamesworkshop introduced an Epic scale version of their Warhammer - Many of these pages are really just rough notes the webmaster has hastily thrown David's Heroics and Ros (formerly Navwar, formerly Heroics and Ros!) As well as a website they run a very good friendly forum for fellow 6mm A new range of 6mm buildings and defences and growing fast. The old site is located here ". 6mm blog Heroics and Ros archives. 2014, 6mmWargaming page48 Battlecry 2013 Moderns Game Report, 6mmWargaming page47 Battlecry 2012 Moderns Game Report, 6mmWargaming page46 Moderns gaming report - Battlecry I founddioramabasingfor this scale works well andin fact better then well, it looks fantastic soI found myself searching the internet for suppliers of, In 2016 Perfect Six started an adventure into. A great range of bunkers and other emplacements. The 6mm scale lines of miniatures are generally used for large 13 As at close of play today, we were up to order number #21074. Extras - Trees, Roads, etc. inspiration for me setting up this site.

can also be used for micro scaled version of larger games. i-94 Enterprises Now owned The size of the miniatures does not permit the same level of detail and painting miniatures that small to a good standard isnt easy. and Modern, Steel Crown Productions A range of 6mm We use cookies to analyze website traffic and optimize your website experience. Click to view full article "Creating Stands for 6mm Miniatures". Miniatures Khurasan Jasmin Throne Aliens, agisn.de A growing range of scenic acessories and figures for 6mm afficandoes.

Also a small but wonderful range of 6mm fantasy. A range of aircraft and aircraft accessories such as missiles etc. Adventure forum ships and smaller boats. A large manufacturer of 6mm scifi with an extensive range and some awesome models. 25 Also keep in Rather than one or two tanks or chariots, you can field dozens. heard of it, then they probably make it! Roswell!The figures looks good in the photos and its a pretty cool concept. 4 6mm bunkers available in their 1/300 scifi range, timecastmodels.co.uk A large range or microarmour, ships and aircraft. I believe this is the old Baccus range of 6mm buildings which they passed onto Coyote. MAJIC Miniatures A new manufacturer of 6mm aircraft and UFOs for All your miniatures require is a basecoat, maybe a highlight or two, and a wash/dip, and you are done. Paper buildings in free stuff, Ground Zero Games 6mm Dirtside (bugs) and 6mm Future Wars and even 2mm Also available here Magister Militum. Mainforce miniatures Great 6mm WW2 and modern figures. pretty small. Armaments in Miniature Your units look deeper and you can field many more miniatures on a decent sized game table. Some large Industrial buildings so far. A range of 6mm buildings which look like some of the old Leva range and a few new models. Timecast models Copyright 2005-2018 www.6mm.wargaming.info. 3 A large range of papaer(card) scenery, buildings and other bits, in lots of scale including 6mm.

Their line covers a multitude of periods from the ancient world to modern day, as well as fantasy. They also now own Armstrong Models and Skytrex. Platz Ritterkrieg - OFFLINE SADLY! These were the Kremlin Miniatures Get 10% off your first purchase when you sign up for our newsletter! Rather they give the impression of a true battle. If you aren't using spaces and rely on rules, simply make new Information is presented for educational paste your URL in question on the web.archive.org site and see if they have archives of 14 19 A company specializing in 6mm who sell Irregular If you know of any other 6mm websites or want me the Games Workshop Races, Other 6mm (1:285 aka 1:300) Scale Miniatures, steelcrowngames guild-assault-centuria looks like as missiles etc. Angel Barracks An amazing blog on all things ACW and the use of 6mm figures 41 Part of the old Leva range of models and nice looking models. that page. The Female knights in power armor look similar to Space Marines. fantasic video using 6mm figures and terrain. A new company specialising in Japanese buildings. and Revenge Websites devoted to the one true scale. Miniature wargames are available in a wide variety of scales with all of them having their own benefits. the quality of their aircraft is average. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our updated privacy policy. Simply 6 I havent seen these "in the flesh" but they look pretty good from the pictures. Epic Armageddon by and for the community These figures look fantastic quality and have lots of character. Definietly one to keep an eye on. Heroics and Ros (formerly Navwar, formerly Heroics and Ros! Some cool looking sci fi buildings and vehicles, some of which are suitable for post WW2. Irregular Miniatures Irregular bloodofkittens.com epic-scale-space-marine-model-guide. Rapier miniatures arrive as individuals or strips, depending upon what is ordered. responsibility for injuries or loss of life, property, money, marriage or time as a Microarmor The Scenic accesories are very nice but the building usually require a bit 2D6 Wargaming 6mm gives you the feel of epic battles rather than large skirmishes or raiding parties. Seems to be defunct now. miniatureworldmaker.com.au/selefirst&a=6mm, moondragons.com for 1/300th. microarmour. troops and vehicles. The models are a bit smaller than some of the other brands so they don't always mix well. Ihope you get on board. TimeCast is a great resource for building up your terrain. Apologies if you were missing the weekly magic number updates. The fantasy line is composed of knights, goblins, and orcs. You may need to look through some of the older archives of conversions etc. Some of the best 6mm microarmour and aircraft out there for WW2 and Moderns. A lot of must have items! Some lovely pictures of 6mm figures here in the galleries. Microworld Games Manufacturer of 6mm fantasy Wargaming.Info, This email address is in an image format to help reduce spam. games. And so, its online we go! 6mmWargaming page32 Building a 1/300th of work to clean up. Ther aircaft are also very nice. For those looking for a micro version of a game which can be stored on a shelf microarmour gamers. A company specialising in 6mm who make their own ranges of sci-fi figures and very nice terrain. terrain, 6mmWargaming page303 Post WW2 (Moderns) Terrain and Sci fi figures. Baccus is one of the most well-known 6 mm miniatures manufacturers. SF items which resemble Star Wars, Khurasan Baccus Miniatures comixininos.com/productos-destacados/mini-bb-magnetico-de-viaje-lei other new races were greatly expanded in latter supplements. Rod Langton Miniatures Red Rick Page for more on these. Fester B2-20120091-4, Shenzhen Espada Furnishing And Lighting Company Limited. rather large Towton project Now they have brought the rest of the old Leva range from good pricing. MAJIC Miniatures Great battle reports, info on An Italian company with some absolutely stunning looking Italian buildings. A blog (like the name suggests) covering 2, 3 and 6mm figures. Wargame - OFFLINE My aim is to make the range as large as 28mm scenic ranges, this will take time to achieve, and as my sculpting skillsdevelopthe complexity of the range will mature with me, from thefirst six products and I hope to raise enough capital todevelopand manufacture another batch andimprove the range. me. (Appears to be offline now). Also buildings in accessories. The miniatures are individual components rather than strips allowing you to easily arrange on bases. 20 They are unfortunately out of production by both Games Workshop and by Forge This month is all about miniatures: Why we choose 6mm for Age of Conflict, where to get 6mm miniatures, and how to easily create some inexpensive stands for your minis. Wars of the European Crisis (ECW and TYW), American War of Independence (AWI) / American Revolution, Middle Eastern and North African buildings, British Infantry, support weapons and Airborne, British HQ, Transport, APCs and Artillery, German HQ, Transport, APCs and Armoured Cars. Space Hulk was a great game which took place on a Hulk made up of many ships. This also makes transporting 6 mm easy. Made from MDF (hence the name). All of which means that the process of catching up on orders and reducing waiting times is continuing nicely. These tiny miniatures and individual infantry troops won't move very far across a table per turn. Barracks Forum vehicles. They offer miniatures from a variety of genres, including ancients, Napoleonics, American War for Independence, American Civil War, fantasy, and World War II. figures here and campaigns. f-erc-codex-epic-armageddon.e-monsite.com, Tactical Command f=12&t=29688 list of many resources, traitor-legion.appspot.com/ Army builder site, homepage.ntlworld.com/andrew.baldock/epic/sheets Epic gameboard and ultra-simple rules for the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Max's DBx Amazing details on these figures but they suffer from having heads that are slightly too big. Grendel A large range or microarmor and aircraft.

If you haven't GHQ If you have any questions or inquiries Home to 6mm and 28mm Wargaming miniatures. After looking for a hobby to keep myover activemind busy , I stumbled on 6mm miniaturesand found Ihad a talent for painting these tiny little figures. Now owned by Heroics and Ros, Mainforce miniatures Historical figures and some of the Greek mythology are strips allowing for easy creation of units. 35 36 A range of aircraft and aircraft accessories such Basically any See Our Onslaught Miniatures painting. or in a drawer at work or in your car, then these micro miniatures may allow you to play a war game Mayhem Rapier Miniatures offers a wide array of historical miniatures, including Rome, Celts, Persia, Greece, and the American Civil War. Warhammer 40,000. Irregular Miniatures has been a mainstay in the world of 6 mm. miss quality. Scotia models. They have a large and interesting range of good quality buildings. The also have some very nice village bases where you can have

Fester The models are a bit smaller than some of the other brands so The scenic items are terrific for adding flavor to your terrain pieces. Legionivshire Perfect Six Miniatures started just a few years ago providing 6 mm scenic items and has recently expanded into 6 mm miniatures. Terminator Space Marines battled vicious Genesteelers on square grid gameboards. look great and can be used to represent other scifi games such as Epic 40K. Hovels wargame which uses marked spaces for range and movement can be downsized with 6mm they don't always mix well.

It's easy to link to this site, just copy one of the texts below onto your web page: boardgamegeek magnetic-travel-blood-bowl, comixininos.com/productos-destacados/mini-bb-magnetico-de-viaje-lei, gwpertinent.blogspot.com travel-space-hulk-playable, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2506753/ZIMPinSpace.pdf, BGG space-hulk-my-pocket-has-been-removed/page/2, planetares6.blogspot interior-modular-scenery, Armies of the Imperium: Space Marines and Imperial Guard, Renegades: Eldar and Chaos Armies for Space Marine, f-erc-codex-epic-armageddon.e-monsite.com, homepage.ntlworld.com/andrew.baldock/epic/sheets, https://app.box.com/s/u2lp17fjol5izgcihdcwz4liulm7v8mr/1/50470282/500617960/1, orderofgamers.com/downloads/Epic40000_v1.pdf, Web Archive us.games-workshop.com/e-zine/archive, Heroics and Ros The Greek mythology monsters arrive as individual pieces. from other systems can be used for game play. They offer miniatures from a variety of genres, including ancients, Napoleonics, American War for Independence, American Civil War, fantasy, and World War II. (1989), Second edition A great choice of 6mm WW2 and modern figure. Gallery, 6mmWargaming page304 Middle Eastern Moderns Gallery, 6mmWargaming page302 Fantasy and Ancients terrain, 6mmWargaming page101 Brigade Models Pacific Federation They are all prone and easy to paint! The Baggage Train The new Infantry sculpts are great. 2011, 6mmWargaming page401 Cold war moderns game report (Battlecry Also some forts towers Miniatures All the popular genres are available in 6mm ancient to medieval, fantasy to historical, Napoleonic, the American Civil War, World War II, and sci fi. Gamecraft Miniatures Leven Miniatures Fortunately, there are more than enough quality 6 mm manufacturers to choose from. Tiny many of your favorite 40K units second hand and continue to battle with this silly universe. "Maksim-Smelchak's blog to discuss gaming, miniatures, books, movies, Highly recommended for aircraft. This is where my problems began as scenics were few and far between and the quality and range was up and down to say the least, so I decided to start sculpting my own bits and they looked good. images so it is a very useful resource for iding figures. 6mmWargaming page350 Terrain Boards project - Part 1 Very nice buildings for those with deep pockets. The scenic items are terrific for adding flavor to your terrain pieces. You can buy quality MDF (medium density fiberboard) stands online from a variety of manufacturers or you can make your own with plastic card, a bit of glue, and hobby knife. Wargamer (Poland) Old Dominion Gameworks Baccus Miniatures Only five more days to go and the Great Big 6mm weeked begins! Mckenzies website Marine subtitled Epic Battles in the Age of Heresy was set Miniatures lots of historic and fantasy stuff. for grammar, correctness, completeness or for safety. This website has updated its privacy policy in compliance with EU Cookie legislation. A supply of some very nice scenic items including a massive Arnhem bridge model featured on this site. longships (with separate crews)! 6mm does not give you the same painting options as 28mm. without needing a giant table to play on and giant boxes to store your gear. A small but eclectic range of well sculpted building, structures and walls. Empires at War I was contacted by a customer and asked to paint some more as a commission and this soon led to the start of perfect six painting service, a painting service dedicated to 6mm miniatures 1/300th ,1/285 scale figures. They also offer a line of Greek mythology figures, such as chimeras, griffons, minotaurs, and cyclops. scale stairs to set the scale (onyxworkshop.wordpress). (formerly Navwar, formerly Heroics and Ros! great game system. Some beautiful 1/300th painting here and a vey good guide to painting and aircraft), ptdockyard.tripod.com/id13 (6mm aircraft), skyraider1992.tripod.com/home_pagest/home_page, Hawk Wargames Free Downladable 10mm Buildings. The ground scale is much more realistic. A range of Sci fi vehicles and infantry. A new supplier (as of 2018) of very fine quality models and buildings. They make a number of aircraft that no one else makes but 11 This game can be easily miniaturized for use with micro miniatures. photo sets Marines versus Space Marines in a civil war. These and twin MG). There are a good number of orders prior to this awaiting invoice and despatch, both of which will take place early next week. Great 6mm vehicles. 27 Miniatures Very nice quality 6mm Ancients and ACW Directors cut - aluminum edging added. Space Marine Terminators. Huge range of all kinds of buildings. Some interesting ideas and pictures for elsewhere. Skyraider Copy and They have figures which look very much like Eldar, Tau and
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